BT Cloud Phone.A simpler way to manage your business calls. Make and receive calls from anywhere witha phone system that’s hosted in the cloud. Save on set-up, maintenance and call charges. Have reassurance that we’ll support you and provideeverything you association with

A phone system that’sbuilt for business.Imagine trying to run your business without phones.It’s almost unthinkable. And finding a phone system,which meets all your must-haves, can be tricky. In anideal world, you’d have a solution that makes yourcommunications easier to manage, the ability to controlcosts and a system that can adapt to meet your changingneeds. But what if you could also save time, present amore professional image and give your staff the abilityto work from anywhere?Well now you can with BT Cloud Phone. It’s a reallysimple, entry-level solution that’s ideally suited tosmaller businesses. But it can scale up as your businessgrows and your needs change.What is BT Cloud Phone?It’s a call-management service that’s hosted in the cloud. So you don’t need an office-based phone system to benefit from thelatest call management features. Using a cloud-based phone system gives you the ultimate flexibility too because you can use itanywhere you can get online. It means our BT Cloud Phone service is available whenever and wherever you are.Best of all, it’s a solution that takes full advantage of the latest Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, and it couldn’t be easier to getstarted. In no time at all, you can benefit from all the functionality of a traditional phone system but have the ability to do so muchmore. And whatever the future holds – moving to new sites or an expanding workforce – BT Cloud Phone can adapt to meet yourchanging needs.How it works.Instead of a traditional phone line, your calls are carried over the internet. You’ll needBT IP phones, one of our business broadband internet services plus your choice ofUser Feature Packs and then you’re pretty much ready to go. We’ll help you with all thetechnical bits if you want us to. But it’s all done remotely so we won’t even have to visityour premises. Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to your own online portal so youcan manage your calls. It’s easy to re-direct, forward and transfer – and lots more.You can answer the phone from wherever you are, so you’ll never miss a call.BT Cloud Phone is packed with features that make it easier to manage calls. Your peoplecan keep in touch with their colleagues and customers, regardless of their location – inthe office, on the road or working from home. Plus, we’ve got handy Android, iOS anddesktop apps that turn your mobiles and computers into an extension of your deskphone, so you can download an app and then make calls and work on the device ofyour choice. And you get the business benefits from improved productivity, a morestreamlined communication process and lower call costs.Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.BT Cloud Phone is a simple, ‘plug and play’ solution so you don’t have to be a technical genius because we’ve got it covered.Our experts will provide all the support you need. There are three easy-to-understand User Feature Packs to choose from,which give you all the calling features you need, without the complicated set-up. And, as there’s no time-consuming on-siteinstallation, your business won’t be interrupted either. Your BT IP phones arrive ready to use.Simply plug them in – and you’re in business. When you’re ready, you can arrange for us to give you a call to help you get startedand then again to make sure everything’s working. After that, you can manage your calls and your account via our user-friendly,intuitive online portal.

Delivering big benefits to smaller business.Here are some of the reasons we think it’s worth taking a closer look at BT Cloud Phone.Manage customer communications more effectively.As well as having access to our standard call management features such as call forwarding and transfer, team pick up, voicemail,hunt group and auto receptionist, you’ll benefit from mobility features too, like our handy mobile or desktop apps. They turn yoursmartphone or laptop into an extension of your desk phone, so your people can handle calls from almost anywhere. You can nowchange the way you manage your calls from wherever you are too, through our online portal, at a time that suits you as it’savailable 24/7.You can also appear local to your customers, with a ‘virtual’ geographical phone number. So wherever you’re based, customers willthink you’re nearby.Work better with colleagues.Colleagues can team up and work together quickly and easily from different locations with tools such as conferencing, presence anddesktop sharing. Call monitoring and recording can help with training and quality assurance. And with everyone being easier to reach,customers can get a better, and more responsive service.Control costs.Switching to BT Cloud Phone could help you make savings. With less equipment needed, you’ll benefit from lower hardware andinstallation costs. As it’s a cloud-based system, you won’t need to budget for ongoing maintenance or upgrades because they’llhappen automatically.You decide on the number of users and the right call features for them, so you only ever pay for what you need. And, to help youmanage costs even more, there are predictable monthly charges, with no additional costs for calls between colleagues that are usingthe same BT Cloud Phone system. You can get an in-depth breakdown of your business calls from your online portal too, so it’s easy tounderstand calling patterns and plan for what you need.Future-proof business communications.To stay competitive, your business needs to be as agile as possible. That goes for your people and the technology they use. Whetherit’s moving offices, adding new sites, expanding your workforce, or adapting to different ways of working, BT Cloud Phone offers thelong-term flexibility to meet your changing needs. A cloud-based phone system simply grows with your business, allowing you tofocus on running it. That’s what makes BT Cloud Phone such a great fit for smaller enterprises.Peace of mind.BT Cloud Phone is a fully hosted service with security built in. That means you can rely on us to take care of everything. From makingsure your broadband connection’s up to speed and supplying the latest IP phones to providing expert support – we’ll do it all. And, ofcourse, we’ll make sure you have great quality calls. We have a dedicated team of experts at our Service Hub to provide supportbefore, during and after set-up, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Create your perfect package.We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right internet access, so you can run your business and manage all your calls anddata needs. Then you’ll need to choose the User Feature Pack that best meets the needs of everyone in your business. Think aboutwhat features your people need and how many calls they make. It’ll help make sure you get the most cost-effective call plan.Finally, you can take your pick from our wide range of IP phones, including conferencing and cordless. Beyond that, we can offerall aspects of your BT Cloud Phone solution, including ‘virtual’ geographic numbers if you need them.Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need:Internet access.BT BusinessBroadband orInfinity.User Feature Packs.Basic, Connector Collaborate.Call plans.IP handsets.500 UK mins orUnlimited UKcalls package.Desk andconferencephones.Numbers.Virtual geographicnumbers canhelp you presenta local image.We’ve tested and configured all our IP devices to make sure they work perfectly with our BT Cloud Phone service. So to makesure you experience the quality of calls you’d expect, only IP devices from the BT Cloud Phone portfolio can be used.BT Cloud Phone – User Feature Packs.To keep things simple, there are three User Feature Packs to choose from. Everyone in the business will have the same User FeaturePack, so just pick the one that has the features you need:Name of UserFeature PackCall features and functionalityThis is ideal if you have very straightforward voice needs but want the call handling features to offer professional communications.You can make and receive calls in and out of the office, and get all the call management features you’d expect from a traditional phonesystem. Like call forwarding, routing, transfer, screening, Caller ID, voicemail and more. You can also integrate BT Cloud Phone withbusiness applications such as Office 365 and Google to help you get more done.BT Cloud Phone Basic also includes the following features:BT Cloud PhoneBasic Mobile and web-based call management and phone system admin – add new users, upgrade your User Feature Pack and set up,and change call handling rules through an online portal. This can be done via our mobile apps if you’re working on the move. Fully integrated Android and iOS apps – use and manage the phone system from your smartphone. Desktop app/Softphone – make and receive calls, messages, faxes, conferencing and web meetings through anyinternet-enabled computer with softphone. Audio Conferencing – each user gets their own host and participant access code to hold a conference whenever they want. Call Recording On-Demand – by pressing 9* to start and 9* to finish, all users can record a call and easily download and archiveit if needed. Full support team – between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.If your people make lots of calls, you can control costs with an Unlimited UK Calls Package. The features, like Call Recording andMulti-Level Auto Attendant, are designed to meet your more sophisticated communication needs. You can also choose to with BT Cloud Phone Connect, which can help to improve your customer service. Plus, you can opt to include webmeetings and HD video meetings (for up to 25 participants) with BT Cloud Phone Meetings. You can also choose to integrate CRMapplications like, Zendesk and with BT Cloud Phone Connect, which can help to improve your customer service.BT Cloud PhoneConnectWith BT Cloud Phone Connect, you get all the functionality of BT Cloud Phone Basic, with a few added extras: Call Recording Automatic – incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded automatically, or can be modified so only select callsare recorded. Call Monitoring – authorised users can access calls in real time, which is great for training and coaching staff, quality assurance andimproving performance and customer service. Unlimited UK Calls Package – covers all calls to UK landlines and mobiles and gives you the reassurance of predictable pricing. 24/7 support.BT Cloud PhoneCollaborateThe top of the range User Feature Pack offers the widest range of call features and can help to improve your business’s efficiency.It brings together all the features of BT Cloud Phone Basic and BT Cloud Phone Connect, plus more. BT Cloud Phone Meetings (for up to50 participants) is included as standard, making it easier to hold web and HD video meetings with customers and collaborate withcolleagues when you’re out of the office.As well as all the features from Connect you’ll get: Multi-point HD Video Conferencing as standard and you can schedule meetings for up to 50 participants. Web Meetings – users can share their screen, deliver presentations and share documents in cloud storage. Anyone can share fromtheir computer or mobile device.

How much does BT Cloud Phone cost?This depends on the User Feature Pack and call bundle you choose.BasicConnectCollaborateUnlimitedUK callsUnlimitedUK calls BT CloudPhoneMeetings500 UK minsUnlimitedUK calls500 UK mins500 UK mins500 UK mins BT CloudPhoneMeetings24 months 13.00 18.00 23.00 21.00 26.00 23.00 26.0012 months 15.00 20.00 25.00 23.00 28.00 25.00 28.00ContractlengthAll prices are per user per month. 100 Connection charge is applicable for all new BT Cloud Phone customers. For delivery charges, call charges outside bundles and other charges, please go to calls are to numbers starting with: 01, 02, 03 and 05 (where charged at g21 rates). Fixed to UK Mobile calls – to all fm charge rates (excludes calls to specialised numbers at other rates).With BT Cloud Phone you get a main company number and a main fax number as standard. Each user on your account will then gettheir own direct dial number. You can also buy additional geographic numbers at 50p per number, per month, for example if you wantyour business to have a local presence in another area. W e’re networking experts and have invested heavily in our 21st Century network to ensure we canprovide excellent coverage and cost-effective access options to customers across the UK. We do this day in, day out, for around 900,000 businesses – more than anyone else – so you canrely on us to get it right for you. We have the expertise and technology to offer you a complete end-to-end cloud solution thatdelivers the reliability and performance you need. Because we provide every element of theservice, we can make sure it all works together perfectly. And if there’s ever a problem, we can fixit quickly. You can get everything you need in one place from a single supplier, helping to make life easier. Our Service Hub, which is home to our expert team of BT Cloud Phone specialists, is always onhand to make sure your system runs smoothly.Things you need to know.All prices exclude VAT and are correct at the time of publication but may be modified from time to time. The BT Cloud Phone contract is subject to a Minimum Period.BT Cloud Phone requires a BT Business internet connection. Only IP phones from the BT Cloud Phone portfolio can be connected to the Service. Details of any inclusive call minutes and other charges are set out in the BTPrice List at and exclusions apply.Terms and conditions apply. You can find our standard Terms and Conditions at You’ll find the terms and conditions for BT Cloud Phone under “IP Communications”Offices Worldwide.The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditionsof contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. British Telecommunications plc 2016. Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No. 1800000.July 2016 - PHME 73616

Finally, you can take your pick from our wide range of IP phones, including conferencing and cordless. Beyond that, we can offer all aspects of your BT Cloud Phone solution, including ‘virtual’ geographic numbers if you need them. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need: Numbers. Virtu