BT Cloud Voice.Datasheet.A virtual phone system that standsapart from the crowd.BT Cloud Voice is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud. Thatmeans you can benefit from the latest call management featureswithout having an office-based phone system, and you get all thefunctionality of a traditional system, but with the flexibility to do somuch more. It’s a perfect solution for businesses of any size, and canadapt to meet your changing needs. So whatever the future holds moving to new sites or an expanding workforce - you’ll have thecapabilities to do so. Our optional training programmes are alsoavailable to help you ensure your business gets maximum benefitfrom your BT Cloud Voice service.Building the right package.We can cover all aspects of your BT Cloud Voice solution, from User Feature Packs plus optional User and Site add-ons, through toCall Plans, IP phones and training, so you can get the most from your BT Cloud Voice service. We can also offer geographical numbersto show a local presence and, if you need it, cabling. Our BT Cloud Voice service has been designed to be self install and set-up, but wedo offer some optional installation and configuration services, if you want us to do that for you. Finally, we’ll work with you to makesure you have the right internet access, so you can run your business and all your calls.BT Cloud VoiceUser FeaturePacks.Basic, Connector Collaborate.User add-ons& Site add-ons.Optional extras totailor your serviceto your needs.Call Plans.A range of callplan options.IP handsets.Desk bers for alocal presence.Internet access.BT BusinessBroadband,Infinity or BTnet.Other optional services.Training, LAN switch, cabling service and engineer installation and configuration.*We’ve tested and configured all our IP devices to make sure they work perfectly with our BT Cloud Voice service. So to make sure you experience the quality of calls you’d expect, only IP devices from the BT Cloud Voiceportfolio can be used.

BT Cloud Voice User Feature Packs.BT Cloud Voice is available with the following User Feature Packs, and a choice of 1, 3 and 5 year contracts.BT Cloud VoiceDescriptionBasicConnectCollaborateCost per user per month1 Year3 Year5 YearDesigned for businesses that need a general all-purpose phone. It’sperfect for shared use. For example, in a reception area orwarehouse, behind a bar, in a garage, kitchen, lobby or workshop. 8.00 6.40 6.00Ideal for office-based workers, like sales people, accountants andPAs, who need a full range of call management features. BT CloudVoice Connect offers the same features as the Basic package, plus awhole lot more. 11.00 8.80 8.25Designed for businesses with mobile workers who need access tothe features of a traditional network when they’re on the road.BT Cloud Voice Collaborate builds on the features offered in theConnect package with our BT Cloud Voice smartphone app (iOSand Android) and conferencing facilities included. 17.00 13.60 12.75BT Cloud Voice Call Plans.Choose a UK package and an international package. Available as bundles of minutes to share across all users or, if you really don’twant the cost certainty of one of our bundles you can choose a pay as you go option for UK or international.UK Call Sharer Plans (monthly minutes)Monthly PriceBT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 500 minutes 11.25BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 1,000 minutes 22.50BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 2,500 minutes 56.25BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 5,000 minutes 112.50BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 10,000 minutes 225.00BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 20,000 minutes 400.00BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 40,000 minutes 775.00BT Cloud Voice UK Sharer Plan 60,000 minutes 1,100.00International Call Sharer Plans (monthly minutes)Monthly PriceBT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 100 minutes 2.25BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 200 minutes 4.50BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 500 minutes 11.25BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 1,000 minutes 22.50BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 2,000 minutes 45.00BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 5,000 minutes 110.00BT Cloud Voice International Sharer Plan 10,000 minutes 215.00For full details of call charges outside the package, please go to UK Inland Calls are defined as: 01, 02, 03, 05 (where charged at G21 rates) and calls to fixed destinations in the Republic of Ireland.UK Fixed to Mobile calls which covers all charge bands, currently FM1 - FM17. All prices exclude VAT.

BT Cloud Voice call features.With BT Cloud Voice, you’ll get access to all the useful call management features you’d expect from a traditional phone system, and awhole lot more.FeatureDescriptionOnline PortalSelf-service online tool where administrators can set up user profiles, and individual users cancontrol their own call management features.Automatic CallRoutingThis allows users to set up a redirect so that any incoming calls are automatically routed toanother phone.Call ForwardLets users set up rules that forward incoming calls to another phone. They can set it up so calls arealways forwarded, or only when their extension is busy or the call has gone unanswered.Call TransferAllows calls to be transferred internally and externally. It means calls can, for example, be transferredto the mobile of an employee who’s out of the office.3-Way CallingThis feature allows users to set up a 3-way conference call. A user, who’s already talking to oneperson, can invite a third person to join the conversation. This is a particularly useful feature foremployees that need to regularly consult with their colleagues, such as those working on a help desk.Hunt GroupA Hunt Group allows multiple phones to ring when a single number is called. A Hunt Group can be setup so that several employees’ phones ring at the same time. It also allows calls to be distributed incertain sequences. If a call comes in to one phone, which isn’t answered, it will go to the next phonein the sequence. The benefit of BT Cloud Voice is that Hunt Group members don’t have to be locatedat the same site.Call DirectorAllows a user to set up one or more alternative fixed or mobile phone numbers that can be used asvirtual extensions to the user’s profile. Using the Call Director portal, users can dial into the servicefrom external locations and make calls to internal and external destinations. By doing so they keeptheir BT Cloud Voice calling line identity rather than the phone they are dialling from.Voicemail toEmailUsing the Online Portal, users can set up their voicemail so that their messages are sent to their emailfolder as an audio attachment. The message will appear in their inbox as a WAV file.UC BusinessUC Business offers a bundle of functions. It includes the UC Office client application for desktops(Windows and Mac) and smartphones (iPhone and Android). It enables users to display their ownpresence status i.e. showing whether they’re available or not, and to see the presence status of theircontacts. Users can get in touch with their contacts via instant messaging, a phone call or videocalling. Users can also easily create and manage their contact lists and access personal and companycontacts. They can also access BT Cloud Voice call handling settings to manage communicationsfrom their UC Office client application. It’s particularly useful for mobile workers who can see who’savailable in the office to help them and they can also use that colleague’s preferred method ofcontact to get in touch.UC TeamUC Team includes all the functionality of UC Business and allows up to 8 participants to take part inan audio or web conference. The conferencing functions are simple to use thanks to the innovative‘My Room’ feature. This virtual meeting room service makes it easier for colleagues to manage andparticipate in group or team meetings – whether they’re in or out of the office.Hot DeskingHot Desking gives users the ability to temporarily move their account, telephone number andsettings to a ‘Host’ device for a certain length of time. When the user logs in at the hot desk, all theirincoming calls are routed to that desk’s phone for the prescribed length of time. And as the userowns that hot desk phone for the time period they’ve chosen, the phone assumes the user’s identityso outbound calls still appear as coming from them.CRM Integrator(click to dial,screen pop,call history)ReceptionistConsoleBT CloudVoiceBasicBT CloudVoiceConnectBT CloudVoiceCollaborateOptionalHot DeskingHost includedOptionalOptionalAllows customer-facing businesses to present a very professional image. When a customer calls,their details are displayed on a PC screen at the same time. It means users can greet their customersby their name, thereby providing a more personal service.OptionalOptionalAn application that can help receptionists manage incoming calls. It gives them access to a range offeatures, such as directory look-up and line monitoring, so they can see at a glance who’s available totake a call and put it through to them quickly. Instead of dialling an extension, the receptionist canuse their mouse for the ‘drag and drop’ function. They simply drag the caller’s number and drop itonto the name of the person they’re transferring the call to. One of the benefits of BT Cloud Voice isthat the receptionists don’t all have to work at the same site.OptionalOptionalToolbarThis feature gives users fast, convenient access to BT Cloud Voice from their desktop. Users can setup a toolbar in a Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or Firefox application. The toolbar containsfeatures that allows users to make calls, dial a number just by clicking on it, control their calls andchange their phone’s service settings.OptionalOptionalBusy Lamp FieldAllows users of IP phones to monitor their colleagues’ lines before transferring calls. The IP phonewill show if the phone line is free, engaged or if the phone is ringing. Compatible phone required.OptionalOptionalCall RecordingAllows users to record calls. They can decide to record a particular call, all calls or activate the featureon demand. Calls can be monitored in real-time and used for employee training. There’s also astorage facility, which helps businesses to meet the regulatory requirements for storing data. Plus, adashboard gives users access to powerful tools, so they can manage and archive their library ofrecorded calls.OptionalOptionalFax MessagingLets users receive a fax and email it to the message store along with their other messages.OptionalOptionalCall Centre ACDAllows a site to distribute incoming calls to multiple users from a single central phone number.Call Centre works similarly to Hunt Groups but with a few differences: 1) calls are queued and it ispossible to give intermittent ‘comfort’ greetings. 2) agents log in and out of the queues, thereforewhen an agent isn’t available the call will not ring at his/her phone. Unique to BT Cloud Voice is thatagents don’t have to be located at a single site.OptionalOptionalOptional

BT Cloud Voice – IP handsets.BT Cloud Voice works with a range of IP phones and handsets. Whether it’s desk phones, conference phones, or cordless handsets,there is an option for you.HandsetDescriptionPriceBT Cloud Voice VVX301IP HandsetAn entry-level IP phone.Ideal for general office use and anyone handlinga low to moderate number of calls.Dual-port 10/100 Ethernet . 106.00BT Cloud Voice VVX411Gigabit IP HandsetMid-range business phone with a colour screen.Ideal for SoHo, office staff and call centre workers.Dual-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet 154.00BT Cloud Voice VVX601Gigabit IP HandsetPremium business phone with a 4.5 inch colour touchscreen display.Ideal for corporate executives and business managers.Dual-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet 213.50BT Cloud VoiceSoundStation 6000An IP conference phone, with 12-foot microphonepickup and white LED Backlight Display. 589.00BT Cloud Voice ATAAn Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA) which connects analoguedevices to BT Cloud Voice. 55.00BT Cloud Voice T41PIP HandsetA basic level IP desk phone with 15 programmable keys,loudspeaker and ports for both a headset and PC.Dual-port 10/100M Ethernet. 106.00BT Cloud Voice T46GGigabit IP HandsetA mid-level IP desk phone with 4.5” colour screen,27 programmable keys, loudspeaker and ports forboth a headset and PC. Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet. 154.00BT Cloud Voice T48GGigabit IP HandsetA high-end IP desk phone with 7” colour touch screen display,29 programmable keys, loudspeaker and ports for both a headset and PC.Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet. 213.50BT Cloud Voice W52PDECT Phone Base StationA cordless handset that works with a base unit that has anIP connection, allowing users to move about with the phone.Colour screen, range up to 30 metres indoors.The base station will support up to 4 handsets. 90.00BT Cloud Voice W52HAdditional DECT Phoneand ChargerAdditional cordless handset with charger for connectionto W52P Base Station. 75.00We have tested and configured all our IP devices to make sure they work perfectly with our BT Cloud Voice service. So to make sure you experience the quality of calls you’d expect, only IP devices fromthe BT Cloud Voice portfolio can be used. Our IP handsets require power - these can be connected to Power Over Ethernet ports (on a LAN or Hub) or by connecting to a power socket by ordering powersupply units for your IP Handsets.

Webcast training.To help you get the most from your new BT Cloud Voice service we have a range of optional training packages which can help bothadministrators and users to maximise the features available. Our training is primarily delivered over webcast so there is no need fortravelling to training centres and we also have an option for on-site training.Our Webcast training courses can be bought individually, using a ‘Passport’ giving 3 courses for the price of two, or a ‘Max Passport’giving unlimited access to all webcasts for a whole year. We also have the option for long term ‘Max Passports’ for 3 or 5 years.Our on-site training enables you to have training on your site with content tailored to the specific areas to be covered. In additionour ‘On Site Passport’ includes on-site training and access to 3 Webcasts during the first year.CourseDescriptionBT Cloud Voice WebcastQuick StartAdministrator and User course - covering overview of the BT Cloud Voice platform's web based featuresand phones.BT Cloud Voice WebcastSite and User AdminAdministrator course - covering the concepts of site and employee configuration and device assignment.BT Cloud Voice WebcastAuto Attendant &Call Group AdminAdministrator course - covering core site features including Call Groups - Hunt Groups and Auto attendantsand how these features are configured.BT Cloud Voice WebcastCall Centre AdminAdministrator course - covering Call Centre and how its features are configured.BT Cloud Voice WebcastCore features & VoicePortals AdminAdministrator course - covering core site management features including Group Calling Line ID, HolidaySchedules, Time Schedules, Music On-Hold & Voice Portal and how these features are configured.BT Cloud Voice WebcastVoice Applications AdminAdministrator course - covering Voice Applications such as the Toolbar, Communicator (Android, Mac,iPhone and Windows), CRM Integrator and Receptionist console, and how these applications are activated,downloaded and installed.BT Cloud Voice WebcastMobility User AdminAdministrator and User course - covering user mobility features such as Hot Desking Host/Guest,Call Director, Remote Office, Sequential Ring and Simultaneous Ring.BT Cloud Voice WebcastDefault User FeaturesUser course - covering core user features available for all users and how they are configured and activated.BT Cloud Voice WebcastAdvanced User FeaturesUser course - covering more advanced features which are available for Connect and Collaborate UserFeature Packs.BT Cloud Voice WebcastCall Handling & Phone useAdministrator course - covering the handsets available on BT Cloud Voice and common handling featuressuch as Call Answer, Hold, Transfer, Pick up, Do Not Disturb and the use of shared and personal director.BT Cloud Voice WebcastCall RecordingAdministrator course – covers the Call Recording web application and its features - such as viewing calls inprogress, how calls are recorded, tagging and categorising calls for training and archiving recordings.Setting up when/how calls are recorded.BT Cloud Voice WebcastUsing ApplicationsAdministrator and User course - covering how Voice Applications are configured and used including Toolbar,Communicator and CRM Integrator.On-site training.CourseDescriptionBT Cloud Voice On-site trainingTelephony AdminOn-site Administrator course - covering BT Cloud Voice web based features and examines the principles ofweb based platform configuration. The course examines core site features including Call Groups - HuntGroups and Auto Attendants are examined from an administrator’s perspective.BT Cloud Voice On-site trainingUsing the SystemOn-site Administrator and User course - covering the handsets available on the BT Cloud Voice platform,common call handling features including Call Answer, Hold, Transfer, Pick up, Do Not Disturb, makingconference calls and the use of shared and personal directories.

Training packages at a glance.Customers can choose from just one course or take the option to do as many courses as they want over a year or longer.Pricing OptionDescriptionPriceBT Cloud Voice WebcastIndividual coursesIndividual Webcast courses. 100.00BT Cloud Voice WebcastPassport (x3)Any 3 Webcast courses in first year. 200.00BT Cloud Voice Webcast MaxPassport - 1 YearUnlimited access to Webcast courses for 1 year. 400.00BT Cloud Voice Webcast MaxPassport - 3 YearsUnlimited access to Webcast courses for 3 years. 845.00BT Cloud Voice Webcast MaxPassport - 5 YearsUnlimited access to Webcast courses for 5 years. 999.00BT Cloud Voice On-site training- Telephony AdminSingle day on-site training. 650.00BT Cloud Voice On-site training- Using the SystemSingle day on-site training. 650.00BT Cloud Voice On SitePassport (3 Web / 1 On-site)Single day on-site training and access to 3 Webcast courses in first year. 750.00Our service offering. We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service and will support you to help find the best solution,tailored to your needs. Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive a ‘Welcome to Service’ call to take you through the next steps. We’ll also schedule a Service Activation call just before your service goes live to help you get the most from your BT CloudVoice service. We’ll provide you with full User Guides online and a user friendly self-service portal - through which you can access andcontrol your call management features. Finally, through our dedicated helpdesk number you’ll have full, ongoing access to our UK-based, Service Hub team ofexperts, who have been trained up to the highest level, including external SIP school accreditation.

We’re networking experts and have invested heavily in our 21st Century network to ensure we canprovide excellent coverage and cost-effective access options to customers across the UK. We do this day in, day out for over 900,000 businesses – more than anyone else – so you canrely on us to get it right for you. We have the expertise and technology to offer you a complete end-to-end cloud solution thatdelivers the reliability and performance you need. Because we provide every element of theservice, we can make sure it all works together perfectly. And if there’s ever a problem, we can fixit quickly. You can get everything you need in one place from a single supplier, with a single contract, helpingto make life easier. Our Service Hub, which is home to our expert team of BT Cloud Voice specialists, is always on handto make sure your system runs smoothly.Things you need to know.All prices exclude VAT, and are correct at the time of publication but may be modified from time to time.You can find our standard terms and conditions at You’ll find the terms and conditions for BT Cloud Voice under ‘IP communications’.BT Cloud Voice requires a BT Business internet connection. The service will require suitable Local Area Network infrastructure (with a minimum of CAT5e structured cabling). With BT Business broadband router minimumrequirement is BT Business Hub 5. Only one national and one international Call Plan can be purchased and used by the customer within a month, overage charges will apply when exceeding the limits of the call plan.Customers can switch to a higher Call Plan during the first 12 months of the service if needed. Minimum period, terms and conditions apply. Only IP phones from the BT Cloud Voice portfolio can be connected to the service.Power source required for IP Phones.Offices Worldwide.The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditionsof contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. British Telecommunications plc 2017. Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No. 1800000.Call your nearest BT Local Business free on:0800 389 3364January 2017 - PHME

BT Cloud Voice. Datasheet. A virtual phone system that stands . and conferencing facilities included. 17.00 13.60 12.75. BT Cloud Voice call features. . Allows a user to set up one or more alternative fixed or mobile phone numbers that can be used as virtual extensions to the user