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NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USAccelerate Your Success Through Learning!NetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud. We provide a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplifymanagement of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digitaltransformation. Together with our partners, we empower global organizations to unleash the full potential oftheir data to expand customer touchpoints, foster greater innovation and optimize their operations.NetApp training ensures that your IT staff can take full advantage of the many cost-saving and efficiencyenhancing features that are built into your NetApp solutions. Training starts your staff on the right track andenables you to maximize the return on your NetApp investment.Delivery FormatsNo one knows NetApp better than NetApp. Learn from the experts. Explore our extensive portfolio of webbased, instructor-led, virtual-live training.Web-based TrainingInstructor-led Trainingand WorkshopsNetApp Learning Services offers an extensive portfolio of webbased (online) courses. All web-based training is offered freeof charge, and can be accessed through the learning pathsoutlined in this document. * denotes mobile enabled training.Instructor-led (live) classes are offered in more than 106countries through our network of world-class AuthorizedLearning Partners. Learning partners are also able to provideonsite or customized classes tailored to your needs.Virtual Instructor-ledTrainingVirtual instructor-led (virtual-live) training options enable you totake training from the convenience of your home or office withcollaborative discussions, subject-matter experts and industryanalysts.On DemandClassroomOn Demand Classroom (ODC) incorporates video lectures andself-paced lab exercises into a course that you can take atyour own pace. Online instruction combined with a labenvironment, enables you to learn and acquire hands-onexperience anytime, anywhere.VideoHave 5 minutes to learn? Check out Learning Servicesvideos. Learning videos provide bite-size learning on specificareas of interest.

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USCertificationNetApp certification enables technical professionals to obtain industry-wide recognition of their NetApp skillsand expertise. Certification offers data storage and data management professionals a strong foundation and acomprehensive range of specializations from which to choose. Click on a certification (below) to get moreinformation on the certification, pre-requisites, and preparation resources.DATA TRACKASSOCIATEPROFESSIONALSPECIALISTEXPERTNetApp Certified ImplementationEngineer SAN Specialist, ONTAPPrerequisite: NCDANetApp Certified DataAdministrator,ONTAP NetApp CertifiedNetApp Certified ImplementationEngineer Data Protection SpecialistPrerequisite: NCDANetApp Certified ImplementationEngineer SAN Specialist, E-SeriesTechnology AssociateNetApp Certified StorageInstallation Engineer,ONTAPNetApp Certified SupportEngineerHYBRID CLOUD TRACKASSOCIATEPROFESSIONALNetApp Certified Support EngineerONTAP SpecialistPrerequisite: NCSESPECIALISTNetApp Certified Hybrid CloudAdministratorNetApp Certified TechnologyEXPERTNetApp Certified HybridCloud ArchitectCorequisite: cloud serviceprovider certificationAssociateNetApp Certified Hybrid CloudImplementation EngineerCONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE TRACKASSOCIATEPROFESSIONALSPECIALISTCisco and NetApp FlexPod Design SpecialistNetApp Certified TechnologyAssociateCisco and NetApp FlexPodImplementation and AdministrationSpecialistEXPERT

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USCertification testing is delivered in a secure, proctored environment by Pearson VUE, a third-party testingorganization. OnVUE online proctored exams allow you to conveniently take an exam in the comfort of yourhome or office while being monitored by an offsite proctor.NetApp certifications are valid for 27 months from the date of the exam. For certifications that are “linked”(indicated by a pre-requisite certification), re-earning the higher-level certification will automatically recertify inthe lower-level/pre-requisite certification. The lower level certification must be current & active. For example:EARNINGWILL AUTOMATICALLY RECERTIFYNetApp Certified ImplementationEngineer – SAN ONTAPNetApp Certified DataAdministrator – ONTAPNetApp Certified ImplementationEngineer – Data ProtectionNetApp Certified DataAdministrator – ONTAPNetApp Certified SupportEngineer – ONTAP SpecialistNetApp Certified SupportEngineer

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USDigital BadgingDigital badges validate your NetApp certification achievement. Badges provide industry validation of yourexpertise and greater security for your certification credential. Once you pass your exam, you will receive anemail to accept your badge and share it on social media.Learn more about certification at If you have questions, contact us [email protected].

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USNetApp Support Site AccountA NetApp Support Site account will enable you to take full advantage of our full portfolio of web-based trainingcourses, browse the NetApp Learning Center and participate in the NetApp Learning Services Community. Ittakes moments to open a support account, and is free of charge.Register for your free NetApp support site account here. Once you have created your support site account,activate your account in the LearningCenter for access to our training portfolio – including hundreds of free,online courses.NetApp Learning Services Training UnitsNetApp Learning Services training units (TUs) are the currency of NetApp Learning Services, and enable youto easily pay for fee-based NetApp Learning Services courses and services. Twelve Training Units areredeemable for one day of instructor-led training. Training Units let you order training in bulk and give you theflexibility to redeem units to best suit your business needs.Anyone in your organizationcan use your NetApp TUs toregister for courses. Firsttime NetApp users usuallybenefit most from instructorled courses. Experiencedusers often choose free webbased courses to refreshtheir skills. Training Unitsexpire in 1 year from the dateof purchase.Where applicable, trainingunits are listed in theLearning Path section of thistraining guide. Training Unitsare not required for webbased courses. YourNetApp accountrepresentative can provide additional information on acquiring and using Training Units.

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USWhat do you want to learn today?Take control of your enterprise systems, software, and services to deliver a single, connected experience.That's right, it's time to build your data fabric. NetApp Learning Services Learning Paths are your guide todeveloping the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you succeed.Getting Started?You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re new to NetApp products and solutions or would like to learnmore about storage, cloud or data fabric – here are a few courses to get you started: Welcome to Data Fabric NetApp Active IQ Overview Industry Essentials: Enterprise Storage Industry Essentials: Cloud Computing Industry Essentials: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Virtualization Technology Fundamentals Data Network FundamentalsTo learn more, explore our extensive learning portfolio in the LearningCenter.

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USProduct & Solutions EducationWhether you are a newcomer to the industry or to NetApp, a data scientist, or an experienced IT architect oradministrator, NetApp Learning Services can help you learn more to go further, faster.Public Cloud ServicesCloud’s full potential is waiting to be unleashed. That’s where we come in. Simplify your cloud managementlandscape while unlocking the speed, efficiency, and flexibility to shift focus from administration to innovation.The Learning Services Cloud Education All Access Pass provides access to a package of curated cloudeducation resources that include online training, on-demand classroom learning and curated learningresources to help you learn about NetApp cloud solutions and successful approaches to building,implementing, administering and using cloud-based solutions.The All Access Pass provides immediate access to a broad selection of learning resources from NetApp at asignificant discount. The learning modules that are included in the package are constantly being refreshed byLearning Services as training is updated and new training is made available – and subscribers have immediateaccess to all of this new content. Plus, subscribers can re-take any of the learning modules at any time, withno limits.Our All Access Pass makes the latest in cloud education easily available to you – anytime, anywhere – at agreat price! For more information, contact us.Learn more about Cloud ServicesExplore our Cloud Education All Access Pass (NEW!)Featured Cloud Services education: Industry Essentials: Cloud Computing NetApp Public Cloud Services FundamentalsHybrid CloudAllow your applications and components to interoperate in a borderless world. And empower your data to movearound with the unhindered ease of an experienced diplomat. Where you go with your newfound agility is up toyou.Learn more about Hybrid CloudExplore our Cloud Education All Access Pass (NEW!)Featured Hybrid Cloud education: Industry Essentials: Hyperconverged Infrastructure ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USFoundational Data Services: StorageWe’ve never met a data storage requirement we didn’t like. Petabyte capacity, NVMe/FC, scale-out NAS lookno further than the industry’s broadest portfolio of all-flash, hybrid-flash, and object storage systems.Learn more about Data StorageFeatured Data Storage education: Installing and Configuring AFFA400, ASA AFFA400, FAS8300 and FAS8700 Systems Storage System Recovery Troubleshooting E-Series Fundamentals

NETAPP LEARNING SERVICESLEARNING PATHSCONTACT USContact Us Visit the NetApp LearningCenter to access the complete NetApp training portfolio. Learn about our Cloud Education All Access Pass Connect with your peers. Join the NetApp Learning Services Community Visit the NetApp Learning Services website to learn more. Learn more about certification and access certification preparation resources and practice tests Questions? Email us at [email protected] 2021 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. NETAPP, the NETAPP logo, and the marks listed at aretrademarks of NetApp, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

A NetApp Support Site account will enable you to take full advantage of our full portfolio of web-based training courses, browse the NetApp Learning Center and participate in the NetApp Learning Services Community. It takes moments to open a support account, and is free of charge. Register for your free NetApp support site account here.