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CONTENTSBolivar Technical College.1Mission Statement.1PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICAL ASSISTANT PROGRAM .1Notice of Non Discrimination Policy .1Academic Information and Policies .2Grade Point Average (GPA) for Medical Assistant . 2Late Work and Make-Up Work Policy . 3Academic Progress .3Academic Achievement and Retention . 3Academic Counseling . 4Code of Academic Integrity . 4Attendance Policy. 5Clinical Externship (Skills Lab, Simulation Lab, Clinicals) . 6Clinical Absences . 6Program Termination. 7Grievance and Appeal Policy . 7Graduation Requirements . 8Requirements for National Certification. 8General Information and Regulations.9Tobacco-Free Facilities . 9Breaks . 9Lunch . 9Definition of School Week . 9Employment. 9Inclement Weather Policy . 9Policy for the Prevention of HIV Transmission to Students in the Health-Care Setting . 10Student Health Policy . 10Classroom and Clinical Expectations . 11General Appearance and Conduct Policy . 11Clinical and Skills Center Conduct Code . 11Clinical Externship Dress Code. 12Clinical Health Policy . 13MA Student Conduct Policy. 13Professional Conduct Policy . 13Students Rights and Responsibilities Related to Conduct. 16

Computer Requirements . 16Use of Technology and Social Media . 16Drug and Alcohol Prevention . 17Graduate Competencies of Medical Assistants (MA) . 21Medical Assistant Faculty . 34Bolivar Technical College reserves the right to modify the terms of this catalog including calendar, fees, tuition, and other items without priornotice. Should changes be necessary, appropriate notice will be given. The catalog is published for informati onal purposes only. Students aresubject to the most recent catalog policies, and students must adhere to rules, regulations, and policies as outlined in the Bolivar Technical Collegestudent catalog and the Nursing handbook. This catalog should not be construed as constituting a contract between Bolivar Technical Collegeand any person.

BOLIVAR TECHNICAL COLLEGEBolivar Technical College (BTC) is a Not-for-Profit (501(C) 3) Corporation specializing in adulteducation. The institution is governed by a Board of Directors, administered by the President, and staffedby qualified faculty members. An Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity.The members of the Board of Directors are:PresidentVice-PresidentSecretary/TreasurerThe administrative staff members are:Campus DirectorRegistrarAssistant RegistrarEducation CoordinatorAdmissions/Student ServicesLibrarianFinancial Aid RepresentativeDirector of Nursing EducationAssistant Director of Nursing Education &Director of Simulation and Skills CenterMedical Assistant Program CoordinatorCharlotte GrayDr. William GrayRachael HeneiseCharlotte GrayClarice CasebeerChelsye ScantlinNancy BrannonDaniel Leith/Katie TarrantJo BassWendy McGowin/Avril PebworthErin Mock, MSN, RNKayla Hendricks, MSN, RNShawn Mock, BSN, RNBTC provides quality instruction and an ideal learning environment both in the classroom andthrough hands-on experiences. The programs are designed to meet the community and business needs.MISSION STATEMENTBolivar Technical College will provide the highest quality educational experience for individualsseeking affordable, personalized, technical programs and general education in response to the everchanging employment needs of the community.PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICAL ASSISTANT PROGRAMThe Medical Assistant Program (Certificate) is an eight month (two semesters) program thatprepares students to take the National Certification exam for Registered Medical Assistants. The MedicalAssistant Program (Associate of Applied Science) is a one year (three semesters) program that preparesstudents to take the National Certification exam for Registered Medical Assistants. Students are preparedboth academically and clinically to care for clients from all walks of life in the complex, changing healthcare environment.NOTICE OF NON DISCRIMINATION POLICYThe college affirms a policy of equal employment opportunity, and nondiscrimination in theprovision of educational services to the public. The college makes all decisions regarding recruitment,hiring, promotion, and all other terms and conditions of employment without discrimination on groundsof race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, age, genetic marker,disability, or any other characteristic which lawfully cannot be the basis for an employment decision bystate, local, or federal law.1

The college is obligated by and adheres to the provisions of:Section 493A, Title IV, Higher Education Act of 1965 as amendedTitle 38, United States Code, Veteran’s BenefitsTitle IX, Education Amendments of 1972Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amendedDrug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989Inquiries concerning the application of these laws and their implementing regulations may bereferred to the College president.Bolivar Technical College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and makesevery effort to ensure that disabled persons admitted as students or employed by the college are affordedall of the rights and privileges provided to them by this state and federal laws. Bolivar Technical Collegeis committed to providing a sound learning environment to academically qualified students withdisabilities. Students must provide complete current documentation to the administrative office prior tobeginning a program, and accommodations will be determined based on documentation, thencommunicated to the instructor with the consent of the student.Students returning to school following an illness/injury must submit a letter from his/her doctorindicating any restrictions. Situations with a student placed on restrictions from a doctor will beconsidered on a case by case basis. Determination will then be made after evaluation of the restrictionand time frame indicated by the doctor regarding the student’s ability to MEET ALL CLINICAL OBJECTIVESand remain in the cohort.ACADEMIC INFORMATION AND POLICIESGrade Point Average (GPA) for Medical AssistantEvaluations for each class within the program receive a specific number of points. The grade foreach Medical Assistant class is determined by tests, quizzes and other assignments and a comprehensivecourse final; thus reflecting mastery of the course material based on the percentage of the total pointsscored as being correct. The percentage is then calculated on the following scale for core and generaleducation courses:Letter GradeABCDFPercentage Grade90-100%80-89%70-79%60-69%below 60%Grade Points4. certificate program course syllabus will articulate required course work including studentassignments outside of class with specific requirements. Outside-of-class work will be consistent withprogram objectives, documented, assessed/graded and will be an integral part of the sequencededucational program.Grade point average is calculated by multiplying the credit hours by the earned grade points. Thesum of this number is divided by total possible number of credit hours.2

For example:Course gradeA3 Credits4 points 12Course gradeB12 credits3 points 36Course gradeC3 Credits2 points 61854TotalDivide 54 by 18 3.0 GPALate Work and Make-Up Work PolicyIt is the student’s responsibility to report to the instructor immediately after an absence in order to makeup missed tests and assignments if applicable.The following policies are in effect for absences during core Medical Assistant courses:1. NO student will be given the opportunity to take a test/quiz early for any reason. No FinalExam will be given early or late.2. Homework is considered late if not turned in on or before the time designated by aninstructor. The office will document the receipt of an assignment even if class is not in session,but the campus is open.3. Tests and quizzes are considered late if not taken at the designated testing time. It is theresponsibility of the student to schedule a make-up time with the instructor.4. Ten percent (10%) will be deducted from homework, tests and quizzes not completed by thedesignated testing time/due date. (Day 1). An additional ten percent (10%) will be deductedeach day the college campus is open following the designated testing time/due date.5. After 7 calendar days no points will be awarded for late homework, tests, or quizzes.6. All exams must be taken prior to the next exam, regardless of points awarded.7. Assigned exam remediation, if required, is due prior to the next exam.8. If an exam has not been taken at the time of the next exam, or assigned remediationnot completed, the next exam cannot be attempted and the late penalty will beapplied for each day that is not attempted.9. Individual circumstances of illness and emergency will be considered on a case by case basisby appeal to the program coordinator. Documentation must be presented upon return toschool.ACADEMIC PROGRESSAcademic Achievement and RetentionMedical Assistant: Students must reach and maintain grades of “C” or higher in medical assistantcore classes and general education classes. Grades will be monitored, and request for an improvementplan will be issued for a student’s average that falls below 72% in a core medical assistant class. In addition,failure to master theoretical material or clinical objectives requires remediation. The program coordinatoror faculty member(s) responsible for the subject matter or clinical specialty will assist the student toformulate a plan and will monitor the student’s progress along with the time line within which the studentis to demonstrate mastery of the material or clinical skill(s). The plan will be kept in the student’s file. The3

student must successfully complete the remedial plan according to the time line determined by the facultybefore the next examination for that course is scheduled or before the next clinical rotation. Evaluationof mastery will be required.Clinical evaluations will be completed regularly and available for review. Grades are madeavailable to students through Moodle. The student is responsible to maintain his/her own grade averagesand test scores. Students are strongly urged to request appropriate faculty guidance and assistance withany curriculum material or any clinical objective(s) that he/she is having difficulty mastering. Clinicalcomponents of theoretical courses are an integrated requirement for that specific course, and clinicalcomponents must be mastered within the maximum attempts allowed in order to pass the correspondingcourse.Should a student earn a final grade of a “D” or “F” in a first semester required course in theprogram, he/she will not be terminated from the program. However, the student must repeat thecourse(s) from the cohort’s first semester in order to progress to the second semester. Course availabilityis dependent upon program sequence and is offered at the discretion of the college.Students are responsible to constantly monitor his/her own learning progress. Students are ableto monitor their personal progress through Moodle. The student is responsible to maintain his/her owngrade averages and test scores. Students are strongly urged to request appropriate faculty guidance andassistance with any curriculum material or any clinical objective(s) that he/she is having difficultymastering.Academic CounselingIndividual faculty and administrative staff are available to students during regular office hours fordiscussion of course or program academic concerns. Students experiencing academic difficulties arerequired to meet with course instructors to determine a plan for improving the student’s academicstanding. Faculty may assist students in study habits and provide limited tutoring concerning specificcontent. The staff may make referrals to outside resources. Students are encouraged to make anappointment with faculty.Code of Academic IntegrityBolivar Technical College is an academic community whose fundamental purpose is the pursuit ofknowledge. It is believed that academic integrity is vital to the success of this educational endeavor andwithout it, the opportunity to develop the full understanding of the material is missed (Harding,Carpenter, Finelli, & Passow, 2004). The value of education awarded by an institution is based on thebelief that graduates earn their education honestly, and that graduates have the knowledge and skillsinherent to that education. The faculty at Bolivar Technical College believe that quality education leadsto quality care. The college accepts this responsibility to the community and to the profession of MedicalAssistants by expecting academic integrity of students and faculty.The highest standards of ethical and professional conduct are integral to success in the MedicalAssistant program. As medical professionals, the faculty’s duty is to maintain an environment supportiveof personal growth, as well as to ensure the provision of safe and effective health care to the public.The faculty at Bolivar Technical College believes students who develop the values of the medicalprofession during their course of study will portray those values as a Medical Assistant. The values of beinga Medical Assistant include lifelong learning, diversity, individuality, respect, responsibility, and integrity.4

These values are essential to continued success in the medical profession.Code of Ethics For Medical AssistantsMembers of American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) dedicated to theconscientious pursuit of their profession, and thus desiring to merit the high regard of theentire medical profession and the respect of the general public which they serve, do pledgethemselves to strive always to:1. Render service with full respect for the dignity of humanity.2. Respect confidential information obtained through employment unless legally authorized orrequired by responsible performance of duty to divulge such information.3. Uphold the honor and high principles of the profession and accept its disciplines.4. Seek to continually improve the knowledge and skills of medical assistants for the benefit ofpatients and professional colleagues.5. Participate in additional service activities aimed toward improving the health and well-being ofthe community.American Association of Medical AssistantsAttendance PolicyGood attendance is a mark of dedication which is a component of professionalism that futureemployers consider seriously. Students are expected to attend all classes in order to get maximumbenefits from the instructional program and to develop the habits of punctuality, self-discipline, andresponsibility. Employers consider regular attendance as the first step in becoming a successful andproductive employee. Education at Bolivar Technical College is designed to prepare each student in theproper skills and attitudes necessary for success in the healthcare field.Students are to maintain a 90% attendance for each semester. If a student misses the number ofhours where he/she is unable to obtain 90% attendance by the end of the semester the studentwill be dismissed from the program.Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. Documentation forextenuating circumstances must be submitted within seven calendar days of return to class.All missed clinical externship hours MUST be made up.Work missed for Medical Assistant classes will follow the Late Work and Make-up Work Policy.The school must be notified by the student at least one hour prior to the report time if thestudent is going to be late or unable to attend class or clinical externship. In the event that classis scheduled to begin at 7:30 am, a call must be received no later than 7:00 am. Non-compliancewith calling is considered a “no call, no show” and may be grounds for dismissal. Sending amessage by another student is not acceptable.Phone number is: Bolivar Technical College (417) 777-5062The school has staff to answer calls at 7:00 am.Doctor’s visits and other appointments should be scheduled beyond school hours.Any absence of 3 consecutive days or longer due to illness will require a doctor’s writtenstatement. Illness verification by a doctor may also be required any time as deemed necessaryby the Director.Any hospitalization requires a release from the doctor to return to class.5

Tardy policy: students must be in their seats, prepared for class, at the time class is scheduled tostart. The door will be closed and no one will be admitted until the next scheduled break. Thesame rule applies for exams. A student may leave the room but will not be permitted to reenteruntil the next break. Students will be counted absent when not in the classroom.Early departures will be calculated as follows: Departing 1-15 minutes early will result in onequarter of an hour added to the total hours missed. 16-60 minutes early will result in 1 hour addedto total hours missed.Faculty are under no obligation to offer extraordinary assistance to students who are chronicallyabsent.Clinical Externship (Skills Lab, Simulation Lab, Clinicals)Part of the educational program is offered in a health-care facility that is contracted to provideinstructional opportunities for medical assistant-related activities. Students are required to participate,and be eligible to participate, at all assigned clinical externship sites. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students must alsocomply with the facilities’ policies and procedures. The school is not obligated to locate an additionalclinical externship site(s) to accommodate a student for any reason.Courses with a clinical externship component require mastery of the clinical objectives in order tosuccessfully complete the course. The clinical externship component of any course is an integral portionof that course. Clinical externship experiences are graded on a pass/fail basis. If a student fails a clinicalexperience, he/she will fail in the class and may fail in the program or be required to repeat the classbefore progressing to the next semester and/or graduation. The clinical formative evaluation should beused as a guideline to determine when a student requires faculty assistance to master a clinical objectiveor skill. Students receiving faculty feedback on evaluations that indicate concerns with the student’sclinical performance should immediately request faculty intervention and assistance. All clinicalobjectives must be mastered in order to successfully complete the corresponding course. Studentsmust be sent home from the clinical setting for unsafe or unprofessional behavior and will awarded aclinical fail for the day. In addition, termination from the program may be warranted. Students missingclinicals for any reason must make up the clinical time, and pay the clinical fee of 32.00 per hour foreach hour missed.Clinical AbsencesPart of the educational program is offered in a health-care facility that is contracted to provideinstructional opportunities for Medical Assistant activities. Students are required to participate and beeligible to participate at all assigned clinical sites. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students must also comply with thefacilities’ policies and procedures. The school is not obligated to locate an additional clinical site toaccommodate a student for any reason. If a student is to be absent from the clinical externship setting, he/she is responsible for informingthe college and the clinical externship site supervisor. If the student does not notify the college,the occurrence will be considered a “no call, no show”. One incident of “no call, no show” mayresult in dismissal from the program. Students admitted to the hospital, those who have a death of an immediate family member(grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling, child), or those who have a funeral of an immediate familymember on the day of clinical will be excluded from make-up clinical charges. Clinical hours MUSTbe made up.6

Students will be required to complete 180 hours of clinical externship during the semesterscheduled by the clinical externship supervisor and on-site clinic manager. Students notcompleting the 180 hours including make-up hours of clinical externship during the semesterscheduled may be removed from the program.All clinical hours missed MUST be made up regardless of reason missed. Specific make up hoursare scheduled at the clinical site supervisor’s convenience. Students must make up clinicalabsences on those assigned days, but, if the clinic cannot accommodate the student to make uphours, the following will be applied:o Students who do not meet the required hours in the BTC Simulation and Skills LabCenter will be required to schedule and attend make-up hours scheduled by theinstructor. The student will be required to pay clinical make-up fee of 32.00 per hourfor the make-up hours.Program TerminationA student may be terminated from the Medical Assistant program due to excessive absenteeism,unprofessional or unethical conduct, failure to master course or clinical objectives, violation of rules andregulations, unpaid tuition, falsifying application information, or academic dishonesty. In addition,Medical Assistant students may be dismissed from the program based on patie nt care safety issues, apositive drug screen without appropriate documentation, or failure to maintain clinical and/or clinicalexternship site expectations.Grievance and Appeal PolicyThe successful accomplishment of the school’s mission requires prompt consideration andequitable adjustment of any appeal or grievance. It is the desire of the administration and staff to addressappeals or grievances informally, and the supervisors, instructors, employees, and students are expectedto make every effort to resolve problems as they arise.Students have the right to appeal any action or decision that directly affects their academicperformance or records such as grades, probation, warnings, suspension of financial aid or dismissal froma program, etc. due to not making satisfactory academic progress. Grievances or appeals submitted signedby a group will not be addressed. The student should first request consideration of a decision from theperson who initiated the action.An appeal regarding a final grade should be made within fifteen business days of the last day of aclass and should initially be addressed to the instructor of the class. If a student is not satisfied with theresult, the student may file an appeal following the steps listed below.Appeals may be granted based on error or unanticipated mitigating circumstances, which mayinclude, but are not limited to: Loss of transportation, civic duties, conflicting personal responsibilities,illness, death of a close relative, etc. that may affect a student’s attendance or classroom performance.The grievance and appeal policy outlined below does not apply to actions taken in response to positivedrug screens. Please refer to substance abuse policy on page 20.When an appeal is requested, suspension of financial aid or dismissal from a program is delayeduntil the appeal has been decided. Students who have appealed are expected to continue in their programuntil the appeal is decided. When an appeal is not granted, the date of suspension of financial aid ordismissal from a program will be the date of the original action. Should the student withdraw immediately7

following the denial of an appeal, the student will not be charged for any attendance following the datethe student was originally suspended from financial aid or dismissed from a program.Step 1: Students with a complaint relating to a particular class or instructor should discuss it firstwith that instructor. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, within three (3)business days following the documented meeting with the instructor, the student shouldpresent his/her complaint as outlined in Step 2.Step 2: A student may present his/her grievance to the program director (or campus director asapplicable). All grievances will be submitted in writing. If a satisfactory solution is notachieved, within another three (3) business days from the receipt of the campus director’sdecision, the student may proceed with Step 3.Step 3: A student may then present the grievance to the Bolivar Technical College president. Allgrievances will be submitted in writing. If a satisfactory solution is not achieved, withinanother three (3) business days from the receipt of the president’s decision, the studentmay proceed with Step 4.Step 4: A student may then present the grievance to the Board of Directors. The student hasthree (3) business days to present the grievance in writing to the Board of Directors afterB

Bolivar Technical College Medical Assistant Handbook 2021-2022 Effective July 1, 2021 . . The Medical Assistant Program (Certificate) is an eight month (two semesters) program that prepares students to take the National Certification exam for Registered Medical Assistants. The Medical