Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookOwner’s WelcomeCongratulations! You are now part of a team that is a leader in the roofing industry and weknow that with your help we will continue as a leader. Our goal is to provide the best roofing services toour customers, and to maintain a safe and superior workplace for our employees. We value each personwho is employed here and strive to develop each person so that they recognize the value of integrityand superior workmanship. It is our desire that your experiences here bring you satisfaction in yourpersonal life as well as satisfaction in your employment.This handbook is a description of our expectations of you, and way of directing you in youremployment here. It will introduce you to the team, the game, and the rules of the game for ourcompany. This handbook may not cover every situation in the work place. If you have a question aboutthe nature of this document or the terms and conditions of your employment, it is your responsibility toask them. If you have trouble reading or understanding this document and do not ask for assistance wewill assume that you fully understand this document.As a team member it is in your best interest to carefully read this document so that youunderstand the culture of our company and the terms and conditions of your employment at ValleyRoofing. The content of this handbook supersedes any previous policies, written or unwritten. At thebottom of each page please initial in the space provided, and at the end of the document, sign and date.This will show that you have read and understand the content of this handbook.Thank you for your interest in our company! Our wish is that you will discover your potentialand find fulfillment in your employment here!Sincerely,OwnerValley RoofingAnson MartinInitials:2/18/14Page 1

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookArticle I.Article II.Table of ContentsIntroductory Statements . 4Section 2.01 About the Company . 4Section 2.02 Mission Statement . 4Section 2.03 Culture Statement . 4Section 2.04 Code of Ethics. 8Section 2.05 At-Will Employment . 9Section 2.06 Revisions to the Handbook . 9Article III.Hiring Policies . 9Section 3.01 Equal Employment Opportunity/Discrimination . 9Section 3.02 Sexual Harassment/Harassment . 9Section 3.03 Employees with Disabilities . 11Section 3.04 Job Descriptions . 12Section 3.05 Job Classifications . 12Section 3.06 Probationary Employment Period/Initial Training . 12Section 3.07 Drug Screening and Alcohol . 12Article IV.Wage and Hour Policies . 14Section 4.01 Pay systems . 14(a)Hourly:. 14(b)Commission: . 14Section 4.02 Pay Periods/Direct Deposit . 14Section 4.03 Time Tracking . 15Section 4.04 Travel Time . 16Section 4.05 Overtime . 16Section 4.06 Attendance Policy . 16Section 4.07 Leave of Absence Policy . 16Section 4.08 Recognized Holidays . 18Section 4.09 Vacation/Personal Days . 18Section 4.10 Paycheck Deductions . 18Section 4.11 Business Expenses . 18Section 4.12 Job Abandonment . 18Initials:2/18/14Page 2

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookSection 4.13 Rest/Meal Period . 18Section 4.14 Bonuses . 19Article V.Performance, Discipline, Layoffs, and Termination . 19Section 5.01 Performance Evaluations . 19Section 5.02 Pay Raises . 20Section 5.03 Layoffs . 20Section 5.04 Conduct Standards . 20Section 5.05 Criminal Activity . 21Section 5.06 Disciplinary Process. 22Article VI.General Policies . 22Section 6.01 Business/Safety Meetings . 22Section 6.02 Driving Record . 22Section 6.03 Company Vehicles . 23(a)Trailers. 23Section 6.04 Company Equipment. 23Section 6.05 Employee Privacy/ Companies’ Right to Inspect . 24Section 6.06 System Programs, Internet, Email Policies. 24(a)Purpose: . 24(b)Scope: . 25Section 6.07 Cell Phone Policy . 26Section 6.08 Personal Appearance . 27Section 6.09 Safety Policy . 27Section 6.10 Closing Statement . 28Initials:2/18/14Page 3

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookArticle II. Introductory StatementsSection 2.01About the CompanyValley Roofing was started in 2004 to fill a need in the Harrisonburg area for a high quality shingleroofing company. Our reputation of quality, dependability and speed spread rapidly, and for the nextthree years we completed twice the number of roofs as the preceding year. In 2005, we began offeringour services to existing home owners as well as the new home contractors we had been serving.In 2007, we moved to our present location in Harrisonburg VA and continued to grow, completing over250 roofs, and reaching Page, Shenandoah, and Augusta counties. In 2008 we qualified to become a GAFMaster Elite Installer which continues our desire of providing superior quality roofing to the ShenandoahValley for years to come. This Master Elite certification shows that our product manufacturer, (GAF) hasacknowledged our accomplishments as a superior roofing contractor by giving us their stamp ofapproval to provide the best factory warranties to our customers. Our ability to provide thesewarranties means that GAF trusts us to install these products in such a way that they are willing to standbehind our work and their products.Section 2.02Mission StatementIt is the mission of Valley Roofing to provide quality roofing services to our customers in a timely andprofessional manner. Our hard working, certified, and friendly staff bring our customers the best inroofing through exceptional workmanship, various warranties, and guarantees of our work. It is our goalthat every customer associates Valley Roofing with quality, integrity, dependability, and sees a companywho is striving to honor God in all that we do.Section 2.03Culture StatementEach topic of our culture described in this section refers to the work atmosphere at Valley Roofing. Thisstatement is a definition of who we are and how others see us as a company. Each topic is of equalimportance and is considered by those who are employed at Valley Roofing as values that set us apartfrom others and hold us together as a company. The topics of this statement describe the values ofthose who are a part of our organization. It also describes what can be expected of those who areemployed here, as only those who “buy in” to this statement desire to be employed, and are desired ofthe currently employed to be a part of our organization.Leadership – Valley Roofing is a leader in the roofing industry and our team members realize theimportance of leadership in our company. Leadership is the element that provides thefoundation for the structure of Valley Roofing, and sets the course for the direction of thecompany. Providing the paths to explore the full potential of Valley Roofing, is accomplishedonly by individuals who lead with a vision for the future of the company, and possess the abilityto implement that vision in a way that quality, efficiency and profits are maximized.Initials:2/18/14Page 4

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookQuality – It has been and will always be the desire of Valley Roofing to maintain qualitythroughout the company, quality that is noticeable from the people who are hired to the workthat they do. It is important that a quality work environment is maintained so as to encourage acommon interest to provide the best of services to our customers, have meaningful interactionswithin our company, and exhibit the values of our company to our customers and thebusinesses we associate with. By continuously being a company that is focused on providingquality and being the best, this ensures success for our company and satisfaction for ourcustomers.Contentment – Valley Roofing believes that contentment should exist from our employees toour customers and suppliers. If the employer, employees, or customers are not content thisobviously will eventually filter into all parts of the business complicating life for everyone;therefore, we make it a goal is to find where contentment lies with each individual and take thenecessary actions to help them find contentment. We measure the success of our company bythe overall contentment of everyone in the company and those affected by the company.Generosity – What greater demonstration of appreciation is there than being generous? ValleyRoofing, a company that has been very successful from the start, has always acknowledged itsmany blessings and expressed appreciation for them by being generous to its employees andthose indirectly related to the company. Valley Roofing’s idea of being generous is not limitedto generosity to its employees, but includes being generous of time and skilled workers to assistwith charity work and disaster relief for those less fortunate. Valley Roofing also has a verystrong brotherhood among all levels of staff, which is very indicative of the generosity andconsideration that takes place within our company on a day-to-day basis.Competence – At Valley Roofing competence means knowing how to do what we advertise.Our competence comes from participating in training for certifications and using theexperienced to teach the inexperienced. We consider competence as developing a thoroughunderstanding of the basics so that in the event of an unforeseen situation, it is resolved in thebest possible way by starting with the basics and working off that foundation. Seekingprofessional help in situations and referring work that is out of our scope of practice to otherprofessionals is also considered by us as being competent in what we do.Team work – Being able to work as a team is one of the biggest factors of production at ValleyRoofing. For leaders, this means good management of the team, figuring out who is proficientat what, and developing the game the team will play. For employees, this means being able towork well with others, buy into the common goals, and figure out what position you will play forthe team. At Valley Roofing the definition of “team” is: Together Everyone Achieves More.Systems – Systems have been identified by Valley Roofing as an approach to business thatreduces the margin for error, maximizes efficiency, and prevents communication breakdowns.Initials:2/18/14Page 5

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookThere are systems in place at Valley Roofing from operational functions to executive functions,and every system in place is part of the big system we call Valley Roofing. At Valley Roofing,systems are developed by different people recognizing the need for a system, creativelydeveloping incremental steps for the process, and communicating the steps so that nodeviations are made. Systems put everyone on the same page and ensure consistency everytime. If problems arise we make sure the system is working before we address the people.Dependability – Quality and dependability go hand in hand at Valley Roofing. As described inpoint 2, quality people do quality work, and dependability works the same way with dependablepeople building a dependable company. Customers trust us as a legitimate roofing contractorand the source of their trust lies in the fact that the people who are working for them arepersonally committed to being dependable and trustworthy as individuals and to the companythey work for.Integrity – The values that set Valley Roofing apart as a unique and superior roofing contractorexist because of the integrity of the people within the company. We strive to be the best atwhat we do by maintaining strong morals, being conscientious, and using our abilities in aproductive manner to give thanks to God, the one who gave them to us. Employees withhonesty and integrity are highly valued and respected at Valley Roofing as people with the samevalues are the ones who defined this company, and laid a solid foundation for the future of thecompany.Politeness – Let’s face it, no one wants to work with a rude person, or have rude people workingfor them. What is the first thing that a person says when someone is treated poorly by abusiness they are seeking services from? “I’m never going back to those guys!” We don’t wantto be that company who treats customers or co workers rudely. We treat our co workers,customers, and business associates politely and considerately because it eventually tricklesthrough to everyone making their day better, and it is often because of politeness and goodcustomer relations that we get referrals and continued work.Professionalism – Acting professional and being professional demonstrates to our customersthat we are a professional roofing contractor capable of doing what we profess to do. Weencourage employees to gain a thorough understanding of the job process, not only to do thejob well, but to be able to professionally relate it to the customer so they understand what ishappening also. To Valley Roofing, professionalism means good public relation, wearing uniformclothing, wholesome discussions on the job and refraining from explicit language, obscenegestures, loud music, inappropriate jokes, smoking on the jobsite. etc. We also consider itimportant to use these same principles when interacting with product suppliers and otherbusinesses as it strengthens the integrity of our company in their sight.Initials:2/18/14Page 6

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookLearning – At Valley Roofing we like to call our ways of doing things “the Valley Roofing way”.Many of these methods have been around since the beginning, and our leaders relay thesemethods on to the next person so as to maintain consistency in our work, but this does notmean that we are not open to new ideas. We promote thinking outside the box and suggestingimprovements to old methods. For learning to take place, there must be a desire to learn anda way to learn; so we ask questions, listen actively, use our leaders to demonstrate, and providehands on experiences. We are continuously learning as a company and there is no one person atValley Roofing who knows everything, but when problems are approached as a team there willbe a solution and learning will take place. Our desire is that as we each continue to learn asemployees and improve as individuals, our company will continue to grow and improve as awhole.Enthusiasm – Since the birth of Valley Roofing there has been a visible aspect of the companythat has sparked interest and impressed many people, especially customers: the ambition,enthusiasm and diligence of everyone who works here. We appreciate people who have a brightoutlook on life and maintain an enthusiastic and positive spirit. These are the people who helpboost the enthusiasm of the team when the going gets tough, and they keep the brotherhoodstrong. We realize that enthusiasm comes as people look to the rewards of a goal they wish toaccomplish, work related or personal. We have a desire to be a place where people can setgoals, and be provided the necessary support to accomplish the goals, whether it is moralsupport or financial support. The strong drive at Valley Roofing has defined us as a company thatwill get the job done, but to us it is the desire to grow/expand, satisfy needs, pursue interests,and innovate. Our enthusiasm and ambition comes from aiming high and working hard to getthere.Satisfaction – what is it that satisfies us? It is easy to figure out what satisfies customers; qualitywork by a dependable company, but customers aren’t the only ones who desire satisfaction, andtheir desires might not be fulfilled if we don’t have satisfaction throughout the company. Westrive to help everyone gain satisfaction, from our employees to our customers, and it isimportant that we know what satisfies each person so we can do everything we can to helpthem find contentment and peace of mind.Ownership – Every day we feel a sense of pride in the work we do, we are proud to representthe name displayed on our shirts, and we are loyal to the people at Valley Roofing. We swellwith pride when we recognize that every investment the company makes (trucks, equipment,trailers, warehouse etc); represents a part of us and helps us get the job done. When we feelthis pride we realize that it is important to take ownership of the things that help make usproud. We realize we were hired to work for Valley Roofing and part of us accepting the joboffer means taking the responsibilities of ownership. It also means that the company expects usand trusts in us to take ownership so as ensure its continuance and growth. It is our desire thatInitials:2/18/14Page 7

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee Handbookeach individual, whether vendor, employee or customer, will take ownership of themselves andtheir actions so we as a company can respect them and their values.Section 2.04Code of EthicsValley Roofing will exercise good ethics and honesty in every aspect of the business. We will continueimproving our practices, the quality of our products, customer service, and efficiency of operations byupholding strong moral principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, and ownership. There will be notolerance for illegal activity and unethical conduct of anyone affiliated with Valley Roofing. Being acompany with strong ethics and morals is only possible if each person affiliated with Valley Roofingpossesses these values; therefore, you are responsible for maintaining these values on a personal level.The personal interests of employers or employees of Valley Roofing must never be allowed to conflictwith the interests of the company, its clients, or other affiliated businesses. Representing Valley Roofinginside or outside of work in an unethical or demeaning way is highly discouraged and will meritdisciplinary actions. The business contacts of Valley Roofing shall in no way be used to pursue personalinterests that may negatively or financially affect the relationship of the company with that contact.1. Employers and employees will often come into contact with, or have possession of, proprietary,confidential or business-sensitive information and must take all appropriate steps to assure thatconfidentiality of such information is maintained. This information - whether it belongs to ourcompany or any of its clients or affiliates - may include strategic business plans, operatingresults, marketing strategies, customer lists, personnel records, upcoming acquisitions anddivestitures, new investments, or production costs, processes and methods. Proprietary,confidential and sensitive business information about our company, other companies,individuals and entities must be treated with sensitivity and discretion, and only bedisseminated on a need-to-know basis.2. Employees will seek to report all information accurately and honestly, and as otherwise requiredby applicable reporting requirements.3. Employees will refrain from gathering competitor intelligence by improper means and refrainfrom acting on knowledge that has been gathered in such a manner. Officers, managers andemployees will seek to avoid exaggerating or disparaging comparisons of the services andcompetence of their competitors.4. Employees will obey all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity laws and act with respect andresponsibility towards others in all of their dealings.5. Employees must agree to promptly disclose unethical, dishonest, fraudulent and illegalbehavior, or any violation of company policies and procedures, directly to management.Violation of the Code of Ethics can result in discipline, including possible termination. The degree ofdiscipline imposed may be influenced by the existence of voluntary disclosure of any ethical violationand whether or not the violator cooperated in any subsequent investigation.Initials:2/18/14Page 8

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee HandbookIf you ever have any doubt about whether your conduct or that of another meets the company’s ethicalstandards or compromises the company’s reputation, please discuss it with your supervisor or theowner of Valley Roofing.Section 2.05At-Will EmploymentYour employment with the company is “at-will”. This means that your employment may be terminatedat any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Likewise, we respect your right toterminate your employment at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Nothing inthe employee handbook or any other company document should be understood as creating guaranteedor continued employment, a right to termination only “for cause”, or of any other guarantee ofcontinued benefits. Only the owner of Valley Roofing has the authority to make promises with regard toguaranteed or continued employment, and any such promises are only effective if placed in writing andsigned by the owner and employee.Section 2.06Revisions to the HandbookThis handbook is not a contract. However, your compliance with it is a condition of youremployment. The company reserves the right to revise, add, or delete from this handbook, as wellas the terms or conditions of your employment to the extent allowable by law. Written changes tothe handbook will be distributed to all employees. No oral statements or representations canchange the provisions of this handbook. If you believe any provisions of the handbook conflict withyour understanding of the terms or conditions of your employment, then you should immediatelyspeak to your supervisor for clarification.Article III. Hiring PoliciesSection 3.01Equal Employment Opportunity/DiscriminationWe believe that our employees play a major role in the success of Valley Roofing. We seek to create anatmosphere within our company that will allow all employees to feel a genuine sense ofaccomplishment. At no time will we permit discrimination toward an employee because of age, sex,race, color, religion, national origin, disability, and sexual orientation or for any other unlawful reason.Valley Roofing will make any reasonable effort to ensure that all applicants and employees will receiveequal opportunity in personnel matters, including recruiting, selection, training, placement, promotion,wages and benefits, transfers, terminations and working conditions.Section 3.02Sexual Harassment/HarassmentHarassment of applicants and employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,national origin, age, marital status, or disability, including sexual harassment (all as defined andprotected by applicable law) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Valley Roofing is an equalInitials:2/18/14Page 9

Valley Roofing LLC,Employee Handbookemployment opportunity employer committed to a work environment in which all employees aretreated with respect and dignity and free of unwelcome conduct which harasses or discriminates againstthe employee, disrupts or interferes with the employee’s work performance, or creates an intimidating,offensive or hostile work environment.This policy explains the types of discrimination and harassment that are prohibited and informsemployees of the steps they must take if they believe they have been subjected to discrimination orharassment prohibited by this policy.This policy extends to all terms, conditions and privileges of employment and to all employmentdecisions affecting employees and applicants for employment.Definition of Harassment: Harassment is any unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that denigrates orshows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his or her race, color, national origin,religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, or any other status or condition protected by applicablefederal, state or local laws that: (1) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile oroffensive work environment; (2) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with anindividual’s work performance; or (3) otherwise adversely affects an individual’s employmentopportunities.Harassing conduct includes, but is not limited to: epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping; threatening,intimidating or hostile acts; and denigrating jokes or displays or circulation in the workplace (includingthrough e-mail or text messaging) of written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility oraversion towards an individual or group because of a protected status or condition.Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal orphysical conduct of a sexual nature where (1) submission to such conduct is made or implied to be aterm or condition of employment; (2) submission to or rejection of such conduct is used or threatenedto be used as a basis for employment decisions; or (3) such conduct interferes with an employee’s workperformance or

Valley Roofing was started in 2004 to fill a need in the Harrisonburg area for a high quality shingle roofing company. Our reputation of quality, dependability and speed spread rapidly, and for the next three years we completed twice the number of roofs as the preceding year. In 2005, we began offering