Service JacksOperating Instructions & Parts ManualModel NumberHW93657HW93667HW93660HW93662Capacity4 Ton4 Ton10 Ton10 TonHW93657/ HW93660Air/ ManualAir/ ManualMade inNorth AmericaHW93667/ HW93662SFA Companies 200410939 N. Pomona Ave. Kansas City, MO using this product, read this manual and follow all its Safety Rules and Operating InstructionsHW93657-M0

Table of contentsWarrantySave These InstructionsProduct DescriptionSpecifications & Safety otingReplacement PartsP2P3P3P3P4P5P6P6P7TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYFor a period of two (2) years from date of purchase, SFA Companies will repair or replace, at its option, without charge, anyof its products which fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, or which fails to conform to any implied warranty notexcluded hereby.Performance of any obligation under this warranty may be obtained by returning the warranted product, freight prepaid, toSFA Companies Warranty Service Department, 10939 N. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, MO 64153.Except where such limitations and exclusions are specifically prohibited by applicable law.(1) THE CONSUMER'S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY SHALL BE THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVEPRODUCTS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.(2) SFA COMPANIES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGE OR LOSSWHATSOEVER.(3) THE DURATION OF ANY AND ALL EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION,ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS LIMITED TO A PERIODOF TWO (2) YEARS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE.Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation orexclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights whichvary from state to state.2HW93657-M0

Save These InstructionsFor your safety read, understand, and follow the information provided with and on this jack. The owner and operator of thisequipment shall have an understanding of this jack and safe operating procedures before attempting to use. The owner andoperator shall be aware that use and repair of this product may require special skills and knowledge. Instructions and safetyinformation shall be conveyed in the operator's native language before use of this jack is authorized. If any doubt exists asto the safe and proper use of this jack, remove from service immediately.Inspect before each use. Do not use if there are broken, bent, cracked, or damaged parts (including labels). Any jackthat appears damaged in any way, operates abnormally, or is missing parts, shall be removed from service immediately. Ifthe jack has been or is suspected to have been subjected to a shock load (a load dropped suddenly, unexpectedly upon it),immediately discontinue use until the jack has been checked by a Hein-Werner authorized service center. It is recommended that an annual inspection be done by qualified personnel. Labels and Operator's Manual are available frommanufacturer.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHein-Werner Hydraulic Service Jacks are designed to lift, not sustain, rated capacity loads. They are designed to beused in conjunction with jack stands. Intended use: To lift one wheel or one axle of a vehicle for the purpose of serviceand/or repair of vehicle components. After lifting, loads must be immediately supported by appropriately rated jackstands. Check with vehicle owner's manual for proper lift points.DO NOT USE TO DOLLY OR MOVE VEHICLE.DO NOT USE FOR ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN THOSE USES OUTLINED ABOVE !SPECIFICATIONSModelCapacityJack Size ( L x H )Min. HeightMax. HeightHW936574 Ton48-1/4" x 7-1/2"5-1/4"26"HW93667Air / Manual4 Ton48-1/4" x 7-1/2"5-1/4"26"HW9366010 Ton53-3/8" x 9-3/4"5-7/8"26"HW93662Air / Manual10 Ton53-3/8" x 9-3/4"5-7/8"26"SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSBEFORE USE1. Verify that the product and application are compatible, if in doubt call Hein-Werner technical service.2. Read the operator's manual completely and familiarize yourself thoroughly with the product, its components and recognizethe potential hazards associated with its use before the use of this product.3. Follow assembly instructions4. Lower saddle fully.5. Locate and remove the air vent screw.6. Ensure the oil level is within 3/16" from the inner cylinder as viewed from the air vent screw hole.7. Reinstall the air vent screw.8. Close release valve by turning the release knob clockwise until firm resistance is felt.9. Ensure that the jack rolls freely.10.Raise and lower the unloaded saddle through out the lift range before putting into service to ensure the pump and releasevalve operate smoothly.11. Replace worn or damaged parts and assemblies with Hein-Werner Replacement Parts only. (See Replacement PartsSection). Lubricate as instructed in Maintenance Section.HW93657-M03

! WARNING Study, understand, and follow all instructionsprovided with and on this device before operating thisdevice. Do not exceed rated capacity. This is a lifting device only. After lifting, immediately transfer the load toappropriately rated vehicle stands. Never work on, under, or around a load supported bythis device. Use only on hard, level surfaces capable ofsustaining rated capacity loads. Do not move or dolly loads with this device. Do not modify this device. Do not use adapters or accessories that are notprovided initially. Lift only on areas of the vehicle as specified by thevehicle manufacturer. Failure to heed these markings may result inpersonal injury and/or property damage.ASSEMBLY! ADVERTENCIA Leer, comprender, y seguir las instrucciónes antesde utilizar el aparato. El manual de instrucciónes y la información deseguridad deben estar comunicado en lengua deloperador antes del uso. No seguir estas indicaciónes puede causar dañospersonales o materiales.! WARNINGTo avoid crushing and related injuries:NEVER work on, under or around a load supportedonly by a jack. ALWAYS use adequately rated jackstands. Immediately transfer the load to adequatelyrated jack stands.Be sure all tools and personnel are clear before loweringEQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY:load. No alterations shall be made to this device. Only1. Needle nose locking pliersattachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufac2. Snap-ring pliers (for: HW93657 and HW93667 only)turer shall be used. Lift only on areas of the vehicle as3. 15 /16“ wrench (for: HW93660 and HW93662 only)specified by the vehicle manufacturer.4. Hammer5. Tape measure6. All necessary hardware is included and is assembled loosely onto the jackASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS:1. Remove the service jack base and handle from the carton.2. For HW93657and HW93667, see figure 1 to remove the retaining ring and the handle pivot pin from the jack base thatconnects through the handle fork. For HW93660 and HW93662 (as shown in figure 2) remove the 5/16-18 bolts andthe pin from the jack base that connects through the handle fork.3. Remove the #6-32 screw and nut from the universal receptacle on top of the hydraulic unit.4. Pull the universal assembly, located on the bottom of the handle, out a minimum of 1-3/4".5. Clamp the needle nose locking pliers onto the rod so that the universal assembly will not retract back into the handle.6. Slide the universal assembly into the handle socket so that it extends out the other side.7. Push the pivot pin that was removed in step 2 back through the handle and handle socket (may have to gently tap thepin with a hammer).8. Align the pivot pin with the holes on the side plates that the pivot pin was removed from and tighten the 5/16"-18 boltsinto the pivot pin until secure. (for HW93660 and HW93662 only)9. Connect the universal assembly to the universal receptacle rod using the #6-32 screw and nut from note 3 (fingertighten only).10. Remove the needle nose locking pliers.11. Jack is now operational and ready for use.Helpful hint:If the jack cover is a hindrance, it can be removed by using a 1/8" punch and taping out the pivot pins (be sure to attachthe cover back to the jack after assembly is completed).HW93657-M04

Figure 2 - HW93660/ HW93662Figure 1 - HW93657/ HW93667OPERATIONLifting1. Place the vehicle in the park gear.2. Engage the emergency brake.3. Chock the wheels securely to prevent inadvertent vehicle movement.4. Locate and close the release valve by turning release knob clockwise, firmly.5. Center jack saddle under lift point. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer owner's manual to locate approved lifting points onthe vehicle.6. Verify lift point then use handle pump to contact lift point. To lift, pump handle until load reaches desired height.7. Transfer the load immediately to appropriately rated jack stands.Lowering1. Raise load high enough to clear the jack stands.2. Remove jack stands, carefully. (always used in pairs).3. Slowly turn the release knob counterclockwise, but no more than 1/2 turn. If the load fails to lower:a. Use another jack to raise the vehicle high enough to reinstall jack stands.b. Remove the malfunctioning jack and then the jack stands.c. Using the functioning jack, lower the load by turning the operating handle counterclockwise, but no more than 1/2 turn.4. Push saddle down to reduce ram exposure to rust and contamination after removing the jack from under the load.Release KnobRelease KnobAir HoseSaddleHandleHandle ForkHandleVent ScrewLiftAirArm(on the power unit)Lift ArmHandle ForkLift ArmSaddleFront WheelAir Vent Screw(on the power unit)CasterCasterFigure 3 - HW93657/ HW93660 NomenclatureHW93657-M0Air MotorFigure 4 - HW93667/ HW93662 Nomenclature5

MAINTENANCEImportant: Use only a good grade hydraulic jack oil. Avoid mixing different types of fluid and Never use brake fluid, turbineoil, transmission fluid, motor oil or glycerin. Improper fluid can cause failure of the jack and the potential for sudden andimmediate loss of load. We recommend Hein-Werner hydraulic jack oil HW 93291.Adding oil1. Lower saddle fully.2. Set jack in its upright, level position.3. Locate and remove air vent screw.4. Fill with oil until 3/16" above the inner cylinder as seen from the air vent screw hole.5. Reinstall the air vent screw.Changing oilFor best performance and longest life, replace the complete hydraulic fluid at least once a year.1. Lower saddle fully.2. Remove the air vent screw.3. Lay the jack on its side and drain the fluid into a suitable container.Note: Dispose of hydraulic fluid in accordance with local regulations.4. Fill with oil until 3/16" above the inner cylinder as seen from the air vent screw hole.5. Reinstall the air vent screw.LubricationA periodic coating of light lubricating oil to pivot points, axles and hinges will help to prevent rust and assurethat wheels, castors and pump assemblies move freely.CleaningPeriodically check the pump piston and ram for signs of rust or corrosion. Clean as needed and wipe with an oily cloth.Note: Never use sandpaper or abrasive material on these surfaces!StorageLower the saddle to its lowest position when not in use.TROUBLESHOOTINGSymptomPossible CausesCorrective ActionJack will not lift load Release knob not tightly closed Overload condition Ensure release knob tightly closed Remedy overload conditionJack bleeds off after lift Hydraulic unit malfunction Contact Hein-Werner Technical ServiceJack will not lower after unloading Reservoir overfilled Linkages binding Fluid level low Drain fluid to proper level Clean and lubricate moving parts Ensure proper fluid levelWill not lift to full extension Fluid level low Ensure proper fluid levelHW93657-M06

REPLACEMENT PARTSNot all components of the jack are replacement items, but are illustrated as a convenient reference of location andposition in the assembly sequence. When ordering parts, give model number, part number and description on page 7-17Call or write for current pricing: Phone:(816)891-6390 or contact Hein-Werner Customer Support,[email protected] or 10939 N. Pomona Ave. Kansas City, MO 64153Model HW93657 Replacement PartsFigure 5 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93657HW93657-M07

Model HW93657 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Hydraulic UnitFigure 6 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93657 (Hydraulic Unit)HW93657-M08

Model HW93657 Replacement Parts 1766221770221771hBall Stop Plug (3/4" L)Ram Quad RingCylinderLow Pressure nRam Assy.Vent Valve Assy.Rear herLockwasherRivetBall (7/32" O.D.)Ball (1/4" O.D.)21211221772h221778221781221798221817Quad ringWasherHandle and Cross BarRetainer RingRetainer Ring14142231638231710232968h232969h232970Filler ScrewOil TankBack-up WasherU-cupPressure Pump11111203200h203201h203205h203299203313Ball (9/32" O.D.)Ball (5/16" O.D.)Ball (7/16" O.D.)Jam NutJam Nut11142221823221825221829221937221938Parallel LinkParallel Link PinPinTurning KnobRoll Pin21111232971233798233880233917h233921Pressure Pump Kit1Tank Nut1Tank Nut and Quad Ring1Plastic Spring1Release Stem1203332203344204270204277204301NutJam 7222533hRelease Stem KitSpeed Pump Assy.SpringPlug Poppet ValveScreen11122234976241885241887241889241893Cap HousingBellcrankHandle SocketLiftcapSideplate rWasherCotter PinCotter Pin14131223166h226314226318226319226324Ram ScreenGland NutGrease FittingBellcrank PinPressure Plug11111241894241895241907241956241983Sideplate AssyHydraulic Unit CoverRepair Kit (Hyd. Unit)Fulcrum PinSideplate Tie Rod1112204842h209964210225210311210411hCopper GasketLockwasherSpacerPipe PlugWasher12131226325226326226327226329226331hPump LinkNutSlotted pport RodFront AxleRetainer ringHandle Pivot PinExtension lease ValvePacking RingPacking RingGroove Pin11224226353h226366226372226615227395SpringHex Head BoltSpringFront WheelPlunger Assy.11121241990241991241993Handle Assy.1Hydraulic Unit Casting 1Hydraulic Unit g1Handle Segment Assy.1Pin1Pump Pin1227397227399227436228257h228354Release LinkExtension RodTurning Rod Assy.U-cupUniversal Assy.11111HW93657-K0 Label Kit (not shown)HW93657-M0 Manual218988219451220769221739h221740Roll Pin1Hex Nut2Cross Pin1Poppet1Ball Stop Plug(7/16" L)1228875228881229392229748h229749SpringGripSerial PlateHeel PlateWasher12131HW93657-M09h Included in Repair Kit 241907

Model HW93660 Replacement PartsFigure 7 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93660HW93657-M010

Model HW93660 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Hydraulic UnitHW93657-M0Figure 8 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93660 (Hydraulic Unit)11

Model HW93660 Replacement Parts erLockwasherLockwasherExpansion 938Cross PinPoppetBall Stop PlugSpeed PumpBack-up WasherQuad RingHandle & Cross BarHandle GripRelease KnobRoll 29938229939229946229947Cap HousingBearingSpringPlatePinCasterPinFront AxlePinRetaining 6h224253226271226314226318Release Stem Assy.Speed Pump Assy.SpringPlugScreenScreenCoverFulcrum PinGland NutGrease 407231316231419231420231430Handle Socket1Extension rod1Plunger Assy.1Heel Plate1Bumper Pin1Universal Assy.1Filler Plug & Gasket Assy. 1Fulcrum Pin1Bolt2Parallel 7169209964210225WasherWasherWasherWasherCotter PinCotter Pump LinkGland NutSpringSpringBoltPlunger SpringLinkTurning Rod 8231945231962231963232619232620232968hBell Crank & FittingsFiller Plug & Vent ValveBaseOil TankRam Assy.Handle Assy.Front Wheel Assy.Lifting CapSwivel PinBack-up h214538214555h214699Pipe PlugWasherRivetRelease ValveBoltPacking RingPacking RingGroove ngRam & Cylinder Assy.CylinderU-cup PackingBack-up WasherCross PinPinPlugPlug1111111111232969h U-cup Packing232970Pressure Pump232971Pressure Pump &Gland Packing Assy.233917Plastic Spring233921Release Stem240616Repair Kit (Hyd. Unit)241482Tank Nut241483h Seal241551Hydraulic Unit Assy.111214700Handle Segment& BushingPinPinRoll PinRoll PinRoll erSlotted TubeRetaining RingRetaining RingWasherBell CrankFront 218991HW93657-M0Qty. Part#11211Description12Qty. Part#DescriptionQty.PinRamHW93660-K0 Label Kit (not shown)HW93657-M0 Manualh Included in Repair Kit 2406161122121114111111211111111

Model HW93662 Replacement PartsFigure 9 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93662HW93657-M013

Model HW93662 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Hyd. UnitFigure 10 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93662 (Hydraulic Unit)HW93657-M014

Model HW93662 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Air Hyd. PumpFigure 11 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93662 (Air Hyd. Pump)Model HW93662 Replacement Parts 04303NutWasherWasherWasherWasher22111214555h O-ring214699Bushing214700Handle Segment 9hExpansion PlugLockwasherLockwasherBall (7/32" O.D.)Ball (1/4" ter PinCotter Roll PinRoll PinRoll l (9/32" O.D.)Ball (5/16" O.D.)Ball (11/32" ckwasherSpacerPipe 0Coss PinU-cup PackingPoppetBall Stop PlugSpeed Pump11111203297203299203301203323203332NutNutJam ase ValveBoltPacking RingPacking RingGroove Pin12224221771h Back-up Washer1221772Quad Ring1221809Handle Grip2221820Retaining Ring2221937Release Knob1.Continue on next page (page 16)HW93657-M015QtyPart#Qty1

Model HW93662 Replacement Parts List 397227436227713228235228813LinkTurning Rod Assy.LockwasherCotter PinWasher11111230006230007230008230010230011Bumper creenHose Clip11211228814#228815#228816#228875229754Gland NutU-cup 419Universal Assy.Filler Plug &Gasket Assy.Piston & Roll PinFulcrum Pin223173223176223179223180223183Return SpringCylinder, AirHose ClipAir ing1O-ring1O-ring1Ram & Cylinder Assy. el LinkBell Crank & FittingsCylinder CapPiston ve & PlungerSpring & CushionTrip WasherHandle & Cross Bar11121229899h229900h229902229903229904U-cup PackingBack-up WasherCross PinPinPlug11111231619231638231717231718231945Rod, Pump1BaseOil TankRam Assy.1112236781223680224021224081Pump Packing &PistonScreenHose, rSlotted TubeRetaining RingRetaining Ring11122231963231990232619232620232968hFront Wheel Assy.Handle Assy.Lifting CapSwivel PinBack-up herRubber CushionTrip SpringBracket, Speed pak11111229912229913229915229927229929WasherBell CrankFront WheelCap HousingBearing41211232969h U-cup Packing232970Pressure Pump232971Pressure Pump &Gland Packing Assy.233110Pump m PinGland NutGrease FittingPump PinPinFront Axle22111233622233897233917233921240564ScrewRing, SealingPlastic SpringRelease StemRepair Kit (Air Pump)4111-226326226331226353h226366226372Gland NutSpringSpringBoltPlunger ing RingHandle SocketExtension RodPlunger Assy.14111240616241482241483h241552244253Repair Kit (Hyd. Unit)Tank NutSealHydraulic Unit ing ScrewSpringEnd BlockSet ScrewPipe Nipple11121229956229999230000230003230005Heel PlateAir Hyd. Pump Assy.Pump CylinderBack-up WasherGland Nut11111244317Pin1245119Ram1HW93662-K0 Label Kit (not shown)HW93657-M0 202Roll PinRelease Stem Assy.Speed Pump tyQtyFiller plug & Vent Valve 1h Included in Repair Kit 240616# Included in Repair Kit 240564HW93657-M016111

Model HW93667 Replacement PartFigure 12 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93667HW93657-M017

Model HW93667 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Hyd. UnitFigure 13 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93667 (Hyd. Unit)HW93657-M018

Model HW93667 Replacement Parts (cont.) - Air Hyd. PumpFigure 14 - Parts Illustration for Model HW93667 (Air Hyd. Pump)Model HW93667 Replacement Parts ListDescriptionPart#200003h 44DescriptionWasherWasherWasherWasherCotter riptionPinPump PinRoll PinHex NutCross herLockwasherRivetBall (7/32" O.D.)Ball (1/4" O.D.)21211204461204842h209964210225210311Cotter PinCopper GasketLockwasherSpacerPipe Plug11214221013#221377221739h221740221742U-cup PackingRoll PinPoppet203200h203201h203202203205h203299Ball (9/32" O.D.)Ball (5/16" O.D.)Ball (11/32" O.D.)Ball (7/16" O.D.)Jam etRelease ValvePacking RingPacking Ring11122221764h221766221770221771h221772hRam Quad RingCylinderLow Pressure PumpWasherQuad ring11111203313203332203344204270204277Jam NutNutJam 0BoltGroove erRetainer RingRetainer RingRetaining RingParallel Link242121411Handle segment Assy. 1111Ball Stop Plug (7/16" L)1Ball Stop Plug (3/4" L)1.Continue on next page (page 20)HW93657-M019

Model HW93667 Replacement Parts List 921Tank NutTank Nut and QuadRingPlastic SpringRelease stemAdjusting ScrewEnd blockSet ScrewPipe NippleFront Wheel11212234976236684236685240564241780Cap Housing1Piston1Sealing ring1Repair Kit (Hyd. Pump) r Assy.Release LinkExtension RodTurning Rod andle SocketLiftcapSideplate AssyHydraulic Unit Cover21111228235228257h228354228813228814#Cotter PinU-cupUniversal LinkageWasherGlant Nut11111241907241955241956241983241985Repair Kit (Hyd. Unit) Sideplate Assy1Fulcrum Pin1Sideplate Tie Rod2Support Rod1Trip WasherGland NutHandle & Cross BarPump Packing &Piston2111228815#228816#228875228881229392u-cup PackingWasherSpringGripSerial plate11121241986241987241988241989241992Front AxleRetainer ringHandle Pivot PinExtension spring223680224034224038224081224156ScreenAir CylinderPump Heel PlateWasherRamPinExtension tube31111241994242160242161243098243101Hydraulic Unit Assy.Air Hyd. Pump Assy.Pump Ball Stop PlugRetaining RingWasherRubber CushionTrip Spring11111230003h230007230430230583230753Back-up WasherU-boltAir Hose Assy.Ram Assy.Suction Tube11111HW93667-K0 Label Kit (not shown)HW93657-M0 Manual225906226019226153226314226318Bracket, Speed pakLock NutSpringGland NutGrease fitting14111231316231572231583231638231710Vent Valve Assy.Cylinder CapRear CasterFiller ScrewOil Tank11211226319226324226325226326226327Bellcrank PinPressure PlugPump LinkNutSlotted tube11211232968h232969h232970232971233110Back-up WasherU-cupPressure PumpPressure Pump KitPump 222088Parallel Link PinPinTurning KnobRoll PinScreen gSpringHex Head BoltSpringRelease Stem KitSpeed Pump Assy.SpringElbowPlug Poppet 533h223166h223172223173O-ringScreenRam ScreenHose ClipReturn Spring12111223179223180223183223184223187#Hose ClipAir ValvePlugspringValve & ty1111111111412Hydraulic Unit Casting 1h Included in Repair Kit 241907# Included in Repair Kit 24056411111

Replace worn or damaged parts and assemblies with Hein-Werner Replacement Parts only. (See Replacement Parts Section). Lubricate as instructed in Maintenance Section. HW93657-M0 Min. Height Max. Height 5-1/4" Capacity 26" Model HW93657 5-1/4" Jack Size ( L x H ) 4 Ton 4 Ton 26" 48-1/4" x 7-1/2" HW93667 Air / Manual HW93660 HW93662 Air / Manual