Contents1Equipment check22Getting started33Setting up fibre broadband44Setting up VDSL2 broadband55Setting up ADSL broadband76 Connect your computer77Connect to power78Connect to broadband89Connect to WiFi (wireless networking)910Connect to WiFi using WPS enabled devices (optional)1011Access free premium services1112Securing your gateway1213Factory reset1314Advanced settings1415Problems?1416Important tips15

1. Equipment checkLet’s check everything is here. You should have:1 x Safety Information1 x Huawei HG630b Gateway1 x Power SupplyGOLET’SGET YOUR MODEMUP AND RUNNINGHG630b Modem User Guide21 x Fibre Ethernet 1 x ADSLCable (grey)Cable (blue)1 x VDSL2Cable (black)1 x LAN EthernetCable (Yellow)1 x User Guide

2. Getting startedTo set up your internet connection, you’ll initially need to use a computer(Windows or Mac) with an Ethernet port and web browser, and connected bythe yellow Ethernet cable to a LAN port in the Gateway. Your computer needsto be within reach of the phone socket for ADSL or VDSL broadband services,or the optical network termination point for fibre broadband services.Once you’ve established your internet connection, you’ll then be able to setup a wireless WiFi (wireless) network and connect wirelessly.2.1 Broadband service auto configurationThe HG630b Gateway automatically configures itself to the active connection type itdiscovers – ADSL, VDSL2, Fibre or via USB Mobile Broadband T-Stick.*Should you change connection type at any time, simply reboot your gatewayand it will connect to the new service without altering your gateway settings.*The HG630b supports a range of Spark USB mobile broadband T-Sticks. By usinga mobile broadband connection through this gateway, you will incur charges on yourmobile broadband plan not covered by your home or fixed line broadband plan.A list of Spark T-Sticks supported by the HG630b can be found at

3. Setting up fibre broadbandIf you have an ADSL or VDSL broadband connection, skip this step.To receive a fibre broadband service, your premises must have a fibre cable connection.To set up your fibre broadband connection you must use a computer with anethernet port and a web browser. Due to the length of the cables supplied, you mustset up close to the fibre optical network termination (or ONT) point. Once your fibrebroadband is working, you can unplug the ethernet cable and use the Gateway’swireless (WiFi) network.Fibre Company ONTPOTS1 POTS2RESETGE1GE2GE3GE4POWERFibreEthernet CableConnect one end of the blue tipped Fibre Ethernet Cable into the blue WAN portin the Gateway and the other end into the port labelled GE1 in the Fibre ONT(Chorus Fibre ONT illustrated).When complete, skip to step 6.4

4. Setting up VDSL2 broadbandIf you have an ADSL or fibre broadband connection, skip this step.To receive a VDSL2 broadband service you must have a VDSL Splitter installed by atechnician as part of your connection agreementTo set up your VDSL2 broadband connection you must use a computer with anethernet port and a web browser. Due to the length of the cables supplied, you mustset up close to the VDSL2 connection point. Once broadband is working you canunplug the ethernet cable and use the Gateway’s wireless (WiFi) network.Dedicated VDSL2 connection point (RJ45)VDSL2 cableLarge connector (RJ45)Small connector (RJ11)Connect the VDSL2 cable to the DSL port on the Gateway and the VDSL2connection point.Note: the small connector (RJ11) should go into the DSL port in the Gatewayand the large connector (RJ45) should go into the VDSL2 connection point.When complete skip to step 6.5

5. Setting Up ADSL broadbandIf you have a VDSL or fibre broadband connection, skip this step.ADSL filters are required for every phone socket in use, including phone lines, faxes ordigital TV decoders. Filters remove interference on your phone lines and improve yourbroadband service.If you use 4 or more phone sockets in your home, have a monitored security or medicalalarm, Spark strongly recommend you have an ADSL Splitter installed bya technician.Call Spark on 0800 22 55 98 to arrange installation or to order more ADSL filters.a.Connect the ADSL filter to the phone socket.b. If you use a telephone, fax machine or TV decoder etc. at the same phone socket,connect that device into the ADSL filter socket marked PHONE.c.Connect the ADSL cable into the ADSL filter socket marked ADSL.d.Connect the other end of the ADSL cable into the Gateway port marked DSL.abc6d

6. Connect your computera. Connect the yellow Ethernet cable into LAN port number 1 (LAN1) in theback of the Gateway.b. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into the ethernet port onyour computer.Look for this symbolon your computer if you are not sure.7. Connect to powera. Plug in the power supply tothe electrical power socket.Plug the other end of thepower cable into the Powersocket in the Gateway.b. Ensure the power is turnedon at the wall, and push in theON/OFF button on the back ofthe Gateway to turn the Gateway on.On/Off7

8. Connect to broadbandPlease wait up to 5 minutes for the Gateway to establish a broadband connection.Your Gateway lights will tell you when the connection is working correctly.If the Power light is off – check Step 7.For ADSL and VDSL2 connections, the lights should be as follows:The Power and DSL lights should be solid GREEN and not blinking.The Internet and LAN1 lights should be GREEN and blinking.For a Fibre connection, the lights should be as follows:The Power and WAN lights should be solid GREEN and not blinking.The Internet and LAN1 lights should be GREEN and blinking.When the Gateway lights are correct, open a web browser on your computersuch as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. If your connection is workingyou will see a valid web page and be able to surf the internet.If not, restart your computer, open an internet browser and try again.If after 5 minutes the DSL light is off or flashing:yyCheck Step 3 if you have a fibre connectionyyCheck Step 4 if you have a VDSL2 connectionyy Check Step 5 if you have an ADSL connection. If the DSL light remains off orflashing, you may have a faulty phone socket. Try connecting using anotherphone socket.If the LAN1 light is off – check Step 6. Ensure the ethernet cable is correctlyconnected to the ethernet port of your computer, and a LAN port on your Gateway.If the DSL light (for ADSL or VDSL2) or WAN light (for fibre) remains off or flashing,or if you continue to experience problems, call our Broadband Helpdeskon 0800 22 55 98.8.1 New Spark accountsIf you are an existing Spark customer skip this step.8When you are successfully connected to the Internet, you should activate yourSpark broadband account. In the browser address bar press enter and follow the online activation steps.

Model: HG630bPower Rating: 12V; 1.0AThis Vodafone HuaweiHG556a HW.C HomeGateway may be connectedto the Telecom Network.09799. Connect to WiFi(wireless networking)丝印内容HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.MADE IN CHINABefore you begin, ensure you can connect to the internet using the Ethernet connection.Your Gateway has a WiFi network ready to use out of the box. Your Gateway has aunique SSID (or Network Name) and WLAN Key (or Wireless Password or Key) to makeconnecting using WiFi easy. These details are found on the information label on the rearof the Gateway.Name: Home GatewayModel: HG630bPower Rating: 12V ; 1.0AThis Vodafone HuaweiHG556a HW.C HomeGateway may be connectedto the Telecom 容由产线XXSPARK–XXXXXXMADE IN CHINA4.0 mmHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.6.4 mm7.0 mmThe WiFi network is designed to provide a strong level of network security. To keepyour network secure, keep your SSID/WLAN Key out of public view.6.0 mmTo connect a wireless enabled device (computer, tablet, mobile phone etc) using thedefault SSID and WLAN Key, complete the following steps:1. Use your device’s network connection manager or wizard to search for your WiFinetwork. If you are not sure how to do this, refer to the help function for yourdevice’s operating system, or the manufacturer’s website or help desk.2. Find and select your wireless SSID. Example: SPARK–T23456PantoneBlackTT73H9VSK7C3. When prompted enter your WLANKey. Example:4. If the device connection managerPantoneallows you PMSto save375your SSID and WLAN Keydetails then do so. Otherwise you may have to repeat these steps each timeyou connect.物料 底纸必须满足打印要求5. On your device open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or红色框中内容由产线打印Chrome. If the a web page loads correctly and you can surf the internet, you areconnected to your WiFi network.5.0 mm0979Pantone Black CPantone PMS 3759

10. Connect to WiFi using WPSenabled devices (optional)This Gateway supports WPS (WiFi Protected Set-Up) which is a quick methodof connecting a WPS enabled device to the Gateway. The connecting device mustsupport WPS and have wireless turned on. Check your device manual or themanufacturer’s website to confirm WPS support.To connect, press the WPS button on the side of the Gateway for at least 2 seconds andwithin 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the connecting device. The WPS button willbe a physical button on a device like a printer, or virtual such as a software button on acomputer, mobile phone or tablet.The two devices will establish a connection and the Gateway will recognise thewireless device.This WiFi connection will remain until the Gateway is factory reset.WPS button10

11. Access freepremium servicesAs a valued Spark customer, you can access a range of free and exclusivepremium services including:1.Spark Security Suite powered by McAfee to protect your computer fromInternet threats (worth over 95 a year). Available for Microsoft Windowscomputers only. Your free licence allows you to install McAfee on up to5 Windows computers.2.Get a free Xtra Mail account, powered by SMX, New Zealand’s leadingemail security company, with selected Spark broadband plans.Visit to find out more.Don’t forget to register for the Broadband Usage Meter so you can keep trackof how much data you’ve used at any time during the month.Visit to find out more.11

12. Securing your gatewayThe most effective method to keep your Gateway secure is to keep your Gatewayand WiFi password details in a safe place and protect against unauthorised physicalaccess to your Gateway.Your Gateway settings are password protected with an administrator login.The default username adminThe default password adminSpark recommends you create a unique password to protect access to your Gateway.To do this, you need to use the Gateway’s User Interface:1. Open a web browser, type into the address bar and press enter.This will take you to the User Interface.2.Enter the Username and Password and click on Login.3. Click on the Maintenance tab on left side menu to access the Account menu;then click on Account.4. When prompted, enter the current Gateway Username (by default admin)and Password (by default admin); then enter your new password and confirm it,then click Submit. Your password is changed.The next time you want to change your Gateway settings you must log in using yourunique password.Note: If you forget your Administrator password you will need to reset the Gateway tofactory default, (see step 13).12

13. Factory resetWARNING! A factory reset restores the Gateway to the default settings –all remembered WiFi connections and any user customisations are erased.Most users should only perform a factory reset when you are directed toby the broadband helpdesk.To factory reset your Gateway, do the following:1. While the Gateway is turned on, insert a paper clip into the Reset hole in the back,press down for 8 to 10 seconds, then release.2. The Gateway will reset and then restart. This can take up to 5 minutes.3. After a factory reset, you must manually reconnect each WiFi device and redoany customisations.13

14. Advanced settingsTo access advanced features or to customise the Gateway, open a web browserand type into the address bar and press enter to access theGateway interface.For specific help on advanced settings, visit our website a wide range of help topics and information including step-by-step tutorials.15. Problems?If you have any difficulties you can:Visit our website for a wide range of help topicsincluding step-by-step tutorials.Call our Broadband Helpdesk on 0800 22 55 9814

16. Important tipsyy hen starting up the Gateway do not press any buttons. Wait for a broadbandWconnection to be established first.yy any issues with a broadband connection can be resolved by turning the GatewayMoff for 30 seconds, then on again. It can take up to 5 minutes for the connectionto re-establish.yy ustomers with computers running Microsoft Windows should reboot theirCcomputers at the same time they reboot their Gateway.yy Operate the Gateway on a flat surface and ensure the Gateway is not coveredby anything and has adequate ventilation at all times.yy ADSL broadband customers should:yy ot use telephone extension cables with the Gateway as these cause speedNand stability problems.yy se the ADSL filters supplied with this Gateway when setting up as old filtersUcan cause speed and stability problems.yyI f you want to network additional devices using the ethernet LAN ports, you willrequire one ethernet cable for each device.yy iFi signal strength and range is dependent on physical and environmentalWfactors outside of Spark’s control. The following tips will help you optimiseyour WiFi signal:yy ense obstacles such as walls, floors, ceilings, hot water cylinders,Daquariums etc. limit WiFi performance and range.yy o not place the Gateway near electronic devices such as microwave ovens,Dcordless phones or wireless transmitters like baby or room monitors.yy o not place the Gateway in an enclosed space such as a cupboard,Dunder or behind a desk or large item of furniture.yy o benefit from the speed offered by the 802.11n standard, it isTrecommended to connect using 802.11n wireless devices only. Connectingolder 802.11b or 802.11g wireless devices may slow down the speed ofyour whole WiFi network.yy If you have WiFi coverage issues, you can opt to purchase productssuch as WiFi range extenders.yyWhere possible place your Gateway up high for better WiFi performance.15

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a. Connect the ADSL filter to the phone socket. b. If you use a telephone, fax machine or TV decoder etc. at the same phone socket, connect that device into the ADSL filter socket marked PHONE. c. Connect the ADSL cable into the ADSL filter socket marked ADSL. d. Connect the other end of the ADSL cable into the Gateway port marked DSL. 5.