We g oChengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd.A scalable EEHEMT model for 0.25 μmGaAs pHEMT foundry processDr. Yongbo Chen6/30/2017

Outline1、Introduction2、EEHEMT Model3、Results and Discussions4、ConclusionsWe g o

Outline1、Introduction2、EEHEMT Model3、Results and Discussions4、ConclusionsWe g o

HiWafer IntroductionWe g oHiWafer is Chinese first pure-wafer foundry service provider, whichprovides 6-inch GaAs and GaN process for RF and microwave applications.It located in Chengdu, SiChuan, with a total of 5000 of clean room.

FacilityWe g oHiWafer has world-class semiconductor processing facilities

We g oTechnologyHiWafer has advanced technology and R & D capabilitiesReliability&YieldTech. hnologyGaAs/GaNManufactureTech.MeasurementTech. 6-inch GaAs processpHEMT、HBT 6-inch GaN processHEMT/SiC 、Si 2-4寸InP LD/PD process

We g oProcess CategoryHiWafer strives to become an international foundry service providerHiWafer Process 0.5-1μmInGaP rpHEMT0.10 0.25μmLN pHEMT0.10 0.15μmE/D pHEMT0.10 0.5μm

We g oProcess RoadmapHiWafer Process Roadmap0.5 m GaN/SiC HEMT0.25 m GaN/SiC HEMT0.25 m GaAs pHEMT(PPA25)0.15 m GaAs PowerpHEMT0.10 m GaAs PowerpHEMT0.15 m GaAs LNpHEMT0.10 m GaAs LNpHEMT0.25 m GaAs E/D0.15 m GaAs E/DIPD GaAs BiFET2µm GaAs HBTQ2Q12015 2016Q2Q3Q4Q12017Q2Q3Q4Q12018Q2Q3Q4 2019 2020

We g oProcess RoadmapIPD0-100GHz0.25um GaN HEMT0-18GHz0.25um GaAs pHEMT0-20GHz2um GaAs HBT0-10GHzPLPVM2BCTFRISOISOM1CC镀金ECEMBP

PPA25 ProcessProcess Features: 0.25 μm optical T-Gate InGaAs channel pHEMTdesign Air Bridge Major application forpower amplifier below20 GHzWe g o


We g oPPA25 SpecThe performance of PPA25 reached the international advanced mm350 /-80380360320Gm maxmS/mm370 /-80364410385mA/mm480 /-70493490V-1.2 /- [email protected]/mmV-18 /- 0-0.9-0.9-120-20-18-18-2065 /-1565.965556060GHz 12019819080200Rs EpiOhm/Squ160 /-20174TFROhm/Squ50 /- 550505050MIM CappF/mm2600 /- 60583600Psat @8VmW/mm 900960 900Id [email protected] 0.5VVpU*600 900 900

We g oPPA25 PDK9/28/2016, HiWafer released Chinese first GaAs pHEMT PDKHW PPA25001 Design Package v1.01. Technology Introduction2. Process Design Kit3. Design Manual4. Qualification Report5. Measurement Data6. History File

We g oPPA25 PDKComplete Functional PDKSchematicsimulationEMsimulationLayoutPDKDRC/LVS

Outline1、Introduction2、EEHEMT Model3、Results and Discussions4、ConclusionsWe g o

We g oEEHEMT lity for易于电路设计Circuit 建立Easy Modeling适用范围OperationRangeCompact model is preferred for foundry PDK

We g oEquivalent Circuit RdIgd -QgyRgRid DYRdbBIdsG’GQgcC- IgsIdbCbsRis SRsS’Cdso

EEHEMT Modeling s-dependantS parametersIV & SpecificMeasurementPowerMeasurement-DC IV-Diodes-Thermal effects-Freq. dispersion-Loadpull-Power sweepSmall signalfittingLarge signalfittingValidation andrefinementWe g oSize&Temp variationMeasurement-S parameter-DC IV-Loadpull-Power sweepScaling relatedparameters fittingNon-linearCapacitanceSmall T Model

We g oSmall Signal ModelExtrinsic parameters Cold Pinchoff Cpg Cpd Cpgd Cold ForwardSmall signal equivalent circuit model LgLdLsRgRdRs

Small Signal ModelWe g oIntrinsic parameters Hot FET Intrinsic elements

We g oLarge Signal Model Piecewise nParametersDescriptionVtoZero bias thresholdVgoGate-source [email protected] where gmcompression beginsVbcGm roll-off to tailoff transitionvoltageVbaGm compression tailoffAlphaGm saturation tocompressiontransitionDeltgmSlope of gmcompressionGmmaxPeak gm

We g oLarge Signal Model Frequency DispersionD’Gm RFRdIgdGm DC Rid D-QgyRgYRdbBIdsG’GQgcC -IdbCdsoCbsRis onParametersDescriptionVtoacZero biasthresholdGammaacGm parameterVdeltacControl f-heating effectVtsoacSubthreshold onsetvoltageDeltgmacSlope of gmcompressionGmmaxacPeak gm

Large Signal Model Thermal EffectI ds I'dsPdiss1 Peffg m'gm P(1 diss ) 2PeffI ds'g Peffg ds P(1 diss ) 2Peff'dsWe g oPeff 2Peff 3

We g oLarge Signal Model Size ScalingPeff 3.21557 TGW 0.11184Gm max 0.1757 TGWRis 1.667 e 0.04230.0002 TGWGm max ac 0.2069 TGW 0.1221C12 sat 15.285 e0.00139 TGWDeltgm 0.00007 TGW 0.123TGW: Total Gate Width (μm)Note: This scaling method ignore the interaction effectbetween number of figure and unit gate width.2x150 ? 4 x75

We g oLarge Signal Model Temperature ScalingVto Vto' (0.115 ln(Temp 273) 0.343)Peff Peff ' (5.3 10 5 Temp 2 0.012 Temp 1.27)Is 0.41 e0.036 TempN 0.948 e0.0022 TempGm max ac Gm max ac ' (8.14 10 10 Temp 4 2.65 10 7 Temp 3 3.16 10 7 Temp 2 0.0018 Temp 1.03)

Outline1、Introduction2、EEHEMT Model3、Results and Discussions4、ConclusionsWe g o

Model FeaturespHEMT with BackViaWe g opHEMT without BackViaSEMNumberModel Features:825506 DC, S, power, PAE, etc.4 Scaling with size and temp751002150 Wg(μm) optimized for PA design

Small Signal ModelWe g oDevices Fitting Results for scalable small-signal Model 2X50μm 4S21/4S12 2S12 2S22S11Vd 2V,Id 50mAS12 2S22S22S11Vd 3V,Id 150mAS11Vd 4V,Id 250mA 2X75μmS21/3S21/3S12 3S22S11Vd 2V,Id 50mAS21/5S12 3S22S11Vd 2V,Id 150mAS12 3S22S11Vd 2V,Id 250mA

Small Signal ModelWe g o 1/3S21/5S12 2S21/4S12 3S12 2S22S22S11Vd 2V,Id 50mAS22S11Vd 3V,Id 150mAS11Vd 4V,Id 250mA 4X75μmS21/5S12 3S21/5S12 3S21/5S12 5S22S22S22S11Vd 2V,Id 50mAS11Vd 2V,Id 150mAS11Vd 2V,Id 250mA

Scalable EEHEMT ModelWe g oDevices Fitting Results for scalable EEHEMT ModelPower sweepPout/Gain/PAE CirclePoutGainPAEPoutS ParametersPAEGain

Scalable EE-HEMT Model4 x 75 μmWe g o2 x 75 μm25 -20 125 VGS -1.5 to -0.5 V, step 0.1 VVDS 0 to 8 V, steps 0.5 V

Scalable EE-HEMT Model4 x 75 μmWe g o2 x 75 μm25 -20 125 VGS -1.5 to -0.2 V, step 0.05 VVDS 2 V

Scalable EE-HEMT ModelWe g o4 x 75 μm25 -20 125 VGS -0.7 VVDS 8 V

Scalable EE-HEMT Model4 x 75 μmWe g o2 x 75 μm50 ΩMaximumPAEMaximumPoutVGS -0.7 VVDS 8 VTemp 25 Freq 10GHz

Circuit VerificationStandard-MMIC Fitting ResultsWe g o

Circuit VerificationA Wideband PA MMIC Fitting ResultsFreq:5-20GHz, Gain:23dB, Psat:22dBm, P-1dB:20dBmWe g o

Outline1、Introduction2、EEHEMT Model3、Results and Discussions4、ConclusionsWe g o

ConclusionsWe g o HiWafer provides advanced 6-inch GaAs and GaN foundry process A high accurate and verified EEHEMT model has been presented,which is scalable with device size and temperature This model is optimized for class A & AB PA design, if the modelis used for other application such as switch or LNA, care shouldbe taken Future work:a) Improve the scaling accuracy by taking account for the interaction effectb) Scalable noise modelc) Corner model and statistic model

We g oChengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd.Dr. Yongbo ChenEmail:[email protected]

We g o Chengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. A scalable EEHEMT model for 0.25 μm GaAs pHEMT foundry pr