Helene FuldCollegeof NursingAlumni NewsgramVolume 28 Issue 1Message From The PresidentDear Alumni,It will be good to see you at our Alumni Scholarship Dinner Dance at the River Room of Harlem, October 11,2008. This reunion will be a wonderful time to celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni and to assiststudents in our current program with scholarships. The last reunion in August 2007 aboard the Half Moonboat was so much fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures in this newsgram.The biggest event that occurred at Helene Fuld College of Nursing was the separation of the College fromNorth General Hospital, which took place on July 25, 2007. The College is now on its own. It is in a positionto expand and add new programs. I thank those of you who completed our surveys regarding a new upperdivision baccalaureate program. I will let you know when it becomes a reality.Although we have expanded our current facility on the third and fourth floors, and an elevator is beinginstalled, we must relocate the College when our lease expires in 2011. The Board of Trustees is exploringnew sites in Harlem and fundraising options. We will need your support and contacts. You will hear moreabout our plans at the reunion.Your alumni officers, Patricia Sumner, Aseneth Tubman, Mercedes Bass, Dianne Lum, Kiva Perkins-Watts, andFadya Casseus, and Michelle Hernandez, our new Director of External Affairs, have done a wonderful job ofarranging this Alumni Dinner Dance.Please call your classmates to come and support this event. We hope to see many of you, as well as ourcurrent and retired faculty.I look forward to seeing you and your family and friends atour first scholarship dinner dance reunion on October 11, 2008.Best Wishes,Margaret (Peggy) Wines R.N., Ph.D.PresidentHelene Fuld College of Nursing

Faculty & Staff NotesMoving on 2006Ms. Jessica Ingram-Bellamy, Director of External Affairs2008Dr. Maria Rosario-Sim, Vice President of Academic AffairsMs. Trinidad Agtarap, Instructor & Coordinator, Medical/Surgical Nursing Iis no longer teaching at Helene Fuld, but resumes her role as Director ofContinuing Education.Moving in 2005Karla Fallon, CounselorAndrine Thomas, Financial Aid Counselor2006Adenike Cole, Chief Financial Officer2007Christine Braunstein was rehired as Project Manager/Institutional Researcher.Michelle Hernandez, Director of External AffairsCongratulationsDr. Joaquin Garcia, Coordinator and Associate Professor, Bio-Science retiredon June 30, 2006, after 21 years of service to the College.Wendy Robinson was promoted from Instructor, Nursing to AssistantProfessor and Curriculum Coordinator on October 16, 2007.Juan Esguerra, former Learning Center Assistant/Computer Techniciangraduated with honors from Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center in 2007,passed the NCLEX-LPN exam and is now working as an LPN atElmhurst Hospital.Helene Fuld Collegeof Nursing GoesOut On Its OwnEffective, July 25th 2007, Helene Fuld College of Nursingbecame a fully independent college after legally separating from North General Hospital. Helene Fuld was affiliatedwith the Hospital (formerly Hospital for Joint Diseases)since its inception in 1945 as a “training school” forpractical nurses.Our newly independent status signalsmany positive changes for the College.For one, the separation brings the Collegeone step closer to establishing the longanticipated upper division baccalaureateprogram which would allow our associatedegree graduates to continue for aBachelor of Science in Nursing.To accommodate our growth, the College also embarkedon a major renovation and construction project by leasingan additional 6,500 ft. of space on the 4th Floor of the BethelGospel Assembly Building. The new amenities include stateof the art classrooms with audio-visual capabilities, astudent lounge, conference rooms, two nursing artslaboratories, administrative and faculty offices, andadditional bathrooms.The College’s name was amended to Helene Fuld Collegeof Nursing. Although HFCN’s current physical location stillremains the same, our new legal address and contactinformation has been officially changed.Our new, official address!24 East 120th StreetNew York, NY, 10035Tel: 212-616-7200 Fax: 212-616-7299We welcome updates from alumni for the Newsgram.We want to know about your career progress, family news,and other significant events including promotions, changesin employment, honors, weddings, births, and other personalaccomplishments. Please e-mail submissions and changes ofaddress to: [email protected]

Where Are They Now?Imagine returning to the college that you once attended to workas an instructor. Well that’s what some of our graduates have done.Alumnae, Melissa Rodriguez Ramos, (class of April 1999) andPamela Ford (class of 1982) currently provide clinical instructionto HFCN students.Melissa Rodriguez-Ramos, the November 2007 keynote speaker atgraduation, is an adjunct clinical instructor. She teaches both ParentChild Health Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing II. Pamela Ford,a full-time instructor at the College, teaches Medical SurgicalNursing I and Psychiatric-Community Mental Health Nursing.Upon graduation, each went on to advance their education byobtaining their Bachelor and Master degrees in Nursing.Melissa Rodriguez-Ramos attended Columbia Melissa Rodriguez-RamosUniversity, and Pamela Ford earned herBSN from Mercy College and her MSNfrom the College of New Rochelle.All Aboard!!!The Alumni Association held an alumni reunion cruise aboard theHalf Moon on Saturday, August 18, 2007. The boat embarked fromNew York Skyports Marina located on the East River at 23rd Streetin Manhattan. There were graduates from 1973 – 2007 present.The three hour cruise included dinner, dancing and raffle prizedrawings. Music was provided by a live deejay who played a mixof Caribbean, Latin, Soul and R&B hits.The reunion cruise provided an opportunity for alumni to reunitewith former classmates, network, and reconnect with facultyand staff. Don’t miss our next event, a Scholarship AwardsDinner Dance at the River Room of Harlem in RiverbankState Park on Saturday, October 11, 2008!NLNAC Accreditation VisitWe are happy to report that the site visitors and the Boardof Review of the National League of Nursing AccreditationCommission (NLNAC) have recommended full accreditation toHFCN for the next eight years.The site visit occurred on March 3-5, 2008. The purpose ofthe visit was to determine if the College is in keeping with thestandards and criteria set forth for an associate degree granting nursing program. The visitors’ assessment was based onvarious criteria including the mission and governance, faculty,students, curriculum and instruction, resources, integrity, andeducational effectiveness of the College.Pamela Ford

Graduation April 2007The Spring 2007 commencement exercises were held on Sunday,April 17, 2007, at 4:30 pm at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. The welcomeaddress was delivered by HFCN President, Dr. Margaret (Peggy)Wines. During the ceremony, Alan McDougall, Chairperson, HFCNBoard of Trustees, conferred degrees upon one hundred graduates.Dianne Johnson, HFCN Secretary/Receptionist, delivered theinvocation, and alumnus, Dianne Worrell, RN (class of November2000), who now serves as Director of Nursing, in the PrescribedPediatric Extended Care Facility at Children’s Rehab Network inMiami, Florida delivered the commencement address. The presidentof the class, Davy Cory Catlyn gave the farewell address. April 2007graduates, Martine Bazelais and Anamarie Blinth both serenadedthe audience. Senator Charles Schumer, a long time supporter of theCollege congratulated the graduates for their accomplishments andaddressed attendees at the ceremony.Five graduating students received Suzanne I. Ullman Awards.The awards were presented to June A. Miller for AcademicExcellence, Larissa Mikhailova and Tejani Suarez for AcademicHonors, Sharron G. Hutchings for Clinical Excellence, and to KarenA. DeSilva for Clinical Honors. The Dr. Joseph L. Tait – HarlemCommonwealth Council Award for excellence in the liberal arts andscience courses in support of nursing was given to June A. Miller.The Ruth Brown Incentive Award was presented to Diana Abney,the Stephen C. Frauenthal Award in recognition of outstandingleadership was presented to Davy Cory Catlyn, and the MargueriteHaggerty Memorial Award for excellence in Medical-SurgicalNursing was presented to Karen A. DaSilva. The Ayisha BabwahAward for helpfulness to fellow students was given to Denise E.Toppin and the Carol A. Thompson Memorial Award in recognitionof perseverance in pursuing a nursing career was given toAnamarie I. Blinth.Graduation May 2008The commencement ceremony for the graduating class of May2008 took place on Sunday, May 4th at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.A total of 103 students successfully completed the program andreceived their Associate in Applied Science degree.Kerry–Ann Stewart (May 2008 graduate) delivered the invocation.The welcome address was given by Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Wines.The Honorable Charles Schumer delivered the opening keynoteaddress. Mr. Alan McDougall later greeted the audience andbestowed degrees upon the graduates. The Suzanne I. UllmanAwards were given to: Cindy Black for Academic Excellence, WandaCamacho and Aracely Leiva for Academic Honors, Stacyann Bentand Mariann J. Monforte-Ditore for Clinical Excellence, and Alexandra M. Carnival and Alyson S. Potter received the award for Clinical

Graduation November 2007The November 2007 class was the first to graduate from HeleneFuld College of Nursing since its establishment as a fully independentcollege. The commencement ceremony on November 18th includeda total of eighty-three new AAS graduates.Following the invocation, which was given by Judith Jean Paul from thegraduating class, Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Wines delivered the welcomeaddress. Alan McDougall, Chairperson of the HFCN Board of Trusteesgreeted the audience and presented the degrees to graduating students.Members of the graduating class also delighted the audience with the giftof song. Tyisha Herrera sang a solo and a duet was performed by CherlineSt. Rosa and Elizabeth Taylor-Cameron. The Honorable Charles Schumerattended the commencement ceremony and addressed the audience.Honors. Rasheed Ali received the Ruth Brown Academic IncentiveAward. Mariann J. Monforte-Ditore was the proud recipient of theStephen C. Frauenthal Leadership Award. The Marguerite HaggertyMemorial Award was presented to Stacyann T. Bent. Francine E. Gopaul received the Ayisha Babwah Award and the Carol A. ThompsonMemorial Award was given to Deborah Cook. Two new awards werealso presented. The Dorothy Juanita Witherspoon Memorial Award,given to Uzoma Iroham and the Thelma Callendar Memorial Award,given to Sandra Marie Clark were presented by the President of theAlumni Association and HFCN Board Trustee, Patricia Sumner (classof 1971), in memory of two of her former Helene Fuld classmateswho have since passed away. Rhonnie Jackson (class of November2002), now an Associate Director of Nursing - Critical Care Servicesat Lincoln Hospital delivered the keynote address. The farewelladdress was presented by class president, Mariann J. Monforte-Ditore. She also extended prayers and good wishes from all to NevilleMiller, who is recovering from a recent illness.Several Suzanne Ullman Awards were bestowed upon deservinggraduates. Recipients included: Steve Tangjian for AcademicExcellence, Fay Butler and Carol Patricia Johnson for Academic Honors,Steve Tangjian for Clinical Excellence and Andrea Lynn Gibbon forClinical Honors. The Dr. Joseph L. Tait – Harlem CommonwealthCouncil Award was presented to Fay Butler. The Ruth Brown AcademicIncentive Award was presented to Alex Afrifa. Andrea Lynn Gibbonand Raina Tata Lazarus were recipients of the Stephen C. FrauenthalLeadership Award. The Marguerite Haggerty Memorial Award wasgiven to Steve Tangjian. Gamuchirai Cherry Mapfumo received theMarcia Levinson-Solomon Memorial Award and the Carol A. ThompsonMemorial Award was presented to Rachael Imuetinyan Iyageh.The farewell address was delivered by the class president,Andrea Lynn Gibbon.

Barbara Ellis RetiresMaking Strides AgainstBreast Cancer WalkFaculty, staff, alumni and friends of Helene Fuld College ofNursing participated in the American Cancer Society’s MakingStrides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park on Sunday,October 21, 2007. The walk is held annually to help fight breastcancer and provide hope to people facing the disease. Proceedsfrom the event are used for lifesaving research, prevention, earlydetection, and to support programs for thousands of patients andtheir families. Making Strides also provides an excellent opportunityto honor breast cancer survivors and educate women about breastcancer prevention and early detection.HFCN’s team, the Crusaders, raised close to 2,000 to support American Cancer Society’s effortsto promote awareness and bring us closer to the daywhen no one will have to hear the words, “You havebreast cancer”.This year, the college plans toparticipate in the event once again.We hope that you will be able to joinus on Sunday, October 19th and lendyour support to this very worthy cause.Front (L-R) Nicholas Halyard, Juan Esquerra, former Learning Center Assistant/Computer TechnicianBack (L-R) Fadya Casseus (HFCN Class of April 2007), Michelle Hernandez, Director of External Affairs, WinetteSaunders-Halyard, Karla Fallon, College Counselor, Justine Fitzgerald, Assistant Professor, English, and Muneko Otani.Helene Fuld Hosts “ Y o u ’ r e h i r e d”Career Day Spring 2008Isabel Tomassi and colleagueOn March 17th, recruiters representing morethan 30 New York based healthcare agencies,hospitals, nursing homes and colleges attendedHFCN’s Spring 2008 Career Day event.One of the exhibitors in attendance was HFCN’sown Isabel Tomassi, class of November 2004.Ms. Tomassi serves as a Nursing Supervisor and was recently promotedto Regional Administrator of Queens-Long Island Medical Group in theFlushing North Medical Office.Sincere thanks to all the exhibitors and institutions that came out torecruit HFCN graduating students!“We wish Professor Ellis all the best and arethankful for her contributions to the Collegeand the profession of nursing.After 5 years of exemplary service to the College, HFCNhonored Barbara Ellis and wished her a very warm farewell atthe Independence Celebration (commemorating our separationfrom North General Hospital) at the New York Athletic Club onNovember 1, 2007, as she left to embark upon the next phaseof her life, retirement. Professor Ellis served as an AssistantProfessor of Nursing at Helene Fuld from 2002-2007. Shecurrently resides in the Bronx with her husband, Robert of 37years and is the mother of three daughters. Asked what inspiredher to become a nurse, she said that she always enjoyed caringfor people. She relayed childhood memories of being age 4 andlining up her dolls to give them injections. She mentioned thather mom had aspirations of being a nurse but was dissuadedbecause women of her generation were told that they were notsmart enough to have a profession.Professor Ellis’ career in healthcare began as a dietary aideat Lenox Hill Hospital. She later attended Montefiore PrepSchool for her LPN training. She received her Associate Degreefrom Bronx Community College and later attended LehmanCollege where she received her BSN and Nurse Practitionercertification. She would later earn an MA and MEd at TeachersCollege, Columbia University.Throughout her career, Professor Ellis worked in variousclinical and educational settings. At Lehman College, she workedas a Public Health Consultant. At Bronx Lebanon, she served asa Clinical Nurse Specialist for Maternal Child Health and as anAssistant Director for Patient Care Management. Her first facultyposition was held at Hostos Community College where shetaught Medical/Surgical Nursing and Maternal Child Health. Shewould later accept a faculty position at Lehman College beforecoming to HFCN in 2002.When asked what she missed the most about Helene Fuld,she responded “the students”. She said that she missed helpingstudents and seeing them succeed. In response to how shewould like to be remembered by her students, she replied thatshe would like to be remembered as a caring professional whowanted nothing but the best for her students. When asked whatshe missed the least about the College, her answer will probablyresonate with many of you, her response “Climbing the stairs”.rtd husband, RobeBarbara Ellis an

HFCN Alumni AssociationPresentsREPLY CARDAlumni Reunion Scholarship Awards Dinner DanceSaturday, October 11, 2008Alumni Reunion ScholarshipAwards Dinner DanceSaturday, October 11, 2008Print NameClass YearAddressTime: 7 pm – MidnightTickets: 100 per personCity/State/ZipCocktail Reception,Silent Auction,Dinner, Dancing andAwards PresentationTelephoneWhere:River Room of HarlemRiverbank State Park750 W. 145th St. (Riverside Dr.)New York, NY 10031Emailr Please reserve tickets @ 100 each.Valet Parking AvailableInclude name of guest(s)Proceeds from the event willbe used to fund scholarshipsand for curriculum andresource development.Will you/guest require a special meal?:r No r Yes: Explain* Semi-Formal Attirer I cannot attend, but wish to make a tax-deductiblecontribution to the College.For further information, call 212-616-7278.Helene Fuld OnThe Big Screenr Yes, I wish to renew my membership to the HFCN Alumni Associationr Alumni Dues ( 50/yr.)Charge my credit card the amount of On Monday, May 5th - Sunday, June 1st, HFCNcommercials aired daily on NY1 and Time Warner Cablestations: MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, HeadlineNews and NY1 Noticias.The commercial was created to heighten the College’svisibility and to recruit LPNs who are considering returningto school to advance to the next level of their careers tobecome registered nurses.r VisaCard NumberExpiration DateSignature of card holder#The commercial featured some very familiar facesincluding alumnus, Michelle Heath (class of November2007), who is now a case manager at NY DowntownHospital, Travers Villany (class of April 2006), a registerednurse and member of the UPC (Unit Practice Council) atNYU’s Hospital for Joint Diseases and Pamela Ford (classof April 1982), a full-time Medical/Surgical Nursing I andPsychiatric-Community Mental Health Nursing instructorat Helene Fuld.r MasterCardr Enclosed is my check in the amount of (Make checks payable to Helene Fuld College of Nursing)Send completed reply form and payment in enclosed envelope to:Helene Fuld College of NursingAttn: Michelle Hernandez24 East 120th Street, New York, NY 10035RSVP by October 3, 2008

Helene Fuld College of NursingGoes Out On Its OwnNew Independent StatusMaking Strides AgainstBreast Cancer WalkBreast Cancer Walk in Central ParkHelene Fuld On The Big ScreenAs Seen on TV!And More!Volume 28 Issue 1HFCN Alumni AssociationAlumni Reunion Scholarship AwardsDinner Dance Saturday, October 11, 2008Cocktail Reception,Silent Auction,Dinner, Dancing andAwards Presentation.At The River RoomDetails Inside!NEWSLETTERAUGUST 200824 East 120th StreetNew York, NY, 10035Tel: 212-616-7200Fax: 212-616-7299Inside:Alumni NewsgramHelene FuldCollegeof NursingHelene FuldCollegeof Nursing

of perseverance in pursuing a nursing career was given to Anamarie I. Blinth. Graduation May 2008 The commencement ceremony for the graduating class of May 2008 took place on Sunday, May 4th at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. A total of 103 students successfully completed the program and received their Associate in Applied Science degree.