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WELCOMEWe are thrilled to welcome you to the University of Waterloo Stratford Schoolof Interaction Design and Business, part of the Faculty of Arts at theUniversity of Waterloo. We look forward to meeting you and helping yousettle in. This handbook is designed to provide you with information about theUniversity of Waterloo Stratford School, and the City of Stratford.Here at the Stratford School, we encourage you to take every opportunity to connectwith your peers, the community, and our industry partners. Throughout the year, wehost events and offer professional development opportunities. Stay connected with usto ensure you don’t miss any of these exciting opportunities.STAY CONNECTED» Check for updates on LEARN» Follow the Stratford School on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram» Check for updates through email (our official communicationchannelSTRATFORD AMBASSADOR PROGRAMConsider joining the Stratford School Ambassador program and show your Waterloo pride! Ambassadorssupport a range of events and activities throughout the year including recruitment activities, campusevents, Orientation and more. We will send a notice when we are recruiting additional amSTRATFORD TOWN AND GOWN ADVISORY COMMITTEEAs more students make Stratford their home, the City and the University have worked together to createthe Stratford Town and Gown Advisory Committee. With representation from City Council, Universityadministration, students and residents, the committee serves as a forum for the exchange of information, opendiscussion and communication among all of these groups. It’s been built on efforts across the Province toengage municipalities where post-secondary institutions exist in order to create safe, happy, supportive andcohesive communities. To get involved in council activities please contact Katherine own.aspSCHOOL HANDBOOK 2019/20 STRATFORD SCHOOL 1

STUDENT SUPPORTACADEMIC ADVISORUniversity of Waterloo Stratford School Room 1007C519-888-4567, ext. 23009, [email protected] SUCCESS AND SUPPORTPersonal counselling appointments are available at the Stratford School on everysecond Thursday, and on alternate days by appointment. To make an appointmentcontact Dave Logan, Counsellor/Success Coach, 519-888-4567, ext. 23039,[email protected],Room cesPROFESSORSFor a full list of professors and instructors please ADMINISTRATIVE STAFFNAMETITLEROLECONTACTChristineMcWebbDirector and ProfessorAcademic administration, strategicdirection and [email protected], ext. 23008, Room 3122SebastianSiebelAchenbachAssociate Director,Undergraduate StudiesAdvising and administrativesupport for 4567, ext. 36135, Room 2126AnnakaWillemsenAdministrative OfficerCampus administration andoversight (e.g. finance, humanresources, facilities)a[email protected], ext. 23039, Room 1019MarkByerleyIT Support SpecialistTechnical support, equipmentloans and [email protected], ext. 23010, Room 1017SheriMaguireAdministrative AssistantFront reception, facilitiesmanagement, lock sign-out,library[email protected], ext. 23027, first floorreception deskJayMielkeMedia Lab Instructor/Media TechnicianTechnical and design support,workshops (MDEI), website andsocial media [email protected], ext. 23513, Room 1014LaurenKochanowskiRecruitment andAdmissions CoordinatorRecruitment and admissionssupport and advising, includinginternal transfer [email protected], ext. 23004, Room 1007BGregMcIntyreDigital Media LabInstructor/MultimediaTechnicianTechnical and design support,workshops (GBDA), contentmanagement for Christie (R)MicroTiles (R) wall, audio [email protected], ext. 23017, Room 1014JessicaThompsonAssociate DirectorGraduate StudiesAdvising and administrativesupport for graduate [email protected], ext. 23025, Room 2006CONNEC T W I TH YO UR PE ERS , PROFS A N D COMMUN ITY

OTHER STUDENT SERVICESAs a University of Waterloo student, you have access to the full range of services availableat the Stratford School and the Waterloo Campus. You may find the following servicesuseful:ACADEMIC INTEGRITYSTUDENT AWARDS AND FINANCIAL AIDAcademic integrity is the cornerstone of research, teaching, andlearning. As a student you are expected to demonstrate academicintegrity in your work. Visit the Academic Integrity website formore information.The Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) office provides financialsupport, information and advice to help students achieve their postsecondary goals. SAFA assists with the Ontario Student AssistanceProgram (OSAP), processes and offers hundreds of awards, scholarships,academic grants, bursaries and emergency aid. The Student Awards andFinancial Aid office also administers the Work Study TY SERVICESAccessAbility Services provide services and support for Universityof Waterloo students who have a permanent disability, as well asthose with a temporary vicesBOOKSTORE AND RETAIL SERVICESYou can order books and course materials by visiting the Bookstoreonline, clicking on books or “Booklook” and selecting the Stratfordcampus portal. Merchandise sold by the Waterloo Store is alsoavailable for purchase online. You can have your items shippedto the Stratford Campus free of charge. You must select thisoption, before placing your order.retailser vices.uwaterloo.caCENTRE FOR CAREER ACTIONThe Centre for Career Action provides a range of resourcesincluding individual advisement, workshops, print/onlineresources and job MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTSThe Conflict Management and Human Rights office is a resourcefor members of the university community regarding matters ofharassment, discrimination and other forms of ightsHEALTH INSURANCEAll students are enrolled in extended health and dental insuranceplans – the fees will be automatically charged to your studentaccount. You must pay all fees to become full registered, howeverif you have comparable coverage you can choose to opt out ofthe plan and receive a refund. Refer to your applicable studentgovernment organization (e.g. WUSAs or GSA) for moreinformation.International students will be automatically enrolled in theUniversity Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) to provide medical coveragewhile you are studying in Canada. This is a compulsory NT ASSOCIATIONSWATERLOO UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION (WUSA)Operates seven commercial services, six student-run services,encompasses more than 200 clubs, supports student societies, andoversees Orientation Week, Welcome Week and a number of otherspecial events held on campus.wusa.caARTS STUDENT UNION (ASU)The ASU represents all students in the Faculty of Arts, and organizesevents, activities and other initiatives throughout the ts-student-unionGBDA SOCIETYRepresents all undergraduate students enrolled in the GBDA program.They organize events, workshops, clothing and more.GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION (GSA)A student-run organization whose membership consists of the graduatestudents at the University of Waterloo. The GSA provides a number ofservices including legal aid, income tax aid, supplementary health anddental plans, social events and ARDThe WatCard is your official university photo identification for theUniversity of Waterloo, and is required for all students. It provides youwith access to facilities and services at both the Waterloo Campus andthe Stratford Campus. Students residing in Stratford can request areplacement card and have their card delivered to the StratfordCampus to the attention of Sheri Maguire for pick-up. Funds can beadded to the card online or in person at the WatCard Office in theStudent Life Centre lower level.watcard.uwaterloo.caWRITING AND COMMUNICATION CENTREThe Writing and Communication Centre offers drop-insessions for students looking to improve their writing HOUSINGThe Off-Campus Housing site provides listing services for the Cityof Stratford and also provides resources and assistance for studentslivingoff-campus in the HANDBOOK 2019/20 STRATFORD SCHOOL 3

THESTRATFORDSCHOOLHOURSThe Stratford School is open:Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to midnightSaturday to Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (security officer will admit —must show a valid student card)Staff are generally available Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30p.m. Staff and professors will have posted office hours.*Stratford School closures will be communicated through centralized email,LEARN, social media channels and our website. Visit our website for moreinformation regarding closure protocol.FOCUSING O N EA R LY- S TAG E T EC HNOLOGYAND DIGITAL M E D I A C O M PAN I ES

DIGITAL MEDIA RESOURCES AND SERVICESYou’ll have access to the following resources at the Stratford School. Our labsAUDIO LAB ROOM 2037Sound recording booth and project studio with iMac featuring Ableton Live Suite,Logic, Pro Tools, along with an array of libraries, plugins, and analogue gear.ENGAGE LAB ROOM 1013Provides tools and technologies for exploration, research and commercializationactivities in the areas of User Experience (UX) and Gamification. See the equipmentlist for information about what technologies are available. Access to the Engage Labis available at any time when the building is open.MEDIA LABSROOM 2129: 26 iMac computers with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe CreativeCloud.ROOM 2036: 12 iMac computers with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Creative Cloud,printing services.USABILITY TESTING LAB ROOMS 2028, 2032, 2034The Usability Testing Lab is a space where users can be studied while theyinteract with a system to evaluate its usability. To book the space or general inquiriesabout the Usability Testing Lab, please contact Lennart Nacke, [email protected] Other resourcesEQUIPMENT LOANSWe have a range of equipment available for projects and assignments. Equipmentcan be signed out from the Media Services Office, in room 2026A by showing yourWatCard, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please refer to the EquipmentLoans policy for more information about the rules and regulations that govern theloaning of equipment.MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 EDUCATION FOR STUDENTSOffice 365 Education for Students is available for free to students who are enrolled atqualifying schools. Install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices,including Android, iPad , and Windows tablets. Register using your @uwaterloo.caemail address.PRINTINGA student printer is located in the small media lab (Room 2036) –you can print from lab machines or from your own laptop. To print:1) Go to and loginusing your UWUserid and password.2) Click “Web Print” on the side menu, and choose “Submit a job”at the top of the page.3) Select a printer. The two printers for the Stratford Campus are named:› mediaprint2\smc-print1-bw — Black and White› mediaprint2\smc-print1-clr — Colour4) Choose the print queue you would like to send your job to, and clickon “Print Option” “Account Selection”. Select how many copies youwould like to print and then click “Upload Documents”.5) Choose your document (“Choose Files”) paying attention to the typeof documents you are able to print.6) Click “Upload” “Complete” to upload document to print queue. Onceuploaded you will be presented with a screen that looks similar to this:7) Click “Held in a queue” immediately to release your job, or you can submit otherjobs and release them all at once. Jobs remain in queue for two hours. After thattime they are purged and must be resubmitted if you wish to print them.SCHOOL HANDBOOK 2018/19 STRATFORD SCHOOL 5

THESTRATFORDSCHOOLKITCHEN FACILITIESFor your convenience, there are microwaves, mini-fridges,kettles and sinks available on the second and third floors.As well, the Accelerator Centre on the first floor has twomicrowaves, a fridge and coffee available. Please considerothers and clean-up after using.LIBRARYThe University of Waterloo Stratford School is part of theTriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG) book delivery system.TUG books can be ordered through Primo and picked up atthe first floor reception desk at the Stratford School. Stratfordappears as one of the pick-up location options in Primo andRACER (Interlibrary Loan — ILL). TUG books and ILL itemsare delivered each weekday, within established TUG deliverytimes. Stratford can be used as a pickup and drop-off locationby students, staff and faculty at the campus, as well as by anyother TUG member, including community borrowers.LOCKERSLockers are available on each floor, and are free for you to useat any time. You must use a lock supplied by the StratfordSchool — to pick up a lock, visit the first floor reception desk.PROJECT ROOMSThe Stratford School campus provides project rooms andmeeting spaces to support collaborative and creativeengagement among our students.You may book a project room through web checkout( using your WaterlooIdentity and Access Management (WatIAM) account. Youmay also use other student spaces on campus.PARKINGFree parking is currently available on campus and in the City lotsthat surround the building on a first-come, first-served basis.Parking on-site is not guaranteed, and overnight parking is notpermitted.QUIET STUDY ROOMRoom 3018 has been designated as a drop-in quiet study room.Quiet conversation is allowed, however, please be considerate ofothers. Please refrain from using this room for group study or asa meeting space.SHUTTLESWe have free shuttles on Wednesdays and Sundays that are opento any students. No sign-up is required. However, it operates on afirst-come, first-served basis. Departures/Arrivals are in front ofthe Stratford School and Hagey Hall Bus layoverWEDNESDAYDepart Stratford School 5:15 p.m. - Arrival UW Campus 6 p.m.Departure UW Campus 11 p.m. - Arrival Stratford Campus11:45 p.m.SUNDAYDepart Stratford School 11 a.m. - Arrival UW Campus 11:45 a.m.Departure UW Campus 7 p.m. - Arrival Stratford Campus 7:45p.m.*The schedule is subject to change.VENDING MACHINESCoin and WatCard operated beverage and snack machines arelocated in the first floor Accelerator Centre space.CAMPUS CLOSURESThe Stratford School could close in severe weather situations.Such a decision would be made by Senior Administration. Note:If the University of Waterloo main campus is closed, the StratfordSchool will close automatically. Notice of a campus closing willbe posted on the University homepage, normally by 7 a.m.In the event that inclement weather prevents a commuter fromreturning home, we have made arrangements to accommodatestudents at the Stratford General Hospital Residence (SGH) justa few blocks from campus. The rate is 20 per night payabledirectly to the SGH. Students can contact Brenda Smellie directlyand let her know they are with the Stratford School either phone519-272-8210, ext. 2558, or email [email protected] LI KE - M I N D E D E N TREPREN E UR S TOGE TH E R

THE STRATFORDCOMMUNITYBANKING SERVICESEMERGENCY SERVICESThe following banking servicesare available in Stratford:IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 911BMO BANK OF MONTREAL73 Downie Street, Stratfordwww.bmo.comThis will provide you with access to allemergency services (ambulance, fire, police).*Note that if you are dialing from an on-campusphone you must dial “6” first followed by “911.”NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONCIBC30 Downie Street, StratfordStratford Fire Service – 519-271-3212Stratford Police Service – 519-271-4141www.cibc.comLIBRO CREDIT UNION391 Huron St. Stratfordwww.libro.caRBC ROYAL BANK33 Downie Street, Stratfordwww.rbcroyalbank.comSCOTIABANK1 Ontario Street, Stratfordwww.scotiabank.comGOVERNMENT SERVICESSERVICE CANADA61 Lorne Ave., Floor Ground, Unit 2For Federal services including obtaining a socialinsurance number and passport processing.www.ser vicecanada.gc.caSERVICE ONTARIO5 Huron St., StratfordAdvice and services for Provincially managed programsand services include photo ID cards, health cards, driverlicensing and vehicle registration etc.www.ser viceontario.caTD BANK FINANCIAL GROUP41 Downie Street, NEIGHBOURHOOD CREDIT UNION1067 Ontario Street Festival MarketplaceShopping Centre, Stratford, ON N5A 6W6MUNICIPAL SERVICES – CITY HALL1 Wellington St., StratfordServices include City parking permits (and processingpayment for parking tickets), garbage bag tags, access toapplications, licenses and other permits, and ww.yncu.comSCHOOL HANDBOOK 2018/19 STRATFORD SCHOOL 7

THE STRATFORD COMMUNITYHEALTH SERVICESSTRATFORD GENERAL HOSPITAL46 General Hospital Dr., Stratford 519-271-2120Emergency room is open 24 hours a day.www.hpha.caFAMILY DOCTORSIf you wish to sign up for a doctor in Stratford, registerwith Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or to be added to thelist for assignment locally.Note that if you currently have a family doctor, you will needto de-roster (call their office and tell them you have movedout of area and wish to sign up with a Stratford doctor)before registering with Health Care Connect. You may wishto ask your current doctor if they will re-list you should youplan to relocate to your home community ctHEALTH LINE (PERTH DISTRICT HEALTH UNIT)Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.519-271-7600, ext. 267email: [email protected] Line is a telephone service which provides healthinformation to the general public. A Public Health Nurseis available to answer questions about: infectious disease,pregnancy, immunization, healthy eating, smoking cessation,safe water and food, community resources and more.www.pdhu.on.caSEXUAL HEALTH CLINICPerth District Health Unit — Festival Square10 Downie Street, 2nd Floor519-271-7600, ext 779Tuesdays from 2 to 4 p.m. (drop-in) 5 to 7 p.m. (Doctorservices available) – appointments onlyThursdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (drop-in)A confidential service that provides information aboutbirth control options, testing and counselling. Testingand treatment are free of charge. A doctor and Public HealthNurse are on site during clinic hours to address your healthconcerns. Appointments are preferred.MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES INFORMATIONA 24-hour helpline providing free, confidential, anonymousinformation and referral to local mental health services.www.mentalhealthhelpline.caHURON-PERTH MENTAL HEALTH CRISISINTERVENTION PROGRAM1-888-829-7484A 24-hour crisis counselling line for people with emotionaldistress and/or mental illness. Face-to-face support available atthe Stratford General Hospital Special Services Unit.FAMILY SERVICES PERTH-HURON1-800-268-0903Individualized counselling, support, advocacy and educationalservices that meet the needs of the community.8 UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO

TRANSIT SERVICESSTRATFORD PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICES519-271-0250, ext. 264Passes and schedules are available through Reception, on the second floor of Stratford’sCity Hall. Passes can also be purchased at various businesses in the it.aspTAXI SERVICESRadio Cab 519-271-4242Stratford City Cabs 519-272-2222STRATFORD AIRPORTER1-888-549-8602The Stratford Airporter provides transportation between Stratfordand Toronto Pearson Airport.www.stratfordairpor ter.comTRAINVIA Rail offers train services from Stratford to locations across Canada.www.viarail.caTOURISM, RECREATION AND OTHER SERVICESGBDA and MDEI students have access to the recreation services available at theWaterloo campus. Students can purchase an athletic membership at a cost of 67 taxfor the term.YMCAThe Stratford-Perth YMCA offers a student rate of 25 monthly (plus tax)when you show your WatCard.www.stratfordperthymca.comRECREATION PROGRAMSThe City of Stratford Community Services Department connects you to a widevariety of activities and tionprograms.aspSTRATFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY19 St. Andrew St., Stratford 519-271-3843The Stratford Public Library provides book loans, an eLIBRARY, access to computerterminals, free Wi-Fi, printing/photocopying/scanning services, and more.www.stratford.librar y.on.caOFF-CAMPUS HOUSING519-888-4567, ext. 35725The University of Waterloo Off-Campus Housing office provides free resourcesfor students including a listing service (including listings in Stratford), andadvice about understanding lease agreements, dealing with problems TOURISMStratford is a vibrant community featuring internationally renowned theatre, music,shopping, and cuisine. Visit our vibrant downtown core, enjoy a drink on a patio,or a play at the world-renowned Stratford Festival. Explore and enjoy!www.visitstratford.caSTRATFORD CITY CENTREThe SCC promotes the city centre as a special place in which to shop, work, visitor live. Visit their website to access a business directory, maps, and other information.www.stratfordcitycentre.caSCHOOL HANDBOOK 2019/20 STRATFORD SCHOOL 9


University of Waterloo Stratford School Room 1007C 519-888-4567, ext. 23009, [email protected]. STUDENT SUCCESS AND SUPPORT . Personal counselling appointments are available at the Stratford School on every second Thursday, and on alternate days by appointment. To make an appointment