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1 Safety . 9Notices and Safety. 10Electrical Safety . 11General Guidelines . 11Power Cord . 11Emergency Power Off. 12Operational Safety. 13Operational Guidelines. 13Ozone Release . 13Printer Location . 13Printer Supplies . 14Maintenance Safety. 15Printer Symbols . 16Environmental, Health and Safety Contact Information . 182 Getting Started.19Parts of the Printer. 20Front View . 20Control Panel . 20Internal Parts. 23Rear View . 23Power Options. 25Powering on the Printer. 25Exiting Low-Power Mode or Sleep Mode . 25Restarting, Entering Sleep Mode or Low-Power Mode . 26Accessing the Printer. 27Logging In . 27Smart Card . 27Introduction to Apps. 28Information Pages . 29Printing Information Pages . 29Configuration Report . 30The Embedded Web Server . 31Accessing the Embedded Web Server . 31Finding the IP Address of Your Printer . 31Certificates for the Embedded Web Server . 32Downloading the Configuration Report from the Embedded Web Server . 32Using the Remote Control Panel Feature . 33Installation and Setup . 34Installation and Setup Overview . 34Selecting a Location for the Printer . 34Connecting the Printer . 35Selecting a Connection Method . 35Connecting to a Computer Using USB. 35Connecting to a Wired Network . 36Xerox VersaLink B400 PrinterUser Guide3

Connecting to a Wireless Network. 36Initial Printer Setup. 43Configuring AirPrint . 44Configuring Google Cloud Print . 44Installing the Software . 46Operating System Requirements . 46Installing the Print Drivers for a Windows Network Printer . 46Installing the Print Drivers for a Windows USB Printer . 47Installing the Drivers and Utilities for Macintosh OS X. 47Installing Drivers and Utilities for UNIX and Linux. 48Installing the Printer as a Web Service on Devices . 48More Information . 503 Customize and Personalize .51Customize and Personalize Overview . 52Customizing or Personalizing the Home Screen . 53Hiding or Showing an App on the Home Screen . 53Rearranging Apps on the Home Screen . 53Customizing or Personalizing the Apps . 54Customizing or Personalizing the Feature List . 54Saving Presets. 54Removing App Customization using the Control Panel. 554 Xerox Apps.57Xerox App Gallery . 58Xerox App Gallery Overview . 58Creating a Xerox App Gallery Account. 58Logging into your Xerox App Gallery Account. 59Installing or Updating an App from the Xerox App Gallery . 59Device . 61Device Overview. 61About . 62Supply Status. 62Billing and Usage Counters . 63Reset to Factory Defaults . 64Remote Services. 64Jobs . 65Jobs Overview . 65Managing Jobs . 65Managing Special Job Types . 66Managing Jobs Using the Embedded Web Server. 68USB . 70USB Overview . 70Printing from a USB Flash Drive . 70Printing from a USB Flash Drive Already Inserted in the Printer . [email protected] . 724Xerox VersaLink B400 PrinterUser Guide

@PrintByXerox Overview . 72Printing with the @PrintByXerox App. 725 Printing.73Printing Overview . 74Selecting Printing Options . 75Print Driver Help. 75Windows Printing Options . 75Macintosh Printing Options. 77UNIX and Linux Printing . 77Mobile Printing Options . 79Printing Features. 81Managing Jobs . 81Printing Special Job Types . 81Selecting Paper Options for Printing . 83Scaling. 83Printing on Both Sides of the Paper . 83Printing Mirror Images . 84Printing Multiple Pages to a Single Sheet . 84Print Quality. 85Image Options. 85Contrast. 85Lightness . 85Image Shift . 85Printing Booklets. 85Using Special Pages . 86Printing Watermarks for Windows . 87Orientation . 88Printing Banner Pages . 89Selecting Job Completion Notification for Windows . 89Using Custom Paper Sizes . 90Printing on Custom Paper Sizes . 90Defining Custom Paper Sizes. 906 Paper and Media .93Supported Paper . 94Ordering Paper. 94General Paper Loading Guidelines . 94Paper That Can Damage Your Printer . 94Paper Storage Guidelines . 94Supported Standard Paper Sizes. 95Supported Paper Types and Weights . 95Supported Standard Paper Sizes for Automatic 2-Sided Printing . 96Supported Paper Types and Weights for Automatic 2-Sided Printing. 96Supported Custom Paper Sizes . 97Cardstock. 97Loading Paper. 98Xerox VersaLink B400 PrinterUser Guide5

Changing Paper Settings. 98Loading Paper in Trays 1-4 . 99Loading Paper in the Bypass Tray. 101Loading Small Paper Sizes in the Bypass Tray . 104Configuring Trays 1–4 for the Paper Length . 107Printing on Special Paper . 109Envelopes . 109Labels . 1147 Maintenance . 119General Precautions . 120Cleaning the Printer . 121Cleaning the Exterior . 121Cleaning the Interior. 121Adjustments and Maintenance Procedures. 122Adjusting Paper Registration . 122Supplies . 125Consumables . 125Routine Maintenance Items. 125Ordering Supplies. 125Toner Cartridges . 126Recycling Supplies. 127Managing the Printer . 128Viewing the Meter Reading. 128Printing the Billing Summary Report. 128Moving the Printer . 1298 Troubleshooting . 131General Troubleshooting . 132Printer Does Not Power On. 132Printer Resets or Powers Off Frequently . 132Printer Does Not Print . 133Printing Takes Too Long . 134Document Prints from Wrong Tray . 135Automatic 2-Sided Printing Problems . 135Printer is Making Unusual Noises . 135Paper Tray Will Not Close . 136Condensation has Formed Inside the Printer . 136Paper Jams . 137Locating Paper Jams . 137Minimizing Paper Jams . 137Clearing Paper Jams . 139Troubleshooting Paper Jams . 149Print-Quality Problems. 152Controlling Print-Quality. 152Paper and Media. 1526Xerox VersaLink B400 PrinterUser Guide

Solving Print-Quality Problems . 153Getting Help . 157Viewing Warning Messages on the Control Panel . 157Viewing Current Errors on the Control Panel . 157Using the Integrated Troubleshooting Tools. 157Online Support Assistant. 157Helpful Information Pages . 157More Information about Your Printer . 158A Specifications. 159Printer Configurations and Options . 160Available Configurations . 160Standard Features. 160Options and Upgrades . 161Physical Specifications . 162Weights and Dimensions. 162Standard Configuration . 162Configuration with Three Optional 550-Sheet Feeders. 163Total Space Requirements . 163Clearance Requirements . 164Environmental Specifications . 165Temperature . 165Relative Humidity . 165Elevation . 165Electrical Specifications. 166Power Supply Voltage and Frequency. 166Power Consumption . 166Performance Specifications . 167Print Speed . 167B Regulatory Information. 169Basic Regulations. 170United States FCC Regulations. 170Canada. 170Certifications in Europe. 170European Union Lot 4 Imaging Equipment Agreement EnvironmentalInformation . 171Germany. 173Turkey RoHS Regulation . 174Eurasian Economic Community Certification . 174Regulatory Information for 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz Wireless Network Adapters . 174Ozone Release . 174Safety Certification . 175Material Safety Data Sheets . 176C Recycling and Disposal .

Verify that the printer is plugged into an outlet that is providing the correct voltage and power. Review the electrical specification of the printer with an electrician if necessary. Do not place the printer in an area where people can step on the power cord. Xerox VersaLink B400 Printer User Guide 11 Safety