Wide Span Shelving M66The Strength of Simplicity

Wide Span Shelving M66.RacksWide span shelving systemfor every type of goods andproducts.Custom-made configurationby combining frames andlevels.Levels height adjust every 25mm.System ComponentsFramesB6615A frame consists of two perforated uprights, connectedby a bracing made of horizontals and diagonals bolted tothe 615HHorizontalsand DiagonalsBase plate M66WUpright columns M6615:Dimensions: 50X51,65 mm.Thickness: 1,5 mm.Finishing: - Blue 5019.- Pregalvanized.Technical characteristics:Frames:B6615Min/Max Height (H)*Frames Width (W)2500 / 5500 mm.BM66151500 / 3250 mm.400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 mm.* The frames standard heights increase in steps of 250 mm.Horizontals/Diagonals:Thickness: 1,5 mm.Finishing: Pregalvanized.Base plate M66:Thickness: 3 mm.Finishing: Pregalvanized.

BeamsA beam is a strong horizontal member used to support the load.It’s made of a Z profile with two welded connectors ot both ends.The connectors have stamped hooks every 25 mm. thusconnecting them to the uprights front holes.Connector MC3:Dimensions: 50X100 mm.Thickness: 3 mm.Z ProfileStandard models:Beam Z35Beam Z55eBeam Z65eThickness1,5 mm.Thickness1,5 mm. - 1,8 ard 960Standard FinishingOrange 2004Orange 2004Beam Z85eStandard lengths(mm.)890618756145190330Orange 2004Beam MVThicknessMC3Standard lengths(mm.)FinishingOrange 2004Load capacity:ModeloZ35Z55eZ65eZ85eGran MilanoMV (2 mm.)MV (2,3 mm.)MV (3 nishing1,5 mm.ThicknessMC4ConnectorStandard lengths(mm.)Gran Milano Beam2 mm.Thickness1,8 mm. - 2 mm.MC3890-1070-1250-14251605-17852mm. - 2,3 mm. - 3mm.Standard lengths(mm.)890-1070-1250-1425FinishingOrange 2004Orange 2004Maximum load per shelf (pair of beams) uniformly distributed and expressed in units of 2542185247280105240Longitudes estándar 2140596*809*2315-2675-755*2500690*--------610** It is recommended to use at least a crossmember in the center of the span to avoid lateral buckling (torsien) of the Z section profile beam.

Accessories.Chipboard panels PA66Chipboard panels designed to fit perfectly in each bay.They lean on the beams.LWChipboard panel height: 22 mm.Beam length(mm.)Chipboard panellength 38901070125014251605178519602140231525002675Panels length depending on frames width (mm.) (W)For widths tallic panels M66Metallic panels manufactured inpregalvanized steel 0,8 & 1 mm. thick,easy to clean and corrosion-free.Metallic panel height: 25 mm.LWFrame depth(mm).4006008001000Nº PanelsL (mm.)W (mm.)4026028021002Beam to panel joint.1781781781788901070125014255678Standard beam lengths (mm.)16051785196091011214023152500267512131415

Safety clip CMEShim plate M66Element designed to avoid accidentallydisengaging of beams.Element designed to help levelling offrames.Finishing: Pregalvanized.Finishing: Pregalvanized.Available inthickness of 1 & 2 mm.Shim plate M66Frames spacer DC50Lengths: 100 - 150 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 mm.Finishing: Blue 5019.CrossmemberStandard models:Frames spacer DC50Joining element boltedto two frames placed atthe same level tomaintain a constantdistance between twoalignments of modules.Element designed to carry loads, it is placed on two beams of thesame shelf without the need of joining elements.Finishing: Pregalvanized.Crossmember T35Designed to be usedtogether with beams Z35.Crossmember T65Designed to be usedtogether with beams Z65e.Crossmember T55Designed to be usedtogether with beams Z55e.Crossmember T85Designed to be usedtogether with beams Z85e.Crossmember RM42Designed for use withall beams.Crossmembers

AplicationsThe range of standard beams allows the storage at floor level of pallet loads.Storage of pallet loads at floor level:Lengths of standard beams (mm.)Dimensionsof pallet 051 pallet-1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet1785196021402315250026752 pallets 2 pallets 2 pallets 2 pallets 3 pallets 3 pallets1 pallet 1 pallet 2 pallets 2 pallets 2 pallets 2 palletsStorage front: 800 mm.Storage front: 1000 mm.Examples of pallet storage at floor level with standard beams.

AssemblyFrames assembly:21 Place de upright columns (A) horizontal and parallel toAHorizontalB1each other.2 Fix the top horizontal end (B1)to the upright columns.3 Fix the low horizontal end (B2) and continue with thediagonals (D), finishing with the horizontal (B3)according to the following scheme:Bolt M6x40.Divider tube.(Level “J” should be within 100 and 700 mm.)B1B1100J3100JB3BoltM6x40.B3700AADiagonals DD4 Fix the base plate to the upright columns (A).D1400700350100100B2B2Frame B6615Frame BM6615Base plate.Measurements in mm.Beams assembly:Bolt M8x25.5 Fit the beams (L) of the different levels in the upright6 Place de structure in the desired place andcolumns and secure them with the safety clip (S).arrange the shim plates under the base plates.Anchor the frames to the floor using extendinganchorages.Beam L.Safety clip S.Shim plate.Extendinganchorages.

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Wide Span Shelving M66. Racks Frames A frame consists of two perforated uprights, connected by a bracing ma de of horiz ontals and diag onals bolt ed to the upright s. Wide span shelving system for every type of goods and products. Custom-made configuration by combining frames and levels. Levels heigh t adjust every 25 mm. Upright Column M6615 .