November 21, 2017 – Page 2500.STRATFORD SCHOOL DISTRICTSTRATFORD, NEW JERSEYMINUTESA Regular Meeting of the Stratford School District Board of Education was held on Monday,November 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Samuel S. Yellin School, 111 Warwick Road,Stratford, NJ 08084.A.CALL TO ORDERPresident Ziegler called the meeting to order pursuant to the New Jersey Open PublicMeetings Act. The secretary certifies that all requirements of the Sunshine Law havebeen met.B.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEMr. Ziegler led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.C.PRAYERMrs. DiGiandomenico, Board Secretary, offered a prayer.D.ROLL CALLThe following members answered the roll call: Mrs. Bove, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Moffett,Mr. Redfearn, Mrs. Scully, Mr. St.Maur, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Ziegler. Mr. Troilowas absent.E.MINUTES APPROVAL A motion was made by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Bove, toapprove the minutes of the following meeting(s): October 16, 2017 – Regular Session.The motion carried with all members present voting aye except Mrs. Bove whoabstained.F.COMMUNICATIONSMr. Attanasi read one email among many received concerning the incident at thebeginning of the day at Parkview commending the Parkview staff.G.SPECIAL PRESENTATIONSThe student liaisons presented their individual reports: Rayna Pelcak – more Chromebooks are needed as some classrooms have morethan others Isabella D’Angelo – charitable collections have started and all have beensuccessful Matthew Martin – girls soccer won division but lost championship; boys soccerplaced second in division; winter sports are underway; winter concert will beheld on December 7th Ryan Chandler – website is being updated including Friday folder; pictures stillneed updating

November 21, 2017 – Page 2501.Mr. Ricci provided an overview of the PARCC scores showing how successfulStratford has been commending the faculty and staff for all their hard work anddedication. Again, Stratford meets or exceeds the state and national scores in ELA,Math, and Algebra I. Staff continue to use of data to drive instruction to improveELA and Math. Mr. Ricci also highlighted a number of initiatives at Yellinincluding the School to Work Program with Sterling.H.OPEN MEETING to PUBLICPresident Ziegler opened the meeting to the public for questions pertaining to agendaitems.Mrs. Phillips questioned what was revised in the administrators’ agreement.Hearing no further comments, the meeting was closed to the public.I.EXECUTIVE SESSION A motion was made by Mrs. Scully, seconded by Mr. Thompson to adopt the following:RESOLVED, that pursuant to Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, the publicshall be exclude from the portion of the meeting involved in the discussion of allowableissues regarding unwarranted invasion of privacy, collective bargaining agreement,protecting safety and property of the public, and employment. FURTHER, that anyaction taken shall be disclosed when possible. The motion carried with all memberspresent voting aye. The Board met in Executive Session at 7:34 p.m. A motion was made by Mr. St.Maur, seconded by Mrs. Bove to close the executivesession and resume the regular meeting at 8:03 p.m.The motion carried with all members present voting aye.J.BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR ITEMS A motion was made by Mr. St.Maur, seconded by Mr. Thompson to approve thefollowing:1.for the month ending: October 31, 2017*a.payment of bills in the amount of 1,486,768.98.*b.transfers in the amount of 197,455.00.c.that pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-16.10 (c) 3, the Board Secretary certifies thatas of October 31, 2017, no budgetary line item account has obligations and payments(contractual orders) which in total exceed the amount appropriated by the StratfordBoard of Education pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:22-8.1 and N.J.S.A. 18A:22-8.2 and nobudgetary line item account has been over-expended in violation of N.J.A.C. 6:23-2.12(a) 1.d.the Board Secretary and Bank Reconciliation Reports in the amount of: 722,575.21e.that pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-16.10 (c) 4, the Stratford Board of Educationcertifies that as October 31, 2017 and after review of the Secretary’s Monthly FinancialReport and the Bank Reconciliation Monthly Financial Report and upon consultationwith the appropriate district officials, to the best of the Boards’ knowledge, no majoraccount or fund has been over-expended in violation of N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-16.10 (a) 1and that sufficient funds are available to meet the district’s financial obligations for theremainder of the fiscal year.*2.Source4Teachers November 2017 list.

November 21, 2017 – Page 2502.*3.adopt the attached resolution authorizing the agreement with McManimon,Scotland & Baumann, LLC as Bond Counsel.*4.adopt the attached bond ordinance to refund the 2009 bonds.The motion carried by a roll call vote with all members present voting aye.K.SUPERINTENDENT ITEMS A motion was made by Mr. St.Maur, seconded by Mrs. Scully to approve the following:1.accept the resignation of Terri Wade, Lunchroom/Playground/Security Assistanteffective November 20, 2017, with regrets.2.substitutes for the 2017 – 2018 school year pending receipt of all necessarypaperwork:NamePositionRateTerri WadeLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant 12.50/hr.; NTE 2hr/dayAlicia PirozziLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant 12.50/hr.; NTE 2hr/dayNancy LaxtonLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant 12.50/hr.; NTE 2hr/dayMichele GittingerLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant 12.50/hr.; NTE 2hr/dayAshleigh Hancock Lunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant 12.50/hr.; NTE 2hr/day3.Clerical Assistant training for Tina Wiseman beginning November 6, 2017 andending November 30, 2017 at a rate of 15.00/hr.; NTE 2hrs/day.4.staff for the 2017 – 2018 school year pending receipt of all necessary paperwork:NamePositionRateEffective DatePatricia PierceLunchroom/Playground/Security 15.00/hour;NTENovember 21, 2017Assistant2hr/dayTina WisemanClerical Assistant 15.00/hour;NTEDecember 1, 20175.75/dayAndraya CarterAdministrative Assistant for 23,000.00/yr.December 1, 2017Special Education(prorated)Patricia SavioLunchroom/Playground/Security 15.00/hour; NTEDecember 1, 2017Assistant2hr/day5.Stacey Wyland as a Cheerleading Team volunteer for the 2017-18 school year.6.amending the contracted salary for Devon Schafer from 98,521.00 to 103,803.00 effective retroactive to July 1, 2017.7.the revised Administrators Agreement for 2017-20.8.absence without pay:Staff MemberPositionLeave Date(s)Rochelle StoneLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant10/2/17 – 11/17/17Peggy GeisslerLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant10/11/17Lorraine Morello Lunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant10/4/17, 1/12/18,1/16/18 – 1/18/18Jennifer BeasleyCertificated Staff10/18/17 – 10/25/17Janet CookClassroom Assistant10/11/17Dee CutittaClassroom Assistant10/2/17 – 10/4/17JoAnn FioreClassroom Assistant10/4/17 – ½ dayShellie McDowell Classroom Assistant11/22/17Beverly VanOyen Certificated Staff9/21/17 – 9/22/17Tina WisemanLunchroom/Playground/Security Assistant9/28/17 – 10/13/17,10/26/17

November 21, 2017 – Page course requests:NameCollege/University CourseDatesCostMichael Lucchesi Rowan UniversityPracticum in Admin II 1/2/18 – 1,005.00 (Balance of#276014/23/18 3000/yr. max)10.sidebar agreement between BOE and SEA to change the number RoboticAdvisors from 1 Advisor and 2 Assistant Advisors to 2 Advisors and 1 AssistantAdvisor for the 2017 – 2018 school year only; stipends per negotiated agreement.11.amend Jeff Tomkinson’s previous appointment (August 28, 2017) as anAssistant Advisor to Robotics to an Advisor for Robotics for the 2017 – 2018 schoolyear per sidebar agreement with the SEA; stipend per negotiated agreement.12.Monica Korn as Home Basketball Game Supervisor for the 2017 – 2018 schoolyear; stipend per negotiated agreement.13.homebound instruction as follows; rate per negotiated 2hours/week Matt ConoverSID#4036741122 10/31/17 – 12/31/17 LAL/Science/8hours/week Michael McLaughlinSocial Studies14.workshops/professional development:NameWorkshopLisa ClanetTechnology WorkshopsGoogle & GamificationMary Ellen CuneoTechnology Ed CampShannon MarinucciAmanda BrennanPARCC – AlignedCurriculumYoga to Improve SensorySelf-Regulation andMotor Skills in KidsGot GoogleClassroom Now What?Observation of EDClassroomPractical Strategies forReaching “I don’t care”StudentsSpeech/Lang. PathologyStrengthening SocialCommunication SkillsRedefining ProblemSolving in Mathematicswith Technology andWonderJanet AlexanderJeff TomkinsonTom MyersMichael LucchessiHeather LongoStacey KupczynMegan LewandowskiMelissa WolfeProviderGateway RegionalHigh SchoolGateway RegionalHigh SchoolDateCost11/8/17NA11/8/17NAShillinger11/20/17 175.00/eachPESI11/29/17 99.0012/1/17 159.00/each12/8/17NABER12/11/17 259.00IED12/12/17 249.00Rowan/McSiip12/20/17 149.00Camden CountyCollegeOcean City HighSchoolThomas AttanasiJames CuarteroTECHSPO 18NJASA1/25/18/&1/26/18 425.00eachTiffany RobbinsEffectively Dealing withDisruptive StudentsBER1/31/18 259.00

November 21, 2017 – Page 2504.15.students to remain in District for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year only:StudentGrade LevelSID# 50287759005SID# 70344623172SID# 75047149326SID# 8096340275816.2017-18 school year Field Experience/Student Teaching/Clinical Practice:CooperatingSubjectCollege/University DatesTeacherJessica SommaJulie Moore2nd GradeRowan1/16/18 – 5/7/18ndJessica RuchalskiMegan Chaiken 2 GradeRowan1/16/18 – 5/7/18Student17.Dr. Eric Milou, Professor of Mathematics, conduct a Professional DevelopmentWorkshop on February 5, 2018 at a cost of 1,500.00.18.Elizabeth Canzanese, Curriculum Consultant, to provide services related to NextGeneration Science Standards on January 2, 2017 at a cost of 500.00.19.2017 – 2018 MOA between the Stratford Board of Education and LawEnforcement.20.New Jersey Department of Education QSAC Equivalency Application andsubmission to the Camden County Office of Education.21.amend as follows (bolded & italicized) as approved August 28, 2017:2017-18 Out of District placements with transportation provided thorough CCESC:SchoolGloucester County SpecialServices/BankbridgeElementary School andDevelopment CenterSIDTuition1:1 Assistant/NurseSID#2141904820 37,800.00SID#8017010691 37,800.00 39,960.00SID#8220141350 37,800.00SID#6533016418 37,800.00 39,960.00SID#4349257792 39,960.00 37,800.00SID#4067168896 39,600.00SID #1385631051 39,600.00Out of County 3,000/studentCharge22.amend the 2017-18 shared service agreement providing Professional Services toLaurel Springs to include:Physical EducationTeacher40% salary & benefits 19,877.60* 4,688.00**Adjustments, if necessary, to be made when Stratford 2017-18 negotiated agreement is approved.23.homeless students as follows:SID#FromAttending8705269278 MarylandStratford4699571925 Gloucester TwpStratford5611452002 PattersonStratfordDates2017-18 School Year2017-18 School Year10/24/17 thru 6/30/18Cost 13,233.00 13,233.00 73.52/day

November 21, 2017 – Page 2505.24.field trips:Teacher/Class/ProgramJ. Alexander(AM)/H. RudenW. ConnT. Taylor – Robotics TeamDestinationNational GeographicKids Club – DeptfordMallTrills & Thrills MusicFestivalCCMUADate12/19/17Transportation CostMini-Bus 0D6/1/18Holcomb 6,136.00S12/14/17T&L 200DCost – D District; MA-Municipal Alliance; P PTO; S Student Activity; G 8th Grade Project Graduation.25.26.Superintendent’s HIB recommendation as discussed at the prior meeting.reports:ReportParkview YellinDistrictOctober, 2017 Student EnrollmentNANAOctober, 2017 Nurse ReportXXOctober, 2017 Staff AttendanceX27.extend the FMLA return date of Jennifer Beasley from November 22, 2017 toNovember 27, 2017.28.transition rate for Sarah Bell as Business Administrator effective December 6through December 22, 2017 at 373.00/day.The motion carried by a roll call vote with all members present voting aye.L.BOARD MEMBER ITEMSMrs. Bove stated that there were many NJSBA workshop sessions on technology andsocial media. She stated that if a board member is on FB, they should never commenton school issues.M.COMMITTEE REPORTS1.Finance – Mr. Moffett – no report.2.Operations – Mr. St.Maur – no report.3.Policy & Curriculum – Mrs. Scully – no report.4.Personnel – Mr. Thompson – agenda items.5.Public Relations – Mrs. Scully – website, Special Education Advisory,Community Advisory Board; also looking to replace the sign in front of Yellin.6.Technology –- no meeting.N.OLD/NEW BUSINESSNone.O.OPEN MEETING to PUBLICPresident Ziegler opened the meeting to the public for questions.Mrs. Phillips asked if the district had received certification election results.Hearing no further comments, the meeting was closed to the public.P.EXECUTIVE SESSIONNone.

November 21, 2017 – Page 2506.Q.ADJOURNMENT of MEETING A motion was made by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mrs. Bove to adjourn the meetingat 8:14 p.m. The motion carried with all members present voting aye.Respectfully submitted,Denise DiGiandomenicoBusiness Administrator/Board SecretaryPresidentSecretaryDate

A Regular Meeting of the Stratford School District Board of Education was held on Monday, November 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Samuel S. Yellin School, 111 Warwick Road, Stratford, NJ 08084. A. CALL TO ORDER President Ziegler called the meeting to order pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. .