Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp TerminalsHAND CRIMPTOOLApplication ToolingSpecification SheetTYPE 4DOrder No. 63819-1000FEATURES A full cycle ratcheting hand tool ensures complete crimps Ergonomic soft grip handles for comfortable crimping A precision user-friendly terminal locator wire stop holds terminals in the proper crimping position Right and Left handed applications Dies and Locator from this tool can be used in the Battery Powered Tool Order No.63816-0200 (110 V) or63816-0250 (220 V), with the use of the 63816-0800 Crimp Head Many different tool kits can be used with a single Battery Powered Crimp Tool This tool is IPC/WHMA A-620 Class 2 compliant This tool is RoHS compliant, however RoHS compliant is not requiredSCOPEProducts: Mini-Fit Jr. Male and Female Crimp Terminals, 22-28 AWG.TerminalSeries No.55565558444854575046018Terminal Order No.Wire SizeInsulation DiameterLoose Piece ReelAWGmm²mmIn.39-00-0047 39-00-0172 39-00-0046 39-00-017139-00-0066 39-00-0178 39-00-0065 39-00-017739-00-0086 39-00-0184 39-00-0085 39-00-018339-00-0092 39-00-0197 39-00-0091 39-00-019639-00-0111 39-00-0203 39-00-0110 39-00-0202 22-28 0.35-0-08 0.90-1.80 .035-.07139-00-0117 39-00-0210 39-00-0116 39-00-020939-00-0140 39-00-0216 39-00-0139 39-00-021539-00-0156 39-00-0435 39-00-0155 39-00-043439-00-016639-00-016539-00-0049 39-00-0129 39-00-0048 39-00-012839-00-0068 39-00-0146 39-00-0067 39-00-014539-00-0088 39-00-0222 39-00-0087 39-00-0221 22-28 0.35-0-08 0.90-1.80 035-.07139-00-0098 39-00-0433 39-00-0097 39-00-043239-00-012339-00-012244485-2211 44485-2411 44485-2212 44485-241244485-231144485-231222-28 0.35-0-08 0.90-1.80 035-.07145750-221122-28 0.35-0-08 0.90-1.80 035-.07146018-254246018-254122-28 0.35-0-08 0.90-1.80 035-.071 Customer to cut off terminal from reel: 0.2mm (.008”) maximum Cut-off Tab.Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYStrip LengthmmIn.2.79-3.30 .110-.1302.79-3.30 .110-.1302.79-3.30 .110-.1302.79-3.30 .110-.1302.79-3.30 .110-.130Page 1 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp TerminalsBEND UPDEFINITION OF TERMSBRUSHBELL MOUTHINSULATIONCRIMP SEE WNCRIMP HEIGHTThe above terminal drawing is a generic terminal representation. It is not an image of a terminal listed in thescope. Insulation Crimp Note:Due to the terminal’s insulation grip designand/or insulation diameter range, this tooluses “overlap” form geometry in theinsulation punch. This produces an overlapinsulation crimp (A620 – compliant). Whilethe insulation punch profile may appear“lopsided”, this is a normal condition for thistool. See figure to the right. (Some tools withmultiple crimp pockets may not have the“overlap” profile on all pockets).PUNCHCONDITIONS:OVERLAP FORM GEOMETRYOVERLAPINSULATIONCRIMPWIREANVILAfter crimping, the conductor profiles should measure the following. See Notes below.TerminalSeries No.55565558444854575046018Wire 350.20Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DConductor CrimpInsulation CrimpHeight (Ref.)Width (Ref.) Height (Ref.) Width (Ref.)mmIn.mmIn.mmIn.mmIn.0.69-0.79 .027-.031 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.60 .0630.67-0.77 .026-.030 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.58 .0620.64-0.74 .025-.029 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.54 .0610.62-0.72 .024-.028 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.52 .0600.69-0.79 .027-.031 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.60 .0630.67-0.77 .026-.030 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.58 .0620.64-0.74 .025-.029 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.54 .0610.62-0.72 .024-.028 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.52 .0600.69-0.79 .027-.031 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.60 .0630.67-0.77 .026-.030 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.58 .0620.64-0.74 .025-.029 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.54 .0610.62-0.72 .024-.028 1.27 .050 1.46 .057 1.52 .0600.69-0.79 .027-.031 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.60 .0630.67-0.77 .026-.030 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.58 .0620.69-0.79 .027-.031 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.60 .0630.67-0.77 .026-.030 1.29 .051 1.62 .064 1.58 .062Release Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14Pull LED COPYProfile22-24XX26-28XXXXXXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp TerminalsTool Qualification Notes:1. Pull Force should be measured with no influence from the insulation crimp.2. The above specifications are guidelines to an optimum crimp.Note:A crimp height chart is provided with thisdocument as Reference Only. Due to the widerange of wires, strands, insulation diameters,and durometers available, actual crimp heightmeasurements may very slightly. An occasional,destructive, pull force test should be performedto check hand tool crimp. Pull Force value Mustexceed the Minimum pull force specificationslisted.LOCATORIN DOWNPOSTIONHANDLE WILLSPRING OPENOPERATIONCAUTION: Crimp only the Molex terminalslisted in the scope for this tool. Do notcrimp hardened objects as damage canoccur to the tool frame and/or crimp dies.SQUEEZEHANDLESTOGETHERFigure 2PUSH ON THELOCATOR BUTTONFigure 1Open the tool by squeezing the handles together. At the end of the closing stroke, the ratchet mechanism willrelease the handles and the hand tool will spring open. See Figure 1.Crimping Terminals1. Select the desired terminal listed in the preceding charts.2. Make sure the center of the locator is in the down position. With the locator attached, push the locator buttonon the back of the hand tool to bring the locator forward through the tooling. See Figure 2.3. While holding the locator button in, load the terminal into the proper nest opening in the locator based on thewire gauge or terminal type markings on the hand tooling. See Figure 3.LOCATORLOCATORPUSHED THRUTOOLINGRELEASELOCATOR BUTTONLOCATORBUTTONPUSHED INTERMINALTERMINALFigure 34. Release the locator button, allowing the locator to return to the crimping position.5. Close the tool handle until the first ratchet position engages. See Figure 4.6. Insert the properly stripped wire through the terminal and against the wire stop. See Figure 5.Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 3 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp Terminals7. Crimp the terminal by squeezing the tool handles until the ratchet mechanism cycle has been completed.Release the handles to open the jaws.WIRE STOP IS PARTWIRE AGAINST THEWIRE STOPTERMINALOF THE LOCATORPRE-STRIPPEDWIREFigure 5WIRETERMINALNote: The tamper proof ratchet action will not release the tool until it has been fully closed.8. Remove the crimped terminal from the terminal locator by pulling onthe wire.9. Visually inspect the crimped terminal for proper crimp location.10. On some large O.D. wires, it may not be possible to insert the wirewith the tool partially closed. Those wires should be inserted with thehand tool in the open position. Insert the wire above the terminal inthe punch and against the wire stop then close the tool. See Figure 6.WIRETOOLINGPARTIALLYCLOSEDPARTIALLYCLOSE HANDLEOPENPOSITIONFIRST RATCHETPOSITIONFigure 4WIRE STOPFigure 6TERMINALLocator ReplacementSee the parts list on the last page of this document for the proper locator order number. Follow the steps below toreplace the locator.1. Open the crimp hand tool.2. Squeeze gently on the lower area shown in Figure 7A with your thumb and index finger. The lower tabs of thelocator should disengage from the hand tool.Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 4 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp Terminals3.4. Lift and pull away from the hand tool. The top locator hooks should slip out of the top slots easily. See Figure7A.5. To reinstall the new locator, make sure theLOCATORhand tool is in the open position.6. Press the red insert down as far as it willSQUEEZEgo as shown in Figure 7B.HEREMAKE SURE7. Holding onto the lower part of the locatorCENTEROF LOCATORwith your thumb and index finger, insert theIS IN THESQUEEZElocators top hooks (2) into the hand tool topDOWN POSITIONHEREslots.Figure 7ATOP SLOTS OF8. Rotate the locator down and press theHANDTOOLlower tabs into the two bottom slots of thehand tool. To secure the locator into place,TOP HOOKSthe lower tabs must snap into place on thehand tool frame.Right or Left Hand OperationThis hand tool has an added feature that canbe converted from a right handed application toa left handed application. It is necessary toreverse the tooling if using the left handedapplication along with the locator. Follow the steps below:Figure 7BLOWER TABSJAWS OPENTOOLINGPULL OPENTOOLINGMATCHUP MARKSM3 BHCSFigure 9Figure 8FRONTBACKPUSH ONHANDLE1. The locator must be removed before reversing the tooling.2. Remove the M3 BHCS which is holding the upper tooling.3. Flip the upper tooling to the opposite side and replace the M3 BHCS. Make sure the small markings on thefront and back of the hand tool frame, match up and are on the outside of the hand tool frame. See Figure 8and 9.4. Do the same thing with the lower tooling and tighten the M3 screws. Be sure the small markings line up.5. Reinstall the locator by following the Instructions in the locator replacement section.Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 5 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp TerminalsMaintenanceIt is recommended that each operator of the tool be made aware of, andresponsible for, the following maintenance steps:1. Remove dust, moisture, and other contaminants with a clean brush, orsoft, lint free cloth.2. Do not use any abrasive materials that could damage the tool.3. Make certain all pins; pivot points and bearing surfaces are protected witha thin coat of high quality machine oil. Do not oil excessively. The toolwas engineered for durability but like any other equipment it needscleaning and lubrication for a maximum service life of trouble freecrimping. Light oil (such as 30 weight automotive oil) used at the oilpoints, every 5,000 crimps or 3 months, will significantly enhance the toollife.4. Wipe excess oil from hand tool, particularly from crimping area. Oiltransferred from the crimping area onto certain terminations may affectthe electrical characteristics of an application.5. When tool is not in use, keep the handles closed to prevent objects frombecoming lodged in the crimping dies, and store the tool in a clean, dryarea.LUBRICATION POINTS(BOTH SIDES) LIGHT OIL(EVERY 3 MONTHS OR5,000 CRIMPS)Figure 10RATCHET RELEASELEVERMiscrimps or JamsShould this tool ever become stuck or jammed in a partially closed position,Do Not force the handles open or closed. The tool will open easily bypressing up on the ratchet release lever in the movable handle. See Figure 11.How to Adjust Tool Preload (SeeFigure 12)This hand tool is factory preset to 25-45LBS. preload. It may be necessary overthe life of the tool to adjust tool handlepreload force. Listed below are the stepsrequired to adjust the crimping force ofthe hand tool to obtain proper crimpconditions:RATCHETRELEASE LEVERFigure 11SQUEEZETHE LINK INTHE HANDLEHOLD THE HANDTOOL IN POSITION1. Hold the hand tool in the palm of yourhand as shown in Figure 10. Usingthe index finger squeeze the linkFigure 12towards the top of the hand toolframe. This will release the preloadSETTINGWHEELadjustment wheel.2. Rotate the setting wheel counterclockwise (CCW) to increase handle force. The numbers will display higher. To decrease handle force rotatethe setting wheel clockwise (CW).Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 6 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp Terminals3. Release the link to lock the setting wheel in place.4. Check the crimp specifications or conduct a pull test after tool handle preload force is adjusted.WarrantyThis tool is for electrical terminal crimping purposes only. This tool is made of the best quality materials. All vitalcomponents are long life tested. All tools are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 30days. Should such a defect occur, we will repair or exchange the tool free of charge. This repair or exchange willnot be applicable to altered, misused, or damaged tools. This tool is designed for hand use only. Any clamping,fixturing, or use of handle extensions voids this warranty.CAUTION: Molex crimp specifications are valid only when used with Molex terminals and tooling.CAUTIONS:1. Manually powered hand tools are intended for low volume or field repair. This tool is NOT intended forproduction use. Repetitive use of this tool should be avoided.2. Insulated rubber handles are not protection against electrical shock.3. Wear eye protection at all times.4. Use only the Molex terminals specified for crimping with this tool.CertificationMolex does not certify or re-certify hand tools but rather supplies the following guidelines for customers to re-certifyhand tools.This tool is qualified to pull force only. To re-certify, crimp a terminal to a wire, which has been stripped12.7mm (1/2”) long, so there is no crimping of the insulation. Pull the terminal and wire at a rate no faster than25mm (1.00”) per minute. See the Molex web site for the Quality Crimp Handbook for more information on pulltesting. If the tool does not meet minimum pull force values, handle preload should be increased and the pull testrerun, (See How to Adjust Preload). When the hand tool is no longer capable of achieving minimum pull force, it should be taken out of service andreplaced. Doc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 7 of 8

Hand Crimp Tool For Mini-Fit Jr. Crimp TerminalsPARTS LISTItem NumberREF123Order riptionHand Crimp ToolLocator AssemblySpring, ReturnSpring, RatchetQuantityFigure 1311121RATCHETRELEASE LEVERFigure 133Visit our Web site at http://www.molex.comDoc No: ATS-638191000Revision: DRelease Date: 12-07-07Revision Date: 09-16-14UNCONTROLLED COPYPage 8 of 8

Crimping Terminals 1. Select the desired terminal listed in the preceding charts. 2. Make sure the center of the locator is in the down position. With the locator attached, push the locator button on the back of the hand tool to bring