IBMC2010-518IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1 -detail/C2010-518

Answer: B, CQUESTION: 116What is required to back up an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server database?A. a media serverB. a storage poolC. a data moverD. a device classAnswer: DQUESTION: 117Which agent enables an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client to directly back up and restoredata to a tape library on a SAN?A. a proxy agentB. a recovery agentC. a data mover agentD. a storage agentAnswer: DExplanation:Tivoli Storage Manager allows a client, through a storage agent, to directly back up andrestore data to a tape library on a SAN. Figure1shows a SAN configuration in which a clientdirectlyaccesses a tape or FILE library to read or write data.40

QUESTION: 118Assume a backup occurs every night and file a1 changes every day. The administrator has thefollowing copygroup definitions: Number of versions keptfor existing files 30 Number ofversions kept for deleted files 30 Number of days to keep extra versions 30 Number ofdays to keep the last version 180 After 30 days, file A1 was deleted. How many versionswould be available on day 120?A. 180B. 1C. 30D. 120Answer: DQUESTION: 119Where is node replication enabled?A. source server onlyB. enabled on the target server and disabled on the source serverC. on both source and target server41

D. target server onlyAnswer: AQUESTION: 120When can an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager storage pool be a LAN-free destination?A. when the storage pool uses a device that has an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager defined disklibraryB. when the storage pool uses a device that is network attached (NAS)C. when the storage pool uses a device that is shared on a SAND. when the storage pool uses a device that has device type DISKAnswer: AQUESTION: 121What happens when a database backup specifies 4 data streams but the device class used hasa MOUNTLIMIT parameter set to 2?A. The database backup uses 2 data streams.B. The database backup fails.C. The database backup uses 4 data streams.D. The database backup uses the default of 1 data stream.Answer: enter/SSGSG7 6.3.4/ db streamsspecify.html(see tips, 3rd bulleted point)QUESTION: 122Which communication must be set up between the storage agent and IBM Tivoli StorageManager?A. Library client communicationB. Server-to-Server communicationC. LAN Free communicationD. Server Shared Memory communication42

Answer: center/SSGSG7 6.3.0/ communications establish.htmlQUESTION: 123How is a specific client backup data directed to a management class?A. use thedefine associationcommand to link the management class with the node definitionB. use the include exclude listC. use the copygroup option in client options fileD. use mgmtclass entry in the server node definitionAnswer: CQUESTION: 124If node replication rules are specified at both the server definition and the node definition,which takes precedence?A. server definitionB. neither as replication will fail unless both entries are the sameC. the one with the highest priorityD. node definitionAnswer: DQUESTION: 125The dsmerror.logstates that a file is in use by another process and cannot be backed up.Which backup policy attribute should be examined to determine the criteria that are used fora file backup?A. absoluteB. frequencyC. serializationD. modeAnswer: D43

QUESTION: 126Where are the deduplication hash sums (extents) stored when using client side deduplicationin IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1 (TSM) Server?A. in the TSM client logB. on the client in the deduplication hash databaseC. in the TSM server databaseD. on the client in the registryAnswer: CQUESTION: 127Access to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Operations Center is through whichinterface?A. TIPADMINB. TSM Command LineC. Web BrowserD. TEMS Web InterfaceAnswer: ss?uid swg21641857QUESTION: 128What does thepreparecommand do?A. prepares tapes so they can be checked in as scratch volumesB. starts the database recovery processC. generates the Disaster Recovery plan fileD. mounts volumes required for database restoreAnswer: enter/SSAVT2 5.5.0/ adminref zos221.htm44

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Where are the deduplication hash sums (extents) stored when using client side deduplication in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1 (TSM) Server? A. in the TSM client log B. on the client in the deduplication hash database C. in the TSM server database D. on the client in the registry . Answer: C . QUESTION: 127