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THE HUDHLT) 0F THEIFUGAOINTRODUCTIONThé Story of Bugan Panga-iwon ofGonliadan59EngUshTextHudliud Ad AsipuloAsipuloVersion64Hudliud Ad67Asipiilorai Uterature is one of thé forins of our rich oral anc! intangiblelieritage. Tins oral literary héritagehasfour distinctt rpes. Thèseare narrative, thésong,ttie chantandthérhyme. Eachof tliese, exceptttie rliyme, lias subtypes, as shown, foUowing:I. Thé Narrativel. folktaleEnglishTest2. legendPART m3. mythCOURSEEVALUATION71DlRECTORY 0F HSLT73a. bukadb. huuwaPART IVU. Thé Songl. simple folle song2. ballad3. pa/aî-or satireHI. Thé Chantl. ritual ctianta. alin-ib. baltung2. non-ritual chanta. hudliudb. liwliwae. bonweov ap-apngaIV. Thé Rhyme

WlIAT IS TîïE HUDHUDORIGIN OF CTIE HuDiruDhe hudhud is an epical romance of thé Ifugao. Thé termUterally means, story, but then again, it is not-merely a story but amanner of chantingthé story. Tins peculiar manner is différentfrom théwaythéalinï, baltong, bonweandthé liwliwaarechanted.Théhudhudv,also not associated witli anyritual, unlike thé alim, wluchissungaspart ofa ritLial.Thé hudhud'îs chanted only during harvest and weeding time intlie moniesforthédead. Inthépast, it wasalso chanted duringthéharyest ofmongo beansinswiddenfarmin p. Chautingoftlie hudhudismainlyfor entertairuiient, andto easethétedious work in tlie field and thé monotony of wakes.origin of thé hudhud is lost in thé depths of time. Sinceat thé bank of Ibulao River was thém iucal place of origin of thé Ifugao, it was assumée! that thé hudhudmust hâve evolved from there, too, by thé aamod dih'done - thé ancestors.Thé RockofPumbakhayon" in Kutoin Kianganwasa mythological placeof orlgin of various hudl-iudversions. PumJ akliayon,a spirit being,stoodon this rock when he was said to hâve taught women other versions ofhudhud, being already tired ofhearing one version that speaks only aboutlumself.Today, thé hudhud is chanted among thé Tuwali of bleversionsofthèseexist. It is not uncommontliat a locality wouldIiavetwoOriginaUy, hudhud chantingwasdonconlybywomen. iceharvesteasmembersof die niun-abbuyoï chorus. Tlus developmentlent a new texture to théclianting. Today, men hâve even taken on thé rôle of munhaw-e, or leador niore munhaw-es, with each having a version of thé sanie story.HOW THE HUDIIUD IS CHANTEDchanter.Thé prédominant thèmes in hudhud stories are love, marriage,wealth and prestige. Manly courage, strengdi, and femmine beauty andvirtue of industry, wlïile idealized m thé taies, are actually supportingélémentsto théprimary tliemes. Tlus explains why thémain characters areofthénobility who live in tlie center ofthé main viUage.he ImdJiud ischsiatedahernately bythémunhaw-e, thé precentoror lead chanter, and tlie mun-abbuy or chorus. Thé munhaw-esingsa pordonofthéfirst verse consistingoftenof only a few or even oneword. When thé munhaw-e reaches a eue word, thé mun-abbuy ta\s. es upthé plirase and joins in. At thé end of thé plïrase cued in by one or twoclisyllaJîic sounds(eehrnaftera person'snameor neinaeehniaftera placename), die munhaw-estartsthénextstanza. ThémunAaTr-eteUs ntariesondiestory,répétitionsof names of persans, places or pleonastic duplication of certain terms withspécifications to fit persans, places or term. They do not really add to diedevelopment of thé story but they put color and substance to it.

SAMPUÎ VERSIONS 0F THEHUDHUDCUI.TUIUJ.IMPORTANCE/ SîGNIFICANCEhe strangeness of many words in tlie hudliud and tlie peciiliarmanner by wliich tliese are verbalized and chanted, lend strongsupportto thébeUefthat thé hudliudisan ancientoral Uterary créationofthé Ifugao. TUs belief gives rise to tlie conséquent assumption tliat théIfugaoculture is old.How die Ifugao of old UvedcanbeglimpsedtliroughthéAucfeuc?stories. Thé stories, in fact, vividly describe their behavior, thinJdng andaspirations. Theyworkedhardto ndtheirpersonalhonor;andtliey sponsoredfeaststo attainsocialprestige. persanand dignity of even those in thé lowest rank of thésocial ladder. Indeed,tlie hudliudstoï'ies inspired thé Ifugao to do as their hudliudstoïïes liaddonc.-Hud&urfchantingisa sociaKzingmédium. Croupsdoing chantingin thérice fields or at théwakes subconsciously estabKsh désirable personalrelationsamongthémembers,thusminimizingor removinginlubitionandréservation among themselves. Besides, hudhud chanttng is best enjoyedwhen generally performed. Tlus bespeaks of tlie communal spirit of tlietfugao.Another importance ofthéAticUîurfis its unique literary value. Itsversificationwith théuse of pleonasm andthé manner of its performanceanddeKveryhâvenosimilaritywithanytype orform - atleastaniongotlierethniegroupsinthéPlulippines. It is a very distinctivepièceoforalliterarycréationthat challengesandinspires - henceits élévationby tlie UNESCOasa Masterpiece of tlie Oral andIntangibleHéritageof Hunianlty, anditsbeingdeclareda die provisions of Presidential Decree 374.

J-1INGYON VERSIONl. He- - - m. Ay peman eBugan ay M Bugan ad nay, yaahay nali Pangayyiwan, he- - -m.2. NakubbiilianonhaygotogtadBugandiakakbawona6. On udda di impungngadan yu'n madikit, ondan pibo miabgbagaBugan, he-a ya'n impungadan mu, hàh-oy hiliuial-Din-namling ay Din-namling ad nay, ya ahay nàliondi nunlianal-onmaylunal-oy,yadohalledoUe'nboble,lie - - -m.DumaliU, he - - - m.3. yu'dHildungen e yu ibilibli tinanudan Indummulaw te wada hannunpalgonmi n duko iIndummulawdadyummulawad7. Danay lawwan an humungdu'd Hildungen, idawelan yu'ydinnanumihungduyuyuwana'dnay, yaaliayHildungen,nema,lie- - -m.nay, ya ahay lii In-Anitalaw, he - - - m.4. Edaumalge , pumitu paUwan da liinungdu da'd Paydulien wal diDin-namUng ay Din-namling ad nay, ya aliay8. y. pantalankadaklanlu agpawwandaUpawwanda,yaahayHildungen, nema, he - - -m.nâh DumalUi, lie - - - m.5. Mmitundadawat da biyen mangabaJîlig on indawat nanBuganaylu Buganannay, ya ahaynàhPangayyiwan,he - - -m.9. Wanin an Buganinguyudna dulu pamli-luliwatanaimmatipdolan tabuwawang mu apu nan Indagammi alyonay ayyu-ayyutabuwawang mu adi dongdonglonBugan ay lii Bugan adnay, ya aliay nal-tPangayyiwan,he - - -m.1011

10. Nidatdatong da bilubilion namangulu'y haguyayop Bugan i han13. Naniùlipûlidayan Bugan di galaygay di u8ngnga ungnga, onhaungnga ungnga nan kamalig an nunpitlun nunenodda'yinununyan an raunibiyen tangadaon e biyen yudinikaddika nan kume-keng di nunhibat an balangag ankagàhwan penia y gawwana gawgawwana d nay, ya ahaypurLbàlilayonananHildungen nema, he - - -m.daulonnanbaiedaaydumalyada,ya aliayHildungen, nema, lie - - -m.11. Nummotwa - - -n di ungnga-ungnga adiyâh man attogpangayaydiyon te malinialinioh di ungnga - ungnga hapitpna nandaulon nanbale da ay dumalya da, yaaliay Hildungen,14. Ungngaungngaalyona y uddayngadanyu n madikit, ondanpibomibagbagaBugannahPangayyiwan,dâliyun impungngadanmuondan mibagbagaAlignu lu Aliguyon ad nay, ya ahayliinah Anitalaw, lie- - -ni.15. Manumande ngadanmu te he-aAliguyon yahaybalangagmu tenema, lie - - -m.12. Mahngan man attog di edaa pangayaydiyon ya talimnunanniatatnu - e mu nihnan ay a impa-amkin impabinullangonmangukukat lii Bugan H biyen indawawan di ungnga ungnga'yhi kagahwan penia y gwwana gawgawwana d nay, yagalaygay na ta mflibiyenah banlaan lu biyen yu'n madijdt an egimwokagaliwanpema'ygawwanagawgawwana'dnay,ya ahay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.ahayHildungen, nem, he - - -m.16. PuraubugilihanBuagnlu bolan di biyendin ungngaungngapunàpaluna'n intangad nanBuganaylii Buganadnay, yaahaynahPangayyiwan,he - - -ni.1213

17. Hôgpon Hugan ta e na patbolon mangodôhdonmalutu'tmangimangdadlit muiiUngah-ohindàhdengamelan day a mfihhayuyung di ungnga ungnga'n balibaynnnon en.Bugan aylu Bugan ad nay, ya ahay nali Pangayyiwan, he - - -m.2l. Munliindadawatda biyen di liinapu dimmawawaboy ungngaungnga on namùhpûhdayan Bugan mu Indaggami déh din«umaypayuy anan-ninganan alyona'y tagam e atmu na adidaamanlunangngutone nunUntebanliikagaliwanpema'y18. WarunanAligu)run anAliguyuninunodnapunudawan,ibilbilibUgawwana gawgawwana d nay, ya ahay Hildungen, nem, lie - - a t itage22. Mu Bugan inlangad nay ngih-nginan alyonay pàhpàhdul nalitangan naii baie da ayDin-namling ay Din-namling ad nay, ya ahay nahnay yagyag idopya na nanDumaKli, lie - - -ni.dumalya da, ya ahayHildungen, nema, lie - - -m.19. Wanin an Alana boy dinnanum dulhu-anay bannawat mud ehdinAliguyunpal-uliipawonay bukkakelnanBugan ay hiBuganad nay, ys ahay nâhPangayyiwan,he - - -m.20. Aliguyun alyona'y ;atunbanlianta aggena dinuUm-an dibannawat,punbanna.Tivat u't mangodohdohnàli ta gammalan lukagâhwanpema y gawwanagawga-svwanad nay, ya aliay23. Vanion Bugan inguyud na nadomadoman an tupil ukahonayambayug bingbingka nanAllgnu Aliguyun ad nay, ya ahaylu nali Anitalaw, he - - -m.24. Te ta muntaluyo y impakawwitanan duko yu ten ayas iiay, ya aliayIm-Pangayyiwan,lie - - -m.Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.1415

25. Numbangad ami'n apu'n Indagammi't eyali mungotogtad mu28. Warmianapundi banbanidalhiAliguyunalyonaymalinganmanAIiguym-i alyonay dayonon-non an naduwudway binla Aliignuattogdi e daapangayaydiyon,ondanudumandi naduwudwaandiI-ilAliguyunadnay, ya aliaylu nâhAnitalaw,he- - -m.26. Intugigi'n Indagammi'n AUguyun, taon ya numbangad ami t edaumalge'n pumito ya den nitnud boy ungnga ungnga'n enapaiigulmdungan di ayyu-ayyu'n ummatipadol an tabuwawang tupantalan kadaklan lu agpawwanda ImpawwcU-ida, ya aliayHlldungen, nema, lie - - -m.pimpanpaningal daybanbanidal, dàliyue banliannan acUmil)iKbIiya aliay ht nahAmtalaw, lie - - -m.kagahwan pema'y gawwanagawgawwana'dnay, ya ahayHildungen, nema, he- - -m.29. Inalikbu di banbanidal hi Aliguyun eda pangamamhan tapangababban da't eda ladangon dikagahwan pema'ygawwanagawgawwana d nay, ya aliay Hildungen, nema, he- - -m.30. Wamonedaanamutandi nadomadomanantupil ukahonayuk27. Niyayyana ena panaptapayyaan hi dimmulo'n page, yamaluual-iniohmanattogliitubinla n kinadangyantau dAlignu lu Aliguyun ad y, ya ahay 1-u. nah Amtalaw, lie - - -m.31. Apu nan banbanidal alanay napolgat iyambayug na uy talaadangonda d HUdungen ra aniyon tau nan immatipadol an tabuwawanghi pantalan kadaklan lit agpawwanda lipavvwanda, yaaliay Hildungen, nenia, he - - -ni.1617

32. Apu nan banbanidalalyonay hinundum e d Amduluy maid mayduniongwe aningani te hiningdaan Din-naniling lii Bugan anhapiton di banbanidal hikagàhwan pema'y gawwanagawgawwanad nay, ya ahay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.33. Wamon malya Aliguyon paliwana hinungdu na'd Payduhenbinlunay ammuU n nuntolnonan enDin-namHngay din-36. Dehdin raabalibayinnan lu Din-namUng, mu Aliguyun alyonaymuniiiiihinadol e impugn-akuy mu ya e madi nih banhaniyapôhpong hantun napolgat lu imbun yu dkagâhwanpema y gawwanagawgawwana'dnay, ya aliay Paydulien, nema,he - -37. Nakubbuhan e ya hinungdu yu'd Hildungen ta aniyon tau dinliinimoldang and kabbaung, yainumlot antabuwawanghinniaUngad nay, ya ahaynàliDumalili, he - - -m.34. Wai-unan Din-namlinginda- - d nay liiyenAliguyuninbughutnaimpalittaUt an ambayugna inkeke na biyenindawatnanDin-namlingay Din-namlingad nay, ya ahaynàhDumaHU, he - -pantalan kadaklan hi agpawwanda lipawwanda, ya ahayHildungen, nema, lie - - -m.38. Aliguyun alyonay Uliw-wom ten malya, hall paliwana liinungduna d Amduluy imodmod nay ay buyakan ginyang na't iliunod na35. Mumbiyen da n agge da impalzla Din-namling, ngadan niu'nbullaki'n e nundudug an e limmadang, mu Aliguyun impaabayunay ananninganan ondan pibo mibagbagatunanpunbayuwan nan baie da ay dumalya da, ya atiayAmduluy, nenia, he - - -m.Alingu hiAliguyun ad nay, ya ahayhi nàhAnitalaw, he - - -ni.1819

39. Paldangan Indaggami'n inda - - d nay biyen Aliguyun inbughutna ambayud na inkeke na Indaggami ad nay, ya aliay nàhBalittayun, he - - -m.binilebKtaapun maidn bnopumbakaliandakagâ'y gawwanagawgawwana'dnay, yaaliayHildungen, nema,40. Munbiyen da'n agge da impahla, Daggami alyonay uddayimpungngadanyu'nbullaki'ne himmungdu,ondanluntammaomlu Aliguyun adliildungen tanakubbulian e yalunungdu yu'y dolanu t aniyontaudm.kabbaungyatabuwawanglu42. Inlangan Bugan di iigih-ngi nan ondan maluman lu Aliguyun,pantalankadaklan lu agpawvvanda, lipawwanda, ya atiay Hilclungen, nemalie - - -ni.43. Indaggamialyonay kubbulian e ta ibiltblim an nagutugtud maygamgamAligna lu Alîguyun ad nay, ya aliay lu nàhAnitalaw, lie - - -m.44. Nakubbulianeda malya'y Ipaydulien ya lyamdiiluy paliwan dahe - - -m.iunungdu da d Hildungen ta Aliguyun ena ipitoy limmilidi'n4l. Anamutan Indaggami Bugan indawat nay napolgat, iyopolipongmu imbuntanakubbuhan e yalunung'du tau'd Hildungen amyontauy pageda pantalankadaldanluagpawwanda,Upawvvaiida,ya aliay Hildungen, nema he - - -m.binuiyuya délimBugananay otadinpantalankadaklanlu agpawwanda lipawwanda, ya ahay Hildungen, tiema, lie - - -ni.45. Paliwandaya debon nanyongtongta edagammalanmud ehdinmalunlunot lu Bugan an e dumaal mapantalan kadaklanlu Hildungen, nema, lie - - -m.2021

46. Aliguyun intage nay yagyag indawat nan Din-namling, ta eyu50. Aliuyun iyatubuna imbun dan igawayu y bolgana nundiya - - ngammalan hi Bugan, an dehdi mon mamuda-buda ta puahiddanIndangngunay ta pananitaman Bugan lii dimmulo n kabbaung yaBugan ay hi Bugan ad nay, ya ahay nàh Pangayyiwan,he - - -m.BuganayhiBugan48. Dehdin mabahbayinnan hi Bugan on hinapigul nay innadol nanondan bo ihya pàh-hinangnguton dita tan51. Paliwandaliinungdu da d Paydulien edadunialupun lu batunwageta e bo mangabablig hi Din-namling on nunlinali-ubonan indawatlad nay, ya aliay nàli Pangayyiwan, he - - -m.Aligna liiAlig-ayun ad nay, ya aliay lu nàli Amtalaw, lie - - -m.49. Wamon lummimbatangan ya immalaldu'y ani di page, aliguyunintugigi nan Din-namUng, ibangad yu nan ylnayyagud yu'n pagepantalan kadaklan lu agpawwanda, Kpawwanda, ya aliayHildungen, nema, he - - -m.pantalankadaklanlii agpawwanda,Kpawwanda,yaaliayHildungen,nema,he - - -m.47 MangababUg a Din-namUng ta biyenon Bugan te imminginghadamdama y n ay lii Bugan ad nay, ya aliay nàliPangayyiwan,he - - -m.52. Wanion Din-naniling alyonay niunibangad ayu'n Ipaydu tenladangon mi d Payduelui, an den numbangad day tagu ya de bonananniutan Aliguyun dinkagàliwan pema'y gawwana,g'agawwana d nay, ya ahay HUdungen, nema, he - - -m.53. Nakubbuhan apu nan banbanidal dehdi bon ena ikitakit dinagutugtud anganigani. Alginu1-iiAliguyunadnay,yaaliaylu nâhAnitalaw, he - - -m.2223

54. Wajiion e umalge n pumito hinungdu na'd Paydulien wahdi bo58. Inoy di babbalu n tagu'n dimmalupun da de bon namangulu'yDin-namliugayDln-nanilingadnay, yaahaynàhDunialUi,haguyayop AUguyun an e naim-modyatan l handin madikit anhe - - -ni.nunpalipaliuyuybinlananayotottadin pantalankadaklan55. Muntundadawat da J:)iyen Din-namUng an deli cli n.iahljayninnanlu agpawwanda,lipawwanda,yaahayBanglulaw,nema,lie - - -m.ajipumneye nay maliulallu n nomnom nan, ngadaii niu'n biiUaki'n59. Aliguyun ena paldangan di madikit lu batunwage yainda - - d naye liimmungdu, dan aggem bo inununyan luAJignu luAliguyun ad nay, ya ahay lu nàhAmtalaw, lie - - -m. 5b.Aiiguyun alyonayetamungotogtuf, adiyah man heh-adiablignaonindawatna'tmunbiyendamibmiij lun,mu AJ gu)run alyonay hungduvvon mo't héli-adAmduluy te iigadandi n:iangaJ:)abJiglu biyeiionBuganaylu Buganadnay,yaaliay nàliPaiigayyiwan,lie - - -m.pantalankadaklanbi agpawwanda, Upawwanda, yaaliayBanglulaw, nema,he- - -m.60. Aggedaimpohla madikit alyonay impungngadan mu, ondanpibomibagbagaAliguyun nâhAmtalaw, yangadanmu'n madikit, hali-57 Mu Din-namling adiyali man héh-a te oridan agge a naaJAukulAliguyun da nàhAmtalaw, mu Aliguyun alyonay ludangom tenmalya l.iah, paiiwana .l.unungdu naybiyen Aliguyun inbughut na ambayug naink.eke nabiyen ananitogoy pAoCalumnga ay C;aliimngan ad nay, yaaliay nàli Pandinglayan, he - - -m.pantnli.iii. kacluklunlii Agpawwanda, lipawvvanda, ya ahay Baiiglulaw, iierna, lie - - -m.2425

61. Aliguyun, on danay lawwan yu n e dimmalupun an babbalu'ntagu, urne ami mungotogtad maiddumngal lu padung andonodnong nuhinal-on di nunhanal-on mayhinal-oy, ya dohoUe doUe n boble, he - - -m.64.Palpaliwana pundc danan hinungdubo hannumpahpahuyu'ybinlanand'E NA'D KabuUawan dehdimadikit,Aliguyun intugL gi nanonimmiwayyan,ondanaggee yae mungtotogtadditaguhinal-on di nunlianal-on mayhinal-oy, ya doholle doUe'n boble,62. Namngi Aliguyun naduwudwa e binla Aliguyun ya e ayunungotogtad, ondandita ha nanuwudwabinla yu tagu, Aligiyuninyulmt na hiibong inli-od na ampagonCahimngan ayCUmngan ad nay, ya ahay nàh Pandinglayan, he - - -m.63. Aliguyun tambuyukana y ambayug Chaimngan, mumbangad ayuhe - - -m.65. AIiguyunimodmod nayaybuyako'n ginyangna't enaidalladallandi tinagtaggain da inipidit na ay dulnu'n inipul enayIngulunadnay, ya ahaynàhDinuganan,he - - -m.66. UiaUUt da bongbong di puntaggamanAJiguyunmanuUiulwit onta nagamung di lunaldotan an lumadang ten iadgdagdag-u't eyàliindawat nanmumbagbaga binawunah hiDinugana, lie - - -m.hinal-on di nunhanal-onmayhinal-uy, ya doholle doUe'nboble, lie - - -m.IngulunIngulun ay Ingulun ad nay, ya aliay nàh67. PaUwandaya lïmimimbatangan ta edamunhadali lunungdu daypantalan kadaklan bi agpawanda Upawwanda, ya kalia,nema, he - - -m.2627

68. Nunibiyenda'ttabuyukanAliguyundi anibayugIngulunaltona'y71. Aliguyun alyona'y ladangon yu ten malya hàh mu wanin anladangaonyutenmumbangaddàhyataUmnuna y numbangadannipadung hi an umaboh-abung an ulat nan dinnanum tadi nunhinania, nunlawwan yu, Daulayan alyonay e amimundakadak napohda'y ambayug na, dehdin ay nalyon balawwinunibagbagabinaunal-iITIon maylunal-oy, ya doholle dolle'n boble, he - - -m.69. AUguyun alyonay unpungngadan di binulibulimu, ondan pibflmibagbagaAguinaya Aguinaya'd nay, ya aliay lii nàliAnitalaw, he - - -m.70. Vanin an Aliguyun inyuhut na hubong uiU-od na Anipago'iiAguinaya, ta nangamung di lilnaldotan anlumadang angumawa'dkagahwan pema'y gawwana gawgawwana d nay, ya alla)Hanangnga,nema, he - - -m.Aligna hi Aliguyun ad nay, ya aliay lu nah Amtalaw,hinal-on di nurdianal-he - - -m.72. Vaninane lumadangtuAliguyun yatalimnunan mumbangad hiBuganan enungotogtadan emundakadak lu cUnnanum ya nilitilLtlit panibukahoma ananibayug, bilibliyona ten anibayug dadkagahwan pema'y gawwana gawgawwana'd nay, ya ahayHildungen, nema, lie - - -m.73. Wanin an Bugan alyonan ina nay anu an ambayug an lunabadean biniyen u ya maayyagud, la na alyonay ten padung di biyentaukagaliwan pema'y ga-wwana gawgawwana'd nay, yaahayAmdulug, nema, lie - - -m.2829

74. De nin anAliguyunya dehdin ikitom naybutibut anilûi-o-lfih-oddi banbanidal di indâliden niu alyonay adiyah hiw-waluw-watonliinalon di nunlial-onta Kblibbayali di napohdan duko umayl-iinal-oy, ya doholle doUen boble, lie - - -m.75. WahdiAliguyun an ibutbutibutanay napohdanAmbayug na yadenti-anbon Bugan anadiw mungatogtad te dehdin liimniiludin lu.Bugan ay lïi Bugan ad nay, ya aliay nàhPangayyiwanhe - - -ni.76.77. Wamon idihonay hubong ta pangamamhana, pitlun dimanangamhana ya munb itik an muntagiling, indawawanaygalaygaynanudda'yngadanmu ondanpibo mibagbagaDulnuanay Dulnuanad nay, ay ahaynàhDulnuan, he - - -m.78. Wamon eda Uluwwon di dola da'd Aniduluy mu himminalgo yadehdin nuinannangi di ungnga ungngan alyonan ina nan Bugandi eta man LbilLbU ama'nAlginu hi Aliguyun ad nay, yaaliay bi nâh Anitalaw, he - - -m.Deh din ay mam-iba-I inanandahyuenAUuyudi ud Ambayug yi79. eniyulidung yu kimmungukung an Ainmuli, ya dahyu'n AIluyu man alyonanina nan Indummiilawdi ondanraaidha ginnaitu'niyuhdung yu kimmungukung ya nababwaa di ungnga ungngihapiton ladunIndangngunay madlangngunay adnay, yaahayImpangayyiwan,he - - -m.lie - - -m.80. Wanin an Indummulaw alyonay, inoy peman hi Aliguyun anbinuhbuh-un e naUibayanlitkagaliwanpema'ygawwanagawgawwana'd nay, ya aliay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.3031

81. WamonIndumniulaw kolyabana'y nundiyaan da't munliadahmunibangadda- kagaliwanpema'ygawwanagawgawwana'inay. Ya ahayHildungen, nema, he- - -m.82. Anamutan nunbutibut an naluhuy gamgam nakagahwan pema'y gawwana gawgawwana'd nay, ya ahayHildugnen, nema, lie - - -m.83. Munliinidadawat da biyen ya taUmnunanay ana'dnayya ahay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.84. Intugigi'nDulnuanl Aliguyun alyonay ngannuanayumabla'i85. Waninannuntintmolyo ngangaddi - -1di immipugo'n alluyu danGuiniling alyona'y hâh-on di mangat te nunlieghegla apu'maIndummulaw anonahholIa-hoUayon lu en,nemahe- - -m.86. Wanin an ungnga'n Dulnuan alyona'y nganu'n ayu mabla'nmakadangyan ya hollayan yu'n AJluyu ye ta e ayu imildug tanalibbayan lii ania'mAUgnu lu Aliguyun ad nay, yaaliayhi nàhAmtalaw, he - - -m.87 Wamon eda lumiUw-wa'd Hildungen ya imme tulu'y bulan yaDulnaun an e mo mamodbod lu binnahi da'dkagaliwanmakadangyan yaibutibutani wana'dnay, ya ahayHildiuigen,nema,Indummulaw an libbayam di inannugaw muhe- - -m.kagahwan pema'y gawwana gawgawwana'd nay, ya ahaiHildungen, nema, he - - -m.3233

88. ammlon di munyudung tae yah umanap hi mahabatanAliguyun alyona'y ondan agge nalodoldong di udyohabbiyanna duntug na duntug na'd nay, ya ahay Gumangn nema, he - - -m.91. Wamon apulu'm di aigu ya nihidug di binnahi ya wayha onnunibangad1-unimdiyaandaya denluiiïUiwwa daylunati-arama'dkagaliwan penia y gawwanagawgawwana'd nay, ya aliayHildungen, nema, he - - -m.92. Vamon miiiallialdot di lilya89. Mu dehinimpadugu diAUuyuda'nCuinnilingtama-adduadaBugan ay U Bugan ad nay,ya aliay In-Alguyun, lie - - -ni.munliabattaatlun di aiguyaingnga-ingngalan ditagu'niladaiidi hagabikagahwan pema'y gawwangawgawwana'd nay, ya aliay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.90. Wamon gamgaman Aliguyun di abbugana, atbo di Dulnuan abinuhbuh da eda taggam an dehdin nunpéhpaliuyu'y binla'ikinadangyan da kagaliwan pema'y gawwaugawgawvvana'd nay, ya ahay Hildungen, nema, he - - -m.3435

ENGLTSH théripened ) uganwhoisthéfairest maiden ofAniduluy wasstiU youngbutheneiglibors were in a hurry ta socialize lier. So lier mother put 01 pa/aytliat Bugan hadbeencutdng to clear herpatl-i. While hewasobservingher complète atdre and went to thé gotad. It wag half a year and slie di( thé palay he heard voices. With fear he pleaded that they will not harmnot meet any man of her equai. Une day her mother told her to go t hinibecauseheispitifiil Uving alone and bemg dispised and compared to aHïldungen with Daggami to see if Indummulaw bas a son because thé monkey. Tlie bandanidal sent by their AUuyu comforted Aliguyon diatexchangedtlieir dukowhentlieywerenotyetmarried. BuganandDaggaiï tliey weretliere to helphim. Thébanbanidalb&thed Aliguyon andcarriedbackandtookl-iimhome. Thébanbanidalbrought outAliguyon'swenttoHildungen. Ontheirwayttiey meta handsome man, Dinnamlinç luni onhisdressand put them on Aliguyon. How handsome Aligi iyon lookedcomplèteson ofDumalUi. They exchanged betel-nuts and Bugan asked lum to shoiwlio was a little bit niore mature witli lus attire. Tlie banbanidalto\à lumtheirvvayto Hildungen. Dmamlingshowedthéwayândtheyparted. WlieiBugan reached Hildungen she noticed tliat die surroundings wasgrassy. l to go to Paydulien to see DinnamUng and ask liim to bring 1-uspeople soseemed that thé place lias been abandoned for years. Bugan's eyes resta that tliey could help liun harvest bis ripened palay. Aliguyon was also toldon a boy who had not bathed for montlis, maldng rice cake on Ms gong ta go to Amdulluy to tell Indagganii to do thé same but was instructed notBugan and Daggami sat down to chew betel-nuts. Wlien théboy asked fo to say anything about what Bugan had done to him. She is engaged tobetel-nuts Bugan refused and said unJdndwords to him. After chewiq DinnamUng after they returned from their visit to Hildungen. Aliguyonbetel-nuts she entered thé house to cook rice. Vlule they were eatiii did as he was told by liis grandfather, thé banbanidal. He went first toAliguyon joinedthem but Bugansaid, "Are you not ashamedta eat wili Paydulien and Dinnamling welcomed liim. DinnamUng felt ashamed tous? So Aliguyon retreated and sat in thé corner watching Bugan eal see a handsomeman go to his house. But AJiguyonwaskind. He askedAfter eating, Bugan got thé leftover rice and tlirew it away. She got watt Dinnamling to help him harvest lus palay. DinnamUng wiUingly obUged.and put out thé fire. "At least Bugan should not hâveput out thé fire s Aliguyon proceeded to Amduluy to see Indaggami. Indaggami did nottliat l can cook rice when tliey are gone, " said die child to 1-iimself. Buga recognize him because he looked so handsome. She did not know that hefounddieold ambayvgcontaïmng thé dukowhichhermothertoldhertha was thé same Aliguyon whom Bugan dispised. While they were chewingthey hâve exchanged with Indummulaw in thé gotad. She threi betel-nut, Indaggami asked his name. And he repUed, "I am AUguyon ofInduaimulaw s duko to Aliguyon teUing lum that she wiU get back he Hildungen. l canie to ask your kind help to help me haryest thé ripenedmotlier s dukoandshewiUgohome to continue her -o(ac?because helooli andthéintangled ke a moakey. AUguyon nodded with résignation. Indaggami advisei Indagganiitold Bugan about Aliguyon. Bugan laughed and said, UWehâveBugan not to dispise Aliguyon because he will not love lier when he gro\v seen Hildungen and they hâve no ricefields only wheat and kabbaungoanup to be a handsome man. But qll thé more Bugan laughed and said " be seen. Thé foUowing day Dinnamling, with liis people and tlie people ofprefer Dinamling dian Aliguyon. Indagganii badeAliguyon goodbye ani Amduluy, went to Hildungen. Wlien they reached Hildungen Bugan andthey left. When they reached Paydulien Dinamling wasthere again. Thé die people were in aweto seesuch beautiful ricefields with thégolden palay.chewed betel-nuts and Dinaniling filled Bugan's ambayugvith hetel-nut Wlien Aliguyon came to welcome Dinnamling and thé people, Bugan feltashamed becauseAHguyoa's handsomeness andriclmess isincomparable.before they parted.3637

Thébanbanidalservedthépeople withwineandprepared their food. At somediingwoundin lier leg. It wasan ambayug. Shechewedtlie betel-noon, during rime, Bugan came last wliile thérest were alniost finished iiutecontainedin tlie ambayugan.à.notedhovvgoodistlie taste. Shekneweating. Aliguyon told Dinnamling to prépare Bugan's viand. Whi\tbytlietasteoftliebetel-nuts diatthéamAayug-belongs toa richman. MondisRinnaniKng and Bugan were çating, AJiguyon intentionaUy passée!tliree passed and her pregnancy can be seen. Bugan's mother, Indangngunay,lîmes in front ofthétwo. Each time Aliguyon passed by, Bugan f'elt mon comfbrted her and told her not to be ashamed because thé cluld's father is hamed and regretted what she has said to liim. After they hâve eaten die one who owns thé ambayug. Bugan delivered a handsome baby boy.ig-uyon told DinnamUng to prépare betel-nufs for Bugan. It wasafternooii Her mother melted lier gold necklace to bathe thé baby, who after thatandthéwidericefieldsofAliguyonwereharvested. Aliguyontoldthépeoplt could already run and talk. When Indangngunay asked lier gandson lusto ge.t asmuch palaya.s tliey cancarry. He alsotoldthem to bringsomete name he replied that he is Duinuan. (After Bugan's brother Dulnuan).Bugans house.AfterthéWiile Aliguyon in Hildungen is grieving for lus lost ambayug Bugan isharvest thé bai-tbc inida]broughtout ailAliguyon'sdress andput thèseonto lum. He told Aliguyon tagoto die gotad. WlieihereachedPaydiilien, Dinnamling did not recognize lum for lie lookecl sehandsome. Vhen

living tradition. - Manila : NGCA, 2005 tv l. Ifugao literature - Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Hudhud of Aliguyon. I. Philippines. National Commission for Culture and thé Arts. PL5538.5.F6 899.218'10307 2005 P052000346 ISBN 971-814-051-4 THE HUDHUD 0F THE IFUGAO Introduction Wliat is thé Hudhud Origin of tlie Hudliud How tlie Hudiiud is Chanted