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World’s Easiest Email Marketing.In this guide.Learn how to get started as a GetResponse Affiliate, how to manage your account and how tomake the most of your advertising efforts.Table of ContentsBecome a GetResponse AffiliateJoin GetResponse Affiliate ProgramWhy choose the GetResponse Affiliate Program?How to sign up as an affiliateYour GetResponse Affiliate AccountLog in to your affiliate accountAccount dashboardAccount and payout detailsPromoting Your Affiliate LinkYour affiliate linkFollow the recommended first stepsView StatisticsView your affiliate statsView affiliate link statistics2

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Affiliate ToolsView affiliate toolsBannersText adsEmail adsSign-up FormsSignaturesBlog postsLogosVideosHelp and information3

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Become a GetResponse AffiliateJoin GetResponse Affiliate ProgramJoin over 100,000 affiliates with the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month. The GetResponseAffiliate Program enables you to earn steady cash and residual income by helping small business owners useaffordable email marketing to “market like the pros.”Already have your own blog, website, social media followers or email marketing list? Introduce GetResponseto visitors and earn a 33% commission on every purchase.How do you get credit for your referral? Your affiliate membership includes a unique affiliate commissioncode. In this manual, you’ll learn how to embed your code in a link that records your referral. When someoneclicks the link and opens a paid account, you get paid automatically.Why choose the GetResponse Affiliate Program?No cost – sign up for FREE.Earn 33% commission on every referral – highest in our industry.Residual commissions get paid for as long as your referral remains a customer.Top-notch marketing materials – grab our great-looking banners, text and email ads, blogposts, videos, web forms and much more. Everything is ready to use and available via youraccount.Advanced training materials – get step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools andtechniques to market like the pros.Real-time tracking, statistics and reporting – track commissions, monitor payouts, and identifycampaigns and ads that deliver the most traffic and sales.How to sign up as an affiliateTo become an affiliate, click Partners in the menu of the GetResponse home page and selectAffiliate Program. Click Join Now to enter your details and get started. You can also sign up at thefollowing web ates4

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Your GetResponse Affiliate AccountLog in to your affiliate accountYour affiliate account is separate from your GetResponse account. You are not required to have aGetResponse account to become an affiliate.To log in, click Partners in the menu of the GetResponse home page, select Affiliate Program, orvisit the following web address: loginAccount dashboardAt the Affiliate Center Dashboard you can find everything you need to get started promotingGetResponse.5

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Click the tabs at the top to view recommended First Steps, My Stats, promotional Tools, andaffiliate Help screens.Account and payout detailsAt the very top of the page, click the My account link to adjust your affiliate account details andpayout details.Start by going to My Payout Details and entering how you would like to receive commissionpayments. You must submit your tax id info before we can send payouts.6

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Promoting Your Affiliate LinkYour affiliate linkThe key to earning commissions is to provide prospective buyers with a link containing youraffiliate commission code. GetResponse tracks sales made via your affiliate commission link andpays your commissions accordingly.By default the link goes directly to the GetResponse home page, so you can let our websiteprovide the details and make the sale. If you prefer to use your own landing page, you can linkprospective buyers directly to the GetResponse order form.At your Affiliate Center Dashboard, to the right of your affiliate commission URL, is a link you canclick to learn more about affiliate links.7

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Follow the recommended first stepsIn the First Steps tab is a simple, step-by-step system to help you start making money withthe GetResponse Affiliate Program. Please read all sections carefully. They provide essentialinformation on how to generate income and become a successful affiliate member.STEP ONE: Tell people you knowIntroduce email marketing to individuals and organizations that could use GetResponse to growtheir business. Not only will they thank you, but you’ll receive ongoing commissions.STEP TWO: Signature filesShare your enthusiasm for GetResponse by doing something you do every day — sending emails.Simply include your affiliate commission link as part of your email signature.STEP THREE: BannersA picture is worth a thousand words and a colorful web banner can say it all. Plus, it’s one of thefastest and most effective ways to attract clicks to GetResponse.STEP FOUR: Email your listIf you already have an opt-in list, send an email to your list with your recommendation ofGetResponse Email Marketing.8

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.View StatisticsView your affiliate statsFrom the My Stats tab, view My Commissions earned, My payouts, Free accounts you havereferred, and My affiliate links statistics.If your referral opens a free account, you begin earning commissions when they upgrade to a paidaccount. For example: if the customer signs up for service at 18 per month, you receive 5.94each month. If the customer prepays for one full year at 177, you receive 58.41.View affiliate link statisticsEvery affiliate link allows you to track its:Unique Visitors (UV)Hits (H)Sales (S)Free Accounts (FA)Refunds (RF)Chargebacks (CH)Conversion Ratio (CR)Affiliate ToolsView affiliate toolsClick the Tools tab to find materials and tools to help you reach more markets, generate moretraffic, increase opt-ins, and build revenue.With a little practice, you can make more money than you ever thought possible. Here you can findBanners, Web Forms, Text Ads, Email Ads, Signatures, Blog Posts, Logos and Videos.9

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.BannersA banner ad is a small image you can place on your website, linked directly to the GetResponsehome page. When your customers click the image, your affiliate information is saved on theGetResponse system. When they purchase the product, we pay you a commission.The banners already include your unique affiliate commission code; just choose your favorite ad,copy the HTML or java script code, and paste it into the HTML code of your website.Text adsText ads are basic marketing tools that describe GetResponse and its amazing features. Placethem on your blog or website anywhere you have an online audience. Use this helpful content toeducate and inform your referrals and generate more revenue.Email adsPersonalized email messages always deliver the best results. As a GetResponse Affiliate, you aregranted the rights to use our exclusive e-mail endorsement. Send it to prospective customers oruse it as an autoresponder message when your website visitors request information about yourproducts.You’ll make good money and it’s automatic. But remember, spamming is not allowed.Sign-up FormsAn affiliate sign-up form is a banner ad that enables your visitors to subscribe to “GetResponseEmail Marketing Tips.” If our educational emails convince the customer to purchase a paidaccount, we pay you a commission.10

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.The sign-up form consists of two input fields and a subscribe button. The java script code containsyour unique affiliate code. When your customer subscribes, we record your referral code. Whenthey buy, you get paid. Just choose your favorite sign-up form, copy the java script code, andpaste it into the HTML code of your website.SignaturesA signature is a short statement at the end of your email messages. This small ad can producebig results, so take advantage of this opportunity and place your affiliate ad after your name. Onceyou set it up, your ad goes out with every email you send.Blog postsPlace these short articles on your blog or website — anywhere you have an online audience — toeducate and inform your referrals and generate more revenue.LogosIf you create custom affiliate materials, you may include the GetResponse logo. Remember, thelogo is trademark-protected material. The only modification allowed is to alter the size to fit yourmaterials.Logos are available in eps and png formats. To download logos, click here.VideosGetResponse video tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, so your referrals can learn howGetResponse features work. Click Play, and you’ll feel like a pro in minutes.You can also upload video tutorials to your website or blog and show your audience how easy it isto use GetResponse. Simply copy the HTML code and paste it into your website source code.11

World’s Easiest Email Marketing.Help and informationFor help with your affiliate account, click the Help tab in the menu of your Affiliate CenterDashboard.FAQ browse through dozens of questions for clear, concise answers.Contact Support In this tab, get affiliate support via email.Advanced Training click this tab for in-depth training on how to maximize the effectiveness ofyour affiliate marketing programs.12

Become a GetResponse Affiliate Join GetResponse Affiliate Program Join over 100,000 affiliates with the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month. The GetResponse Affiliate Program enables you to earn steady cash and residual income by helping small business owners use affordable email marketing to "market like the pros."