Alliance for Affordable InternetPROJECT: Mobile Data Services in Developing CountriesMobile Phone User SurveyFINAL version (for publication)Introduction to the respondent:The goal of this survey is to understand the benefits and costs for persons who use different kinds of mobiledata plans and services in (COUNTRY). It is being done on behalf of the Alliance for Affordable Internet, aninternational organization that promotes affordable access to the Internet.No personal information (such as phone numbers, IP addresses, etc.) will be collected, stored, or used bythe Alliance for Affordable Internet. If you agree to participate, note that it is completely voluntary. Pleaseanswer all the questions as honestly as you can. Thank you.1) Please select your age group from the following (SELECT ONE):a) 16 24 yearsb) 25 34 yearsc) 35 44 yearsd) 45 60 yearse) Over 60 years2) Are you male or female (select one)a) MALEb) FEMALE3) Which mobile phone company do you use most often (select one from list)INSERT TABLE WITH LIST OF COMPANIES BY COUNTRY (only include those for respondent’scountry and include OTHER option for each lo MobileMobile Telecommunications Network (MTN)Airtel1

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN)AirtelGhanaVodafone GhanaTigoGlo letalkPhilippinesGlobe TelecomSmartAircelIdea CellularAirtelIndiaReliance CommunicationsTata ovistarPeruClaroEntel4) Please select which of the following services you have used over the past year with this company togo on the Internet (select all that apply).INSERT TABLE WITH LIST OF PLANS BY COMPANY (only include those for respondent’s countryand selected company)Header row not for respondent2

Each bullet point is an option that the respondent can selectFor each operator include the following options at the end: Public Wifi (i.e., not offered by your mobile phone company. e.g., at work, school,university, or a cybercafé) OTHERMobileCountry PhoneCompanyFull Cost Plan Airtel Kenya Orange Safaricom Etisalat Nigeria Glo Mobile Service Specific Earned Data Club bundleInternet bundle (weekly data bundle or90 data bundle day)Internet on mobiledata bundles (e.g., anyplan from 20MB upto5GB)Time based plans(XCELL daily, weekly or monthly plans) FacebookBilaNetDStv MobileStreamingInternet bundles (from 2GB to 20GB, or dailyto annual plans)Smartphone plans(from 3GB to 8GB) Blackberry plansSmartpaks(e.g., chat,social me, orvideo).easycliqdatafied paksData Pack (1, 3 or 7day)Daily Plan (Always,Instant, or Smallie)Weekly Plan (One weekor Big week)Monthly plan Flexi Plan Facebook onEvery PhoneUnlimiNETInternetBundlesOkoa BundlesData bundles (daily,weekly, monthly, or 90 days)Glo TwitterVoiceZero ratedinternet.orgWikipediaZero or freeWikipediaFree TwitterPromotionPurchased a OrangeKlif phone (with 2GBfree data)FacebookZeroWikipediaZero or freeWikipedia WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia easystarter(complimentary datawithrecharge) Purchaseda SamsungGalaxy S6with 12monthsfreeInternet3

MTNAny MTN data bundlefrom 10MB to 7.5GB 4.5GB Night Plan(9pm 6am) 4.5GB(1.5GBday:6.01am 8.59pmand 3GB night:9pm 6am)MTNGoodyBagSocial bundlesexamplesinclude any ofthe following:Facebook (weeklyor monthly)Twitter (weekly ormonthly)Eskimi (weekly ormonthly)2go (weekly ormonthly)Nimbuzz (weeklyor monthly)WeChat (weeklyor monthly)Whatsapp (weeklyor monthly) MTN QuickFacebook Airtel Data plans bundles(daily, weekly, or Easy)Android data plans(android 1.0, 2.0, or 4.5)Blackberry plansTime based plans (Time based 30 orTime based 60)Night plan (Night 180or Night 300)Weekend plan Always On planUnlimiNETInternetBundles (e.g.,Unliminet 200to Unliminet5000)Social DataPlan (e.g,OperaMonthly,WhatsApp, orWTF Monthly)Airtel N5EntertainmentStoreOpera MiniBrowser planorAirtel OperaWebpassFacebookUSSD WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia4

MTN Airtel Browse Chaw Bundles(e,g, from 10MB to12GB)Bundles Prepaid (e.g,Pay As You Go,PhoneMini, Month Mini,or Rebate lite, etc.)Blackberry PackagesVodafone X(Quick Fix,Social,Weekly,Monthly, orX tremeMonthly) Night Owl data packageDaily data packagesWeekly data packageMonthly data packageData unlimited music (from 100MB to 4.5GB)Streamingmusic onDeezer Mini Plans (e.g., fromMini 1 with 50MB toMini 30 with 250MB)Monthly/QuarterlyPlans (e.g., PhonePersonal, or Bronze,Silver, Gold, Platinum)3 days personal planWeekly planDay business planNight personal planBlackberry plansGlo Kpa Kpa Kpa OfferGlo BounceVodafoneGhanaTigo Glo MobileMTN SocialBundle(400MB, 30days)Browser package (e.g., Browser Daily, BrowserMini, or Browser Lite)“2 Ghana” planVodafone Red (e.g.,Weekly, Rush, Hott, orClassic). GhanaPay as you go InternetBundle Daily, Weekly,or MonthlyPay as you go Internet Bundle Unlimited.Pay Monthly InternetBundle WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia internet.orgor freebasicsby FacebookFreeWeekendPurchaseda SamsungGalaxy S5with 6monthsfreeInternet5

GistaBiiiiig 5 ExtraGood Day Ghana Airtel Unlimited Packs (e.g.,30MB or 2GB). 3G/2G packsNight packsRecharge 3G internetpacks Airtel Smartphone Plan Bangladesh banglalink banglalink play pre paid currentpromotion (e.g., 5 takabundle, bundle offer:daily, weekly, ormonthly packs) Generic volume packsfrom 4MB to 15GB) Smart volume packs(1GB, 500MB, or200MB) Recharge packs (16MBto 20GB). discounted pay as you go rate Grameenpho Volume packs (e.g.,ne4MB to 4GB)Facebook Pack(e.g., from4MB to500MB)Video Packs(Youtube bundlewith unlimitedFacebook(BDT74) Bondho SIMOffer100%Bonus on 2GB packbangalinkmobile tv datapack (daily,weekly,monthly, ormovie packs)banglalink boighoropera minihighlighted 3Gpackage (forevery internetpack purchaseworth tk. 10 rechargeor more,tk. 19 incustomers canyour newenjoyor unusedunlimitedbanglalinkfacebook orconnectionfree browsingand getof prothom alo200 MBwebsite)banglalinkViber pack3G internetSocial packat tk. 30 Daily Socialpacks WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia prothom alofree browsingoffer bikroy.comfree browsingoffer Free Twitter Purchased SymphonyD54iWikipediaZero or freeWikipedia6

Smart Plans (299, 499, Weekly Socialor 699)packs Heavy Browsing (also Opera InternHeavy Browsing 20GB,Passand Night HeavyBrowsing) RobiTeletalk Always onFacebook packor AllMagic bundle pack (100FacebookMB Internet, 20bundle(1 day)Minutes, 20 SMS) Always On Internet packs fromWhatsApp7MB to 2500MBPack (1 day)Robi Internet (Daily Opera MiniWeekly, Monthly)Daily Pack (1Night Internet Packday)(1GB) Video Packs (1myNet personalizedday or 30internet packdays) Zero FB Any 2Gprepaid/postpaid mobileInternet pack Any 3Gprepaid/postpaid mobileInternet pack Any recharge data pack Any combo offer (e.g.,Lighter, Standard,Pioneer, etc.) Any live TV Okapia device offerpackPhilippinesGlobeTelecomhandset Freeand gotFacebookrechargeBrowsing bonus12amoffer.(midnight) till Use6pm.Wowboxapp PurchasedSymphonyGoFox F15 GoUNLI20,GoUNLI50 GoUNLI25,GoUNLI30, or SOCIAL20 Unlimitedaccess toFacebook,Twitter andMultiply for7

only P20 perdayMail 20 unlimitedaccess toFacebook,Yahoo Mail,Gmail andJobstreet foronly P20 perdayBlackberrySocialViber20 unlimitedViber chat &calls (alsoViber10 andViber30)Globe ChatBundle (FBMessenger,KakaoTalk,LINE, ,GrabTaxi,Google Maps,MMDA, Waze)Photo Bundle(Instagram,InstaSize,Photo Grid,Photo Repost)Work Bundle(Evernote,Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, 10 GBGlobe CloudStorage)Shoppingbundle8

Smart(Amazon,eBay, OLX,Zalora)Site specificbundles (e.g.,Spotify (P129or P299 ,GoSurf30,GoSurf50, orGoSurf99GoSAKTO appFree Viber(afterregistering forfree promo)Free Facebook(afterregistering forfree promo) Nadine 15 Unli Call 20 Jump All OutP15 Jump BaonLoad 50 Jump BaonLoad 25 Black BerryLITE SOCIAL(Monthly) FB2 (UnlimitedAny “SurfMax” planFacebook)Vmobile 300 SuperenhancementMessaging 10Vmobile 500 Any “BigenhancementBytes” planBig Bytes 5 All In 99Mobile Internet (P5.00 All Text 60per 15 minutes) All Text 12 TwitterAccess (freeTwitter) internet.orgor freebasicsby Facebook WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia9

Any OperaMini planAircel Facebookpacks & WhatsApp Pack(e.g., 100 MBData for facebook WhatsApp 10 MBdata forInternet, 25MB (Facebook Good Morning DataOnly), 200 MBPack 1 day (UnlimitedFacebook andInternet usage from 6Whats AppAM 9 AM) Pocket Rs 2 Internet PackInternet Chhota Unlimited PackGames pack Night pack Good Morning Roaming PackData Pack 30 Rate Cutter (1p/10KBdaysRate cutter)(Unlimited PocketInternet cardsInternet usage(e.g., from 20MB tofrom 6 AM 96GB).AM)Idea Cellular Sachet packs (e.g.,20MB to 160MB) Emergency DataServices pack Rate Cutter Packs Limited Volume Packs(250 MB to 20GB) Unlimited VolumePacks WhatsApp Trial Packs (250MB orpack (200MB)500MB) Facebook on Weekend PacksUSSD (Dial Night Data*325# Freedom Packstoll free)Airtel Blackberry plans 2G packs (e.g., from70MB to 4GB) 2G Monthly planIndia WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia 200 Mb 2GWhatsapppack10

3G packs from Rs. 100to Rs. 1500 4G plans (e.g., 1GB to10GB) Night Data Cashback(12am to 6am) Any 3G planwith UnlimitedFacebook,Twitter,Whatsapp orJadoo Anypromotionalplan with freeaccess to Mobile Internet PacksFacebook,(withoutunlimitedWhatsapp orRelianceaccess to selectTwitter forCommunicatiwebsites or apps)given validityons Pay as you go plansperiodTataDOCOMOUninor FreeFacebook(tap “go tofree” button) RelianceFreenet (freeFacebook) UnlimitedTwitterAccess for 3months Mobile Internet packs(e.g., from 25MB to5GB) Night packs (500MB) Tata Docomo Wi FiService Premium Wi Fi Service Night Packs Internet Plus packs SmartLife plans Internet packs (e.g.,from 40MB to 2GB) UnlimitedWhatsApppack (with orwithoutadditionaldata) YouTube andDailymotionUnlimited pack(with orwithoutadditionaldata) WikipediaZero or freeWikipedia11

UnlimitedWhatsApp Facebook(with orwithoutadditionaldata)Vodafone Any 2G Internet pack(e.g., 70MB to GB) Any unlimited 2GInternet pack Any 3G Internet pack(e.g. 75MB to 5GB) Any unlimited 3GInternet pack Any monthly, add on,or booster pack Blackberry packs Vodafone Red plansBNSL Any data Any prepaid data packpack with Any unlimited datamobile TVplan Facebook for Any postpaid data planUSSDClaro Zonas Claro wifi Paquetes de DatosPrepago (Navegacion) Kit Amigo Paquetes deDatosPrepago(Chat, Mail,Redes) Planes SinLímite Plan Prepago porSegundos (con 1GB) Blackberry (BISIlimitado y BlackBerryNavegación) Paquetes de internetfull PlanInnovaciónIlimitado PlanInnovaciónAbierto PlanInnovaciónControlColombiaMovistar “Recarga tuPrepagoClaro yrecibeFacebook,Twitter ychat deWhatsApp.”12

Blackberry(BIS Joven,BIS Social) Paquetesmail Paqueteschat Paqueteredes sociales mail chatTigo Internet Total 500MBBlackBerry Otros Paquetes“Internet Total” PaquetesPrepagoInfinitos(e.g.,PAQUETE 3DIAS O100MB (conWhatsApp yFacebook),PAQUETEQUINCENAO 1GB (conWhatsApp),PAQUETEMENSUAL2GB (conWhatsApp,Facebook yMúsica) PAQUETESPREPAGADOSEN COMBO(e.g., MINI,MEGA,SUPER) PAQUETESPREPAGADOSDE DATOS(e.g.,NAVEGA) OtrosPaquetes conWhatsApp yFacebookinfinito internet.org13

OtrosPaquetes conTigo Music InternetSocialBlackBerryMovistarPeru Paquete Full Internet(300MB, 500MB, 1GB) Total 30 días (500MB,1GB, 2GB) Tarifa Diaria (S/. 1/día) ClaroEntel PaqueteWhatsAppFull (30 Dias,15 Dias) PaquetesRedesSociales 30días/ 15 días) Whatsappgratis(prepago conun saldomínimo deS/.1) Paquetes deredes sociales(e.g.,paquetesPaquete 1 hora 25MBFacebook T(Prepago)witter)Paquete 1 día 30 días Paquetes(100MB 3000MB)BlackBerryTarifa del Día (S/. 1 XPrepago (BIS10 MB)Social, BISPaquetes BlackBerryMail)Prepago (BIS Full, BIS ClaroLite, BIS Max)Conexión Internet Entel(500MB, 1GB, 3GB,5.5GB, 10GB) Internet EntelPrepago (100MB,2GB) Whatsappgratis(postpago) Planes EntelLibre Planes EntelControl “recarga de Planes Entel5 soles oChipmás, te "Free Súper chipdamos 30Basics" deprepagominutos yFacebook SúperbolsasWhatsApp free.facebooilimitado”k.com14

5) Which plan do you currently use the most (select one from list)INSERT LIST OF ALL PLANS SELECTED BY RESPONDENT IN Q4)6) (If selected zero rated option in Q4)Note: Using the Internet includes services like email, Google search, Facebook, other social mediasites, Whatsapp, WeChat, Wikipedia, online newspapers, job sites, web browsing, etc.You stated that you used a free plan (e.g.,, free Facebook, free wikipedia, etc.) withinthe last year. Did you use the Internet before you started using this plan? (Select YES or NO).a) YESb) NO7) (If selected zero rated option in Q4) What is the main reason for using a free plan. Select one.a) It was too expensive to get a paid data planb) I wanted to use Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc.c) My friends/family encouraged me to use itd) I wanted to try it oute) OTHER8) (If selected zero rated option in Q4) Has using the free plan helped you in any of the followingways? (Select all that apply).a) Received information about health or access to health servicesb) Supported your education or your ability to participate in education programsc) Got a job or access to employment servicesd) Access content in your local languagee) Access to content about your communityf) Allowed you to participate or support a community group, NGO, or civic organizationg) Supported a political partyh) Earned moneyi) Accessed government servicesj) OTHER k) Using the free plan has not helped me in any of these ways15

9) (If selected zero rated option in Q4 AND if the respondent select any option between a j in Q8)Based on your answer in the previous question can you given an example of how using a free planhas helped you.10) (If selected zero rated option in Q4) You stated that you used a free plan within the last year. Doyou still use this free plan now? (Select YES or NO).a) YESb) NO11) (If selected zero rated option in Q4) You stated that you used a free plan within the last year. Doyou now use a paid plan?(Select YES or NO).a) YESb) NO12) (If selected YES in Q11) After using a free plan why do you now use a paid plan?(Select One).a) The free plan was a temporary promotion which has now endedb) I wanted to use websites or apps other than what was offered for freec) I wanted to get the full version of what was offered for free (e.g., I wanted to watch videoson Facebook).d) The free plan was too difficult to use (e.g., not sure which sites or apps were free andwhich were not)e) OTHER13) (If the respondent DID NOT select a zero rated option in Q4)Note: Using the Internet includes services like email, Google search, Facebook, other social mediasites, Whatsapp, WeChat, Wikipedia, online newspapers, job sites, web browsing, etc.Has using the Internet helped you in any of the following ways? (Select all that apply).a) Received information about health or access to health servicesb) Supported your education or your ability to participate in education programsc) Got a job or access to employment servicesd) Access content in your local languagee) Access to content about your communityf) Allowed you to participate or support a community group, NGO, or civic organizationg) Supported political partyh) Earned moneyi) Accessed government servicesj) OTHER 16

k) Using the Internet has not helped me in any of these ways14) (If the respondent DID NOT select a zero rated option in Q4 AND if the respondent selected anyoption between a j in Q13) Based on your answer in the previous question can you give an exampleof how the Internet has helped you?15) Suppose that your mobile phone company offered a data bundle for free but with a condition.Which of the following conditions would you choose to get the free data (SELECT ONE):a) Unlimited data valid for a limited time (e.g., 1 day, etc.)b) Unlimited data valid for a limited number of websites or appsc) Limited data (e.g., 50MB) for use on any website or app16) For each activity below please say how often you do them when you are online (select one optionfor each activity below) (DROPDOWN question)ActivityEvery time Iam onlineSometimeswhen I amonlineHardlyeverNeverE mailEntertainment (e.g., watch video/TV,play games, music)Messaging (e.g., Whatsapp, Viber,Wechat, Skype, etc.)Mobile bankingSocial networking (e.g., Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, etc)Online shoppingOnline newsHealth informationJob information or to earn incomeEducation (e.g., online classes/school)17

Other17) How much do you spend on average per WEEK on your mobile phone Internet/data service. Selectone.(ONLY INCLUDE ROW FOR RESPONDENT’S COUNTRY)Country US 2Nigeria399 or less400 to799 800 to1599 1600 to1999 2000 ormoreDon’t knowGhana7.99GH orless8GH to15.99GH 16GH to31.99GH 32GH to39.99GH 40GH ormoreDon’t knowKenya199KSh orless200KSh to399KSh400KSh to799KSh800KSh to999KSh1000KSh ormoreDon’t knowIndia129 or less130 to269 270 to529 530 to669 670 ormoreDon’t knowBangladesh149Tk orless150Tk to309Tk310Tk to619Tk620Tk to769Tk770Tk ormoreDon’t knowPhilippines99 or less100 to189 190 to379 380 to469 470 ormoreDon’t knowColombia 6149 orless 6150 to 12199 12200 to 24499 24500 to 30699 30700 ormoreDon’t knowPeruS/. 6.99 orlessS/. 7 to S/.12.99S/. 13 to S/.26.99S/. 27 to S/.33.99S/. 34 ormoreDon’t know18) What isa)b)c)d)e)f)More thanor equal toUS 2 andless thanUS 4More thanor equal toUS 4 andless thanUS 8More thanUS 8 andless thanUS 10More thanor equal toUS 10Don’t knowyour highest level of education (select one)None or some primary schoolPrimary school completedSecondary school completedSome college or university educationBachelors degreeMasters degree18

19) What isa)b)c)d)e)f)g)h)your employment situation currently (select one)Self employedFull time job with a company or organization and earn a salaryPart time job with a company or organization and earn a salaryNot employed (or in between jobs)Not working due to illness or disabilityRetiredStudentSpend most of my time taking care of the home/family20) What year were you born?Enter year19

Aircel Good Morning Data Pack 1 day (Unlimited Internet usage from 6 AM 9 AM) Rs 2 Internet Pack Chhota Unlimited Pack Night pack Roaming Pack Rate Cutter (1p/10KB Rate cutter) PocketInternet cards (e.g., from 20MB to 6GB). Facebook packs & Whats App Pack