POWERBONDPLEXUS COLOUR IV 02875Powerbond Installation


PRODUCT COORDINATES – LVTTandus Centiva Soft Surface products coordinate with a variety of our LVT products.A N T I Q U E W O O D , PA C I F I C B O AT H O U S ER AY S , O R ECAN 0351CRS 0795C O R A L R E E F, B E A C H M O S SVCR 0015MODERN STONE, PORTOCMS 0604

PRODUCT COORDINATES – TRANSITION: METALEDGE COLLECTIONMetalEdge transition provides a transition solution and finish detail for any commercial space. The following colors have been selected to coordinate witha variety of Tandus Centiva LVT and soft surface products. Please contact your Tandus Centiva account executive for details.STEEL 00179*IRONSTONE 00178*BLACK PEARL 00082*BRASS 00176**These colors are metallic and may not be accurately represented. Please contact your Tandus Centiva account executive to order samples, 800.248.2878.

THE ULTIMATE FLOORING EXPERIENCETandus Centiva, a Tarkett company, creates innovative floorcovering solutions through our unique line of Powerbond , Freeform , Modular, Broadloom, Wovenand LVT products. Each of our product platforms offer coordinated styles, extensive color ranges and a variety of patterns and textures that enhance theappearance of any commercial environment. Tandus Centiva products are also designed to coordinate with our MetalEdge Collection transition, providing theUltimate Flooring Experience.

CONSTRUCTION OPTIONSAll Tandus Centiva Powerbond and Modular options are 100% closed-loop recyclable through our ReStart program and do notcontain pesticides (antimicrobials) as part of our reduce chemical initiatives.Backing SystemsWarrantylifetimePowerbondPowerbond CushionLIMITEDlifetimePowerbond Medfloor LIMITEDPowerbond ethos CushionlifetimeLIMITEDConserv lifetimeER3 lifetimeethos ire LEIMPACT [email protected] 10,000IMPERMEABLEIMPACT [email protected] 10,000IMPERMEABLEIMPACT [email protected] 10,000InstallationPEEL & STICKDIRECT GLUEPEEL & STICKDIRECT GLUEPEEL & STICKDIRECT ECYCLEDCONTENTDIRECT CLABLEPEEL & STICKDIRECT GLUETANDUS TAPEDIRECT GLUEPEEL & STICKDIRECT GLUE Rollability is the ability to move (or roll) pieces of furniture such as chairs or beds on flooring Moisture penetration by impact at seams @10psi: No penetration after 10,000 impacts Impermeable seamsEXCELLENTFor samples, warranties and additional information, visit or call DCONTENT

ReStart includes Tandus Centiva’s third-party certified reclamation and recycling program thatreclaims and recycles post consumer flooring, installation waste, samples and portfolios. Toinitiate ReStart, contact customer service at 800-248-2878. ReStart is available for all Tarkettproducts and may be initiated by contacting your Tarkett DCERTIFIEDCERTIFIEDProductRecycledContentMin. Post-ConsumerRecycled ContentNSF 140RatingER3 ModularPowerbond ethos Cushionethos ModularPowerbond CushionPowerbond Medfloor Flex-Aire Cushion 7%7%4%PlatinumPlatinumPlatinumGoldGoldRecycled content varies by product style and has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Global Services.For a detailed analysis of how Tandus Centiva products perform in environmental rating systems such as LEED,please visit our ecoScorecard at vinyl products, when recovered, are 100% recyclable in Tandus Centiva’s closed-loop recycling process.Tandus Centiva offers Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the following:ethos Modular, ER3 Modular, Flex-Aire Cushion Modular, Powerbond ethos Cushion,Powerbond Cushion and Powerbond Medfloor.For samples, warranties and additional information, visit or call 800.248.2878.

PLEXUS COLOUR IV 02875Coordinate Group:SolidsSize:Modular: 24” x 24”(60.9 cm x 60.9 cm)Powerbond: 6 feet (1.8 m)Surface Texture:Symtex Yarn Content:Dynex NylonDye Method:50% Solution Dyed / 50% Yarn DyedPile Height Average:0.135’’ (3.4 mm)Pattern Match:N/AModularConstruction Options:Installation Options:ER3 Modular, Flex-Aire CushionModular, Conserv Modular,ethos Modular24” X 24”:MONOLITHICPowerbondConstruction Options:Powerbond Cushion, Powerbond Medfloor , Powerbond ethos CushionFor samples, warranties and more information,visit or call 800.248.2878.

PLEXUS COLOUR IV 02875 Solids Modular: 24" x 24" (60.9 cm x 60.9 cm) Powerbond: 6 feet (1.8 m) Symtex Dynex Nylon 50% Solution Dyed / 50% Yarn Dyed 0.135'' (3.4 mm) N/A ER3 Modular, Flex-Aire Cushion Modular, Conserv Modular, ethos Modular 24" X 24": Powerbond Cushion, Powerbond Medfloor , Powerbond ethos Cushion