Inte rna tiona lT im e z one s35th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 2022Sunday 17 July 2022 - Friday 22 July 2022Virtual ConferencePlease notebelow times arebased inAustralianEasternStandard TimeAs at 06 July 2022Sunday, 17 July 202201:00Ch a n n e l 1Ch a n n e l 2Ch a i r p e r s o n : Y u a n J i a n gCh a i r p e r s o n : M i n a S a n o09:001118: Repertoire and Critical EmotionalPractice in Ensemble SpacesDr John PERKINS09:30315: After the fires, the visible voice of renewalA/Prof Anne POWER10:00522: T orn Asunder: Reconciliation withContradiction in Music EducationDr Sean POWELLCh a n n e l 3Ch a n n e l 4Post er sCh a i r p e r s o n : Be t h a n i e H a n s e nWORKSHOP318: Jazz: Making American Democratic IdealsVisibleDr Wesley WATKINS876: Homage à R. Murray Schafer: T heSingAble Elements Fire Earth Air WaterDr Ardelle RIES10:30A s ia / Pa cif ic S e s s ionTimes are listed accordingto AEST: 9am - 1pmLoca l T im e sAuckland 11am - 3pmBeijing 7am - 1amTokyo 8am - noonSingapore 7am - 1amSao Paulo 8pm - midnightNew York / Toronto 7pm 11pmLos Angeles / Vancouver4pm - 8pm832: T he use of feedback in studio instrumentalmusic tuition- an Australian studyDr Leon DE BRUIN501: Learn Four Chinese T ones with PitchSinging T raining MethodDr Danqing ZHOU329: A Voice and Space for Children andFamilies in the Concert HallDr Claire NICHOLLS775: Concert Lecture as a New Approach ofCommunity Music EducationMs Dongfang HUO11:0011:1012:00711: Examination of Activities Using MusicalInstruments in Elementary Schools: Focusingon the Relationship with OthersMs Yasuko MURAKAMI, Mr Jiro HIRANO549: Finding the position of the school musiccurriculum in a comprehensive assessmentframework towards ST EAMDr Yang YANG207: Becoming pitch perfect: Investigating anew pedagogical method to achieve justintonation in choral singingMs Elizabeth SCOTT, Dr Helen MITCHELL312: A Phenomenology of ProfessionalLeadership Identity Development in MusicEducators in the United StatesDr Nicole RAMSEY12:3018:00Digital posters will be available for viewing inthe digital poster gallery1057: Keeping the Whole World Singing:Resilience of the Barbershop Community Duringthe COVID-19 PandemicMr Asher CARLSON1070: Perceptions of a Music and SongwritingCourse in a Juvenile Detention CenterDr Chris BULGREN110: Reform practice of Music CurriculumBased on Mapping-Inversion of Multiple FusionPerceptionA/Prof Yumeng HE850: StreetSounds: An Example OfDeterritorialization In Australian CommunityMusicMrs Laura FLANAGANPERFORMANCEWORKSHOP186: Scotch College Symphony Orchestra,MelbourneMr John FERGUSON311: Ensuring a Successful T ransition fromDoctoral Candidate to ProfessorDr Lori GRAY585: Visible voices: Locating meaning in thesecondary music classroomDr Cade BONARBreak 213:00Auckland 8pm - midnightBeijing 4pm - 8pmTokyo 5pm - 9pmSydney 6pm - 10pmBangkok 3pm - 7pmROUNDTABLE PRESENTATION242: T he Musical Playground as a Vehicle forCommunity DevelopmentDr Richard MARSELLA10:5011:30Loca l T im e sHelsinki 11am - 3pmNairobi 11am - 3pmBerlin 10am - 2pmLondon 9am - 1pm225: Community singing in Italy during the firstCovid-19 lockdown - a unique case of Lifelong-,T ransformative-, and Intergenerational Learning.Prof Johannes VAN DER SANDT, ProfAntonella COPPI10:4011:20E uro/ A f rica S e s s ionTimes are listed accordingto AEST: 6pm - 10pm781: Becoming a Voice for Innovation in theOrchestral Concert HallDr Claire NICHOLLS, Mr Matthew HENRYCh a i r p e r s o n : T BCCh a i r p e r s o n : A mi r a E h r l i chCh a i r p e r s o n : J a n e l i z e M o r e l l i1146: T he Effectiveness of Integrated StudiesCentered Around Music Education: Based onFollow-Up Interviews with GraduatesDr Noriko TOKIE185: A Study of Co-regulation and SociallyShared Regulation Processes in CollaborativeMusic LearningProf Hiroshi SUGA1143: Creating Community Music – ApproachingCommunity Music Settings through the Lens ofElemental Music PedagogyProf Camille SAVAGE-KROLL18:30659: From visible sounds to moving bodies. T he 584: Communication and collaboration in music211: Why do people sing in choirs? Anrole of embodied knowledge in arts educationcomposition gaming: A case study of children international study of motivation to participate inMr Gerhard LOCK, Mr Simon NIEMANN, Drwith ADHDchoirs and singing groups.Prof Pirkko PAANANENDr Kerry BOYLEMarit MõISTLIK-TAMM, Mrs Jane REMM19:00797: Making music visible – students’ voices ina listening taskDr Sabine CHATELAIN514: Listening to their voice: Cypriot musicteachers’ perspectives on the official andimplemented curriculumProf Natassa ECONOMIDOU-STAVROU, DrNopi NICOLAOU TELEMACHOU19:30503: Singing migrants: Music Educator sprofessional practice in a language aware choirin FinlandMrs Johanna LEHTINEN-SCHNABEL187: An Investigation of the ShenzhenElementary School Music ImplementedCurriculumMs Lexuan ZHANG1115: Co-creation and its tricky bits incommunity music practiceDr Joanne GIBSON20:001020: re(commoning) Musical Creativity AndImagination In T he Public Space: CriticalReflections From T he Sound Sculpture ParkProjectMr Jashen EDWARDS, Ms Caroline BLUMERDELAZARO, Mr Alexandre VON WARTBURG,Mr Daniel GARDNER, Dr Kari VEBLEN620: T he informal learning branch of MusicalFutures: what happens in the classroom?Dr Anna MARIGUDDI575: Community Music in Portugal: working upto a holistic viewMr Jorge GRAçA, Dr Helena RODRIGUES777: Building on a rocky foundation:Responsibility and privilege in South Africancommunity music practicesDr Janelize MORELLIROUNDTABLE PRESENTATION20:3020:401135: ST EAM Curriculum Development aboutMusic-oriented Intangible Cultural HeritageProjects in Chinese Primary SchoolsMiss Jiani WU, Miss Zhao YUEHAN, Mr ZhangYANHAN241: the Visible Voice Of T ime In Music AsPhilosophyProf Yaroslav SENYSHYN250: the Art Of Listening In Music EducationResearchDr Alexis KALLIODigital posters will be available for viewing inthe digital poster gallery260: From Hidden to Visible; toward a traumainformed framework of community musicpracticeMrs Catherine BIRCH631: A Comparison Of Western And ChineseDalcroze Studies: A Visual Analysis InCitespaceMs Xiaoling ZHOU20:50WORKSHOP21:001212: the Power Of Music: A Crique Of T heResearch Methods AdoptedProf Susan HALLAM, Prof Ev angelosHIMONIDES21:10831: school Inclusion T hrough Active MusicT eaching Methods In China?Miss Luyi WANG, Prof Oscar ODENA21:2021:30578: Moving towards social cohesion through aDalcroze-inspired approach: a multisite casestudyMs Joy MEYER980: Music students’ experiences of BodyMapping as somatic learning: Activities,teaching outcomes, and integrated applicationsDr Bridget RENNIE-SALONEN882: Chinese traditional custom educationthought and its creative application in Chinesemodern music educationMiss Yuanyang PENGPERFORMANCE67: Diphonon Duo: Viola and accordionMr Iñigo MIKELEIZ BERRADE


35th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 2022Sunday 17 July 2022 - Friday 22 July 2022Virtual ConferenceInternationalTimezonesPlease note belowtimes are based inAustralian EasternStandard Time01:00As at 06 July 2022Monday, 18 July 2022C h a n n el 1C h a n n el 2C h a n n el 3C h a n n el 4C h a i rp ers o n : S a m a n th a W eb b erC h a i rp ers o n : F l á v i a M o to y a m aNa ri taC h a i rp ers o n : D o n C o f f m a nC h a i rp ers o n : TB C379: Exploring The Omnivorous Voice:Multistylism, Voice View And Artistic Agency InHigher Musical Theatre EducationMiss Guro VON GERMETEN886: Musical Learning Exchanges: A New Model forIntercultural EngagementDr Mary COHEN, Dr Adam HARRY, Dr LizHOLLINGWORTHC h a n n el 5P o s tersW O R K S HO P01:00O P ENI NG1130: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between MusicFaculty And Other Academic Areas ThroughCollision Courses: The Connection SeriesDr Sarah BURNS435: approaches To Teaching Jazz ImprovisationTo Novice Learners In The One-to-one LessonSettingMiss Alexis CAIRNS326: Leisure-Time Music-Making and theIndividualism ProblemA/Prof Roger MANTIE580: The role of the teacher’s body in instrumentaland vocal music pedagogyDr Melissa BREMMER, Dr Luc NIJS1077: 1077 (Amy Hillis): Contemporary Composersin Community Music: the power to give a "voice" tomarginalized peoples and deepen a community'sidentityDr Amy HILLIS02:30384: Toward Responsive, HumanizingEngagements With Popular Music In U.S.-basedGeneral Music ClassesDr Kelly BYLICA, Mr Jonathan Edan DILLON1026: Imaginative Community Ensembles in Theoryand in PracticeMs Giulia RIPANI, Mr Robert SAUNDERS03:00684: Arranging by Ear in the Choral Classroom: ACase StudyProf Aimee PEARSALL765: Community Music and Music Therapy:Exploring the Japanese context of communitymusicDr Mari SHIOBARA03:30995: Cultivating Individual Musicianship andEnsemble Performance Through Notation-FreeLearning In Three High School Band ProgramsDr Barry HARTZ373: the Musical Work Of Serious Leisure: PipingWith The 78th Fraser HighlandersDr Kari VEBLEN, Dr Janice WALDRON249: The ‘ukulele as a tool for learning,engagement, and connection in higher education.Ms Cynthia KINNUNEN24: On the Limits of Liberal Antiracisms: Towardsa Critical Race Theory of Music EducationDr Jess MULLEN442: New Pathways: Personality Traits ofBeginning Adult Musicians (60 years)Ms Jennifer BUGOS330: De-constructing Leadership through Voices ofEl Sistema Youth: Visibility through Reflexivity.Dr Bettyanne YOUNKER, Dr Cathy BENEDICT,Ms Laura CURTIS746: Chamber Music-The Secret IngredienttoBetter Large Ensemble Skills and BetterStudentsDr Osvaldo GOMES DOS SANTOS JUNIOR,Dr Daniel HASZNOS48: Iowa State University String QuintetDr Jonathan GOVIAS345: leadership Awareness And ProfessionalIdentity In Ensemble ConductorsDr Anne HALLORAN TORTORA01:30WORKSHOPA meri c a' sS essi o nTimes are listedaccording to AEST:1am - 5amL o c al Ti mesSao Paulo noon 4pmNew York / Toronto11am - 3pmLos Angeles /Vancouver 8am noonHelsinki 6pm 10pmNairobi 6pm 10pmBerlin 5pm - 9pmLondon 4pm 8pm02:00523: The Importance of Making Music forEmotional HealthDr Lois SVARD04:0004:30375: Improv Comedy and Music EducationMr Jake CASSMANDigital posters will be available for viewing inthe digital poster gallery372: Integrating Music Education throughout theCurriculum: A Meta-Analysis of Teaching fromKindergarten through UniversityDr Daniel JOHNSON, Dr Kristin HARNEY, DrAmorette LANGUELLBreak 105:00C h a n n el 1C h a n n el 2C h a n n el 3C h a n n el 4A C o l l o q u i u m o n Hea l thEd u c a ti o n f o r M u s i c i a n s i nHi g h er Ed u c a ti o n : W h a t W o rk s ?C h a i rp ers o n : TB CC h a i rp ers o n : D r J a s o n Go o p yC h a i rp ers o n : C a n c a n C u iC h a i rp ers o n : TB CC h a i rp ers o n : W ei Gu o - C o s a i ti sP R ES I D ENTI A L P R ES ENTA TI O NW O R K S HO PSYMPOSIASYMPOSIASYMPOSIAP o s ters09:0009:18391: sing Me Your Story, Play Me Your Song:Using An Arts Immersion Approach To FosterEmpathy Through A Visible Music Voice In PrimarySchoolsDr Susan CHAPMANDr Patricia CampbellP’ungmul/Samul nori: Korean Percussion forClassrooms in the Contemporary World09:22206: Chamber Music: developing excellence in largeensemble learningDr Jemima BUNN09:3009:3609:441024: The Musical Lives, Hopes, And Agency OfAfghanistan’s Young Musicians In The MonthsBefore Taliban ReturnDr Gillian HOWELL09:5410:00A si a/P ac i f i cS essi o nTimes are listedaccording to AEST:9am - 1pmL o c al Ti mesAuckland 11am 3pmBeijing 7am - 1amTokyo 8am - noonSingapore 7am 1amSao Paulo 8pm midnightNew York / Toronto7pm - 11pmLos Angeles /Vancouver 4pm 8pm10:06836: interpreting The Music Culture: Modernity OfTraditional Music EducationProf Hsinyen YU10:12followed by10:50707: The Challenge of Teaching Chinese Music inthe United StatesMs Xingyan LIU11:00Dr Brian WeidnerExploring Democracy: Choice, Voice andReflective Practice in Large Ensemblesfollowed byDr Brian WEIDNER paper 358 - disruptiveExperiences Through Democratic PracticesDr Shawn MCNAMARA Paper 357 - musicalDemocracy: A Philosophical PerspectiveDr Wendy MATTHEWS Paper 359 - intragroupBeliefs In Conductorless Ensembles282: Co-designing Engagement with First Nations'891: International Principles for Assessment in ArtsPeoples and Communities in the Australian TertiaryEducationMusic Education SystemDr Timothy BROPHYMs Jennifer NEWSOME893: Impact of Collecting Student Growth Data onSecondary Music Teacher Assessment PracticesDr Peter HAMLINStudent Chapter - Turning your conference sessioninto an article106: A Blended Learning Approach to InterculturalUnderstandingMrs Nisha FEIK11:30Prof Emily AKUNO Paper 428 - leading TowardsInclusion: Lessons From Indigenous KnowledgeSystems/re-defining Music Education: A Call ForIks-sensed LeadershipDr Gary MCPHERSON paper 429 - culturalChange Through Professional, Theoretical AndPolitical Leadership Within Music EducationProf Lee David HIGGINS paper 430 - communityMusic In A Post-pandemic EraDr Heidi WESTERLUND paper 431 - The art ofleading systems change in higher music education:Towards ecologically sustainable and meaningfulfuturesDr Marcus MEDEIROS Paper 432- MusicEducation in Brazil: (Re)Actions of ABEM in criticaltimes724: e-Orch Innovative Music Performance andCreation Project for Music EducationDr Chi Hin LEUNG10:2810:3011:20Dr Patrick SchmidtBridging Change: Leadership and theReframing of Music Education Culturefollowed byMr Duk Soo KIM Paper 480 - P’ungmul/Samulnori: Korean Percussion for Classrooms in theContemporary WorldProf Keith HOWARD Paper 481 - RevisitingKorean SamulNori: Teaching rhythmic units,cycles, and motives in classroom settingsDr Katherine In-Young LEE Paper 482 - AGateway into Korean Culture: Reflections onTeaching Samul nori at a North AmericanUniversityDr Donna LEE KWON Paper 483 - Transmittingthe Groove of P’ungmul in Community and CollegeClassrooms through Intermodal PedagogiesDr Namhee LIM Paper 484 - Bridging KoreanTraditional Percussion Music and Children in theContemporary World1076: Interactions of Students with a ReadingDisability: Stories from Sixth Grade Band MembersMs Kristin KOTERBAWORKSHOP1017: Transforming Trans Singing Education: TheDigital posters will be available for viewing inMotivations And Experiences Of Australianthe digital poster galleryTransgender SingersDr Naomi COOPER, Ms Nadine MANION, ProfScott HARRISON762: A Case Study of a Singing InterventionalAssessment in Shenzhen ChinaMs Xiaobin KE, Ms Lexuan ZHANG147: Reconstructing Modern National Identity inMusic: Case Studies of Korea and TaiwanProf Yuri ISHII613: Innovation and Conservatism in Assessmentof Chinese Xiqu: A Content Analysis of TwoGraded ExaminationsDr Yue LUO, Dr Hang SU828: Analyze the dualistic spirit of Tibetan FolkMusic EducationMrs Xiaowen TANG11:50R O UND TA B L ES12:0012:1012:20583: Topic theory: the application of interpretingmusic in piano pedagogyMs Jin DING419: Growing Visibility, Expanding The View:Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Voices InQueensland Music Classrooms.Dr Malcolm COLE834: Instrumental Music Education in the time ofCOVID: intra-actions of creative pedagogies andrelationality that sustain music learningDr Leon DE BRUIN760: The Practice and Application of EthnicMinority Music Culture in Music Teacher EducationMiss Wencui HUANG449: An Exploration of Chinese SongsMs Jialin LI

798: An investigation on the couplingconnectionbetween John Dewey's “learning by doing” and theXAPPDr Wei GUO12:3012:4014: Play The Beat, Feel The Rhythm, ExperienceUnity, Celebrate Living, A Case Study ThatExplores The Roles Of Community Drumming InSingaporeMr Syed Ibrahim B MOHIDEEN166: Experiences of First-Year Music Teachers inHawai'i During the COVID-19 PandemicMr Nicholas MATHERNE62: Kim, Duk-Soo & SamulNori Hanullim : MasterDrummers and Dancers from KoreaDr Namhee LIM1112: Relationship-building and musicalengagement: Pitfalls and opportunities towardindigenizing study abroad experiencesDr John PERKINS135: The Intersection of Restorative Justice andClassroom Management in Elementary GeneralMusic ClassroomsDr Jennifer POTTER GEE, Dr Melissa RYAN12:50Break 213:00C h a i rp ers o n : A m i ra Eh rl i c hC h a i rp ers o n : P a m el a B u rn a rdC h a i rp ers o n : C ra i g R es taC h a i rp ers o n : A l eth ea d e V i l l i ersC h a i rp ers o n : B en o n K i g o z i560: Mugham Singer's Scientific Voice AssessmentUsing Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imagingduring Singing Azerbaijani MughamMs Alexandria SULTAN VON BRUSELDORFF383: The problem of the European classicaltradition – Spirituality and Postsecular EducationProf June BOYCE-TILLMAN360: Tensions between assessment and musicteachers’ values in the Swedish compulsory schoolMs Johanna ANTONSSON752: Singing Kabi Kabi: A rationale and ethicalprocess for developing Aboriginal language songsfor use in schoolsDr Rachael DWYER79: Face-to-Face. Online. Blended? Evolution of aMusicians’ Health and Wellness Module inResponse to COVID19Dr Naomi NORTON33: Back to Braille: Music Education in 19thCentury Italian Special SchoolsProf Giovanna CARUGNO941: Assessment of Singing in the LowerSecondary School – A Qualitative Interview StudyMr Gabriel IMTHURN489: The “Bapa” Songline: Decolonising language,song and dance through mentoring and schoolperformance.Dr Thomas FIENBERG835: Exploratory Diary Study of ConservatoireMaster’s Students’ Autonomy in Adapting toDistance Learning during COVID-19Miss Anna HARRISON466: Amalgamation of cultures: visualising andvoicing change and samenessDr Thea LAMPRECHT972: Holistic assessment through a digital portfolioexemplified by vocal development in adolescenceMs Elina BäCHLIN, Mr Gabriel IMTHURN340: Historically informed performance: Songsembedded in /Xam storiesA/Prof Alethea DE VILLIERS, A/Prof MenanDU PLESSISP R ES I D ENTI A L P R ES ENTA TI O N18:0018:30597: "Religious Occupation": Jewish Israeli COVIDPrayer Solutions And Their Social And Musicalimpact On Public SpaceDr Amira EHRLICH945: working Towards Diversity, Inclusion, AndPolicy Changein A Global Music Education ContextDr Maria ARGYRIOU19:00SYMPOSIAROUNDTABLE194: Measuring Parental Involvement as ParentalActions in Children’s Private Music Lessons inChinaDr Cancan CUI19:30Eu ro /A f ri c aS essi o nTimes are listedaccording to AEST:6pm - 10pmL o c al Ti mesHelsinki 11am 3pmNairobi 11am 3pmBerlin 10am - 2pmLondon 9am - 1pm19:40916: Positioning Higher Music Education in theCompetency-Based Curriculum for a DecolonisedMusic ClassroomProf Emily AKUNO19:48Benjamin Joeriseen - Keynote19:5020:0620:1020:2420:25229: Singing together - redefining together: singingand wellbeing of children in Italy, Austria andFinland during Covid-19 LockdownProf Johannes VAN DER SANDT, Dr HelmutSCHAUMBERGER, Dr Sanna SALMINEN, DrMotje WOLF, Prof Antonella COPPI655: Music Education Pedagogy ReimaginedThrough Eastern Traditions: a Case Study FromIsraelDr Amira EHRLICH, Mr Gilad VAKNIN539: Development of Evaluation Tool for PrimarySchool Music Creative Teaching AcademicAchievementDr Chao ZHANGfollowed byMs Melissa BECHTELER-WEICKHARDT 565: Preservice music teachers’ perceptions of the role ofprofessional identity development on teaching selfefficacyMiss Tayler BASHAM 566: Experiences of regionalAustralian music students when accessing andtransitioning to Tertiary educationMs Grace RACKEMANN 567: Teachers’perceptions of issues affecting the implementationof culturally diverse curriculum within QueenslandschoolsMs Peyton CROFTON 568: An investigation intofactors affecting pre-service instrumental musicteachers’ perceptions of preparedness to teachsecondary instrumentsMs Megan BEKINSALE 569: A systematic reviewof literature exploring gender diverse students’experiences within music education20:00Auckland 8pm midnightBeijing 4pm - 8pmTokyo 5pm - 9pmSydney 6pm 10pmBangkok 3pm 7pmA/Prof Julie BallantyneIssues affecting music education inQueensland: A snapshot of research in thefieldDigital posters will be available for viewing inthe digital poster gallery696: Motivation in Music Education-Measurementbased on "The Music Model of AcademicMotivation"Ms Elpida SISKOU, Dr Chryso HADJIKOU699: Young People’s Visible Voices: Replicating“The Sound of the Next Generation” study inAustraliaDr James HUMBERSTONESYMPOSIA1078: In the Eye of the Beholder: PhotographicRepresentations of Ethnicities and Gender in TheInstrumentalistMs Kristin KOTERBADr Regina MurphyExploring Inclusive Music Pedagogy; PerspectivesFrom Across Four ContinentsPRESIDENTIAL PRESENTATIONfollowed by20:3020:40309: Ek Do, Ek Do, Badtey Kadam: IndianKindergarteners Find Their Voice During APandemicMs Shree Lakshmi VAIDYANATHAN598: A Research on the Relationship betweenEmpathy and Music Preference of StudentsMiss Ying LIU20:4220:55WORKSHOP21:0021:10641: A New, All-Inclusive Attentional Training forMusicians: The ‘Practice Methodology’Dr László STACHó21:2521:30796: the Ishikawa Cause-and-effect Diagram: AVisual Vocalisation Of The South African MusicLiteracy Education Conundrum.Ms Ronella VAN RENSBURG938: Practice-based Research for PupilParticipation In Sweden's Art And Music SchoolsDr Adriana DI LORENZO TILLBORG817: instrumental Music Lessons Improve TheAuditory Discrimination Of Children Who Have ADisabilityMr Ross WALKER55: Yugambeh Youth ChoirMrs Candace KRUGERDr Regina MURPHY, Dr Phil MULLEN, Ms AnnJONES, Dr Graham SATTLER, Dr MagaliKLEBER, Dr Donald DEVITO, Dr Phil MULLENPaper 944: exploring Inclusive Music Pedagogy;Perspectives From Across Four ContinentsDr Magali KLEBER Paper 984: The role of criticalthinking in the beliefs of social music educatorsMs Ann JONES Paper 982: Inclusion with youngpeople excluded from schoolDr Phil MULLEN Paper 990: Findings frominternational inquiries into musically inclusivepedagogies.Dr Graham SATTLER Paper 983: Reflecting theDifference; a community song-writing programinNew South Wales, AustraliaDr Donald DEVITO Paper 985: Inclusion withyoung people with behavioural special needs andyoung people with disabilitiesStudent VOICE1059: how Music Engagement Benefits MulticulturalSettings: Case Studies In Primary Schools OfSpain And JapanMr Josep FERRAN GALICIA, Ms YukiYAGETA

InternationalTimezones35th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 2022Sunday 17 July 2022 - Friday 22 July 2022Virtual ConferencePlease notebelow times arebased inAustralianEastern StandardTime01:00As at 06 July 2022Tuesday, 19 July 2022Ch a n n e l 1Ch a n n e l 2Ch a n n e l 3Ra ci a l J u s t i ce , A r t i s t i c J u s t i ce ,S p i r i t u a l J u s t i ce : T o w a r d a N e wA ct i v i s t I n t e r s e ct i o n a l i t y i n M u s i cE d u ca t i o nCh a i r p e r s o n : T BCCh a i r p e r s o n : S a b i n e Ch a t e l a i nCh a i r p e r s o n : S t e p h a n i e M a y e r SattinCh a i r p e r s o n : Li a n e H e n t s ch k e888: Subverting Disempowerment In MusicEducation During T imes Of Rapid ChangeDr Andrea MAAS, Dr Cara BERNARD, DrGeorge NICHOLSONW ORK S H OP197: Intersections of engagement theory andCulturally Relevant Pedagogy in the choralclassroom: What can we learn from thestudents?Dr Ruth GURGEL30: Creating a visible voice of composers in theEarly Music Kodály ClassroomDr Marilyn BROUETTE533: Love And T heft: Moving From AppropriationT o Appreciation In Popular Music EducationMr Stev e HOLLEY01:30ROUNDTABLEW ORK S H OP251: El Sistema in the Classroom: Using theT eaching Voices of Children to AchieveSuccessMr Camilo ORTIZ, Mrs Isabelle TUNCER, MissAmalia DIAZCh a n n e l 5Ch a i r p e r s o n : S a ma n t h a W e b b e r313: A Place to Express T hemselves: Adaptingfor Cognitive and Physical Changes AmongOlder Music MakersDr Pamela D. PIKE434: self-efficacy And Online Rehearsals:evidence For A Critical Period In Musical Selfefficacy DevelopmentMs Jennifer BUGOS, Dr Amanda SCHLEGEL,Dr Ann HARRINGTON, Dr Matt WILLIAMSW ORK S H OP447: T he Song Selection Process: A Survey ofOrff T eacher Educators in CanadaMs Kim FRIESEN WIENS02:00101: T he Challenge of Culture Change:(In)Visibility in Music Leadership andGovernanceDr Patrick SCHMIDT263: Examining High School Concert BandDirectors' Self-Efficacy for ClassroomManagement, Classroom ManagementBehaviors, and Job SatisfactionDr Bradley REGIER02:10701: From Musician to MusicT eacher: Embracing Music Education throughRe-identification and MentorshipMr Keith GRIFFIOENLorna Williams - KeynoteA m e rica 'sS e s s ionTimes are listedaccording to AEST:1am - 5amLoca l T im e sSao Paulo noon 4pmNew York / Toronto11am - 3pmLos Angeles /Vancouver 8am noonHelsinki 6pm 10pmNairobi 6pm 10pmBerlin 5pm - 9pmLondon 4pm - 8pm02:201031: Key Changes: Incorporating Education forSustainable Development in Music EducationMr Kyle BARTLETT02:30927: Experiences of Students of Color in anUndergraduate Music Education Program in theUnited StatesDr Vanessa BOND, Dr Julie HAGEN02:40287: T he Significance of a Global MusicEducation Framework: InternationalPerspectives and Dialog in Music T eacherEducationDr Christopher HANSON, Miss BeatriceMCNAMARA02:50274: Are YOU on the list? Diversity andRepresentation of Music Festival ComposerLists: An Investigation.Dr Gregory WHITMORE, Dr William TONISSEN03:001063: Learning Rhymes from Notation inIsolationDr Andrew PANEY725: Activating Music Archives: CreatingLessons from Historical RecordingsMr Clayton DAHM854: playing T he Ice And T he T rees:Improvised Music Making As Liberatory SpiritualPraxisDr Gareth SMITH92: Lived Experiences: Music Educators’ Stressin the COVID-19 PandemicDr Karen KONER, Dr Jennifer POTTER, DrBrianne BORDEN529: “I’ve Given Up T rying to Find a Quiet Spot”:Adult Beginner Guitarists Self-RegulatedLearning ChallengesMr Patrick FEELYROUNDTABLE948: Adaptation of a questionnaire to verifymetacognitive processes in violin studentsMr Rafael FERRONATO, Dr Rosane CARDOSODE ARAúJO03:1003:12981: coloniality And Decolonial Perspectives InPopular Music Programs In BrazilDr Luis Ricardo SILVA QUEIROZ, ProfLeonardo MEIRA DANTAS609: Pedagogy and InclusionDr Jennie HENLEY723: High Anxiety: Mental Health Practices forMusic EducatorsDr Michael HUDSON, Dr Elizabeth ARNOLD1042: Effects of Warm-ups With and WithoutSinger Gestures on Choral SoundDr Melissa GRADY, Dr Sheri COOKCUNNINGHAM03:2403:301121: Creating Orff-SchulwerkAccompaniments: Integrating Improvisationthrough Speech, Singing, and Movement whilePlaying InstrumentsDr Pamela STOVER03:3603:40474: Caring with the Earth, our Communities,and Co-Learners: A Sustainable MusicEducationDr Tawnya SMITH1109: Breaking the master-apprentice tradition:Sharing hidden expectationsDr Maureen YUEN859: Music T eachers’ Philosophical Beliefsand T heir Implementation in PracticeMs Julie Myung Ok SONGW ORK S H OP426: From Visible Voices to Audible Gazes:T he Racial Politics of Silence in U.S. MusicClassroomsDr Antía GONZáLEZ BEN04:1004:30687: Religious racism in Brazilian musiceducation: an analysis of a decolonial onlinecourseMr Renan SANTIAGO DE SOUSA283: T argeted Disruption toward InnovativeChange in Music T eacher EducationDr Becky MARSH, Dr Brian WEIDNER, DrPenny DIMMICK1043: Narrating Beginning InstrumentalPedagogy: Introducing a Storytelling MethodDr Robert SAUNDERS, Ms Giulia RIPANI516: Rise Up to Meet Every StudentMs Anne FENNELL396: taking T he Inside OutMs Courtney KAISER-SANDLERBreak 105:0009:00705: Emotion and Music Learning from thePerformer’s Perspective: A ConceptualFrameworkMr Asher CARLSON1005: A Bluey from the Bush: Reflections onPedagogical Lessons Learned on a MusicalRoad Well T ravelledDr Lisa M MAYNARD03:4804:00963: How musical learning contributes toflourishing and the development ofsocioemotional competence for diversepopulationsMs Valerie PETERS, Ms JosianeBISSONNETTECh a i r p e r s o n : J e s s i e H s i a o -S h i e nCh e nCh a i r p e r s o n : T BC1156: A Survey of Music Educators' Use ofIndividualized Education Programs (IEPs)Dr Sara JONES1068: Autonomy, Agency and Attention in SelfDirected PracticeDr Amy SIMMONS, Dr John PARSONS09:30324: Exploring Inclusive Rural Music EducationT hrough a Community-Based ParticipatoryResearch ApproachDr Crystal SIEGER, Ms Lauren HULIT610: Ever Feel Like an Impostor as a Musician,Scholar or T eacher? You are not Alone!Dr Wendy SIMS10:00761: supporting Access T o And Inclusion InMusic PerformancesMrs Catherine SCHMIDT216: Effect of Koru Mindfulness T raining onProfessional Orchestral Musicians’ MusicPerformance AnxietyDr Ryan FISHER, Dr Sean HOLDEN, Dr RobynJONESCh a i r p e r s o n : D a n i e l F o n gS Y M P OS I A71: seeing T hrough A Wider Lens: ConsideringRevisionist History In Music EducationDr Craig RESTACh a i r p e r s o n : T BCCh a i r p e r s o n : M a s a fu mi Og a w aWORKSHOP238: Duoethnogoraphy: Writing T hrough APandemicDr Terry SEFTON, Dr Danielle SIREK394: implementing Design-based Methods InDeveloping A Songwriting CurriculumMr Joshua EMANUEL513: a Methodology For Researching T he Longterm Impact Of Music Education: Drawing OnLearners’ Memories And Self AccountsDr Koj i MATSUNOBU783: Developing an Instrumental MusicCurriculum: a processDr Damian HOEY

A s ia / Pa cif icS e s s ionTimes are listedaccording to AEST:9am - 1pmLoca l T im e sAuckland 11am 3pmBeijing 7am - 1amTokyo 8am - noonSingapore 7am 1amSao Paulo 8pm midnightNew York / Toronto7pm - 11pmLos Angeles /Vancouver 4pm 8pm10:30731: Bucket Drumming As A BehavioralIntervention For Music EducatorsMrs Amy WICKSTROM1074: Perfectionism and Music PerformanceAnxiety: An examination of online and in-personlearning contextsDr Charlene RYAN, Dr Nicholle ANDREWS,Miss Jessica TSANG10:5211:0011:1511:3011:371136: here, My Voice: Cultivating T he Power OfVoice With Hard-of-hearing Persons T hroughSinging LessonsMs Juri HWANG371: “I learn by you.” Investigating the role ofteacher in beginner cellists’ musical skilldevelopmentMs Stephanie MACARTHUR, Prof JaneDAVIDSON, Dr Amanda KRAUSE12:0012:20531: Meaningful Beginner Instrumental MusicInstruction T hrough Exploration and CreativityDr Laura HICKEN, Dr Brian WEIDNER12:30112: Yoga and Breath Work in the AdvancingMusician: Protecting from Injury, Relievin

Mr Gerhard LOCK, Mr Simon NIEMANN, Dr Marit MõISTLIK-TAMM , Mrs Jane REMM: 584: Communication and collaboration in music . Dr Claire NICHOLLS, Mr Matthew HENRY. Mr Iñigo MIKELEIZ-BERRADE. Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 Posters. 01:00 . Dr Namhee LIM Paper 484 - Bridging Korean