Critical Human Dimension – A DoDFinancial Management WorkforceUpdateMs. Glenda ScheinerDirector, Human Capital &Resource ManagementOUSD(C)10 March 2016

Agenda FM Workforce Demographics and StructureFM Strategic Workforce UpdateFM Professional Development & TrainingFM CertificationQ&A2

FM Workforce DemographicsBy the NumbersAs of 30 Sep 2015Key Civilian Demographics:DoD FM WorkforceEducation Levels-Less than a Bachelor’s degree – 43%Bachelor’s degree – 37%Master’s Degree – 19%Doctorate Degree – 0.12%Career Levels-GS 01-08/Equivalent – 21%GS 09-12/Equivalent – 46%GS 13-15/Equivalent – 33%Age Distribution-29 and Under – 9% 30-39 – 19%40-49 – 26%-50-59 – 34%60-64 – 9%Over 65 – 3%Retirement Eligibility-Total DoD Financial Management WorkforceCurrently Eligible to Retire – 14%Eligible to Retire Next Year – 4%Eligible to Retire in Two to Five Years –15%Total - 53,995Army (29%)Civ – 9,509Mil – 5,993Air Force (22%)Civ – 7,579Mil – 4,253DoN (19%)Civ – 8,507Mil – 1,710th4 Estate (30%)DFAS – 8,778Other – 7,666Total DoD FM Military Workforce11,956 22%Mil DoN3%Mil AF8%Mil Army11%Civ DoN16%Civ 4th Estate 30%Civ AirForce 14%Civ Army 18%Total DoD FM Civilian Workforce42,039 78%3

FM Functional CommunityManagement StructureRoles and ResponsibilitiesUSD(C)/CFO – Mr Mike McCordEstablishes policy and provides oversight DoD financial management workforce developmentFM OSD Functional Community Manager (OFCM) – Ms Glenda ScheinerResponsible for working with Component FCMs (CFCMs) to monitor and track implementation of DoD-wideworkforce development, including the DoD FM Certification ProgramSenior FM Leadership GroupOversees operation of the DoD-wide financial management workforce (civilian and military) development,including providing oversight of the DoD FM Certification Program; meets bi-annually or at the call of the chairMembership: USD(C)/CFO, Chair; FM OFCM; Assistant Secretaries for FM & Comptroller from the three MilitaryDepartments; Director of DCAA & DFAS; a USD(AT&L) representative; others as appropriateFM Component Functional Community Managers (CFCM) Advisory BoardProvides input and recommendations on FM workforce development (civilian and military) policy and initiatives tothe Senior FM Leadership Group; meets quarterly, or as neededMembership: FM OFCM, chair; FM CFCMs of the Military Departments, DCAA, DFAS, DISA, & DLA; Advisory nonvoting members include a rep from USD(AT&L); rotational Military Service DACM); rep from OUSD(I)FM CFCM Working GroupAdvises the FM OFCM on FM workforce development and Certification Program issues; meets monthlyMembership: FM OFCM, chair; FM CFCMs of the Military Departments and each of the Defense Agencies, and anon-voting rep from USD(AT&L) and USD(I); others as appropriateRoles of the OFCM and CFCMs are defined in DoDI 1400.25 vol 2504

FM Functional Community ManagersFM OFCMMs. Glenda ScheinerArmy - CFCMAir Force - CFCMDoN - CFCMColonel Gregory SandersMs. Shar KainaMs. Regina WatkinsDFAS - CFCMDCAA - CFCMDISA - CFCMDLA - CFCMMs. Rosie TinsleyMs. Kristine HarrisMs. Sanna SimmsMs. Simone RebaOther Defense Agency CFCMsVisit FM Online to view CFCMs for other defense agencies and FMOnline-POCs.aspx5

DoD FM Functional CommunityManagement

Strategic Workforce Plan10 U.S. Code Sect 115B requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a strategicworkforce plan bi-annually FM Community represents one of the 23 Functional Communities making up the DoD workforceThe FY16-21 SWP includes: Assessment of critical skills and competencies of the FM workforce and projectedfuture trends (e.g., retirement, other attrition) Assessment of critical skills and competencies needed in the future Plans to close identified skills and competency gaps Update on needed incentives and legislative changes Current career roadmaps for civilians in the FM workforceSWP Status: Draft FM Appendix submitted to DCPAS on 30 Dec 2015 DCPAS’ next steps:ooApr – Sep 2016: Coordination with various stakeholders30 Sep 2016: Submit final report to Congress7

Competency DevelopmentProcess OverviewMulti-Year Process: Develop Publish Assess RevalidateFY 11FY 10StepOutcomeDataGathering &AnalysisDraft list ofcompetenciesJob TaskAnalyses(SME Groups)Prioritized listof taskslinked tocompetenciesCompetenciesPublishedApproved listofcompetenciesfor workforceFY 14-15FY 16DefenseCompetencyAssessmentTool 8

FM CompetencyRevalidation Approach Formed Subject Matter Expert (SME) Groups for each Occupational Series (OS) SMEs are experts from across the DoD FM community Each SME Group validates the tasks performed by members of that OS andwhich competencies align to it SME group recommendations will be presented to the CFCM Advisory Board USD(C) will provide final approval of revalidated competencies The competency revalidation process was included in the FY 16-21 DoD StrategicWorkforce Plan (SWP); the results will be included in the FY 18-23 DoD SWP Will assess revalidated competencies in future competency skills gapassessments SME group panels meeting between Dec 2015 – Apr 20169

FM Career RoadmapsUpdated civilian FM career roadmaps for 13 occupational seriesare available via FM Online (e.g., 510 Accounting)10

Federal FM Community CFO Council (CFOs of major federal government agencies) ispursuing a Human Capital workforce development strategyand leveraging DoD FM’s workforce development model– Adopted DoD FM and Leadership competencies– Benchmarking DoD Civilian career roadmaps– Reviewing DoD FM’s professional development tools (FM Online, FMmyLearn, course-to-competency alignment process, etc)11

Defense CivilianEmerging Leader Program (DCELP) DCELP objectives: Develop a new generation of DoD civilian leaders Recruit individuals with the academic merit, work experience, and demonstratedleadership skills to meet the future needs of the Department Offer rapid advancement, competitive compensation, and leadership opportunitiesto highly qualified civilian employees of the Department Eligible applicants: GS-07 through GS-12 DoD civilians performing FM duties Application process (FY17 cohort): Application package available on DCPAS public websiteComponents vet applicants internally and submit packages to OUSD(C) by 1 Aug2016Final selection by OUSD(C); selectee packages due to DCPAS on 1 Sept 201612

Other Civilian Leader Programs Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) Designed for high potential individuals who have the desire to progress into seniorleadership roles in the Department Eligible applicants are GS 12-14 DoD civilians, active duty military O-3 and O-4level and interagency organizations Application package and instructions available on DCPAS public website; deadlineis 15 Apr 2016 Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP) Designed to develop senior DoD civilian leaders to excel in the 21st Century joint,interagency, and multi-national environment Eligible applicants must occupy, on a permanent basis, a position at grade 15/equivalent or be a GS-14/equivalent with tremendous advancement potential (i.e.,demonstrated work at the next higher level) Application package and instructions available on DCPAS public website; deadlineis 1 Sept 2016Deadlines for your Agency May Vary Check with your Training Focal Point13

Coming Soon:FM Exchange Pilot Program Authorized in the FY16 NDAA Pilot exchange program for non-traditional defensecontractors and DoD employees (detail assignment for DoDemployees) Duration will be between three months and one year, withSECDEF approval Purpose: For both parties to share best practices, gain abetter understanding of financial management practices andchallenges, and develop partnerships to address thesechallenges Program policy details forthcoming

USD(C) FM Awards Program Recognizes Military and Civilian teams and individuals who makeoutstanding contributions to the improvement of DoD financialmanagement Award Categories––––Contributions in budget formulation or executionContributions in financial management (excluding budget)Contributions to financial improvement and audit readinessContributions in financial management in a combat zone* Award Types– Team– Individual Award Levels– Headquarters and Major Command– Below Major Command*This category will only award one individual and one team,regardless of organizational level15

USD(C) FM Awards Program Regulated by DoD FMR Volume 1 Chapter 6 Timeline– 5 Feb 2016: Nominations closed for CY15 awards– 1 Jun 2016: CY15 awards to be presented at ASMC National PDI 2016– Q1 FY17: Nominations for CY16 awards scheduled to open Nomination Process for CY16 (Available Fall 2016)– Go to the FM Awards site located on FM Online– Select “Nominate a Team” or “Nominate an Individual”– Follow the prompts on the screen16

FM Certification UpdateFM Certification Program– Implementation for Active Component/Defense Agencies completed on30 September 2014– Implementation for Guard/Reserve completed on 27 March 2015Progress to date:– 19,869 (37%) certified as of 29 February 2016– Developed 73 web-based courses; 6 more planned this FY– Over 285,900 web-based course completions thus far!17

Percent Certified by Component*As of 29 Feb 20161600026%19,869 FM Members CertifiedSum of Users Not Certified 37% of Active Members in the FM LMSSum of Users %200052%0Army*Active members in the FM LMSAFDoNDFASDCAAOtherComptroller18

Percent Certified by 4th Estate*As of 29 Feb 2016100009000800Sum of Users Not CertifiedSum of Users ctive members in the FM LMSDCAADLADeCAMDADISADHADCMADTRAOther19

Meet Your CertificationDeadline! Many FM members have a 30 June 2016 deadline Per DoDI 1300.26 Encl 3, para 4.a.1, participants in the FMCertification Program have two years to obtain certification If unable to obtain/maintain FM Certification in the required 2year time period, may request a 1-year time waiver from CCA– If CCA denies waiver, or approved waiver expires, the individualis subject to adverse actions Adverse actions applicable are defined by the Component’s Table ofPenalties The same penalty applies to failure to obtain the required CETs

Policy Update: Time ExtensionsIf an FM member cannot meet his/her certification deadline: Member must submit a Time Extension Request Form (30-90 days prior tohis/her initial certification deadline), with appropriate rationale selected:––––– Experience Years Not MetDAWIA Requirements Not Met (for dual-coded FM members)Deployment/Extended Reserve Component Training 180 daysMedical Situation for Self and/or Family MembersOther (requires detailed explanation)Member records learning for the time extension in the LMS and uploadsTime Extension Request FormCCA reviews and approves/disapproves requestApproved request forwarded via LMS to OUSD(C) for QA reviewMember is notified via LMS of approval; member prints approval memo andforwards to HR office (civilian) or Lead CA (military)Available in the LMS 1 March 2016

Two Key WebsitesInformationFM OnlineOne stop shop for DoD FM-related information- Announcements (new courses, policy, awards)- FM myLearn, the e-catalog of all FM-relatedDoD education & training mapped to FMCertification requirements Current and inactive DoD training Commercial courses Academic coursesProcessFM LMSSystem of record for the DoD FM CertificationProgram- Complete the Three-Step Process- Document achievements- Submit certification for supervisor approval22

Academic Course SearchFind academic coursesthat have been previouslyaligned and approved tomeet FM CertificationProgram requirements. Accessible from FMmyLearn Automated AcademicMatrix Filter by Institution,Course Title, CourseCode, CompetencyFor detailed instructions, visit

What if My course isn’t there?Use the Course Submission Template1) Submit a “Course Submission Template”and syllabus to your organization’s CourseManager.2) Course Manager will route course throughapproval processFM Online Training Resources Tools/Templates/Forms3) If approved, will be added to the databaseor you will receive approval documentationfrom OUSD(C)24

InteractiveLearning History WorksheetTrack your training historyand identify training gaps inthis automated worksheet. Auto-populated withprogram requirements Tracks training andeducation achievements Inter-operable with FMmyLearn and AcademicCourse Search Record Learning (Step 1)with one clickFor detailed instructions, visit

FM LMS Reports Certification Scorecard– This is your single point of reference for reviewing the courses anddocumentation that you have recorded in the FM LMS– Use this report to track your progress towards FM Certification CET Scorecard– This report tracks your CET requirements, deadlines, and completed hours Approvals Pending– Run this report to find out the approval status of each of your achievements Quality Assurance Denials– This report helps decode the reason(s) why your request for certification did notpass OUSD(C)’s Quality Assurance CheckThese and other reports are available under the “Reports” link in the FMLMS. Use the Job Aid “How to Access and Run Reports in the DoD FMLMS” to learn how to run reports.26

Continuing Education &Training CreditsMaintain your DFMCP by accruing a certain number ofContinuing Education and Training (CET) credits everytwo years.The number of CETs required is based on your level:FM Certification Level 1 – 40 CETsFM Certification Level 2 – 60 CETsFM Certification Level 3 – 80 CETsCETs must be recorded in the FM LMS – see the jobaid “How to Record CETs in the DoD FM LMS” on FMOnline for step-by-step instructions.DoD FM Certification Program Making a Good Workforce Better!27

Continuing Education &Training CreditsWhat counts as a CET credit? FM and Leadership courses, symposiums or training events CET hours: Total hours of course/symposium/training event Example: Speaker briefing at local AGA meeting was 1 hour 1 CET Courses or training used to satisfy continuing professional education requirementsfor any of the 20 approved FM-related Test-Based Certifications (e.g., CDFM, CPA) CET Hours: Unit-for-unit (e.g., 1 CPE 1 CET) Courses or training used to satisfy continuing professional education forAcquisition (DAWIA) certifications (e.g., 1 CLP 1 CET) Courses listed in FM myLearn e-catalog CET hours: Number of aligned hours listed as shown in FM myLearn Academic FM and Leadership courses CET hours: 1 semester hour course 15 CETs; 1 quarter hour 10 CETs28

OUSD(C) Web-Based TrainingLevel 1CourseHrsLevel 2CourseHrsLevel 3CourseHrsDoD FM udget6Payroll10FM Systems4Mil/Civ Pay6Commercial Pay10Decision Support10Decision Support4Audit10Audit Readiness3.5TOTAL HOURS53FM Systems8EthicsDecision Support8Fiscal Law4.5Audit Readiness3TOTAL HOURS67.5Ethics3Fiscal Law3- Any course not used foryour initial certificationmay be used for CETs- CETs not restricted toyour Certification LevelTOTAL HOURS16.53110Over 230 hours of OUSD(C) Web-based Training Hours Available!29

Continuing Education &Training CreditsHow to Maintain CETs Record all CETs in the LMS with the appropriate number ofhoursCET documentation is not uploaded in the LMS Maintain a personal CET documentation file in caseyour record is selected for auditCET Audits Will be done monthly by OSD, beginning in March 2016Records are randomly selected for auditComponent FM Certification Program Offices will be notifiedof selected records and will contact individuals to gatherdocumentationWithin 60 days, Components will notify OSD of auditoutcomeDoD FM Certification Program Making a Good Workforce Better!30

Continuing Education &Training CreditsCET Time Extensions If you will be unable to achieve required CETs withinyour two-year time frame you must request a timeextension from your CCA and be approved in theLMS prior to your CET deadline Extension of the CETs for the given time frame doesnot delay the start date of your next two-year CETcycle Policy and procedures for requesting a CET timeextension coming soonDoD FM Certification Program Making a Good Workforce Better!31

FM Certification Resourcesavailable @FM Online or join us on LinkedIn Newsletter-Certification Update-Lessons Learned-Best PracticesPractical Exercise Follow “Kelly,” a GS-14through each step ofcertificationDoD FM Certification Handbook-Program background &overview-Detailed requirementdescriptions-Checklist to get startedOverview and Training VideosVideo series introducingkey elements of programCompetencies & Proficiency LevelsDefines each of the 17 FMcompetencies and providesexamples at each ProficiencyLevel.FM myLearnFrequently Asked QuestionsLMS Job AidsCompilation of over100 questions, organizedby categoryE-catalog of FMcourses aligned to FM andleadership competencies.Provide step-by-stepinstructions for all FM LMStasks.Requirements DatasheetsOutline requirementsfor each levelLearning History Worksheets (LHW)Organize your priortraining using theseworksheetsDAWIA/FM Certification LHWsPre-populated w/ acquisitioncourses helping you focusLMS User Quick Start GuideOutlines the Three-stepProcess for achievingcertification using theFM LMS

Wrap up FM Workforce Demographics and StructureFM Strategic Workforce UpdateFM Professional Development & TrainingFM CertificationQ&AMakes a Good FM Workforce Better Adding More Credibility to What We Do

Meet Your Certification Deadline! Many FM members have a 30 June 2016 deadline Per DoDI 1300.26 Encl 3, para 4.a.1, participants in the FM Certification Program have two years to obtain certification If unable to obtain/maintain FM Certification in the required 2-year time period, may request a 1-year time waiver from CCA