Course Equivalency GuidebetweenIowa State University515 294-5836www.iastate.eduandHawkeye Community College800 670-4769www.hawkeyecollege.eduBased on the Hawkeye Community College 2020-2021 General Catalog and the2020-2021 Iowa State University BulletinHow to Read the Course Equivalency GuideThe Course Equivalency Guide lists the courses offered at the community college and howeach of those corresponds to courses offered at Iowa State University. Regardless of how acourse is listed on the equivalency guide, it is important to keep in mind that the individualcolleges or departments determine how each course will apply toward your degree program atIowa State University. Please note that equivalencies are date-specific and dependent onwhen the course was taken. If there is a course that is directly equivalent to the community college course, the IowaState department and course number is listed. If there is not a course that is directly equivalent to the community college course, thedepartment name is still listed with either a 1T** or 2T**. This shows that it does transfer aseither a freshman (1T**) or a sophomore (2T**) level course. The student's majordepartment at Iowa State will apply these credits to the student's degree as they see fit. A "z" after MATH 100 indicates that the course will transfer to Iowa State, but will not beused toward graduation from Iowa State University. CAREER/TECH means that the course is part of a career/technical program. A maximumof sixteen semester hours of career/technical credit can be transferred to Iowa State. "NC" in the credit column indicates that the course does not transfer to Iowa StateUniversity. In most cases the course is developmental in nature.

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA 160-803ACC924CAREER/TECHACCT 284ACCT 285CAREER/TECHACCT 2T**By TitlePrinciples of Accounting IPrinciples of Accounting IIBy TitleHonors ProjectCREDITS441ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTADM105-222By TitleCAREER/TECHASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSINGADN121-924By TitleCAREER/TECHAGRICULTURE - AGRONOMYAGA114AGA154AGA214AGA284AGA376AGA924AGRON 181AGRON 182AGRON 2T**AGRON 283ENT 376AGRON 2T**333331AGRICULTURE - FARM MANAGEMENTAGB101Agricultural EconomicsAGB235Introduction to Agriculture MarketsAGB303Agriculture LeadershipAGB330Farm Business ManagementAGB331Entrepreneurship in AgricultureAGB336Agricultural SellingECON 1T**ECON 235AGEDS 315ECON 230ECON 3T**ECON 236333333AGRICULTURE - COMPREHENSIVE - MISCAGC103Ag ComputerAGC999Study AbroadTSM 1T**AGEDS 496A31AGRICULTURE - HORTICULTUREAGH107Horticulture LabAGH108Horticulture SafetyAGH112Introduction to Turfgrass ManagementAGH140-143By TitleAGH161Irrigation SystemsAGH200Landscape Estimating & Bidding SystemsAGH211Advanced Turfgrass ManagementAGH221Principles of HorticultureAGH248Identifying Plant and Landscape ProblemsAGH280Botany for HorticultureAGH281-425By TitleAGH431Maintaining Turf and Landscape EquipmentAGH912Current Topics in HorticultureCAREER/TECHHORT 1T**HORT 2T**CAREER/TECHHORT 2T**HORT 1T**HORT 2T**HORT 221HORT 2T**HORT 321CAREER/TECHHORT 2T**CAREER/TECHAGRICULTURE - MECHANICSAGM104-417CAREER/TECHPrinciples of AgronomyFundamentals of Soil ScienceCash GrainsPesticide Application CertificationIntegrated Pest ManagementHonors ProjectBy TitleBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 Catalog133233333September 2020 Edition1

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTAGRICULTURE - PRECISION AGAGP333Precision Farming SystemsAGP340Foundations of GIS and GPSAGP436Advanced Precision Farm HardwareAGP450Fundamentals of GISTSM 2T**CAREER/TECHTSM 1T**TSM 2T**3AGRICULTURE - ANIMAL SCIENCEAGS113Survey of the Animal IndustrySurvey of the Animal Industry LabAGS211Issues Facing Animal ScienceAGS216Equine ScienceAGS218Domestic Animal PhysiologyDomestic Animal Physiology LabAGS225Swine ScienceAGS226Beef Cattle ScienceAGS272Foods of Animal OriginAGS275Food Safety and AnalysisAGS305Livestock EvaluationAGS319Animal NutritionAGS924Honors ProjectAN S 114AN S 101AN S 211AN S 216AN S 214AN S 214LAN S 225AN S 226AN S 270FS HN 2T**AN S 2T**AN S 2T**AN S 2T**2123313353331AGRICULTURE - TECHNOLOGYAGT700Special Topics Agriculture EducationAGT805Employment ExperienceAGT928Independent StudyCAREER/TECHECON 297AGEDS 1T**AGRICULTURE - VET TECHNOLOGYAGV101Veterinary AssistingAGV121Veterinary Medical TerminologyAGV123Companion AnimalAGV140Veterinary PharmacologyAGV154Veterinary Reception & Admin SkillsAN S 1T**CAREER/TECHAN S 224CAREER/TECHAN S ART174ART184ART203ART204ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART 1T**ART H 280ART H 281Art Appreciation2-D Design3-D DesignDrawing I, IIPainting I, IICeramicsCeramics IIPhotographyArt History IArt History IIAUTOMATION TECH AND ROBOTICSATR145Applied Industrial RoboticsCAREER/TECHAUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGYAUT106-827CAREER/TECHBy TitleBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITS335Variable3343333 each3 each33333September 2020 Edition2

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTBUSINESS COMPUTER APPLICATIONBCA132-924By TitleCAREER/TECHBIOLOGYBIO105Introductory Biology*BIO112General Biology I*BIO113General Biology II*When BIO112 and BIO113 are both taken, the courses will transfer asBIOL 211 (3), BIOL 211L (1), BIOL 212 (3), and BIOL 212L (1).CREDITSBIOL 101BIOL 2T**BIOL 2T**444BIO151NutritionBIO154Human BiologyBIO163Essentials of Anatomy and PhysiologyBIO166Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology*BIO168Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab*BIO173Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab*When BIO168 and BIO173 are both taken, the courses will transfer asBIOL 255 (3), BIOL 255L (1), BIOL 256 (3), and BIOL 256L (1).FS HN 167BIOL 1T**BIOL 155BIOL 155BIOL 1T**BIOL 49Microbiology w/LabMicrobiologyMicrobiology LabApplications of BiotechnologyFoodologyHonors ProjectIndependent Study in Bio SciencesSpecial TopicsMICRO 2T**MICRO 201MICRO 201LBIOL 2T**FS HN 2T**BIOL 2T**BIOL 2T**BIOL S220BUS230BUS295-905BUS924BUS928BUS949Introduction to BusinessBusiness College ExperienceFoundation to EntrepreneurshipBusiness EthicsBusiness LawBusiness StatisticsIntroduction to International BusinessQuant Methods Business Decision MakingBy TitleHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsBUSAD 1T**CAREER/TECHBUSAD 1T**PHIL 1T**ACCT 215STAT 104BUSAD 2T**MATH 150CAREER/TECHBUSAD 2T**BUSAD 2T**BUSAD 2T**COMPUTER AIDED DRAFTINGCAD118-208By TitleCAREER/TECHCIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYCET123-296By TitleCAREER/TECHCHEMISTRYCHM122CHM132CHEM 1T**CHEM 1T**Introduction to General ChemistryIntroduction to Organic and BiochemistryBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 Catalog331331Variable1333333311144September 2020 Edition3

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLECHEMISTRY, continuedCHM165IOWA al Chemistry IGeneral Chemistry I LabGeneral Chemistry IIGeneral Chemistry II LabOrganic Chemistry IOrganic Chemistry IIHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsCHEM 177CHEM 177LCHEM 178CHEM 178LCHEM 331CHEM 332CHEM 2T**CHEM 2T**CHEM 2T**COMPUTER PROGRAMMINGCIS102-121CIS152CIS169-750By TitleData StructuresBy TitleCAREER/TECHCOM S 2T**CAREER/TECHCULTURAL LS928African CulturesMiddle Eastern History and CultureLatin American History and CultureEast Asian CulturesJapanese History and CultureRussian CivilizationHonors ProjectIndependent StudyHUM 1T**HIST 1T**HIST 1T**HUM 1T**HUM 1T**HUM 1T**HUM 2T**HUM 2T**CHM175CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGYCNS104Outdoor Recreation IICNS107Outdoor Recreation TechniquesCNS108Wildlife IdentificationCNS109Wildlife EcologyCNS110Equipment Operation and SafetyCNS121Environmental ConservationCNS134Wildlife ManagementCNS136Aquatic ManagementCNS138Woodland ManagementCNS143Fire ManagementCNS180Principles of InterpretationCNS200Conservation BiologyCNS204Native VegetationCNS205Advanced Outdoor Recreation TechniquesCNS228Natural Areas ManagementCAREER/TECHNREM 1T**NREM 1T**NREM 1T**CAREER/TECHENV S 173CAREER/TECHNREM 1T**NREM 1T**ENV S 1T**CAREER/TECHENV S 2T**NREM 2T**CAREER/TECHNREM 152COM155COM730JL MC 101JL MC 1T**JL MC 1T**JL MC 1T**JL MC 1T**JL MC 1T**JL MC 1T**CAREER/TECHIntroduction to Mass MediaMedia Messages: Printed PageMedia Messages: TV and MoviesMedia Messages: World Wide WebDiversity and the MediaEtc: Art and Literary MagazineNewspaper ProductionCommunicationsBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 11323September 2020 Edition4

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTCOMMUNICATION, continuedCOM763COM781-924COM928Introduction to Professional WritingBy TitleIndependent StudyENGL 2T**CAREER/TECHCOMM 2T**CONSTRUCTIONCON102-933By TitleCAREER/TECHCRIMINAL 955Intro to Criminal JusticeIntro to CorrectionsBy TitleCriminologyJuvenile DelinquencyProbation, Parole, Comm-Based CorrecTraffic LawCriminal and Constitutional LawBy TitleJuvenile JusticeWhite Collar CrimeCrime AnalysisCriminal Justice EthicsBy TitleC J 240C J 1T**CAREER/TECHC J 242SOC 241C J 2T**CAREER/TECHC J 2T**CAREER/TECHC J 2T**C J 2T**C J 2T**C J 2T**CAREER/TECHCOLLISION REPAIR AND REFINISHINGCRR304-886By TitleCAREER/TECHCOMPUTER SCIENCECSC110CSC116Introduction to ComputersInformation ComputingCOM S 103COM S 113DENTAL ASSISTANTDEA103-701By TitleCAREER/TECHDENTAL HYGIENEDHY111-928By TitleCAREER/TECHFILM AND THEATREDRA107DRA110DRA130Theatrical Arts and SocietyIntroduction to FilmActing ITHTRE 106ENGL 1T**THTRE 251DIESELDSL377-831By TitleCAREER/TECHEARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATIONECE103Introduction to Early Childhood EducationECE125School Age CareECE133Child Health, Safety and NutritionECE158-159Early Childhood Curriculum I, IIECE170Child Growth and DevelopmentECE221-284By TitleHD FS 1T**CAREER/TECHHD FS 1T**CAREER/TECHHD FS 2T**CAREER/TECHBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITS31333333333333333334September 2020 Edition5

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTEARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, continuedECE290Early Childhood Program AdministrationECE298-945By TitleHD FS tion to EconomicsPrinciples of MacroeconomicsPrinciples of MicroeconomicsECON 1T**ECON 102ECON 0EDU246EDU255EDU901EDU920EDU924EDU928EDU949Home, School, and Community RelationsFoundations of EducationExploring PK-12 EducationMulticultural EducationChildren's LiteratureEducational PsychologyIncluding Diverse LearnersTechnology in the ClassroomAcademic Service Learning ExperienceField ExperienceHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsEDUC 2T**EDUC 204EDUC 2T**EDUC 2T**HD FS 240PSYCH 333SP ED 250EDUC 201EDUC 2T**EDUC 2T**EDUC 2T**EDUC 2T**EDUC iples of EngineeringPLTW-Computer Integrated ManufacturingENGR 1T**ENGR 1T**33ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYEGT108-470By TitleCAREER/TECHELECTRONICSELT104-818By TitleCAREER/TECHEMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESEMS114-900By TitleCAREER/TECHENGLISH 5ENG924ENG928ENG949College Preparatory Writing I, IIComposition IComposition IICreative WritingCreative Writing: FictionPlaywriting and ScreenwritingHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsENGL 150ENGL 250ENGL 207ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEENV115ENV116ENV155-185Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science LabBy TitleENV S 201ENV S 2T**CAREER/TECHBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITSNo Credit3333311131September 2020 Edition6

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, continuedENV924Honors ProjectENV928Independent StudyENV949Special TopicsENV S 2T**ENV S 2T**ENV S 2T**NON-INTENSIVE ESLESL005-089By TitleFINANCEFIN121Personal FinanceHD FS 283FIRE SCIENCEFIR124-655By TitleCAREER/TECHCREDITS111No Credit3FOREIGN LANGUAGE - FRENCHFLF145French IFLF245French IIFRNCH 101FRNCH 10255FOREIGN LANGUAGE - SPANISHFLS128Conversational SpanishFLS151Elementary Spanish IFLS152Elementary Spanish IIFLS241Intermediate Spanish IFLS242Intermiediate Spanish IISPAN 1T**SPAN 101SPAN 102SPAN 201SPAN 20235544GEOGRAPHYGEO115GEO121GEO131GEO132S SCI 1T**S SCI 1T**SCI 1T**SCI 1T**3331Human GeographyWorld Regional GeographyPhysical GeographyPhysical Geography LabGRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONSGRA105-162By TitleGRA196-197Design and Layout I, IIGRA205-949By TitleCAREER/TECHDES 1T**CAREER/TECHHOSPITALITY, CULINARY ARTS, AND MANAGEMENTHCM100-905By TitleCAREER/TECHHEATING AND AIR CONDITIONINGHCR110-912By TitleCAREER/TECHHEAVY EQUIPMENTHEQ109-907CAREER/TECHBy TitleHISTORYHIS117Western Civ I: Ancient & Medieval*HIS118Western Civilization II: Early Modern*HIS119Western Civilization III: Modern Period*When HIS118 and HIS119 are both taken, the courses will transferas HIST 202 (3) and HIST 2T** (3).Based on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogHIST 201HIST 2T**HIST 2T**4 each333September 2020 Edition7

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTHISTORY, 4HIS928HIS949HIST 221HIST 222HIST 2T**HIST 2T**HIST 2T**HIST 2T**HIST 2T**HIST 2T**HIST 2T**U.S. History to 1877U.S. History Since 1877Iowa HistoryU.S. History After 1945African-American HistoryHistory of Women in the U.S.Honors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsHEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYHIT125-510By TitleCAREER/TECHHEALTH SCIENCESHSC108-217By HUM928HUM949HUM999Holocaust PerspectivesShakespeare: Dramatist, PsychologistJRR Tolkien: Mythology & MethodologyHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsStudy AbroadHUM 1T**HUM 1T**HUM 1T**HUM 2T**HUM 2T**HUM 2T**INTST 2T**INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGYIND100-949By LIT949Introduction to LiteratureMinority Voices in U.S. LiteratureMajor British WritersWomen and LiteratureSpecial Topics in LiteratureENGL 201ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**ENGL 2T**MEDICAL ASSISTANTMAP111-941By TitleCAREER/TECHMATHEMATICSMAT045-052By TitleMAT 063Elementary Algebra*MAT102Intermediate Algebra*Transfer credit in MATH 100Z does not count toward 210Math for Liberal ArtsMath for Elementary TeachersCollege AlgebraPrecalculusTrigonometry and Analytic GeometryStatisticsCalculus IBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 eMATH 25MATH 100ZNo CreditNo Credit4MATH 1T**MATH 195MATH 140MATH 1T**MATH 1T**STAT 104MATH 1653344334September 2020 Edition8

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTMATHEMATICS alculus IICalculus IIIBy TitleHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsMATH 166MATH 265CAREER/TECHMATH 2T**MATH 2T**MATH 2T**MANUFACTURINGMFG107-924By T180MGT190MGT 208MGT 210-222Principles of ManagementBy TitleEmployment LawManagement and Labor RelationsEmployee Compensation & Benefits MgmtIntroduction to Information SystemsBy TitleMGMT 2T**CAREER/TECHMGMT 1T**MGMT 1T**CAREER/TECHMIS 2T**CAREER/TECH3MILITARY AND ROTCMIL103MIL110MIL115MIL120MIL121MIL122Military Survival SkillsLeadership and Personal DevelopmentFoundations of Tactical LeadershipInnovative Team LeadershipLeadership and Decision MakingLeadership in Changing EnvironmentM S 1T**M S 1T**M S 1T**M S 1T**M S 1T**M S 924Principles of MarketingBy TitlePrinciples of RetailingSports MarketingHonors ProjectMKT 2T**CAREER/TECHMKT 2T**MKT 2T**MKT 2T**3MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGYMLT101-291By TitleCAREER/TECHMASS MEDIA STUDIESMMS 103-949By TitleCAREER/TECHMUSIC - pplied VoiceClass VoiceClass PianoApplied PianoApplied Piano IIApplied PercussionApplied Percussion IIMUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 1T**Based on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITS441113333311111211September 2020 Edition9

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTMUSIC - GENERALMUS100MUS102MUS154MUS202Music AppreciationMusic FundamentalsChorusWorld MusicMUSIC 102MUSIC 101MUSIC 1T**MUSIC 2T**COMPUTER NETWORKINGNET109-949By TitleCAREER/TECHOCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTINGOTA101-503By TitleCAREER/TECHPHYSICAL EDUCATION ACTIVITIESPEA117Bowling IPEA123Circuit TrainingPEA145Crosstraining and Core FitnessPEA150PowerwalkingPEA187Weight Training IPEA191PilatesPEA194Vinyasa YogaPEA287Weight Training IIPEA294Weight Training IIIKIN 129KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 166KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 2T**KIN 3PEC127KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 1T**A TR 1T**1112GENERAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTHPEH111Personal WellnessPEH141First AidPEH162Introduction to Physical EducationPEH193Sports NutritionPEH909Cooperative EducationPEH924Honors ProjectPEH928Independent StudyPEH949Special TopicsKIN 1T**H S 105KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 1T**KIN 2T**KIN 2T**KIN on to PhilosophyIntroduction to EthicsClassical/Medieval PhilosophyPHIL 201PHIL 230PHIL 1T**333PHYSICAL ng Physical SciencePrinciples of AstronomyAstronomyHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsSCI 1T**ASTRO 1T**ASTRO 1T**SCI 2T**SCI 2T**SCI 2T**434111Coaching Ethics, Techniques and TheoryAthletic Development and Human GrowthAnatomy for CoachingCare and Prevention of Athletic InjuriesBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITS3313September 2020 Edition10

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTCOMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHYPHT102-928By TitleCAREER/TECHCREDITSPHYSICSPHY100*PHY162Physics in Everyday LifeCollege Physics IPHY172College Physics IIPHY183PHY212Applied PhysicsClassical Physics IPHY222Classical Physics IIPHY924PHY928PHY949*Updated March 18, 2021Honors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsPHYS 101PHYS 131PHYS 131LPHYS 132PHYS 132LCAREER/TECHPHYS 231PHYS 231LPHYS 232PHYS 232LPHYS 2T**PHYS 2T**PHYS 2T**PRACTICAL NURSINGPNN115-399By TitleCAREER/TECHPOLITICAL n National GovernmentInternational RelationsComparative Government and PoliticsHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsPOL S 215POL S 251POL S 241POL S 2T**POL S 2T**POL S PSY261PSY262PSY924PSY928PSY949Human & Work RelationsIntroduction to PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyAbnormal PsychologySocial PsychologyHuman SexualityPsychology of GenderHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsPSYCH 1T**PSYCH 101PSYCH 230PSYCH 2T**PSYCH 280HD FS 276PSYCH 2T**PSYCH 2T**PSYCH 2T**PSYCH 2T**3333333111PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANTPTA111-901By TitleCAREER/TECHRESPIRATORY THERAPYRCP100-910By TitleCAREER/TECHREADINGRDG038-040College Preparatory Reading I, II, IIIBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 Catalog331314141111No CreditSeptember 2020 Edition11

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTRELIGIONREL 101REL 130Survey of World ReligionsIntro to Religions of the EastRELIG 205RELIG 1T**33STUDENT DEVELOPMENTSDV108SDV109SDV131SDV161The College ExperienceCollege 101Career ExplorationPortfolio DevelopmentORIEN 1T**XXX 1T**U ST 999Introduction to SociologySocial ProblemsMarriage and FamilyDeath and DyingIntroduction to Social WorkSocial Work Interactional SkillsField ExperienceMinority Group RelationsDiversity in AmericaIntroduction to Cultural AnthropologySociology of AgingJuvenile DelinquencyCriminologySocial PsychologyHuman SexualityGenographyCultural Immersion Field ExperienceHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsStudy AbroadSOC 134SOC 235SOC 219HD FS 2T**SOC 1T**SOC 1T**SOC 1T**SOC 2T**SOC 2T**ANTHR 201SOC 2T**SOC 241C J 242PSYCH 280HD FS 276XXX 2T**SOC 2T**SOC 2T**SOC 2T**SOC 2T**INTST undamentals of Oral CommunicationPublic SpeakingIntercultural CommunicationsInterpersonal CommunicationGroup CommunicationOral InterpretationHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsSP CM 212SP CM 212COMST 2T**COMST 211COMST 2T**THTRE 1T**COMM 2T**COMM 2T**COMM 2T**333333111TRUCK DRIVING AND TRANSPORTATIONTDT100-938By TitleCAREER/TECHWORK-BASED LEARNINGWBL100-146By TitleCAREER/TECHWEB DEVELOPMENTWDV102-931By TitleCAREER/TECHBased on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogCREDITSSeptember 2020 Edition12

HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGECOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLEIOWA STATEEQUIVALENTWELDINGWEL106-928By TitleCAREER/TECHWOMEN'S STUDIESWST101WST924WST928WST949Women's StudiesHonors ProjectIndependent StudySpecial TopicsWGS 201WGS 2T**WGS 2T**WGS 2T**CREDITS3111Updated March 18, 2021Based on the Iowa State 2020-21 Catalog and Hawkeye CC 2020-21 CatalogSeptember 2020 Edition13 The Course Equivalency Guide lists the courses offered at the community college and how each of those corresponds to courses offered at Iowa State University. Regardless of how a course is listed on the equivalency guide, it is important to keep in mind that the individual