Lesson PlansWeek # 1, 9-07-15 to 9-11-15DayGeometryAlgebra IIMondayNO SchoolNO SchoolLabor DayLabor DayFirst Day of Class.First Day of Class.Rules and Policies.Auto enroll in MBCRules and Policies.Auto enroll in MBCo7amkhs9rk1zkv7uSemester 1 Pretest in classSemester 1 Pretest in class1.1 Points, Lines and Planes1.1 The Language of AlgebraTuesdayWednesday1.1 WS1.1 WSThursday1.2 Segments and Distance1.2 WS1.2 Relations and Functions1.2 WSFriday1.3 Midpoints and DistanceDistance in 2-dimensions.Midpoint Formula in 1 and 2D1.3 Function Notation1.3 WSWS 1.3

Lesson PlansDayWeek # 2, 9-14-15 to 9-18-15GeometryMondayAlg II1.1-3 Quiz1.4 Angles and their measure1.4 WSTuesday1.1-4 Review for Quiz on Weds1.1-3 HW Quiz (5 min)1.4 Relations and Functions1.4 WSWednesday1.1-4 Quiz1.5 Domains and Ranges and Graphs1.5 WSThursday1.6 Polygons1.5 Cont FridayConstructions.Congruent SegmentsCongruent AnglesBisecting SegmentsBisecting Angles1.6 Strategies for Solving Equations

Lesson PlansWeek #3, 9-21-15 to 9-25-15DayGeometryAlg IIMondaySocrative angle quizConstructions.Congruent SegmentsCongruent AnglesBisecting SegmentsBisecting Angles1.4-6 QuizTuesdayQuiz 1.5-6 review and constructions1.7Wednesday1.5-6 Quiz1.8ThursdayChapter 1 Test ReviewCh. 1 ReviewFridayChapter 1 TestChapter 1 Test

Lesson PlansWeek #4, 9-28-15 to 10-2-15DayGeometryAlg IIMonday2.1 Inductive ReasoningChapter 1 Test today!!2.1 WSTuesday2.2 Conditional StatementsIntroducing the Conditional,counterexamples and instances2.1 Direct Variation2.2 WS part IWednesday2.2 Conditionals cont.2.2 Inverse VariationConverse, Inverse andContrapositive.2.2 WS part 2Thursday2.2 Continued. More on the otherconditionals and their truthstatements2.3 The Fundamental Theorem of VariationHomework quiz on 2.1 and 2.2WorksheetsFriday2.3 Biconditionals and DefinitionsWS 2.3Homework quiz on 2.1 and 2.2Worksheets2.1-3 Quiz

Lesson PlansWeek #5, 10-05-15 to 10-09-15DayGeometryAlg IIMonday2.1-3 Quiz review2.4 graph of y kx2.1-3 HW quizTuesday2.1-3 Quiz2.5 Graph of y kx 2Wednesday3.1 Algebraic Proof2.6 Graph of inverse functions3.1 WSThursday3.2 Lines and Transversals and Angles3.2 WSFriday2.4-6 QUIZ2.73.3 Proving Lines parallel Day 13.3 WS

Lesson PlansWeek # 6 , 10-12-15 to 10-16-15DayGeometryAlg IIMonday3.3 Proving Lines parallel day 22.8TuesdayWS 3.3 Proving Lines Parallel day 21-11,13And 6 online proofs from the link onthe notesParallel lines and Converse of parallellines3.3 Proofs continued2.9WS 3.3 Parallel Line Proofs ContinuedChoose any 8Wednesday3.3 Proofs ContinuedChapter 2 review assignedWS 3.3 More Practice on ProofsDo evens ONLYQuiz on Angle PairsThursday3.1-3 Quiz ReviewGo over Chapter 2 reviewFriday3.1-3 QuizChapter 2 test Review

Lesson PlansMondayWeek #7, 10-19-15 to 10-23-153.4 Slopes of LinesChapter 2 TestWS 3.4 Slopes of LinesTuesdayWednesday3.5 Equations of Lines3.1WS 3.5 Equations of lines3.1 WS3.4,5 Slopes and equations of linesReview3.23.2 WSCommon Core Objectives: G-GPE 4,5ThursdayReview for 3.4-5 Quiz on Thurs3.33.3 WSCommon Core Objectives: G-GPE 4,5FridayQuiz on 3.4,53.1-3 Quiz

Lesson PlansMondayWeek #8, 10-26-15 to 10-30-153.6 Perpendiculars and Distance3.43.4 WS3.1-3 HW QuizTuesdayChapter 3 ReviewChapter 3 test Thurs3.53.5 WSWednesdayShort Weds 3.6Ch 3 Test Review Cont3.6WSThursdayChapter 3 Test3.4-6 QuizFriday4.1 Triangle Review3.74.1 WS3.7 WSCommon Core Objectives: G-SRT4

Lesson PlansMondayWeek #9, 11-02-15 to 11-6-154.1 Triangle Review3.8 Explicit Definitions of ArithmeticSequences4.1 WS3.8 WSCommon Core Objectives: G-SRT4Tuesday4.3 Proving Figures Congruent3.9 Step FunctionsCommon Core Objectives: G-SRT4,5Wednesday4.4 Proving Triangles congruentCh. 3 ReviewThursdayCommon Core Objectives: G-SRT4,5G-GPE44.1-4 ReviewCh. 3 Review ContFriday4.1-4 QuizChapter 3 Test

Lesson PlansWeek #10, 11-10-15 to 11-14-15Monday4.4 Proving Triangles Congruent5.1Tuesday4.4 Proving Triangles CongruentCont.5.2Wednesday4.4 More on Proving TrianglesCongruent.5.3Thursday4.5 CPCTC5.4FridayNo Classes today Parent TeacherConferencesNo Classes today Parent Teacher Conferences

Lesson PlansWeek #11, 11-16-15 to 11-20-15Monday4.5 Cont. More on CPCTC5.1-4 reviewTuesday4.5 CPCTC5.1-4 QuizWS CPCTC Day 2 and review basictriangle proofsWednesdayQuiz on 4.4,4.55.7Thursday4.6 Isosceles Triangles5.8Friday4.6 Cont. More on Isosceles Triangles 5.9Worksheet 4.6 Cont.

Lesson PlansMondayWeek #12, 11-23-15 to 11-27-154.7 Coordinate Proofs5.4-7 Quiz Review4.7 WSTuesday4.4-7 Quiz Review5.4-7 QuizWednesday4.4-7 Quiz6.1Proofs, CPCTC, Isosceles Triangles,coordinate proofThursdayThanksgiving Break. No schoolThanksgiving Break. No schoolFridayThanksgiving Break. No schoolThanksgiving Break. No school

Lesson PlansWeek #13,11-30-15 to12-4-15Monday5.1 Midsegments6-1 Quadratic Expressions, Rectangles andSquares (Squaring a Binomial)Tuesday5.2 Angle bisectors and perpendicular 6-2 Absolute Value, Square Roots andbisectors in trianglesQuadratic EquationsConstruct orthocenters andcircumcentersWednesday5.2 cont.WS on angle bisectors andperpendicular bisectors6-3 The Graph-Translation TheoremComplete constructions from TUESThursday5.3 Medians and AltitudesQuiz Ch 6 Sec 1-3WS on the construction of Medians,Altitudes, Centroids andOrthocentersFriday5.1-3 Review of Special SegmentsHW Quiz 6.1-36-4 The graph of y ax 2 bx c

Lesson PlansWeek #14, 12-7-15 to 12-11-15MondaySpecial Segments PracticeDay 26-5 Completing The Square Notes & ExamplesTuesdayQuiz on Special Segments6-5 WorkdayWednesday5.1-3 revisited6-6 Fitting a Quadratic Model to DataThursday5.5 Triangle InequalitiesQuiz Ch 6 Sec 4-6Friday5.6 Inequalities in 2 trianglesHW Quiz 6.4-66-7 the Quadratic Formula Notes and Examples

Lesson PlansWeek #15, 12-14-15 to 12-18-15MondayChapter 5 Review6.7 The Quadratic Formula Work DayTuesdayChapter 5 Test6.8 Imaginary Numbers6.8 WSWednesdayThursday6.1 Ratios6.9 The Complex NumbersWS 6.16.9 WS6.2 Similar Polygons6.10 Analyzing solutions to the QuadraticEquationsWS 6.26.10 ReviewFriday6.3 Triangle SimilarityWS 6.3Chapter 6 Test Review

Lesson PlansWeek #16, 12-21-15 to 12-25-15Monday6.1-3 Quiz reviewChapter 6 TestTuesday6.1-3 QuizChapter 6 test cont WednesdayChristmas BreakChristmas BreakThursdayChristmas BreakChristmas BreakFridayChristmas BreakChristmas Break

Lesson PlansMondayWeek #, 1-04-16 to 1-08-166.4 Parallel Lines and Proportionalparts7.1 Power FunctionsWS 6.4Tuesday6.5 Similarity TransformationsDilations7.2 Properties of ExponentsWednesdayDilation Constructions7.3 Negative ExponentsThursdayCh. 6 Review7.1-3 QuizFridayCh. 6 Test7.4 Compound Interest

Lesson PlansWeek #, 1-11-16 to 1-15-16MondayCh 7.1 The Geometric Mean andSimplest Radical form7.5Tuesday7.2 The Pythagorean Theorem and itsapplications7.6WednesdayExam Review7.4-6 Quiz ReviewThursdayExam ReviewCh. 7.4-6 QuizCh. 7.4-6 HW QuizFridayExam ReviewExam Review

Homework quiz on 2.1 and 2.2 Worksheets 2.1-3 Quiz . Tuesday 2.1-3 Quiz 2.5 Graph of y kx 2 Wednesday 3.1 Algebraic Proof 3.1 WS 2.6 Graph of inverse functions Thursday 3.2 Lines and Transversals and Angles 3.2 WS 2.4-6 QUIZ . Common Core Objectives: G-GPE 4,5 3.2 3.2 WS Thursday Review for 3.4-5 Quiz on Thurs Common Core Objectives: G-GPE .