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Geometry VocabularyChapter 1

What is Geometry?Geometry is the study ofshapesThey studied Geometryin Ancient Mesopotamia& Ancient EgyptGeometry is importantin the creation of art andarchitecture.

Three basic building blocks ofGeometryThe three basics building blocks ofgeometry are undefinable, however, theycan be described and represented– Point, line, plane

POINTA POINT is the most basic building block ofGeometry.It has no size, only location.It is represented with a dot and named with acapital letter.The Hershey Kiss represents a POINT onthe line as does the red dotH A


PLANEA PLANE has length and width, but nothickness.(no, not the one that flies!)It is a flat surface that extends infinitely along itslength and width.A plane is represented with a four-sided figure,usually a parallelogram.A plane is named with a script capital letter,such as PP

PlaneImagine sitting on a row boat in the middleof the ocean. No matter which way youlook all you see is water forever

DefinitionA statement that clarifies or explains themeaning of a word or a phrase– Square is a quadrilateral that is equiangularand equilateral.

CollinearPoints on the same line– co together– linear pertaining to a lineOn the line togetherPoints A, B, & C are collinear AB C

CoplanarOn the same plane– co together– planar pertaining to a planeOn the plane togetherPoints H & J and Line PQ are coplanar on MM PH J Q

ENDPOINTAn ENDPOINT is a point at the end of aray or line segment. (a capital letter)F SEndpoints B

LINE SEGMENTA LINE SEGMENT is part of a ray or line.It has two endpointsLineP LineSegmentQ LineEndpointsName a line segment by its endpointsPQ

CONGRUENT CONGRUENT means the same size and same shapeCONGRUENT LINE SEGMENTS means two linesegments are the same size– Show congruent segments by making identical markings oneach.Slashor tickmarksER IQER IQ M AMA THHTMH AT– Parts with the same amount of markings are congruent

MidpointMidpoint of a segment is the point on thesegment that is the same distance from bothendpoints– bisects the segment– divides the segment into two congruent segmentsCongruent markings on a segment indicate apoint is a midpointQ U Congruent markings, aka, slash marksE

Midpoint of WHAT?Can a point have a midpoint?– a line?– a square?– a plane?– NO, only a segment is finite in length– There is NO midpoint to infinity

RAYA RAY is part of a line, but it has oneendpoint and the other end continuesinfinitely.J K ame a ray with its endpoint first, followedby another point on the ray.JK

ANGLESWhen you name an angle. Thevertex/angle point goes in the middle ofthe name.BACIf I wanted to know the measurement of AngleA I would ask:” What is the measurement for BAC?”(Notice A is in the center)

Naming Angles ABC, CBA, BA NB CM PA M TH

VERTEXA VERTEX is a fancy name for “angle”Two rays or lines that have the sameendpoint make a VERTEX/angleVERTEX/angles are measured in“degrees”When twoThe Corners ofa square are itsvertex/angleslines cross,they makevertex/angles

VERTICAL LINEA VERTICAL LINE goes up & downThe candybars arevertical

HORIZONTAL LINEA HORIZONTAL LINE goes “across” (leftand right)The candybars areHorizontal

OPEN & CLOSED FIGURESA CLOSED FIGURE/SHAPE starts andends at the same point.An OPEN FIGURE/SHAPE does NOTstart and end at the same point.CLOSEDOPENStartStart EndEnd

POLYGONA POLYGON is a “closed” shapeA POLYGON is made up of line segmentsthat do not cross.The number of sides gives a POLYGONits nameNOT POLYGONPOLYGON

PROTRACTORWe use a PROTRACTOR to measurevertex/angles in degrees


4 TYPES OF ANGLESRIGHT ANGLES measure exactly 90 The“square”symbolmeans90’

4 TYPES OF ANGLESOBTUES ANGLES are greater than 90 but less than 180

4 TYPES OF ANGLESSTRAIGHT ANGLE is exactly 180 – aka: a line

The EndOnce you study all the fancywords/vocabulary, Geometry isvery easy to understand soSTUDY!You are Learning a new Language.

Pictionary Dictionary Today's Agenda SUMMER ASSIGNMENT TEST Vocabulary. Geometry Vocabulary Chapter 1. What is Geometry? Geometry is the study of shapes They studied Geometry in Ancient Mesopotamia & Ancient Egypt Geometry is important in the creation of art and architecture.