TSI Placement TestReview ManualFor preparing to takethe TSI Math Test(Funded through the Gulf-Coast PASS Grant)

Table of Contents:1. The TSI AssessmentThe TSI AssessmentTest Taking Strategies1352. What is on the TestTSI Assessment and TSI Diagnostic TestContent Areas for the TSI Diagnostic Test7993. For the studentDid you know ?Strategies to help you improve your score1113154. PreAlgebra PracticeAverages and Rounding Practice QuestionsAverages and Rounding Practice Questions AnswersPercent and Ratio Practice QuestionsPercent and Ratio Practice Questions AnswersMore Percent and Ratio Practice QuestionsMore Percent and Ratio Practice Questions AnswersOakland Community College: Math Practice TestOakland Community College: Math Practice Test Answers1719212224262729345. Algebra PracticeSpecial Algebra PracticeSpecial Algebra Practice AnswersAlgebra Practice A with AnswersAlgebra Practice B with AnswersAlgebra Practice C with AnswersAlgebra Practice D with AnswersAlgebra Practice E with AnswersAlgebra Practice F with AnswersAlgebra Practice G with AnswersAlgebra Practice H with AnswersAlgebra Practice J with AnswersAlgebra Practice K with AnswersAlgebra Practice L with Answers37394345474951535557596163656. Websites for Additional PracticeGeorgia Highlands Online Practice QuizStudy Mate to Practice with a FriendWebsites to Review Math ConceptsWebsites to Practice Math Concepts67696970717. Texas State Initiative Sample Test Questions from College Board

Section 1TheTSI Assessment1


The TSI AssessmentThe TSI Assessment measures your strengths and weaknesses in mathematics and statistics,reading and writing, and is an indicator of how ready you are to handle college-level courses. Theresults of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, areused by academic advisers and counselors to place you in the appropriate course that matches yourskill level. The goal is to help you become ready for college-level course work.Once you complete the TSI Assessment, you have immediate access to your individual score report,which give you details on your test results. Use the score report to understand your academicstrengths and areas for improvement. Your advisor, counselor or faculty member will also use thisscore report to help make the best recommendations for the courses or interventions that meet yourindividual needs.From: erpreting-score.pdfTSI Student Information ativeassessment-student-brochure.pdfTexas Success Initiative Test ces/pdf/accuplacer/TSI Test-Content.pdfTSI Interpreting Your veassessment-interpreting-score.pdfThe TSI Assessment is new, replacing the previous tests: Accuplacer, THEA, Compass and Asset.However, the math content that each of the tests measures is the same. Therefore, the practicequestions that we provide in this packet are useful. The math is the same, no matter the name.AdvisingThe Advising process is an integral part of your academic success. Academic advisors are availableto assist you with a variety of academic services including admissions, testing, advising, registration,referral of campus and community resources, add/drop/withdrawal process, transfer planning andgraduation processes.Check out our advising resources at but don't hesitate tocontact an advisor if you need additional assistance. They're here to help you! It is very importantthat you are placed into the correct mathematics course.3

The TSI can be taken on all LSC campuses. F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , contact the testingcenter of your choice at l Assistance at Lone Star CollegeAll students enrolled in courses with LSCS can use the tutoring center that works best,regardless of location including students enrolled in online courses. Tutoring is covered for allstudents through the enrollment fee so no payment is required to use these services.As you work through the practice problems in this packet, you may have some questions. Toget help with any topic related to writing or to have a professional review of your practice essay,go to the following link to see details about the campusspecific tutoring programs and hours.Online Preparatory Website for the TSI Reading TestFinally, you can access an online Math Prep Course to better prepare you to take themathematics portion of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) placement test at lonestar/PREPMath/prepmath.htm4

Test-taking Strategies1. Take the Placement Test SeriouslyGiving your best during the test can save you several terms of math, reading, and writingclasses, and therefore a lot of time and money. What you don’t know, you don’t know. That’sfine. But if you know something, make sure you show it on the test so that you are placed intothe appropriate class for your skill level.2. Prepare For the TestIt is important that you review your knowledge before you take the test, particularly if you havenot been in school for many years. Go over the following parts in this review packet to refreshyour memory about the things you once knew. This packet is not designed to help you learnmaterial that you never knew. For that you should take a class.It is equally important, however, that you are physically prepared for the test. Be sure to getenough sleep the night before, and eat something nutritious before arriving for the test. Don’tconsume anything with caffeine or a lot of sugar right before the test. Caffeine might make youfeel more jittery and less patient, causing you to skip important steps. Too much sugar will giveyou a short energy boost followed by a sense of fatigue. Drink water or tea instead.3. Take TimeThe TSI Assessment is not timed which means that you can take as much time as you need.Make use of that! Read the questions carefully, think about them, do your work on paper, andthen choose an answer. Your score does not depend on how long you take for each question.Your score only depends on whether you choose the right answer.4. Read the Questions CarefullyDon’t assume anything. Follow the instructions of the question exactly. Read all the details verycarefully. A simple ‘NOT’ can change everything around. It helps to copy the question ontopaper and underline the important information or rewrite it in your own words.5. Work Math Problems out on PaperSince the TSI Assessment is a test that you take on the computer make sure to copy mathproblems onto paper and work them step by step. It’s worth it! Working a problem out carefullyand minding all the details gets you the points to place you in the right class.6. Take a BreakYou can take a break whenever you like! Just go to the testing supervisor, and s/he will saveyour work. You can continue when you come back. You can even come back the next day.This is very important because in order to do well on the test you need to concentrate. So ifyou need to use the restroom, go. If you are thirsty or hungry, go drink and eat. If you aretired, get up and take a walk or go home and come back the next day.5


Section 2What is on theTest7


The TSI Assessment in Mathematics and Statistics and the TSI Diagnostic TestThe TSI Assessment in Mathematics and Statistics is a multiple-choice test that covers the four contentareas listed below. There are approximately 20 items on the TSI Assessment Test and 10 to 12 items ineach section of the TSI Diagnostic Test.If your score in the TSI Assessment (20 questions) is lower than the college-readiness cut-score, you willbe asked to take the TSI Diagnostic Test which determines your areas of strengths and areas that needimprovement. The results of the diagnostic test help the advisor place you in the appropriate level of adevelopmental course.Content Areas of the Diagnostic TestElementary Algebra: Elementary Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge in linear equations,inequalities and systems; algebraic expressions and equations; word problems and applications. Perform operations with real numbers and algebraic expressions, employing correct order ofoperations;formulate and solve linear equations, inequalities, linear systems with 2 and 3 variables, and variationproblems;graph and translate functions on a rectangular coordinate system;identify characteristics of linear functions;formulate and solve word problems and applications. Intermediate Algebra: Intermediate Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge in quadraticand other polynomial expressions, equations and functions; expressions, equations, and functionsinvolving powers, roots and radicals; rational and exponential expressions, equations and functions. Understand characteristics of functions;factor polynomial expressions by GCF, grouping, difference of squares, trinomials;solve quadratic equations by factoring, and by using the quadratic formula;solve equations using the square root property;simplify square roots with numerical values;solve simple radical and rational equations;apply unit conversions in word problems;formulate algebraic expressions and equations to solve word problems;apply rules of exponents.9

Measurement and Geometry: Geometry and Measurement measures your knowledge in planegeometry; transformations and symmetry; linear, area and three-dimensional measurements. Analyze models involving 2-D and 3-D representations and apply ratios and proportions to solvegeometric problems;apply the Pythagorean Theorem in concrete and abstract problems;employ algebra in geometric applications;use coordinate geometry to solve problems involving slopes, distances and equations of lines;use transformations, reflections and lines of symmetry;convert measures, including in the metric system;use rational and irrational values within a geometric context.Statistics: Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability measures your knowledge in interpreting categoricaland quantitative data, statistical measures, probabilistic reasoning. Calculate and interpret measures of center (mean, median, mode) and variability (range);make predictions using statistics;calculate probabilities and use theoretical probabilities and experimental results to make predictionsand decisions;use variability (range) and select the appropriate measure of central tendency to describe data;analyze trends in frequency distributions, dot plots, scatter plots, line plots, line graphs, circle graphsand bar graphs;apply counting principles.From: erpreting-score.pdf10

Section 3For the Student11


Did you know - That the TSI Assessment is one of the most important tests you will take duringcollege?- That how well you do on the TSI Assessment will determine which classes you areplaced in during your first year of college?- Taking the TSI Assessment unprepared may add a year or more to your time incollege and cost thousands of dollars more?- Many college students are placed in Developmental Math classes that they do notreally need only because they did not take the time to prepare for the TSI?- That you need to get the beginning questions correct so that you will be able toanswer the later, higher-placing questions?Would you go run a marathon without training?Would you take the SAT or ACT for entrance to a university without preparing?Neither should you take the TSI Assessment without preparation.You might ask, “How do I prepare?”For a couple of weeks before the test, practice TSI type questions every day to build upyour math muscles.13


There are many strategies that will help you improve your score on the TSI Assessment.Combining these basic strategies with review and practice of the test material will helpyou achieve the math placement you desire.Why You Should Study For The TSI AssessmentThe score you earn on the TSI Assessment will determine which math classes you willneed to take. The lower your score is, the more entry level classes you’ll be required totake. If you can improve your TSI Assessment score you can avoid taking one or moreentire semesters of college math! Skipping a couple math classes can make asubstantial difference in your degree progress.If you can perform well on the TSI Assessment you will be placed one or two classes above where you would’ve hadyou not done well here. To save yourself the time and cost of taking these classes through your school, take the time now toreview our study guide and practice questions and improve your TSI Assessment score!Four Tips To Follow1.The test is not timed, so breathe, relax, and work at your own pace.2.If you cannot answer a question, eliminate as many answers as possible and guess; there is no penalty for incorrect answers.3.If you know how to solve a question, solve it first then look for your solution in the answer list. If you find it, move on and don’tsecond guess yourself.4.Don’t panic: you’ve studied for this and are prepared. You will even have a chance to retake the test if you mess up. Just focuson answering the questions you know and guessing on the rest. Focus only on answering the question at hand and do not worryabout anything else.Confidence Is KeyApart from knowledge of the material, the most important factor for successful testing is confidence. If you’re confident you won’ttense up, second guess yourself, or panic, and you’ll perform much better. The best way to build up your confidence is toprepare for the test by studying the material, and then to focus on answering the questions you’ve studied for, just like you did inpractice. You don’t need to get every question right; don’t stress if you are clueless about some of the questions, just guess s onthese and move on to more familiar territory. Remember that the test is merely a monitored extension of your studies: don’t treatit as something foreign or scary.If pressure really gets to you then you could try this tip: just before you begin the test shift your mind-state to broad externalideas. Try to ‘zoom out’ and focus on all the natural and human occurrences taking place around the world that are totallyindependent of your control. This can help put things in perspective and bring some calm. Try to carry this calm feeling into thetest as you shift your focus to answering the questions.Finally, check to see if your school allows multiple attempts at the test (many do). If you are not successful on your first attempt,you may be able to take the test once or twice more to try and get the score you need. If you do not pass the first time, treat thefailure as a learning experience and move on with the extra knowledge you’ve gained about the test from your first attempt. W itha little extra preparation you are likely to do much better on your second attempt.15

As stated earlier, the TSI Assessment is new. The study materials provided below are for the COMPASS Test.However, the math that each test measures is the same. Practicing math problems will help prepare you for the TSIAssessment.The Study GuideTo help you prepare for the COMPASS Test we have provided a free study guide covering the most important topics you’ll needto know. Study these lessons and work on the practice questions included with each of them. Once you’ve gone through thelessons, you can test your overall knowledge by taking the free practice tests we’ve created. If you spend enough time studyingthe lessons you should do well on the practice tests, and if you do well on the practice tests you should do well on the ve created a free study guide with lessons on the most important topics you’ll need to know to score well on the Pre-Algebraand Algebra portions of the COMPASS Test. Review each lesson and complete the practice questions at the end to prepare forthe test. Move on to the practice tests once you complete the study guide.Pre-Algebra Basic Statistics Integers Fractions Substituting Values Decimals Setting up Equations Basic Exponents Linear Equations Order of Operations Polynomials Ratios and Proportions Exponents and Radicals Percentages Rational ExpressionsAlgebraThese practice exams will test your knowledge of the different pre-algebra and algebra topics on the COMPASS Test.The actual test will be multiple choice, but our practice tests are not. Even on multiple choice tests it is best to solveeach question first, and then look for your answer among the choices. If you don’t know how to solve a particularproblem, make an educated guess and move on.The actual test is administered on a computer and generates one question at a time, choosing the difficulty of futurequestions based on the previous scores.If you are struggling with a certain type of question review the lesson on that particular ice-tests/practice-test-2/16

Section 4PreAlgebraPractice17


ounding.htmAverages and Rounding Practice Questions1. Round 907.457 to the nearest tens place.A. 908.0B. 910C. 907.5D. 900E. 907.462. At a certain high school, the respective weights for the following subjects are:Mathematics 3, English 3, History 2, Science 2 and Art 1.What is a student's average whose marks were the following: Geometry 89, American Literature 92, AmericanHistory 94, Biology 81, and Sculpture 85?A. 85.7B. 87.8C. 88.9D. 89.4E. 90.23. Ginger over the course of an average work-week wanted to see how much she spent on lunch daily. OnMonday and Thursday, she spent 5.43 total. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she spent 3.54 on each day. OnFriday, she spent 7.89 on lunch. What was her average daily cost?A. 3.19B. 3.75C. 3.90D. 5.17E. 4.234. What is 1230.932567 rounded to the nearest hundredths place?A. 1200B. 1230.9326C. 1230.93D. 1230E. 1230.9335. Subtract the following numbers rounded to the nearest tenths place.134.679-45.548-67.8807A. 21.3B. 21.25C. -58.97D. -59.0E. 16. What is the absolute value of -9?A. -9B. 9C. 019

D. -1E. 17. What is the median of the following list of numbers? 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12A. 6B. 7.5C. 7.8D. 8E. 98. What is the mathematical average of the number of weeks in a year, seasons in a year, and the number ofdays in January?A. 36B. 33C. 32D. 31E. 299. In a college, some courses contribute more towards an overall GPA than other courses. For example, ascience class is worth 4 points; mathematics is worth 3 points; history is worth 2 points; and English isworth 3 points. The values of the grade letters are as follows, A 4, B 3, C 2, D 1, F 0. What is the GPA of astudent who made a “C” in Trigonometry, a “B” in American History, an “A” in Botany, and a “B” inMicrobiology?A. 2.59B. 2.86C. 3.08D. 3.33E. 3.6710. Over the course of a week, Fred spent 28.49 on lunch. What was the average cost per day?A. 4.07B. 3.57C. 6.51D. 2.93E. 5.4111. A roast was cooked at 325 F in the oven for 4 hours. The internal temperature rose from 32 F to 145 F.What was the average rise in temperature per hour?A. 20.2 F/hrB. 28.25 F/hrC. 32.03 F/hrD. 37 F/hrE. 37.29 F/hr12. In the number 743.25 which digit represents the tenths space?A. 2B. 3C. 4D. 5E. 620

Answers & Explanations1. B: When rounding the decimal to the nearest tens place, look to the digit that is one place to the right, or the onesplace. Since the digit in the ones place is greater than 5, the number will be rounded up to the next 10, giving arounded number of 910.2. C: The weighted average may be written as (3 89) (3 92) (2 94) (2 81) (1 85)/11, which is approximately 88.9.3. D: The average daily cost may be written as 5.43 5.43 3.54 3.54 7.89/5, which equals 5.17. The average dailycost was 5.17.4. C: When rounding the decimal to the nearest hundredths place, look to the digit that is one place to the right, or thethousandths place. Since the digit in the thousandths place is less than 5, the digit in the hundredths place willremain. Thus, the rounded number is 1230.93.5. A: The decimals of 45.5 and 67.9 should be subtracted from the decimal, 134.7. Doing so gives a difference of21.3.6. B: The absolute value of a number is the distance the number is from 0. The integer, -9, is 9 units from the wholenumber, 0. Thus, it has an absolute value of 9.7. D: Since this list (already written in ascending order) has an even number of values, the median is the average ofthe two middle values. The average of 7 and 9 is 8, thus the median is 8.8. E: Since there are 52 weeks and 4 seasons in a year and 31 days in January, the average may be written as52 4 31/3, which equals 29.3.9. C: The GPA may be written as (4 4) (4 3) (2 3) (3 2)/13, where 13 represents the sum of the weights. Thus, theGPA is approximately 3.08.10. A: The average is equal to the ratio of the amount spent to the number of days in a week. Thus, the average maybe written as 28.49/7. He spent an average of 4.07 per day.11. B: The rate may be written as 145-32/4, which equals 28.25. Thus, the average rise in temperature per hour was28.25 .12. A: The tenths place is one place to the right of the decimal. Thus, 2 represents the digit in the tenths place.21

tios.htmPercent and Ratio Practice Questions1. If a discount of 25% off the retail price of a desk saves Mark 45, how much did he pay for the desk?A.B.C.D.E. 135 160 180 210 2152. A customer pays 1,100 in state taxes on a newly purchased car. What is the value of the car if state taxes are 8.9%of the value?A.B.C.D.E. 9.765.45 10,876.90 12,359.55 14,345.48 15,745.453. How many years does Steven need to invest his 3,000 at 7% to earn 210 in simple interest?A.B.C.D.E.1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years4. Sabrina's boss states that she will increase Sabrina's salary from 12,000 to 14,000 per year if she enrolls inbusiness courses at a local community college. What percent increase in salary will result from Sabrina taking thebusiness courses?A.B.C.D.E.15%16.7%17.2%85%117%5. 35% of what number is 70?A.B.C.D.E.1001101501752006. What number is 5% of 2000?A.B.C.D.E.501001502002507. What percent of 90 is 27?A.B.C.15%20%30%22

D.E.33%41%8. Jim works for 15.50 per hour for a health care facility. He is supposed to get a 75 cent per hour raise at one year ofservice. What will his percent increase in hourly pay be?A.B.C.D.E.2.7%3.3%133%4.8%105%9. If 45 is 120% of a number, what is 80% of the same number?A.B.C.D.E.303236384110. How long will Lucy have to wait before her 2,500 invested at 6% earns 600 in simple interest?A.B.C.D.E.2 years3 years4 years5 years6 years11. What is 35% of a number if 12 is 15% of a number?A.B.C.D.E.51228336212. A computer is on sale for 1600, which is a 20% discount off the regular price. What is the regular price?A.B.C.D.E. 1800 1900 2000 2100 220013. A car dealer sells a SUV for 39,000, which represents a 25% markup over the dealer's cost. What was the cost ofthe SUV to the dealer?A.B.C.D.E. 29,250 31,200 32,500 33,800 33,99914. After having to pay increased income taxes this year, Edmond has to sell his BMW. Edmond bought the car for 49,000, but he sold it for a 20% loss. What did Edmond sell the car for?A.B.C.D.E. 24,200 28,900 35,600 37,300 39,20023

15. At a company fish fry, ½ in attendance are employees. Employees' spouses are 1/3 of the attendance. What is thepercentage of the people in attendance who are not employees or employee spouses?A.B.C.D.E.10.5%16.7%25%32.3%38%16. If 6 is 24% of a number, what is 40% of the same numberA.B.C.D.E.81015202517. 25% of 400 A.B.C.D.E.10020080010,00012,00018. 22% of 900 A.B.C.D.E.9019825032537519. Which of the following percentages is equal to 0.45?A.B.C.D.E.0.045%0.45%4.5%45%0.0045%20. Which of these percentages equals 1.25?A.B.C.D.E.0.125%12.5%125%1250%1250.5%Answers & Explanations1. A: The original price of the desk may be found by solving the equation, 0.25x 45. Thus, x 180. However, this is theoriginal price of the desk. Since he saves 45, he pays 45 less, or 135.2. C: The following equation may be used to find the value of the car: 1,100 0.089x. Solving for x gives x 12,359.55. Thus,the value of the car is 12,359.55.24

3. A: The formula, I Prt, represents the amount of interest earned, for a particular principal, interest rate, and amount of time.Substituting 210 for I, 3000 for P and 0.07 for r gives: 210 3000(0.07)t. Solving for t gives t 1. Thus, he will earn 210 ininterest, after 1 year.4. B: The percent increase may be modeled by the expression, (14,000-12,000)/12,000, which equals 16.7%.5. E: The equation, 0.35x 70, may be used to solve the problem. Dividing both sides of the equation by 0.35 gives x 200.6. B: The problem may be modeled as x 0.05(2000). Thus, 100 is 5% of 2000.7. C: The problem may be modeled as 90x 27. Dividing both sides of the equation by 90 gives x 0.3 or 30%.8. D: The percent increase may be modeled by the expression, 0.75/15.50, which is approximately 0.048, or 4.8%.9. A: The first part of the problem may be modeled with the equation, 45 1.2x. Solving for x gives x 37.5. 80% of 37.5 maybe written as 0.80(37.5), which equals 30.10. C: The formula, I Prt, represents the amount of interest earned, for a particular principal, interest rate, and amount of time.Substituting 600 for I, 2500 for P and 0.06 for r gives: 600 2500(0.06)t. Solving for t gives t 4. Thus, she will have to wait 4years to earn 600 in interest.11. C: The second part of the problem may be modeled with the equation, 12 0.15x. Solving for x gives x 80. Thus, thenumber is 80. 35% of 80 may be written as 0.35(80), which equals 28.12. C: The sale price of the computer is 80% of the regular price. Thus, the following equation may be used to solve theproblem: 1600 0.80x. Solving for x gives x 2000. Thus, the regular price of the computer is 2000.13. B: The following equation may be used to solve the problem: 0.25 (39,000-x)/x. Multiplying both sides of the equationby x gives 0.25x 39,000 - x. Adding x to both sides of the equation gives 1.25x 39,000, where x 31,200. Thus, the cost ofthe SUV to the dealer was 31,200.14. E: The problem may be modeled by the expression, 49,000 - (0.20(49,000)), which equals 39,200. Thus, he had to sell thecar for 39,200.15. B: The attendance of employees and spouses may be modeled as 1/2 1/3, or 5/6. Thus, 1/6 of those, in attendance, whoare not employees or spouses, is approximately 16.7%.16. B: The first part of the problem may be modeled with the equation, 6 0.24x. Solving for x gives x 25. Thus, the number is25. 40% of this number may be written as 0.40(25), which equals 10.17. A: The problem may be modeled as 0.25(400), which equals 100.18. B: The problem may be modeled as 0.22(900), which equals 198.19. D: The percentage may be obtained by multiplying 0.45 by 100. Doing so gives 45%.20. C: The percentage may be obtained by multiplying 1.25 by 100. Doing so gives 125%.25

s.htmMore Percent and Ratio Practice Questions1. Express fourteen hundredths as a percent.A.B.C.D.0.14%14%0.014%1.4%2. 3 is what percent of 50?A.B.C.D.3%4%5%6%3. The ratio of 2:10 is the same as what percentage?A.B.C.D.2%5%10%20%4. Lauren had 80 in her savings account. When she received her paycheck, she made a deposit which brought thebalance up to 120. By what percentage did the total amount in her account increase as a result of this deposit?A.B.C.D.50%40%35%80%5. Round to the nearest whole number: What is 17/68, as a percent?A.B.C.D.17%25%40%68%6. Round to the nearest whole number: Gerald made 13 out of the 22 shots he took in the basketball game. What washis shooting percentage?A.B.C.D.13%22%59%67%7. Change the following fraction to the simplest possible ratio: 8/14A.B.C.D.4:34:64:73:48. If 5 people buy 3 pens each and 3 people buy 7 pencils each, what is the ratio of the total number of pens to the totalnumber of pencils?A.B.15 :213:726

C.D.5:31:19. In a town, the ratio of men to women is 2:1. If the number of women in the town is doubled, what will be the new ratioof men to women?A.B.C.D.1:21:12:13:110. A man's lawn grass is 3 inches high. He mows the lawn and cuts off 30% of its height. How tall will the grass beafter the lawn is mowed?A.B.C.D.0.9 inches2.1 inches2.7 inches2.9 inchesAnswers and Explanations1. B: "Fourteen hundredths" can be written as 0.14. To convert to a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right andadd the percent sign.2. D: Divide 3 by 50 to get 0.06 or 6%.3. D: Divide 2 by 10 (not 10 by 2) to get 0.2 or 20%.4. A: The rate of increase equals the change in the account balance divided by the original amount, 80. Multiply that decimalby 100 to yield the percentage of increase. To determine the change in the balance, subtract the original amount from the newbalance: Change in account balance 120 80 40. Now, determine the percentage of increase as described above:Percent 40/ 80*100 50%5. B: The answer is 25%. This problem requires you to understand how to convert fractions into percentages. One way to makethis conversion is to divide 17 by 68 using long division, which will create a decimal quotient, and then convert this decimal into apercentage. 17/68 0.25 25%6. C: The answer is 59%. To solve this problem, you must know how to convert a fraction into a percentage. Gerald made 13out of 22 shots, a performance that can also be expressed by the fraction 13/22. 13/22 0.5909 59%7. A: To solve this problem, you must know how to convert fract

More Percent and Ratio Practice Questions Answers 27 Oakland Community College: Math Practice Test 29 Oakland Community College: Math Practice Test Answers 34 5. Algebra Practice 37 Special Algebra Practice 39 Special Algebra Practice Answers 43 Algebra Practice A with Answers 45 Algebra Practice B with Answers 47