Lista Tool StorageLista stacked cabinets safely andefficiently house a broad array ofmachine and CNC tools in the toolcrib at C&D Aerospace, an aircraftinterior manufacturer.

B R I N G S E C U R I T Y A N D O R G A N I Z AT I O N T O T H ES T O R A G E A N D T R A N S P O R T O F VA L U A B L E T O O L SLista Tool StorageTool Storage, Transport and Use CycleTool Holders8486Tool Trays and Tool Holder Frames for DrawersTool Transporters8788Tool Holder Frames for Tool TransportersTool Transporter AccessoriesShelvesSupportsClamps8889898989Document Pocket89B220 Easy-Order Tool Transporters90B240 Easy-Order Tool Transporters91CNC and Machine Tool Cabinet Easy-Order Combinations 92-93CNC Bench Stand93CNC Workbench Easy-Order Combinations93Machine Tool Cabinet Easy-Order CombinationsTool Crib Cabinet Easy-Order Combinations94-9596-9783

Lista Tool Storage SolutionsFrom the smallest shop to thelargest machining operation, Listacan economically provide everything you need for safe and efficient storage of valuable tools.CNC and machine tool storage,transport and use cyclePRESET tool storage products and accessories, Lista provides an efficient,Tools andSupply MACHINE With our many different CNC CabinetsTransportersorganized and secure link among all CNC ToolStorage84 STORAGE transport and use. the various stages of tool storage,REGRINDWorkbenches andBench Stands

Lista Tool Storage and Transport Systems Make Any Workspace WorkSliding door machine tool cabinets with butcher block tops provide bothcomplete protection for tooling and a highly functional worksurface at GalileoElectro Optic Corporation’s machine shop (left) and F&S Tool (right).Lista CNC tool transporters are used to safely delivertools directly to the work area at Continental Machines, aleading machine tool and hydraulic component manufacturing company.The Lista Storage Wall System isused to store a variety of differentsized CNC tooling at Tremec, a manufacturer of manual transmissions.This vertical solution maximizesTremec’s floorspace while providingthe company with safe, secure andcompletely organized CNC storage.For more information on the ListaStorage Wall System, see pages66-81.85

Tool HoldersSafety and ease of use for storage and transport are the prioritiesin the design of the Lista System.Our tool holders are the basiccomponents of an integratedsolution to vertical storage ofpre-set tools. Lista tool holders areideal for all types of pre-set toolhandling. Even if only small numbers of tools are involved, safeand accessible storage adjacentto machines is economical.86Molded Tool HoldersCustom Tool HoldersTool InsertsTool holders are made from ABS high impactand oil resistant plastic that protects the heaviest tool shanks. Tool holders are designed to beheld securely in place on either Lista tool traysor tool holder frames.Lista will modify blank inserts for any type,size or brand of tool holder (ABS, Capto, etc.).Each custom tool holder holds one tool. Provideyour Lista representative with drawings anddimensions of the specific tools, and we willmodify the blanks to your precise specifications.The tool blank fits a TT-1 tool tray, TF2736tool frame or TF3636 tool frame. By boring ordrilling (up to a maximum of 4" diameter),you can create custom tool holders to your precise specifications. The insert is made of 3 4"thick UHMW (ultra high molecular 5.31915.32015.33015.336DESCRIPTION30 taper35 taper40 taper45 taper50 taperTR28TR361 3/4" straight2" straight2 1/4" straightHSK32HSK40HSK50HSK63HSK80HSK100MAX. QTY./ROW36U ABS63ABS80ABS100ABS125MAX. 846Tool BlankPART NO.TTBLENGTH21 1 16" (535mm)21" Long Premachined Tool InsertsPART /3TTB-ABS32/10TTB-ABS50/8TTB-ABS63/8TOOL SHANK SK1253HSK1254HSK1603ABS3210ABS508ABS638

Tool Trays and Tool Holder Frames for DrawersTool TraysLista tool trays allow tools to be easily movedfrom drawer to transporter and back. They aredesigned to fit securely into drawers, tooltransporters or in Bench Stands without theuse of bolts. Made of heavy gauge weldedsteel, they are designed with a universal gridsystem that guarantees precise positioning ofthe tool holders. Handles folds down when notin use. Recommended for 150 height orhigher drawers. Not compatible with TT-1tool trays and TTBR brackets sold beforeMay, 2003.PART NO.TT-1Tool Tray Drawer Brackets,PairsThese supports are bolted into the perforatedbottom of the Lista drawer. Mounted in pairs,they hold the TT-1 tool tray firmly in place.Made of heavy gauge steel. Not compatiblewith TT-1 tool trays sold before May, 2003.PART NO.TTBR-DHEIGHT6"Tool Holder FramesTool holder frames are mounted in drawers.They are bolted to pairs of brackets (seebelow), which in turn are bolted to theperforated drawer bottom. Recommended for150 height or higher drawers. Color: gray.PART NO.TF3636TF2736TF5427USESC drawersMP and ST drawersHS drawersROW WIDTH36U36U54UFrame Drawer Brackets, PairsPairs of brackets are bolted to the perforatedbottom of a Lista drawer and to the sides ofthe frame. Height indicated is from the top ofthe frame to the drawer bottom.TRAYS PER DRAWER4 per SC side-to-side3 per ST side-to-side3 per MP front-to-backPART NO.X4065X4066X4065-27X4066-27USETF3636TF3636TF2736 or TF5427TF2736 or TF5427HEIGHTS2 5 8" or 3 1 2"4 3 8" or 5 3 4"2 5 8" or 3 1 2"4 3 8" or 5 3 4"SC drawer with TT-1 tool trays andvarious-sized molded tool holders.SC drawer with TF3636 tool holderframe and molded tool holders.87

Tool TransportersLista B220 and B240 transporter units serve as the mobilelink between all other Lista toolstorage system components.All transporters have thefollowing features: rigid steel frame and tubularsteel handle steel sheet side panels slotted at 39"27" 20" Tool Tray Mounting Brackets,Pairs1" intervals for positioningtrays, frames, shelves and361 2" other accessories two fixed and two swivel heavyduty 6" x 2" casters with wheelTransporter Unit B220locks, for optimum traction andThis is the smaller of the 2 Lista transporterunits. It can be fitted with 3 tool trays in a row,or a frame. Fully equipped Easy-Order transporters are shown on page 90.maneuverability even on irregular surfaces 600 lb. capacity per wheel(2400 lb. total) can be safely and easily transported large distances with afork truck39 1 4" 27" 361 2"Transporter Unit B240The larger of the transporter units has a greatercapacity and can be fitted with 4 tool trays in arow or a frame. The B240 has an additionalfront rack for tool trays, adjustable shelves orhorizontal supports for long tools. Fullyequipped Easy-Order transporters are shownon page 91.88Two types of brackets are available: 1 forhorizontal, the other for angled mounting ofthe TT-1 tool tray on transporters or in BenchStands. Made of heavy gauge steel with locking pins included. Color: to match transporter.Not compatible with TT-1 tool trays sold beforeMay, 2003.PART NO.TTBR-TTTBR-TAUSEstraight20 angleTool Holder Frame/BracketsBrackets bolt securely on the perforated sidesof the transporter unit in horizontal positions.Tool holder frames fit into vertical slots on thebrackets (both required). Color: to matchtransporter.FramePART NO.TF3636TF2736USEB240 transporterB220 transporterTransporter Bracket (pairs)PART NO.TFBR36TFBR27USEB240 transporterB220 transporter

Tool Transporter AccessoriesLista’s broad selection of accessories can convert your basic transporter into a customized tooltrolley. Lista’s transporter accessories offer you the ability to meetAdjustable ShelfB240 Horizontal SupportsB240 Suspended InsertsThe adjustable shelf can be mounted on eitherthe B220 or B240 transporter unit. Suitablefor measuring and other small tools, eachincludes a ribbed mat and 4 shelf clips. Color:to match transporter.Pairs of horizontal supports can be bolted tothe front rack of the B240 transporter for vertical storage of boring bars, arbors, and gundrills. The steel sheet channels with protectiveneoprene inserts have fixed holes at 1 2"(12.5mm) intervals to accept clamps (clampsmust be ordered separately – see below).Color: gray, fasteners included.These suspended tool storage inserts can be fitted into the B240 transporter unit. Color: gray,fasteners included.PART NO.NAS23SIZE11 3 4" x 23 1 2"PART NO.SI-50SI-40USE50 taper40 taperyour particular machine tool or production line needs.MAX. QTY. TOOLS59PART NO.X4076/1Document PocketB220 Stationary ShelfAttached to the front end of the B220 transporter, this shelf, with its 1" (25mm) lip, isperfect for holding measuring and other smalltools. Ribbed mat and fasteners included.Color: to match transporter.PART NO.NSS22SIZE12" x 19 3 8"A compact storage box for technical drawings,documents, etc. that can be fitted to the frontor back of either the B220 or B240 transporterunit. Color: gray only.B240 ClampsFit into the horizontal supports to hold tools.Galvanized steel with neoprene cover for toolprotection.PART NO.12.96312.85312.85412.85512.85612.85712.858PART NO.DP-1SIZE14 1 8" wide x 1 3 4" deep x 7" highMAX. TOOL 8mm3.19"81mm3.62"92mm89

Easy-Order Tool Transporter CombinationsFor sheer strength, easyB220 Tool Transportersmaneuverability and adaptability,Lista’s tool transporters set thestandard. Lista tool holders andtrays are safely and easily transferred from drawers to transporter.Lista offers a total of six fullyequipped standard combinations oftransporter units: three B220series and three B240 series.For additional parts and accessories, see pages 88-89.OrderingPlease specify the part numberfor the tool holder size you require.Choose paint color from the colorchart on the back cover.90B220-A TransportersB220-B TransportersB220-C TransportersComes with 1 stationary shelf with ribbed mat,1 adjustable shelf with ribbed mat and shelfsupport clips, and 3 tool holder trays with3 pairs of mounting brackets.Comes with 1 stationary shelf with ribbed mat,and 4 tool holder trays with 4 pairs of mounting brackets.Comes with 1 stationary shelf with ribbed mat,and 5 tool holder trays with 5 pairs of mounting brackets.PART 80B220-B-HSK100PART 80B220-C-HSK100PART 80B220-A-HSK100TOOL 12TOOL 16TOOL 20

B240 Tool TransportersB240-A TransportersB240-B TransportersB240-C TransportersComes with 2 adjustable shelves with ribbedmats and shelf support clips, 2 tool holdertrays with 2 pairs of angled mounting bracketsand 1 tool frame with 1 pair of transporterframe brackets.Comes with 1 adjustable shelf with ribbed matand shelf support clips, 5 tool holder trays with5 pairs of angled mounting brackets and 1 toolframe with 1 pair of transporter frame brackets.Comes with 2 tool holder trays, 2 pairs ofangled mounting brackets, and 2 tool frameswith 2 pairs of transporter frame brackets.PART 80B240-A-HSK100TOOL 24PART 80B240-B-HSK100TOOL 36PART 80B240-C-HSK100TOOL 4091

Easy-Order CNC and Machine Tool Cabinet CombinationsLista’s CNC and machine toolstorage cabinets can be arrangedand equipped to meet your specificneeds. Flexible combinations ofdrawers and roll-out trays areclosed behind lockable hinged orsliding doors which protect toolsfrom the working environment.The addition of a butcher block topThe CNC and machine tool storage cabinetsshown here come fully equipped with toolholder frames and tool holders for a variety ofstandard sizes of CNC tools. Drawers are accessorized with partitions and dividers to holdmeasuring and cutting tools, collets, vises andother accessories. As in all Lista cabinets, theirmodular design means drawers and roll-outtrays can be easily reconfigured for changingneeds.All drawers and roll-out trays are 100% fullextension with a 440 lb. load capacity.or retainer top with ribbed matprovides a highly functional work-How to order a tool cabinetsurface. (To order a top for thesePlease note that the final digits in the ordering charts refer to the specific tool sizes(for example, MTC9150NC/40 stores40 taper tools).cabinets, contact your Listadistributor.)To order a custom CNC ormachine tool cabinet, pleasecontact your Lista distributor.1. Select Easy-Order CabinetCombination.2. Select base type.NB noneFT fork truck3. Select lock type.MTC9150 Machine Tool Cabinets28 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 39 3 8" highLower hinged door compartment contains3 drawers and a single roll-out tray for largeritems. One drawer is fitted with a frame andtool holders. Separate 2-drawer upper level ispartitioned for small tools. Upper and lowersections lock separately. Cabinet comes fullyassembled with a retainer top with 3 4" raisededges on back and sides and a ribbed mat.PART NO.TOOL HOLDEREasy-Order CombinationsMTC9150NC/30- 12.880MTC9150NC/35- 12.879MTC9150NC/40- 12.062Housing onlyHEIGHTMTC9150- 39 3 8"QTY.323228RG individualKA keyed-alikeMA masterThis hinged door cabinet contains 4 drawersfully outfitted with frames and tool holders.Includes fork truck base.PART NO.TOOL HOLDER QTY.Easy-Order Combinations1350NC/40- 12.0621121350NC/45- 12.877801350NC/50- 12.875801350NC/HSK50- 15.3191281350NC/HSK63- 15.320961350NC/HSK80- 15.33080Housing onlyHEIGHTSCDHD1350-FT 57 1 8"28 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 66 3 8" highThis hinged door cabinet contains 5 drawersfully outfitted with frames and tool holders.Includes fork truck base.58-59.4. Select paint color. For colorchart, see back cover.MTC900 Machine Tool Cabinets28 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 39 3 8" highThis hinged door cabinet contains 5 drawersand a single roll-out tray. Lower drawer is fittedwith a frame and tool holders, and upper drawers are partitioned for small tools and accessories. Cabinet comes fully assembled with aretainer top with 3 4" raised edges on backand sides and a ribbed mat.PART NO.TOOL HOLDEREasy-Order CombinationsMTC900NC/30- 12.880MTC900NC/35- 12.879MTC900NC/40- 12.062MTC900NC/50- 12.875Housing onlyHEIGHTSCDHD900- 39 3 8"9228 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 59 1 2" high1525NC Machine Tool CabinetsFor additional lock options, see pagesEXAMPLE: to order an MTC900NC/30 cabinet with a fork truck base, an individual lockand Bright Blue paint, the part numberwould be MTC900NC/30-FTRGBB.1350NC Machine Tool CabinetsQTY.32322820PART NO.TOOL HOLDEREasy-Order Combinations1525NC/40- 12.0621525NC/45- 12.8771525NC/50- 12.8751525NC/HSK50- 15.3191525NC/HSK63- 15.3201525NC/HSK80- 15.330Housing onlyHEIGHTSCDHD1525-FT 64"QTY.140100100160120100

Easy-Order CNC WorkbenchesRugged, durable Lista workbenchesHow to order a CNC Workbenchare ideal for setting and assemblingaccessories adjacent to anyPlease note that the final digits in the ordering charts refer to the specific tool sizes(for example, MC750-A-40 stores 40 tapertools).machine. The models shown below1. Select Easy-Order workbench.are fully outfitted with drawer2. Select lock type.CNC tools as well as for storingpartitioning.Side AAll cabinet housings and leg assemheavy gauge steel. All drawers are56 1 2" wide x 30 3 4" deep x 39 3 8" high100% full extension with a 440 lb.Side BThis is a Double Width sliding door cabinet.Side A contains 6 drawers with partitioning fortool holder accessories, and a roll-out tray forlarge items. Side B has 2 drawers outfittedwith frames and tool holders. Retainer topwith 3 4" raised edges on back and sides anda ribbed mat is included.PART NO.Easy-Order CombinationsMTC9005NC/30- MTC9005NC/40- MTC9005NC/45- MTC9005NC/50- MTC9005NC/HSK50- MTC9005NC/HSK63- MTC9005NC/HSK80- Housing onlyMTC900-5 MTC750-5 noneindividualkeyed-alikemasterFor additional lock options, see pagesblies are constructed of weldedMTC900-5NLRGKAMAload capacity. Bench tops are 1 3 4"(45mm) thick butcher block.58-59.3. Select paint color. For colorchart, see back cover.EXAMPLE: to order an MC750-B-30 workbench with an individual lock and BrightBlue paint, the part number would beMC750-B-30-RGBB.TOOL HOLD. HT39 3 8"33 1 2"64564040644840CNC Bench StandBench Stands are made of heavy gauge steelfor maximum strength and stability, and trayscan be inserted or removed without the use ofbolts. Not compatible with TT-1 tool trays soldbefore May, 2003.Bench Stand Combinations23 5 8" wide x 19 13 16" deep x 12 7 16" highEquipped as shown with 3 tool holder traysand tool holders. Specify the part number forthe tool holder size you require. Specify paintcolor in place of the box ( ) at the end of thepart number (see color chart on back cover).PART NO.TS224-30- TS224-35- TS224-40- TS224-45- TS224-50- TS224-04- TS224-05- TS224-HSK50- TS224-HSK63- TS224-HSK80- Frame onlyTS224TOOL 50-B60" wide x 30" deep x 35 1 4" high60" wide x 30" deep x 35 1 4" highThis pre-set bench has 5 drawers, fully outfittedwith drawer partitioning for storage of handtools, collets, hardware and set-up equipment.The bottom drawer is outfitted with a frameand tool holders. Specify the part number forthe tool holder size you require.This pre-set bench has 3 drawers – 1 draweroutfitted with drawer partitioning for smalltools, and 2 deep drawers outfitted withframes and tool holders. Specify the partnumber for the tool holder size you require.PART NO.MC750-A-30- MC750-A-35- MC750-A-40- MC750-A-45- MC750-A-50- MC750-A-04- MC750-A-05- MC750-A-HSK50- MC750-A-HSK63- MC750-A-HSK80- TOOL .31915.32015.330QTY.32322820202424322420PART NO.MC750-B-30- MC750-B-35- MC750-B-40- MC750-B-45- MC750-B-50- MC750-B-04- MC750-B-05- MC750-B-HSK50- MC750-B-HSK63- MC750-B-HSK80- TOOL .31915.32015.330QTY.6464564040484864484093

Easy-Order Machine Tool Cabinet CombinationsThe combinations shown onthese two pages have proventhemselves in hundreds of installations to be the most versatile anduseful for a broad variety ofmachine tool needs.Like all Lista systems, theirmodular design means the greatestflexibility for your present andfuture needs. All standard combinations have 3 4" retainer tops withHow to read the charts on pages 94and 95The 2 columns to the right of each cabinetphoto indicate: drawer heights/tray information drawer interior setsFor drawer capacities and sizes, see page 21for Models 900 and 9150, and page 35 forModel 9005.Model 900 CNC Cabinets28 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 39 3 8" highOutfitted as described. Drawers and roll-outtrays are adjustable in 1" increments.The chart below the photo indicates: part numbers number of drawers number of drawer compartments created bythe interior sets (shown on pages 26-27 forModels 900 and 9150, and page 39 forModel 9005)INCLUDESINT.INCLUDESINT.2" (75F)5242" (75F)5242" (75F)3122" (75F)3122" (75F)209ROLL-OUT TRAYraised edges on back and sides anda ribbed mat for a practical nonskid worksurface.All drawers and roll-out traysare full 100% extension, have a440 lb. load capacity, and can bemoved up or down in 1" increments.To order a custom machine toolcabinet, please contact your Listadistributor.ROLL-OUT TRAYHow to order an Easy-OrderMachine Tool Cabinet1. Select Easy-Order CabinetCombination either without or withdrawer interior sets (designated by an“A” at the end of the part number –i.e., MTC-900-2A).ROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-900-1- MTC-900-1A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.2236PART NO.MTC-900-2- MTC-900-2A- 2. Select base type.INCLUDESINT.2" (75F)5242" (75F)3123. Select lock type.2" (75F)312RG individualKA keyed-alikeMA master2" (75F)209NB noneFT fork truckPT pallet truck4. Select paint color. For colorchart, see back cover.EXAMPLE: to order an MTC-900-3A cabinetwith a fork truck base, an individual lockand Bright Blue paint, the part numberwould be MTC-900-3A-FTRGBB.MP width cabinets with flush doorscreate a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing work environment atthe Mercedes-Benz Training Center.94DRWRS. COMPARTS.3345ROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-900-3- MTC-900-3A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.4457

Model 9150 Machine ToolCabinetsModel 9005 Machine ToolCabinets28 1 4" wide x 29 1 2" deep x 39 3 8" high56 1 2" wide x 30 3 4" deep x 39 3 8" highThese cabinets have drawer(s) on the top forpersonal operator tools, gauges etc. Upper andlower sections lock separately. Drawers and rollout trays are adjustable in 1" increments.These Double Width cabinets have a centersupport that allows drawers and roll-out traysto be used on either side. Outfitted asdescribed, photos show 1 side with half ofthe drawers and trays. Drawers and roll-outtrays are adjustable in 1" increments.INCLUDESINT.5" (150F)2092" (75F)5242" (75F)312ROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-9150-1- MTC-9150-1A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.3345INCLUDESINT.2" (75F)3122" (75F)2092" (75F)5242" (75F)3122" (75F)209ROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-9150-2- MTC-9150-2A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.5566INCLUDESINTERIORINCLUDESINT.2" (75F)3122" (75F)312ROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-9005-1- MTC-9005-1A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.2224INCLUDESINTERIORINCLUDESINT.2" (75F)3122" (75F)3122" (75F)5242" (75F)524ROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-9005-2- MTC-9005-2A- DRWRS. COMPARTS.4472INCLUDESINTERIORINCLUDESINT.2" (75F)5242" (75F)5242" (75F)3122" (75F)3122" (75F)2092" (75F)209ROLL-OUT TRAYPART NO.MTC-9005-3- MTC-9005-3A- ROLL-OUT TRAYDRWRS. COMPARTS.669095

Easy-Order Tool Crib Cabinet CombinationsTCC-2- Taper Shank Drills (10 Drawers)Lista cabinets, with their modular drawer interiors, make idealQTY.1DRW.SC75Fhas pre-assembled these SC75FSC100Fcombinations because they are the1SC100Ftool cribs.The cabinets on these pagescontain everything you need toproperly and efficiently store allitems shown in the charts. Listamost frequently ordered combinations.Chosen for the specific partsshown, drawers can easily berearranged within the cabinet orwithin cabinet groupings.For drawer capacities and sizes,Model 900 CabinetCombinations28 1 4" wide x 28 1 2" deep x 39 3 8" highModel 900 cabinets are convenient for acounter height worksurface. All drawers are100% full extension with a 440 lb. loadcapacity.1. Select Easy-Order Tool CribCabinet Combination.2. Select base type.NB noneFT fork truckPT pallet truck3. Select lock type.NLRGKAMA noneindividualkeyed-alikemasterFor additional lock options, seepages 58-59.4. Select paint color. For colorchart, see back cover.EXAMPLE: to order a TCC-4 cabinet witha fork truck base, an individual lock andBright Blue paint, the part number wouldbe TCC-4-FTRGBB.96TCC-3- Milling (10 FSC100FSC125FSTOREmilling cutters, slitting sawsend mills 1/8" thru 1/2"17/32" thru 1"1 1/8" thru 1 1/2"hog, ball, and otherkey cuttersslab & face millsTCC-4- Reamers & Supplies (10 Drawers)see page 21.How to order an Easy-OrderTool Crib CabinetSTOREtaper shank drills 33/64"thru 25/32" x 1/64" (4 each)51/64" thru 1 1/32" x 1/64" (4 each)1 3/64" thru 1 11/64" x 1/64" (4 each)1 3/16" thru 1 5/16" x 1/64" (4 each)1 21/64" thru 1 27/64" x 1/64" (4 each)1 7/16" thru 1 1/2" x 1/64" (6 each)1 17/32" thru 1 11/16" x 1/32" (2 each)1 23/32" thru 1 7/8" x 1/32" (2 each)1 29/32" thru 2" x 1/32" (2 each)(2) expansion or 1/64" sizesdrifts, sleeves, and reserve drillsTCC-1- Drills & Taps (11 Drawers)QTY.1111111121DRW.SC75FSC75FSTOREnumber drills 1 thru 80letter drills A thru Z center drills00 thru 8SC75F fractional drills, jobbers 1/64"thru 1/2" x 1/64"SC75F fractional drills, specials 1/64"thru 1/2" x 1/64"SC75F standard tapers 0-80 thru 1/4" - 28"SC75F 5/16" - 18" thru 7/8" - 20"SC100F 15/16" - 16" thru 2" - 16"SC100F pipe taps, sleeves, easy outsSC75F assigned cutting toolsSC100F assigned cutting 00FSC100FSC100FSC150FSTOREchucking reamers, st-sk 1/16"thru 17/32" x 1/64"9/16" thru 1" x 1/32"misc. over 1"counter bores and pilotsassigned cutting toolsemery sheetsburrs, stones and mounted pointsallen keys and chuck keystamps, punches, malletsTCC-5- Turning (10 Drawers)QTY.112231DRW.SC75FSTOREtool holder repair parts, anvils,screws, clamps, shimsSC75F carbide brazed & high speed toolsSC75F s.s. boring barsSC75F insert tool holdersSC100F carbide insertsSC150F turret tool holdersTCC-6- Precision Tools (10 100FSC125FSTOREmicrometersplain plug gagesthread plug gagesplain and thread ringsverniers, gages, indicators, etc.verniers, gages, indicators, etc.verniers, gages, indicators, etc.TCC-7- Hand Tools (7 leshand toolspower toolspower toolsTCC-8- Fasteners (10 Drawers)QTY.46DRW. STORESC75F fasteners, all typesSC100F fasteners, all types

Model 1350 CabinetCombinationsTCC-22- Taper Shank Drills (16 Drawers)TCC-26- Precision Tools (12 SC75FSC125FSC100FQTY.211112211STOREfrac. T.S. drills 33/64" thru 23/32" x1/64" (15 each)47/64" thru 7/8" x 1/64" (10 each)57/64" thru 1 1/32" x 1/64" (8 each)1 3/64" thru 1 7/64" x 1/64" (8 each)1 1/8" thru 1 3/16" x 1/64" (8 each)1 13/64" thru 1 17/64" x 1/64" (8 each)1 9/32" thru 1 11/32" x 1/64" (8 each)1 23/64" thru 1 27/64" x 1/64"(6 each)1 7/16" thru 1 1/2" x 1/64" (6 each)1 33/64" thru 1 37/64" 1/64" (3 each)1 19/32" thru 1 21/32" x 1/64" (3 each)1 43/64" thru 1 47/64" x 1/64" (3 each)1 3/4" thru 1 7/8" x 1/32" (3 each)1 29/32" thru 2" x 1/32" (2 each)drill sleeves - driftsmisc. reserve drills28 1 4" wide x 28 1 2" deep x 57 1 8" highModel 1350 cabinets are eye level height andprovide more storage in the same footprint asthe Model 900. All drawers are 100% fullextension with a 440 lb. load capacity.TCC-21- Drills & Taps (15 mber drills 1 thru 80letter drills A thru Z center drills00 thru 8fractional drills, jobbers 1/64" thru1/2" x 1/64"fractional drills, specials 1/64" thru1/2" x 1/64"standard taps 0-80 thru 1/4" - 28"5/16" - 18" thru 7/8" - 20"15/16" - 16" thru 2" - 16"pipe taps, sleeves, easy outsassigned cutting toolsassigned cutting toolstap adapters, collets and extensionsdrill colletsTCC-23- Milling (14 100FSC100FSC125FSC100FSC100FSC150FSTOREmilling cutters slitting sawsend mills 1/8" thru 1/2"17/32" thru 1"1 1/8" thru 1 1/2"hog, ball, and otherkey cuttersslab & face millsinsertable end millsbroaches & sleevesmisc. SC150FSC300FSTOREmicrometersplain plug gagesthread plug gagesplain and thread ringsverniers, gages, indicators, etc.verniers, gages, indicators, etc.verniers, gages, indicators, etc.“V” blocks, dial bore gagesboxed tool setsTCC-27- Hand Tools (10 FSC250FSTOREfileshand toolsgrinding wheels to 7" dia.misc. suppliespower toolspower toolsTCC-28- Fasteners (14 , all typesfasteners, all typesfasteners, all typesTCC-24- Reamers & Supplies (14 hucking reamers, st-sk 1/16" thru17/32" x 1/64"9/16" thru 1" x 1/32"misc. over 1"counter bores and pilotsspot facersassigned cutting toolsemery sheetsburrs, stones and mounted pointsfixture componentsallen keys and chuck keyshole sawsstamps, punches, malletsTCC-25- Turning (15 Drawers)QTY.2222511DRW.SC75FSTOREtool holder repair parts, anvils,screws, clamps, shimsSC75F carbide brazed & high speed toolsSC75F s.s. boring barsSC75F insert tool holdersSC100F carbide insertsSC100F boring heads, cartridgesSC150F turret tool holders97

The Lista Storage Wall System is used to store a variety of different-sized CNC tooling at Tremec, a manu-facturer of manual transmissions. This vertical solution maximizes Tremec's floorspace while providing the company with safe, secure and completely organized CNC storage. For more information on the Lista Storage Wall System, see pages .