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THANK YOU.FOR CONSIDERING SMOOTHIE KINGOn behalf of our leadership, home office staff andfranchise family that’s over 1,300 stores strong,thank you for your initial interest in Smoothie King.As you know, we have substantial growth plans and areseeking enthusiastic owners and operators to proudlyrepresent Smoothie King in key markets across theUnited States and abroad.The Smoothie King business model is stronger thanever. Without most of the challenges of a quick-servicerestaurant, we work to make it easier to manageoperational performance, minimize labor costs andwaste, and deliver on customer service. Our guestsknow the benefits of our products and have madesmoothies an important part of their nutrition andfitness regimens.Our commitment to excellence fuels our quest to buildperformance and equity in our brand for all of ourfranchise partners. Having been a franchisee, I taketheir business as serious as ours and have assembledan experienced and professional support team tohelp them work to achieve their business goals. It isimmensely rewarding to see franchisees exceed theirgoals as they open their second, third and fourth stores.I appreciate you allowing us to share the key benefitsof Smoothie King franchising, and we look forward toaddressing any initial questions you may have.Stay healthy!WAN KIMCEO, Smoothie King


OURMISSIONINSPIRE PEOPLE TO LIVE A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.Better-for-you drinks have always been part of our Smoothie King’s DNA.In 2013 we updated our brand to focus on healthy lifestyles and goalattainmen. As consumers increasingly look for ways to eat well on the go,our strong brand positioning will continue to attract loyal guests.

OURBRANDOur brand’s vision – to be an integral part of every health and fitnessjourney – is a natural extension of our DNA.The heart of our brand is to serve smoothies with a purpose. Our founderstarted blending smoothies with the goal of making people feel better,and that still lies at the heart of what we do.

1973Smoothie King founder Steve Kuhnau blends hisSmoothiekingBrandfirst smoothiesThewitha purposeusinga mix ofnutrients, proteins and fruit to help combat hisnutritional deficiencies.20031989Smoothie King opens its firstinternational locations includingSouth Korea, where it grows toover 300 locations.Smoothie King opens its firstfranchise location in NewOrleans.20072012Smoothie King opens its 500thlocation in Atlanta.Wan Kim, a master franchisee,acquires the Smoothie King brand.OUR HISTORYFrom our founder’s homemadesmoothie blends to 1300 storesacross the world, we’ve come along way since our inception.Check out how ourbrand has grow.2014The Smoothie Kinglogo is updated toreflect the brand’smission and sense ofcommunity.20202014New Orleans’ SmoothieKing Center is unveiled,providing SmoothiesWith A Purpose toprofessional basketballteam, the New OrleansPelicans.2016Smoothie King opens itsfirst store in Trinidad andTobago, continuing thebrand’s foray into theCaribbean.2017Smoothie King makes theClean Blends promise toits guests, ensuringhealthier decisions aremade when choosingingredients for each blend.20192018Smoothie King hits1300 locations andbegins offering onlineordering, curbsidepickup and delivery.Rule The Day is launched tocapture the journey of wellness,activity and achievement featuringeveryday habits that encouragepeople to live purposefully.Smoothie Kingreaches over 1,000locations fuelinghelping communitiesacross threecontinents to fueltheir purpose.There’s a lot of competition in the food and beverage space. Consumers can go anywhereto eat. But, when they know Smoothie King has their best interest at heart, they enjoyour smoothie blends that much more, keep coming back and internalize the idea thatSmoothie King is their partner on their health and fitness journey.

OUR CEOWAN KIMChairman of the Board andChief Executive OfficerWan Kim is Chief Executive Officer forSmoothie King. Wan was SmoothieKing’s first international franchisee,opening a store location in South Koreain 2003. During the next five years, helaunched and grew the brand to morethan 130 locations in that country. In2012, Wan approached Smoothie King’sfounders, Steve and Cindy Kuhnau, topurchase the company. Since then,Wan has led this 40-year-old brand ona journey to rediscover the purpose ofSmoothie King and has reinvigoratedthe brand’s mission to inspire healthyand active lifestyles worldwide.

OURINVOLVEMENTTo be a part of every health and fitness journey, we have partnered with like-mindedorganizations to help communities achieve their wellness goals.We’ve partnered with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) tohelp athletes with physical challenges find success in life throughsports, an active lifestyle, community and mentorship.Together, we can provide access to sports and an active lifestyle through grants foradaptive sports equipment, travel and coaching expenses, as well as camps, clinics,mentoring and community. Our vision is for athletes of all abilities to be able to reachtheir potential. That’s the power of purpose.Franchisees across the country work within their own communities fosteringrelationships with local organizations, including schools, charities, non-profits andother institutions to help spread our mission.

MOMENTUM* This information is based on the average unit gross sales percentage increase from the previous calendar year for all franchised traditional Smoothie King units that werein operation for the following the entire 24 month periods ending: December 28, 2020 – of the 827 franchised units included in the comparison, 352 (43%) met or exceeded theaverage unit gross sales percentage increase. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of the Smoothie King Franchise Disclosure Document datedApril 26, 2021, for more information.INTERNATIONAL EXPANSIONSmoothie King is on the path to global industry leadership.Our current international presence includes franchisesin South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, and the CaymanIslands – and we’re constantly growing.

SMOOTHIE KING CENTERBRINGS INTERNATIONALBRAND EXPOSUREThe Smoothie King Centerwas unveiled in 2014 as thenew home of NBA’s NewOrleans Pelicans.We are one of the few restaurant brands with a naming rights deal with aprofessional sports stadium. Smoothie King was already an established brand inNew Orleans, but now the rest of the country has begun to take notice.The deal helped elevate Smoothie King in a lot of consumers’ eyes around thecountry and bring a great deal of attention that the brand had never beforeexperienced. As a result, franchisees have experienced a significant brand boostin markets where Smoothie King is just beginning to penetrate.

INNOVATIONSMOOTHIES WITH A PURPOSEWhen Smoothie King started in 1973, the concept of smoothies wasn’t a revolutionaryidea. In fact, a decade before Steve Kuhnau founded the very first Smoothie King,smoothies were already popular mainstays at ice cream shops and health food stores.However, Smoothie King made it a point to differentiate it’s product by being morepurpose-driven than its competitors.As the brand continued to diversify its menu, it created smoothies to serve a widerange of individual purposes for guests as part of a sensible diet and regular exerciseroutine, including: Metabolism Boost Keto-Friendly Vegan-Friendly Slimming DownIn order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and provide new options to guests,we must embrace changes that help Smoothie King meet evolving consumer demand.Constantly innovating the menu with new and nutritious options can help SmoothieKing franchisees continue to achieve the brand’s mission of inspiring people live ahealthy and active lifestyle, as well as assist in driving in-store traffic.WELCOME TO CLEAN BLENDSOur commitment to blend a cleaner, more nutritious smoothie with more whole fruits& veggies. It’s all the flavor guests want and none of the added artificial colors, flavors,or preservatives they don’t. That means guests get the same great taste with 0 gramsadded sugar in many of our purpose blends.

LETS BE CLEAR ABOUTOUR INGREDIENTS.THESE GO IN.THESE NEVER DO.NO syrups,just fruit juicesNO NSF-bannedsubstancesNO artificial colors,flavors or preservativesNOtrans fatNO rBST/rBGH addedhormones in our dairy*NOhydrogenated oilsNOglutenWE PROMISE.A LABOR OF LOVETHE ROAD TO BETTERWHY IT MATTERSOur mission is to be smarter about ourprocess and more transparent about ourphilosophy — the ingredients we’re proud toinclude, and the ones we promise to not.Our journey took over 5 years, over 15,000hours of research and development, and over150 changes, additions or reformulations ofour ingredients.Our promise is to encourage you in your pursuit of ahealthy, active lifestyle. And to make Smoothies thatnot only nutritionally support your health and fitnessgoals, but actually help you reach them.*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.For our full No-No List, visit

PERSONALIZED TRAINING ANDONGOING SUPPORTSure, great products are essential, but the key to your success as a Smoothie Kingfranchisee is proper training.We’ve fine-tuned our business systems to make our stores simpler to operate withlimited inventory and waste, multiple revenue streams and lower initial investmentthan other quick service restaurants. From the first meeting to grand opening andbeyond, we’re here to support our franchisees every step of the way.SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY THAT GIVEYOU A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEWe believe the only way to optimize our business model is to keep a close eye onthe metrics that drive unit performance. We’ve been diligently engineering ourPOS, web and intranet technologies to build new efficiencies and organize theinformation that help franchisees manage their resources and work to grow theirbusinesses.

INTELLIGENTMARKETINGTHAT BUILDS GUEST AFFINITYWe implement smart marketing tactics to attract new guests and keep regulars comingback. From your very first day as a Smoothie King franchisee, you’ll have the power of ourwell-loved brand – a leader in the nutritional smoothie segment. You’ll also have more than75 delicious recipes and a wide range of quality retail products. Our marketing team will backyou with branded in-store and outside promotional materials, local marketing tools, colorfulretail merchandising displays and a strong online presence showcasing our products andbrand at PRODUCTLAUNCH SUPPORTDIRECT MARKETINGAND PROMOTIONSHEALTHYREWARDSINITIAL VIRTUALTRAININGSTREAMLINED POSSYSTEMINNOVATIVE MARKETINGSTRATEGIESTERRITORY SPECIFICEXPERIENCED FIELDSUPPORT3RD PARTY DELIVERY,ONLINE ORDERING

REAL ESTATEYOU’LL FIND SMOOTHIE KINGS AT CONVENIENT LOCATIONS SO GUESTS MAKE USPART OF THEIR DAILY ROUTINES.SUCCESS STARTS WITH A GREAT LOCATIONWe’ve learned that location is one of the most important factors to the success of aSmoothie King store. A great site is the best investment you can make in your newbusiness. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals will guide you as you selecta location in your market. We’ve also learned to look beyond traditional locations, sowe offer flexible store concept to fit all kinds of opportunities, including:FREESTANDINGSTOREDRIVE THRUSAIRPORTSFOOD COURT/MALL KIOSKGYMS

REAL ESTATE SELECTIONAND STORE DESIGNINTERIOR DESIGNOur interior welcomes guests the moment they walkthrough our doors. Design aspects include logicaltraffic flow, great merchandising and a menu systemthat helps guests easily understand which of ourofferings fits their purpose.SUCCESS STARTS WITH GREAT DESIGNOver the years, we’ve learned that our location is the most important factor in the success of anySmoothie King store. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals will provide guidance toselect a location within your market. We’ve also learned to look beyond “traditional locations,” sowe’ve created flexible store concepts to fit all kinds of opportunities, including: kiosks, airports,hospitals, military bases and gyms.STRATEGIC APPROACH TOREAL ESTATESmoothie King’s real estate professionalswork closely with franchisees and apreferred real estate brokers to assistthem in finding and securing the mostsuitable location for each market. Oncethey find a location, they must submita Site Request form. A member of ourReal Estate Team will analyze their siteIf the site is accepted, the team will helpand even travel to the site to completewith lease negotiation, design, constructionthe review.and opening day.

MARKET REQUIREMENTSSPACE PARAMETERSType: Drive-Thru sites on End Caps orPopulation: 30K in a 7-minute drive time orFreestanding buildings, high-traffic In-Lineaccessible trade area.sites, Malls, Kiosks, or non-traditional venuessuch as Hospitals, Gyms and Airports.Median household income at or abovemedian for DMASize: 800 – 1600 square feetCo-tenancy:Grocerystores,Fitness,Kitchen: No cooking platformNational QSRs and service-oriented retailersParking: 3 to 6 immediate parking spacesMulti-Day Part Traffic: 20K cars per dayExcellent visibility and access Breakfast Dinner Lunch Pre/post workout Afternoon snack

FERN CARTY DAWKINSJACKIE FLOYDPearland, TXColumbia, MOSmoothie King is an excellent brand that’s growing, theOur family is really into running, walking – we go to thepeople are fantastic and their purpose is great. Whogym. We like to do a lot of physical fitness activitiesdoesn’t want to be part of a brand that not only doestogether, and so we really like the idea that with thiswell financially, but it’s also doing something that’sbrand, it was actually going to support the lifestylemeaningful, that franchisees can get behind and yourthat we’re trying to lead. It really aligned with ourteam members can get behind – and certainly yourvalues. And I really enjoy meeting people and tellingguests will appreciate what our business brings to thethem about something I personally love, which is themarket. It’s a simple model that makes sense, and it’ssmoothies I drink every day.fulfilling.BOB VIANIERIC JONESWappingers Falls, NYAlpharetta, GAI’ve been in the health and fitness industry since 1989,When I first looked into franchising, I didn’t want to goand I’ve always known about Smoothie King. A fewafter just what’s popular or the latest trend. I wanted toyears ago, I went to visit my friends in St. Louis, and weget into business with a product that I actually use. Mywent to Smoothie King for breakfast. It was this nice,wife and I were sitting on our sofa and we realized therebeautiful retail space with a great menu and a drive-wasn’t a Smoothie King around where we lived. Wethru. Smoothie King’s mission and vision were right upwould have to drive 40 minutes to the closest Smoothiemy alley. I love the simplicity of the model, and I get toKing. This was a greatly underserved product in ourinvest in something I’m passionate about.area, a product that we liked and a great opportunity.

FRANCHISEOPPORTUNITIESSINGLE-UNITOur concept is perfect for first-time businessowners.MULTI-UNITSmoothie King is easily scalable and providesspecialized support for multi-unit owners.INTERNATIONALTalk to us about opportunities ininternational markets.INVESTMENT AND REQUIREMENTSInvestment range : 268,900 - 858,900(includes 30,000 franchise fee)Minimum net worth (1 store): 300,000Minimum liquidity (1 store): 100,000Credit score: 700 Operating fee: 6% of monthly gross sales( 500 monthly minimum)National marketing fee: 3% of monthly grosssales

FAQSHOW LONG HAS SMOOTHIE KING BEEN IN BUSINESS?Smoothie King opened its first franchise location in 1989.WHAT ARE THE QUALIFICATIONS TO FRANCHISE?In addition to our capital requirements, the ideal candidate has an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as sales, marketing,restaurant and/or retail experience.DOES SMOOTHIE KING OFFER FINANCIAL OR DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES FOR NEW FRANCHISEES?We do not have an in-house financing program, but we are registered with the SBA and have relationshipswith various lenders.IS SMOOTHIE KING EASY TO OPERATE?Yes, the time-tested Smoothie King systems are clear and easy to follow.WILL YOU HELP ME FIND A LOCATION?Smoothie King’s real estate professionals work with franchisees to provide them site selection criteria and guidancefinding and securing suitable locations for each market.WHAT TYPES OF LOCATIONS FIT INTO SMOOTHIE KING’S SITE CRITERIA?The ideal size range for a Smoothie King franchise is generally 800-1600 sq. ft. However, smaller or larger storescan still work well. Our stores are usually located in neighborhood strip centers, power centers, shopping malls,universities, airports and downtown business locations. The optimal area is densely populated, highly visible andlocated near numerous traffic generators.WHAT DEMOGRAPHICS DOES SMOOTHIE KING TARGET?Our target customer is between the ages of 16 and 35 and roughly 55% skewed toward women. We look forstarter families, Baby Boomers, and established America. We offer a value-based product, so our guests need tohave some ancillary income to frequent our locations. So, we try to find locations where the average householdincome is relatively higher. However, because of the diversity of our guests, we do not limit ourselves to a particulardemographic.

HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE?Since the actual results of individual franchises are based on factors that Smoothie King can’t control, we do notprovide estimates of profits or revenues. However, after consulting with a Smoothie King franchise developmentmanager and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document, you will have the opportunity to contact existingfranchisees regarding their experiences.WHAT ONGOING FEES WOULD I PAY SMOOTHIE KING?Franchisees pay an ongoing operating fee of 6% of weekly sales. 3% of your weekly sales will be paid into theSmoothie King National Advertising Fund for additional advertising expenses. You’ll also reserve 2% of weeklygross sales to spend on local marketing. Additionally, each location pays a technology contribution of 200 permonth.WHAT IS THE BEST RESOURCE TO RESEARCH THE SMOOTHIE KING FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY?Each qualified candidate receives a copy of the Smoothie King Franchise Disclosure Document, which providesthe following information and more: franchisor’s financial statements, copy of the franchise agreement, copy ofthe area development agreement, list of existing franchisees to contact, cost break downs and fee break downs.WHAT KIND OF TRAINING DO YOU PROVIDE?We provide 17 days of training split up into three segments. Each franchisee receives 1 day of orientation prior toopening, 11 consecutive days of management training prior to opening, and 5 days of on-site training (3 days priorto opening and 2 days after opening).HOW MANY TEAM MEMBERS DO I NEED AT A SMOOTHIE KING?We recommend 9 to 20 team members on staff, with 2 to 3 in the store at a given time, but stores’ needs vary.I’M READY TO MOVE FORWARD, WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?Complete the franchise request form at so we can start the process, or call985-635-6984 to speak with a franchise development manager.

GROWING WITH A PURPOSESmoothie King has built significant momentum over the past decade, with thepast three years showcasing strong growth. Smoothie King opened 263locations in 2020, the most in a single year in the franchise’s 45 year history.A HEALTHY BUSINESS FRANCHISEES FEEL GREAT ABOUT OWNINGSmoothie King franchisees spend their days helping people live healthier, more active lives. You serveup your guests’ favorite smoothies, blended from real fruit, fruit juices and organic veggies. You alsoserve up smiles, as you satisfy guests’ cravings for the better-for-you drinks they love. At the same time,franchisees teach younger team members responsibility and the value of living a healthy lifestyle –while, building a better future for their families, through business ownership.

THANK YOU.We would like to thank you for consideringSmoothie King as a franchisee. One Smoothieat a time, our quest has spanned 47 years,to more than 1,300 locations across over 30states, four countries and counting. As weembark on the next generation of growth,our tactics have evolved, our approach hasmatured and our guests have become moresophisticated.Our “purpose” has never wavered. Wewere, are and always will be here to inspirepeople to live a healthy and active lifestyle.Our future depends on our ability to alwaysstay true to our purpose, deliver our promiseand continue to positively impact the lives ofeach and every guest we connect witharound the globe, one Smoothie at a time.We are thrilled that you’re interested injoining us on our quest.FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT OURFRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT TEAM985.635.6984SMOOTHIEKINGFRANCHISE.COM

Smoothie King opens its first franchise location in New Orleans. Smoothie King opens its 500th location in Atlanta. Wan Kim, a master franchisee, acquires the Smoothie King brand. The Smoothie King logo is updated to reflect the brand's mission and sense of community. New Orleans' Smoothie King Center is unveiled, providing Smoothies