MEET THE WORLD’S MOSTEXPERIENCED ROOKIE.The world’s most experienced rookie – that’s us.Our world-famous brands include ACEMATT ,The Coating Additives business line of Evonik. WeAEROSIL , SURFYNOL , and TEGO . Our technol-combine decades of expertise with the enthusiasmogy platform is one-of-a-kind, allowing innovativeand dedication of a start-up. With the united powerssolutions to be developed for nearly any challengeof Silica products, TEGO additives, and specialtythat may arise during the formulation of paints andadditives of former Air Products, we offer innovativecoatings. Our wide range of product solutions helpsand tailor-made solutions that deliver real value forboth in the formulation and manufacture of coatingsyour coating formulations.and in their application.Over 500 products, approximately 450 employees,Coating Additives is already a leading market pro-and 30 production and research sites across thevider of additives for water-based paints, and theglobe comprise our new business line. Our diversebusiness line is continuously expanding its positionproduct portfolio includes additives, co-binders,in the area of solvent-based paints as well.matting agents, rheology control additives, specialtyresins, and nanoresins.COATING ADDITIVES OF EVONIK.HOME OF ACEMATT , AEROSIL , SURFYNOL AND TEGO .AND MUCH MORE.3


03ABOUT COATING ADDITIVES06ADDITIVES06Deaerators07Defoamers10 Wetting and dispersingadditives14 Stabilizing surfactants and polymericdispersants16Surface control additives18Matting agents30CO-BINDERS30TEGO VariPlus31TEGO AddBond32SPECIALTY BINDERS32Silicone-epoxy resins33Silicone resins34Silicone polyester resins35 High solids silicone hybridresins36 Silicone modified20 Radiation-curingmultifunctional additivespolyurethane emulsion37 Reactive silicone-based resin21 Substrate wetting and anti-crateringcomponentsadditives24Rheology control26 Free-flow agents forpowder coatings27Hydrophobing agents28Anti-graffiti additives38NANORESINS38NANOCRYL 39ALBIDUR 5

ADDITIVESDEAERATORSDeaerators prevent the formation of air inclusions andpinholes in waterborne, solventborne, and radiationcuring coatings. This is particularly i mportant in highviscosity or high solids formulations and essential forairless/air mix application in high film thickness.TEGO Airex 901 W TEGO Airex 902 W TEGO Airex 904 W UV yester/melamineNCAlkyd/melamineAlkydAcrylate 2K PU 2K EPPigmented UnpigmentedHigh solids TEGO Airex 9101 TEGO Airex 9201 TEGO Airex 9211 TEGO Airex 9221 TEGO Airex 931 TEGO Airex 940 TEGO Airex 944 TEGO Airex 950 TEGO Airex 9711,2 TEGO Airex 990 TEGO Foamex 840TEGO Foamex N6 TEGO Airex 99112-pack solvent-free SolventborneTEGO Airex 900UV -free2new

DEFOAMERSDefoamers prevent foam formation during production andapplication of waterborne coatings and printing inks. Preexisting foam is destroyed and air inclusions are prevented.1 TEGO Foamex 7447 TEGO Foamex 800 TEGO Foamex 8030 TEGO Foamex 805 N TEGO Foamex 8050 TEGO Foamex 810 TEGO Foamex 815 N TEGO Foamex 822 TEGO Foamex 823 TEGO Foamex 825 TEGO Foamex 830 1 TEGO Foamex 8321 TEGO Foamex 8331 TEGO Foamex 835 Others Vinyl acetateTEGO Foamex 3062 Styrene acrylic PU/acrylic PU2K EP PolyesterUnpigmented AlkydPigmented AcrylateLet-down stageTEGO Foamex 1488Product2K PUGrinding stageDefoamers silicone-free7

TEGO Foamex 843 TEGO Foamex 845 TEGO Foamex 855 TEGO Foamex 883 TEGO Twin 4000 Others Vinyl acetateTEGO Foamex 842 Styrene acrylic PU/acrylic PU2K EP PolyesterUnpigmented AlkydPigmented AcrylateLet-down stageTEGO Foamex 840Product2K PUGrinding stageAdditives Pigment dispersions(resinated) AIRASE 5200 AIRASE 5300 AIRASE 5355 SURFYNOL DF-695 AIRASE 4500 AIRASE 5400 AIRASE 46558Pigment dispersions(resin-free)Overprintvarnishes FountainsolutionsPigment dispersion(colourant) InksPigment dispersions(base) Powder WoodINKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSPlasticIndustrial &MaintenanceAIRASE 5100Specialty paperCOATINGS AND PAINTSAutomotivePRODUCTArchitecturalTraditional DefoamersSURFYNOL DF-220 SURFYNOL DF-58

SURFYNOL DF-37AIRASE 5600 Pigment dispersions(resin-free)SURFYNOL DF-62Pigment dispersions(resinated) Overprintvarnishes Fountainsolutions InksAIRASE 5500 Pigment dispersion(colorant) Pigment dispersions(base) PowderAutomotive WoodIndustrial &MaintenanceAIRASE 8070INKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSPlasticCOATINGS AND PAINTSSpecialty paperPRODUCTArchitecturalAdditives AIRASE 5655SURFYNOL DF-178 AIRASE 5700 All products may not be available in all regions. Please contact your local supplier for availability. Top recommendations    Secondary options SURFYNOL AD01 SURFYNOL 107L SURFYNOL MD-20 SURFYNOL 104* SURFYNOL 420 Powder Wood Pigment dispersions(resin-free) Pigment dispersions(resinated)Plastic OverprintvarnishesSpecialty paper FountainsolutionsAutomotive InksIndustrial &MaintenanceSURFYNOL DF-110*SURFYNOL PCINKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSPigment dispersion(colorant)COATINGS AND PAINTSPigment dispersions(base)PRODUCTArchitecturalMolecular defoamers * This product is available in different forms.All products may not be available in all regions. Please contact your local supplier for availability. Top recommendations    Secondary options9

AdditivesWETTING AND DISPERSING ADDITIVESWetting and dispersing additives promote pigmentwetting and stabilization. They prevent floating, flooding, and settling of pigments so that color coverageand intensity remain consistent during storage. At thesame time, they ensure maximum color yield for thepigment while minimizing the number of milling steps.Because these additives lower viscosity, coatings andpigment concentrates can be produced cost-effectivelybecause pigment concentration can be maximized during dispersion. TEGO Dispers 653 TEGO Dispers 655 TEGO Dispers 656 TEGO Dispers 660 C 10 TEGO Dispers 670 TEGO Dispers 671 TEGO Dispers 672 TEGO Dispers 6751 TEGO Dispers 6761 FillersTEGO Dispers 652 Inorganic pigments Organic pigmentsTEGO Dispers 651Carbon blacks Binder-free Binder-containingNon-polar solvents Universal pigmentconcentratesPolar solventsTEGO Dispers 650Product2-pack solvent-freeWaterborneWetting and Dispersing Additives for Pigment Concentrates

TEGO Dispers 6901 TEGO Dispers 710 TEGO Dispers 740 W TEGO Dispers 745 W TEGO Dispers 747 W 1 TEGO Dispers 750 W TEGO Dispers 752 W TEGO Dispers 755 W TEGO Dispers 757 W TEGO Dispers 760 W TEGO Dispers 761 W FillersBinder-freeBinder-containingUniversal pigmentconcentrates2-pack solvent-freeNon-polar solvents Inorganic pigmentsTEGO Dispers 688 Organic pigments Carbon blacksTEGO Dispers 685TEGO Dispers 1010 11Polar solventsProductWaterborneAdditives new11

Additives12TEGO Dispers 650 TEGO Dispers 651 TEGO Dispers 652 TEGO Dispers 653 TEGO Dispers 655 TEGO Dispers 656 TEGO Dispers 670 TEGO Dispers 671 TEGO Dispers 672 TEGO Dispers 675 TEGO Dispers 678 TEGO Dispers 685 TEGO Dispers 688 TEGO Dispers 690 TEGO Dispers 700 TEGO Dispers 710 good anti-saggingproperties Mixed pigmentation (inorg./org.) Inorganic pigments/fillers TEGO Dispers 745 W Remarkvery good antisagging properties TEGO Dispers 740 WOrganic pigments/carbon black Vinyl acetate copolymer Styrene acrylic PUAlkyd Acrylate2K PU2K EPUVHigh solids2-pack solvent-free PESTEGO Dispers 630SolventborneProductWaterborneWetting and Dispersing Additives for Direct Grind excellent storagestability in epoxysystems very good for coilcoating applications excellent storagestability in 2K PUsystems universal use best for bentonite pastes excellent stabilizationof matting agents

Mixed pigmentation (inorg./org.) Inorganic pigments/fillers Vinyl acetate copolymerPESUVHigh solids2-pack solvent-free TEGO Dispers 760 W TEGO Dispers 761 W Remarkhighly suitable fortransparent ironoxides TEGO Dispers 101011 Organic pigments/carbon blackTEGO Dispers 757 WStyrene acrylic PUTEGO Dispers 755 W Alkyd AcrylateTEGO Dispers 752 W2K PU 2K EPTEGO Dispers 750 WSolventborneProductWaterborneAdditivesexcellent salt sprayresistancenew13

AdditivesBinder-containingCarbon blacksOrganic pigmentsInorganic pigmentsFillers ZETASPERSE 182 ZETASPERSE 1200** ZETASPERSE 2300** ZETASPERSE 2500** ZETASPERSE 3100** ZETASPERSE 179Binder-freeUniversal pigmentconcentrates ZETASPERSE 170Non-polar solvents Polar solvents ProductWaterborne2-pack solvent-freeStabilizing Surfactant and Polymeric Dispersants ZETASPERSE 3400** ZETASPERSE 3600** ZETASPERSE 3700** ZETASPERSE 3800** ** For specific pigment dispersant recommendations, use the FAZT tool at or contact Evonik.All products may not be available in all regions. Please contact your local supplier for availability. Top recommendations    Secondary options14


AdditivesSURFACE CONTROL ADDITIVESSurface control additives improve flow and leveling andreduce cratering. They prevent pigment flooding and flotation. The coating's slip and anti-blocking propertiescan be adjusted. TEGO Flow 375 1,2 TEGO Flow 460 N 1,2 TEGO Flow ATF 2 TEGO Flow 425 Anti-blocking/scratchresistanceRecoatable Leveling SlipCompatibleLow foamingSolventborne UVTEGO Flow 300 2Product16WaterborneSurface Control Additives TEGO Glide 100 TEGO Glide 110 TEGO Glide 130 TEGO Glide 406 TEGO Glide 410 Remark anti-crater effectflow/levelinganti-crater effect flow/leveling

TEGO Glide 435 Anti-blocking/scratchresistanceLow foaming RecoatableLeveling CompatibleSlip UV WaterborneTEGO Glide 432ProductTEGO Glide 440 TEGO Glide 450 TEGO Glide 482 TEGO Glide 4901 TEGO Glide 4921 TEGO Glide 4941 TEGO Glide A 116 1 TEGO Glide B 1484 TEGO Glide ZG 4001SolventborneAdditivesnew2 Remarkanti-blocking silicone-free17

AdditivesMain application fields for ACEMATT ApplicationHK440HK4507903600Wood, clear(lacquers, stains)Wood, pigmented(lacquers, stains) Wood Industrial, clear(Furniture, parquet,stains) Wood Industrial,pigmented (Furniture,parquet, stains)OK412OK500OK520OK607TS100 Transparency, surfacefinish, chemical resistance Efficiency, surfacefinish, chemicalresistance Transparency,surface finish,chemical resistance Efficiency, surfacefinish, chemicalresistance Abrasion resistance,chemical resistance,non-slip safety 3300MATTING AGENTREQUIREMENTSFlooring Industrial Efficiency,surface finishAutomotive Efficiency, surfacefinish, polishingresistance, chemicalresistanceCan Coating Surface finish, transparency, high jetness Surface finish,transparency, lowthickening effect Surface finish, transparency, high jetnessCoil Coating LeatherUV PlasticsChemical resistanceEfficiency, nonglaring, chemicalresistancePrinting inksRelief Flexo (OPV*) Transparency, lowthickening effect,efficiencyGravure (OPV*) Transparency, lowthickening effect,efficiencyOff-set (OPV*) Silk/Screen Printing OPV* – Overprint-Varnishes Very suitable    Suitable18Transparency, efficiency, surface finish Efficiency

AdditivesMATTING AGENTSACEMATT should be added into the formulation as late asACEMATT matting agents are precipitated or thermal silicapossible and should be homogenized with moderate speed.with a distinct upper particle size. Therefore, there is noACEMATT matting agents are ready to use, easy to process,need for any kind of high shear treatment while formulatingand highly efficient. The product range includes universallyACEMATT into the coating.applicable grades, as well as grades for specific demands.19

AdditivesRadiation-Curing Multifunctional AdditivesRADIATION-CURINGMULTIFUNCTIONAL ADDITIVESand defoaming properties.120 ReleaseTEGO Rad 2100Recoatabletion, some of the additives have releaseCompatibleProductLow foamingscratch resistance, and leveling. In addi-Flowsubstrate wetting and anti-cratering,Wettingmultifunctional products improve slip,Slip/anti-blockingradiation-curing formulations. TheseUVcross-linkable acrylate additives forWaterborne UVThe TEGO Rad range consists ofTEGO Rad 2200 N TEGO Rad 2250 TEGO Rad 2300 TEGO Rad 2500 TEGO Rad 2650 TEGO Rad 2700 TEGO Rad 28001 new

AdditivesSubstrate Wetting and Anti-Cratering AdditivesSUBSTRATE WETTING ANDANTI-CRATERING ADDITIVESUVSolventborneStaticthe coating surface – such as cratering or poorTEGO Twin 4000 TEGO Twin 4100 TEGO Twin 4200 TEGO Wet 240 TEGO Wet 251 TEGO Wet 260 TEGO Wet 265 TEGO Wet 270 TEGO Wet 280 TEGO Wet 5002 TEGO Wet 5052nated surfaces. Good wetting is a fundamentalleveling – are minimized or improved.1Anti-craterProducting inks, even on very low energy or contami-Dynamicprerequisite for optimum adhesion. Defects inWaterborne enable uniform wetting for coatings and print-Low foamingSubstrate wetting and anti-cratering additives TEGO Wet 5102 TEGO Wet 5501,2 TEGO Wet KL 245 new2 silicone-free21

AdditivesWetting AgentsWoodPigment dispersions(base)Pigment dispersion(colorant)InksPigment dispersions(resinated)Pigment dispersions(resin-free) SURFYNOL 107L SURFYNOL 104* SURFYNOL 420 SURFYNOL 440 SURFYNOL 465 SURFYNOL 485*SURFYNOL 2502 OverprintvarnishesPlastic FountainsolutionsSpecialty paperSURFYNOL AD01PowderMultifunctionalAutomotiveINKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSIndustrial &MaintenanceCOATINGS AND PAINTSArchitecturalPRODUCT * This product is available in different forms.All products may not be available in all regions. Please contact your local supplier for availability. Top recommendations    Secondary optionsWetting AgentsDYNOL 60422 DYNOL 607 DYNOL 800 DYNOL 810 DYNOL 960 DYNOL 980 Pigment dispersions(resin-free)Pigment dispersions(resinated) Overprintvarnishes Fountainsolutions Inks Pigment dispersion(colorant) Pigment dispersions(base) PowderWood Plastic Specialty paperDYNOL 360INKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSAutomotiveSuperwettersIndustrial &MaintenanceCOATINGS AND PAINTSArchitecturalPRODUCT

COATINGS AND PAINTSSpecialty/FormulatedCARBOWET LSFSURFYNOL 355SURFYNOL PSA336SURFYNOL SE-F SURFYNOL FS-85 SURFYNOL OP-340 Pigment dispersions(resin-free)Pigment lutionsPigment dispersion(colorant)Pigment dispersions(resinated)Pigment dispersions(resin-free) lasticSpecialty paperAutomotiveIndustrial &MaintenanceCOATINGS AND PAINTSInksPigment dispersion(colorant)CARBOWET GA-221Pigment dispersions(base)CARBOWET GA-211Pigment dispersions(base)CARBOWET GA-210 Powder WoodCARBOWET GA-200Plastic Specialty paperCARBOWET GA-100AutomotiveGrind AidsArchitecturalPRODUCTIndustrial &MaintenancePRODUCTArchitecturalAdditivesWetting AgentsINKS AND GRAPHIC ARTSWetting AgentsINKS AND GRAPHIC ARTS 23

AdditivesRheological AdditivesRHEOLOGICAL ADDITIVESWaterborneNewtonianrequirements of the industry. All TEGO 1 combine easily with each other due toTEGO ViscoPlus 3010 1 their excellent compatibility.TEGO ViscoPlus 3030 1 TEGO ViscoPlus 3060 1 ViscoPlus products are liquid and freefrom organic solvents, alkylphenolethoxylates, and organotin compounds. EachProductTEGO Visco Plus product has a differentTEGO ViscoPlus 3000rheological profile. The various products124silicone-freeStrong pseudoplasticthickeners that satisfy the latestPseudoplasticconsists of associative, polyurethaneNewtonian, high-shearThe TEGO ViscoPlus product rangeRemarksolvent-free solvent-free solvent-free solvent-free

AdditivesRHEOLOGY CONTROLIn the paints and coatings industry, AEROSIL primarily serves as a tool for adjusting rheologyduring production, storage, and application.AEROSIL allows formulators to optimize thedispersion characteristics and stability of thepigments used, as well as the flow propertiesand thickness of applied films.AEROSIL 1Rheology controlAnti-saggingAnti-settlingPigment stabilizationCorrosionprotectionOther effectsSolvent-based coatings(2-pack systems)AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208AERODISP 10301Solvent-based coatings(baking and air dryingsystems)AEROSIL 200AEROSIL 300AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208AEROSIL 200AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208AERODISP 10301Water-based coatings(clear coats)AEROSIL 200AEROSIL COK 84AEROSIL R 816AERODISP WR 8520Water-based coatings(pigmented systems)AEROSIL 200AEROSIL COK 84AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 816AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812AEROSIL R 812 SAERODISP WR 8520AEROSIL 200AEROSIL COK 84AEROSIL R 816AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AERODISP WR 8520AEROSIL R 816AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 805AEROSIL R 812 SUV-curing coatingsAEROSIL 200AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 974AEROSIL R 711Unsaturated polyesterAEROSIL 200AEROSIL 300AEROSIL 380AEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208AEROSIL R 202AEROSIL R 208scratch resistance improvement25

AdditivesFREE-FLOW AGENTS FORPOWDER COATINGSWhereas AEROSIL harnesses theEnvironmentally friendly, solvent-freeflowability of powder coating parti-powder coatings can be treated withcles, the AEROXIDE Alu productfree-flow agents AEROXIDE andline can take on an electropositiveAEROSIL to avoid complicationscharge, which is an essential propertysuch as clumping, bridge formation,for certain methods of application.ball-bearing effect to enhance theor variations in coating thickness.General overview of the use of AEROSIL and AEROXIDE Powder Coatings SystemsProductsConcentration in wt%EffectThermosettings Powders Low-molecular-weight epoxy TGIC-polyester Epoxy polyester hybrids Polyurethanes AcrylicsAEROSIL 200AEROSIL 380AEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 8120.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3 Free-flow additive Anti-caking (prevention ofmoisture pick-up)AEROXIDE Alu CAEROXIDE Alu C 8050.1-0.3Thermoplastic Powders Vinyl Nylon Polyolefin Fluorcarbon typesAEROSIL R 972AEROSIL R 8120.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3AEROXIDE Alu CAEROXIDE Alu C 8050.1-0.3Tribopowders Epoxy polyester hybrids Epoxy acrylate hybridsAEROXIDE Alu CAEROXIDE Alu 1300.1-0.3 Free-flow additive Anti-caking (prevention ofmoisture pick-up) Free-flow additive Increase in electropositivecharge (tribo)Evaluated fumed silica and aluminum oxides26ProductCharacterBET Surface Area(m2/g)Tamped Density(g/L)Surface ChargesAEROSIL 200Hydrophilic Silica200 2550NegativeAEROSIL R 812Hydrophobic Silica260 3060NegativeAEROSIL R 972Hydrophobic Silica110 2050NegativeAEROXIDE ALU CHydrophilic Aluminum Oxide100 1550PositiveAEROXIDE ALU C 805Hydrophobic Aluminum Oxide100 1550Slightly positiveAEROXIDE ALU 130Hydrophilic Aluminum Oxide130 2050Positive

AdditivesHYDROPHOBING AGENTSTEGO Phobe products are used to makewaterborne exterior paints hydrophobic.Used in silicone resin paints in smallamounts, TEGO Phobe 1650 is characterized by low water absorption.Silicone resin paintsand plastersSilicate emulsion paintsand plastersPrinting inks TEGO Phobe 14091 TEGO Phobe 1500 N TEGO Phobe 1650 strong early water resistanceTEGO Phobe 16591 for ecolabel compliant formulations,excellent early water resistance1 Primer ImpregnationWater-beading effect SolventborneTEGO Phobe 1401ProductWaterborneHydrophobingHydrophobing AgentsRemarkfor ecolabel compliant formulationsnew27

AdditivesAnti-Graffiti AdditivesANTI-GRAFFITI ADDITIVESProductTEGO Protect provides polyurethaneDosageApplications/effectTEGO Protect 5000 N1–3%for matte, unpigmented and/or pigmented formulations, especially good release propertiesTEGO Protect 50012–5%for clear coats, markedwater-beading effect,high solvent resistanceTEGO Protect 5100 N2–8%for waterborne 2-pack PUanti-graffiti coatingscoatings with anti-graffiti and easy-to-cleancharacteristics. This range of p roducts canbe used in solvent or waterborne coatings.128ADDID 900 1 TEGO Hammer 5011 TEGO Humectant 7000 containing silicone Anti-staticReduced drying-up Hammer finish Adhesion promoterSolvent-free SolventborneADDID 230UVProductWaterborneOther Additives


CO-BINDERSTEGO VariPlusTEGO VariPlus products are widelycompatible hard resins used as co-bindersin paints, lacquers, printing inks, and otherinks. They increase solids content and accelerate drying speed, while also improvingnumerous properties such as hardness,gloss, and film build.TEGO VariPlus 3350 UV TEGO VariPlus AP TEGO VariPlus CATEGO VariPlus DS 50TEGO VariPlus SKTEGO VariPlus TC30 Pigment wetting andstabilization Drying time Viscosity reduction/increased solids contentGloss Remarkformaldehyde-free, freeof organotin componentsin tripropylene glycoldiacrylate HardnessAdhesion to metal Adhesion to plasticTEGO VariPlus 1201 TFSolventborneUVProductWaterborneTEGO VariPlusformaldehyde-free, solid solid formaldehyde-free,aqueous emulsion,free of organic solventsformaldehyde-free, solid solid, very wide compatibility and solubility

TEGO AddBondThe TEGO AddBond range of productsis comprised of widely compatible polyesterresins that improve the adhesion of eventhe most diverse coating and printing inkformulations.Adhesion to metalAdhesion to plasticFlexibilityFixation of aluminum pigments TEGO AddBond LP 1611 1,2 TEGO AddBond LTH TEGO AddBond LTW TEGO AddBond LTW-B TEGO AddBond 2220 ND TEGO AddBond HS especially suitable for high solids coatingsTEGO AddBond 2325 especially suitable for thermoplasticacrylic enamels TEGO AddBond 1270TEGO AddBond DS 13001new2 HardnessSolventborneTEGO AddBond LP 1600 1,2ProductWaterborneUVTEGO AddBond Remarksolidafter neutralization suitable for waterborneformulations, good acrylate compatibility especially suitable for alkyd systemsaqueous emulsion, free of organic solventssilicone-free31

SPECIALTY BINDERSSILICONE-EPOXY RESINSThe product group SILIKOPON and the product SILIKOFTAL ED are silicone-epoxy hybridsystems, combining the advantages of bothtechnologies.The coatings are highly resistant to chemicalsand exhibit high color fastness as well as excellent gloss retention during outdoor use.Silicone-Epoxy Resins32ProductNon-volatile contentRemarkSILIKOPON EF98 %for 2-pack isocyanate-free curable high solids top coats with a low VOCcontent (100-250 g/l), with good corrosion, excellent gloss, weatheringresistance, and anti-graffiti effectSILIKOFTAL ED100 %for 2-pack isocyanate-free curable high solids top coats with a low VOCcontent (100-250 g/l), with good corrosion, weathering resistance,and anti-graffiti effectSILIKOPON EW53 %stoving system, solventborne, for stoving enamels (heat resistant up to 650 C,depending on formulation), excellent adhesion, and resistanceto solvents

SILICONE RESINSHeat resistance up to 650 C(formulation dependent)SILIKOPHEN products consist of methyl and phenyl-methyl silicone resins which, dependingon the formulation, provide corrosion protection up to 650 C. Applications include exhaustsystems and combustion chambers.Silicone kCURING SYSTEMSSILIKOPHEN P 40/W50 %water reducible, good compatibility with organic resinsSILIKOPHEN P 50/X50 %solventborne, good air dryingSILIKOPHEN P 80/X80 %solventborne, good air drying, for low VOC formulationsAMBIENT CURING SYSTEMS1SILIKOPHEN AC 90090 %high solids, solventborne, ambient curing, good flexibilityduring the heating and the cooling processSILIKOPHEN AC 950195 %ethyl modifiedSILIKOPHEN AC 1000100 %solvent-free, ambient curing, good flexibility during the heatingand the cooling processnew33

Specialty BindersSILICONE-POLYESTER RESINSHeat resistance up to 250 C(formulation dependent)With products of the SILIKOFTAL brand, Evonik offers a wide range of aromatic silicone-polyesterresins tailored to meet specific customer requirements.The building blocks of the SILIKOFTAL product rangeare chemically linked.Silicone-Polyester Resins*34ProductSilicone contentPropertiesSILIKOFTAL HTT80 %retains hardness from room temperature to 150 C; long-term heatresistance to 250 C; good detergent resistance. (FDA/BfR)*SILIKOFTAL HTS70 %very good resistance to yellowing up to 220 C. (FDA/BfR)*SILIKOFTAL HTL 250 %high gloss, low thermoplasticity, good detergent resistance. (FDA/BfR)*SILIKOFTAL HTL 330 %very good yellowing resistance up to 200 C, very good boilingwater resistance. (FDA/BfR)*SILIKOFTAL non-stick 6080 %for release coatings, properties similar to SILIKOFTAL HTT (FDA/BfR)*U.S. Food and Drug Administration / German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

Specialty BindersHIGH SOLIDS SILICONE HYBRID RESINSSILIKOTOP is a binder system designed for use inhigh solids systems and top coats. It has a very lowVOC content, processing viscosity, and solvent demand.SILIKOTOP is also effective as co-binder.High Solids Silicone Hybrid Resins1ProductNon-volatile contentRemarkSILIKOTOP E 900 190 %top coats, enhanced flexibility, tough elasticitySILIKOTOP E 901190 %top coats, excellent weather resistance, also for direct-to-metal applicationsnew35

Specialty BindersSILICONE-MODIFIED POLYURETHANE EMULSIONNon-heat resistantSILIKOPUR is a waterborne, silicone-modified1-pack polyurethane emulsion.With SILIKOPUR very flexible coating systems fora wide range of substrates – such as leather, wood,plastic, rubber, and metal – can be formulated.Silicone-Modified Polyurethane Emulsion36ProductNon-volatile contentRemarkSILIKOPUR 808133 %waterborne silicone modified poly urethane emulsion, high flexibility

Specialty BindersREACTIVE SILICONE-BASED RESIN COMPONENTSThe TEGOMER range of products consists of linear,reactive polydimethyl siloxanes with various terminalfunctional groups. These are specifically developed formodifying binders, such as polyurethanes, acrylic resins, polyesters, and epoxides.Reactive Silicone-Based Resin ComponentsProductNon-volatile contentRemarkTEGOMER E-Si 2330100 %diepoxyalkylpolydimethylsiloxaneTEGOMER D 3403100 %1,3 polyetherdiol EO/PO 100/0TEGOMER H-C 5002100 %Hydroxy functional polyacrylate37

NANORESINSNANOCRYL – SILICA NANOCOMPOSITES FOR THEMODIFICATION OF RADIATION-CURING COATINGSThe fact that this can be achieved without impairing opticalEvonik’s silica nanocomposites are colloidal silica solshighly scratch-resistant, steel wool-resistant clear coats forin various binders and solvents. These are low-viscosityplastics (e.g. PC, PMMA, PET) and wood.clarity makes silica nanocomposites particularly suitable forproducts that are highly transparent and do not exhibitany sedimentation.Technical /w%]Dynamic viscosity,25 C [mPa · s]NANOCRYL C 130CTFAtrimethylol propane formal acrylate50275NANOCRYL C 140HDDAhexanediol diacrylate50175NANOCRYL C 150TMPTAtrimethylol propane triacrylate503,300NANOCRYL C 153-10TMPEOTAethoxylated trimethylol propane triacrylate501,000NANOCRYL C 165PPTTAalkoxylated pentaerythritol tetraacrylate502,500

ALBIDUR – SILICONE ELASTOMER PARTICLESFOR THE MODIFICATION OF COATINGSALBIDUR products can be used to m odify thefracture toughness of a formulation without affecting the modulus or glass transition temperatureand without markedly increasing the viscosity ofthe mixture.Technical Data1ProductSilicone content[w/w%]Base resinDynamic viscosity,25 C [mPa · s]CommentsALBIDUR EP 2240 A40DGEBA35,000EEW: 300 g/equiv.ALBIDUR PU 564040PPG-triol2,500hydroxyl value: 230ALBIDUR 12231,20α - Ω - trialkoxysilaneterminated aliphaticurethane30,000new2silicone-free39

This information and all furthertechnical advice are based onour present knowledge andexperience. However, itimplies no liability or otherlegal responsibility on our part,including with regard to existing third party intellectualproperty rights, especiallypatent rights. In particular, nowarranty, whether express orimplied, or guarantee of product properties in the legalsense is intended or implied.We reserve the right to makeany changes according to technological progress or furtherdevelopments.AEROSIL /ACEMATT Evonik CorporationPiscataway, NJ 08854Phone 1 732 [email protected] Evonik CorporationRichmond, VA 23237Phone 1 804 727-0700as

33 Silicone resins 34 Silicone polyester resins 35 High solids silicone hybrid resins 36 Silicone modified polyurethane emulsion 37 Reactive silicone-based resin . Architectural Industrial & Maintenance Automotive Specialty paper Plastic Wood Powder Pigment dispersions (base) Pigment dispersion (colourant) Inks Fountain