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DispersionsBuilding a circular future, together.The demand for more circular solutions is rising at afaster pace than ever before as the world collectivelystrives to tackle today’s global challenges. Climatechange, population growth, urbanization, digitalizationand mobility are pushing players from every sector tosolutions. Through joint solutions, alternative rawmaterials, innovative recycling, and harnessing renewableenergy, we’re enabling coatings and adhesivesproducers to meet the circular challenge, here and now.find more sustainable solutions and lay the foundationsWe’re expanding our portfolio to include bio-based orchallenge is not only to create these circular solutionsspecialty areas ranging from cosmetics to textiles tofor climate neutrality by driving a Circular Economy. Therecycled raw materials in coatings, adhesives, andbut also to maintain quality, durability and productivity.3D printing. Thanks to our mass balancing approach, we’reInnovation is key to satisfying these demands andwith ISCC-certified renewable resources. Our drop-inenvironment by turning targets into realities. Atand easy processing that keep your production runningaromatic polyisocyanates and more sustainable resinsglobal support, facilities and supply chain security youpushing boundaries in the search for future-orientedinfrastructure, automotive, furniture and more.creating added value for customers, society and theCovestro, our long-standing expertise in aliphatic andgoes hand-in-hand with our purpose of constantlyhelping close the loop by gradually replacing fossil fuelssolutions ensure the high quality, consistent performancesmoothly. And we’re constantly working to provide theneed to forge yet more circular innovations inMaterial solutions can help turn circular targets intorealities. Let’s make the world a brighter place, together.5

DispersionsEfficiency meets sustainability.Solutions to enhance your process efficiencyNowadays, the quality standards made on industrial processes are veryhigh. This is equally true of the cost-cutting requirements. However, bothgoals can be achieved by increasing process efficiency. At Covestro,we have a wide range of solutions designed to enhance your processefficiency. Why not take advantage of our know-how? These solutionswill benefit your bottom line.SustainabilitySustainability is at the heart of the Covestro strategy. We inspire innovationand drive growth through profitable products and technologies that benefitsociety and reduce the impact on the environment.Our coatings, adhesives and specialty products and solutions contributeto sustainability through: Saving energy – fast and smartPolyurethane systems represent a benchmark in productivity andprocess efficiency in many industries. We strive to further push thelimits of efficiency by developing game-changing new solutions. Reducing wasteWe offer solutions such as innovative 1K technologies that enable our value chain partnersto use materials more efficiently and reduce waste. Cutting emissionsBayhydur and Desmodur grades are key enablers for low-emission solutions in thecoatings and adhesives industries – waterborne and high solids/100% solids! Responsible management of natural resourcesHighly durable PU-based coatings and adhesives significantly extend the lifetime ofa coated product and thus help to prolong resource use. Closing the loop (circularity)Through economically viable products made from partly bio-based raw materials – with nodeterioration in performance – we help our customers and value chain partners to reducetheir carbon footprint and offer solutions that incorporate renewable building blocks. Food contactAny information about food or drinking water contact for products exclusively refers to theregulation quoted in the table: please request a Declaration of Compliance before use. Forany uses which require compliance with another jurisdiction or national legislation, theappropriate legal assessment needs to be performed prior to any application of a productin the field.6

DispersionsAqueous dispersions –an innovative andeco-friendly platform.Pioneering polyurethane chemistryEver since Otto Bayer’s discovery of the polyisocyanate polyadditionprocess in 1937, Bayer – now Covestro – has pioneered polyurethanechemistry. 70 years ago, Bayer – now Covestro – developed the firstapplications using polyisocyanates for the coatings and adhesivessectors. We work closely with our customers to systematically advancethe state of the art in polyurethane technology. Using market- orientedresearch and development, we specifically adapt our product portfolioto our customers’ increasingly stringent requirements. Together withyou, we want to continue our successful journey along this path.High-performance waterborne portfolioAs one of the leading producers of coating and adhesive raw materials, we offer a comprehensive range of high-grade raw materials for poly urethanecoatings and adhesives. The demand for sustainable technology is steadilygrowing and has greatly accelerated the shift away from solvent-bornecoatings and adhesives to 100% solids and waterborne systems. With ourecological technology platform we offer a wide variety o f aqueousdispersions for the coatings and adhesives market. Our mission is toprovide competitive advantages for our customers: eco-friendly products with superior quality and performance to enable highly efficientcoating and bonding processes. We are continuously developing innova-tive dispersions to complement our range of waterborne products basedon a variety of chemistries – polyurethane, polyacrylate and polyester7

dispersions. Depending on your requirements and cost-performancedemands, we can offer the most attractive formulation option based ona 1K or 2K system.Main application areasThe most important areas of application for our waterborne coating rawmaterials are wood and furniture coatings, metal and plastic coatingsfor industrial applications, high-grade floor coatings, automotive OEMs,transportation vehicles and refinishing coatings and textile coatings.More over, we offer specialty products for fiber sizings and applications inthe paper and printing ink industries.As a fast-growing and highly promising segment for waterborne coatingstechnology, UV-curing polyurethane dispersions combine fast curing with excellent coating properties. Firmly established in wood coatingsand growing in plastics coatings, we are continuously extending ourrange to include additional applications.Our waterborne adhesive raw materials are first choice in heat-activatedbonding applications from 3-D film lamination in the furniture industryand heat lamination for car interior trims to bonding footwear. Besidesthe classical foam bonding market, more and more applications are nowemerging for our waterborne contact adhesives.Please check out our waterborne product lines: Bayhydrol and B ayhytherm for coating applications, Dispercoll for adhesivesapplications, Impranil for textile applications and Baybond forfiber sizings. In combination with our polyisocyanate crosslinkersDesmodur and Bayhydur we offer superior system solutions for2K or 1K stoving applications.

DispersionsBayhydrol ABuilding blocks for high performance & near to zero VOC water-based coatings.NON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]Primary acrylic polyol dispersionsfor waterborne 1K and 2K PUR & 1KPUR stoving systemsOH CONTENTAPPROX. [%]ON SOLIDSNEUTRALIZATIONAGENTMFFTAPPROX. [ C]TgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol A 284640NH31.56564Self-crosslinking resin for 1K and cost-effective 2K coatings, fast drying,good chemical resistance, high hardness and long pot life.Bayhydrol A 242742NH32.088 80In 1K as well as in 2K formulations, fast drying, good adhesion to plastics.Bayhydrol A 24242NH34.029 06418Bayhydrol A 2457Bayhydrol A 2546PES- or PC-modified secondaryacrylic polyol dispersions forwaterborne 2K PUR & 1K PURstoving systems41NH3412.5NH3NON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]4.8CO-SOLVENTCONTENT [%]IN SUPPLY FORMNEUTRALIZATIONAGENT56OH CONTENTAPPROX. [%]ON SOLIDS26Good chemical resistance, outstanding water resistance.Good chemical resistance.Outstanding chemical and water resistance, suitable for constructionapplications and fast sanding sealers.TgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol A 286153DMEAPnB 1.23.5–27Polycarbonate modified. Mainly for air- and forced-drying coating systemswith very high flexibility.Bayhydrol A 2139/247DMEABDG 2.53.814Fatty acid-modified polyacrylic, high gloss as primer and topcoat for metaland plastic substrates.Bayhydrol A 2227/142DMEABG 7.03.829Polyester modified. For topcoats and primers with low co-solvent content( 5%) and very good overbaking resistance.Bayhydrol A 205842DMEABG 2.04.8–2Polyester modified. Elastic, good adhesion to plastics, low VOC content.9

Dispersions10Bayhydrol ABuilding blocks for high performance & low to zero VOC water-based coatings.Secondary acrylic polyoldispersions for waterborne2K PUR & 1K PUR stovingsystemsNON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]CO-SOLVENTCONTENT [%]IN SUPPLY FORMNEUTRALIZATIONAGENTOH CONTENTAPPROX. [%]ON SOLIDSTgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol A 246945DMEAPnB 7.92.533High gloss, cost-effective because of less polyisocyanates demand.Bayhydrol A 265141DMEAPnB 3.43.054Fast drying, high chemical resistance, excellent grain accentuation(“Anfeuerung”) on wood.Bayhydrol A 14545DMEASN 4/BG 43.336Suitable for high gloss, clear and pigmented topcoats and primers.Bayhydrol A 280948DMEAPnB 2.03.316Low VOC; Sutiable for high gloss, clear and pigmented topcoats and fillers withgood adhesion properties to various substrates.Bayhydrol A 254250TriethanolaminePnB 1.13.817High gloss, good chemical and mechanical resistance, outstandingwater resistance. Not recommendable for spray applications.Bayhydrol A 264650TriethanolaminePnB 1.13.815Faster drying version of A 2542 with similar property profile.Not recommendable for spray applications.Bayhydrol A 247045DMEA/TriethanolamineSN 4/PnB 43.959For high-performance clear-/topcoats in various applications,excellent gloss, chemical & weathering resistance.Bayhydrol A 260145DMEA/TriethanolamineSN 4/PnB 43.950High gloss, high chemical resistance, very fast drying & curing,combined with long pot life.Bayhydrol A 277044DMEAPnB 3.63.947Low VOC product for high-performance clear-/topcoats in various applications,with excellent gloss, chemical & weathering resistance and fast drying.Bayhydrol A 284540DMEAPnB 3.24.531High gloss, good chemical and weather resistance, low thermoyellowing, low VOC.Bayhydrol A 269541DMEA/TriethanolaminePnB 7.25.053For clear-/topcoats with high hardness, very high chemical resistance(against e.g. anti graffiti cleaners and disinfectants) and high weather resistance.Also recommended for primers with excellent corrosion protection properties.

DispersionsPolyurethane dispersions Bayhydrol UPolyacrylic dispersions Bayhydrol AOH functionalpolyurethane dispersionPolyester modifiedacrylic dispersionSecondaryacrylic dispersionPrimaryacrylic dispersionOH-functional dispersions (for 2K wb PU).A 2695A 2058A 2845Low to zero VOCA 2546U XP 2766OH content (on solid)A 242A 2601A 2139/2A 2542A 2646A 2470A 2770A 2227/1U 2750A 2861A 2809A 145U 2755/1A 2651U 2878A 2469U 2787U 2757Soft filmA 2457A 2427A 2846U 26981K and 2KHardness11Hard filmFast drying

Dispersions12Bayhydrol UElastic and durable OH-functional polyurethane dispersions for waterborne 2K coatings & 1K PUR stoving systems.Bayhydrol U is a waterborne dispersion without intentionally added co-solvent.Aqueous polyurethanepolyol dispersions forwaterborne 2K & 1K PURstoving systemsNON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]NEUTRALIZATIONAGENTOH CONTENTAPPROX. [%]ON SOLIDSTgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol U 269852DMEA1.5–40OH functional PU dispersion with strong soft-feel effect.Bayhydrol U 275041DMEA3.616For high gloss, clear and pigmented topcoats and primers, outstanding weatherresistance, marked self-healing effect after scratching.Bayhydrol U 2755/135DMEA3.060Very fast drying, high hardness & chemical resistance. Excellent grainaccentuation on wood. Odor-free. Near zero-VOC formulations possible.Bayhydrol U 275752DMEA1.8–39For good hydrolysis resistance and long pot life. Suitable for plastic coatings incl. soft-feel,universal adhesion profile on plastics. Product also suitable for natural wood appearance.Bayhydrol U XP 276637DMEA4.051Very high gloss for clearcoats and pigmented topcoats, fast drying, chemical resistanceand hardness development, low thermoyellowing.Bayhydrol U 278741DMEA1.7–37High shear stability, good hydrolysis and chemical resistance. For plastic coatings and alsofor highly haptic soft-feel coatings.48DMEA2.7–31Good adhesion on plastics, good hydrolysis resistance and chemical resistance.For elastic 2K coatings especially on plastic, incl. soft-feel coatings and primers.Bayhydrol U 2878NE W

Dispersions13Bayhydrol UHFast-drying polyurethane dispersions for tough, durable and elasticwaterborne coatings. Excellent for 1K formulations. Bayhydrol UH isa waterborne dispersion without intentionally added co-solvent.Aqueous high molecularweight polyurethanedispersions for waterborne1K PUR coatingsNON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]MFFT APPROX. [ C]NEUTRALIZATIONAGENTTgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol UH 24040Na salt0–50For soft-feel coatings and flexibilization of 1K & 2K industrial coatings.Bayhydrol UH 340/140Na salt0–45Bayhydrol UH 65050Na salt0–3Bayhydrol UH 230550Na salt0–50Bayhydrol UH 255837TEA24–60High hardness and abrasion resistance, tough and elastic, well suited for2K applications.Bayhydrol UH 260635EDIPA45–45Broad adhesion profile, high hardness and toughness, well suited for2K formulations.For the formulation of water-thinnable 1K- and 2K coatings with broad adhesion profile on different substrates, especially for plastic. Very suitableas flexibilizing co-binder. Well suited for metallic coating systems,basecoats, fillers and topcoats.Highly elastic for the flexibilization of hard PAC and PUR dispersions and1K industrial coatings. For soft-feel coatings with excellent soft-touch effect.Recommended for the formulation of elastic construction coatings.Flexibilization resin for air- and forced-drying basecoats. Combinationresin for soft-feel coatings and primers due to broad adhesion profile onseveral substrates.Highly elastic dispersion for primers and soft-feel coatings.Bayhydrol UH 264835TEA0–45Bayhydrol UH 2648/135DMEA0–45For the formulation of water-thinnable 1K- and 2K coatings with broad adhesion profile on different substrates, especially for plastic.Very suitable as flexibilizing co-binder. Well suited for metallic coatingsystems, basecoats, fillers and topcoats.Bayhydrol UH 2660/140Na salt0–35For improved stability against hydrolysis, solvents and suntan lotions.Combination resin for soft-feel coatings.Bayhydrol UH 2952/140DMEA0–40For metallic basecoats and primers, excellent stability against hydrolysis.

DispersionsBayhydrol UHFast-drying polyurethane dispersions for tough, durable and elasticwaterborne coatings. Excellent for 1K formulations. Bayhydrol UH isa waterborne dispersion without intentionally added co-solvent.Aqueous high molecularweight polyurethanedispersions for waterborne1K PUR coatingsNON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]MFFT APPROX. [ C]NEUTRALIZATIONAGENTTgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol UH 2864NE W59Na salt0–13High solids content, rubber-elastic behaviour, outstanding flexibility.Suitable to improve mechanical properties and ponding water resistanceof elastic construction coatings and for thin-layer automotive applicationslike basecoat or primer.Bayhydrol UH 2889NE W40DMEA0–40For decorative peelable coating application, easy peelability over a widevariety of substrates.Bayhydrol UH 2891NE W40Na salt17–55Recommended for the formulation of elastic construction coatings,especially in terms of its high elongation, strong tensile strength, low waterabsorbtion and good weather stability.Bayhydrol UH 2894NE W60Na salt0–69High solids content, rubber-elastic behaviour, outstanding flexibility,for thin-layer applications like basecoat or primer.14

DispersionsBayhydrol UHFast-drying polyurethane dispersions for tough, durable and elasticwaterborne coatings. Excellent for 1K formulations. Bayhydrol UH isa waterborne dispersion without intentionally added co-solvent.NON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]Fatty acid-modifiedpolyurethane dispersionsfor waterborne 2K &1K PUR coatingsMFFTAPPROX. [ C]NEUTRALIZATIONAGENTTgAPPROX. [ C]COMMENTSBayhydrol UH 255735TEA38–8Self-crosslinking, fatty acid-modified, pure waterbased alternative to formerBayhydrol UH 2342, good abrasion resistance, good black-heel mark resistance.Bayhydrol UH 259245EDIPA230Universal oxidatively drying product for industrial metal and extrior wood coatings with lowVOC, excellent corrosion protection as primer and high-gloss topcoats. Drier and anti-skinagents not intentionally added.Bayhydrol UH 2593/135TEA60103Self-crosslinking, fatty acid-modified, good black-heel mark resistanceand high hardness, improves drying speed as co-binder.Bayhydrol UH 287440EDIPA4045Oxidatively drying, developed for parquet coatings, excellent chemical and black-heel markresistance, strong physical drying, 2K performance in 1K.15

DispersionsPolyurethane dispersionsBayhydrol UHPET basedFatty acid modifiedPES basedAqueous high molecular weight polyurethane dispersions for tough,PC baseddurable and elastic coatings.UH 2593/1UH 2606Modulus/hardnessUH 2874UH 2557UH 2558UH 2891UH 2592UH 2648/1UH 2648UH 2660/1Low MW,oxidatively dryingUH 2889UH 2305UH 2952/1UH 2894UH 340/1UH 650UH 2864Elongation at breakUH 24016

DispersionsBayhydrol UVOne of the most promising technology amongst the variousenvironment-friendly wood and plastic coating systems areUV-curing polyurethane dispersions. UV waterborne systemsoffer the fastest curing waterborne coating technology, with a highFreshly applied film:separate polymerparticles dispersedin water; e.g., 40%solidsWaterevaporationDensely packedpolymer particles;approx. 65%solidsParticledeformation,coalescing,dry filmUV radiationCrosslinkedfilm123456 crosslinking density, enabling overspray recycling and contributingto low to zero VOC formulations. Advantages that make thistechnology particularly suitable when higher productivity is required.The whole Bayhydrol UV portfolio does not contain intentionallyadded organotin compounds.NON-VOLATILECONTENTAPPROX. [%]NEUTRALIZATIONAGENTRadiation curingpolyurethane dispersionsBayhydrol UV 2280/1TgAPPROX. [ C]39TEA37TEABayhydrol UV 228239Bayhydrol UV 2687/1COMMENTS76Outstanding physical drying, good standard product for pigmented coatings.–29High wet-film transparency, good grain wetting, physical drying.TEA–3040TEA53PUR emulsion for excellent wood grain accentuation and paper impregnation, good adhesion and highchemical resistance; high hardness; good reemulsification; especially suitable for clearcoats.Bayhydrol UV 2689/242TEA–35Highest crosslinking density, low physical drying, especially for wood and plastics as clear, pigmentedor single layer metallic coats. High gloss, high chemical and scratch resistance.Bayhydrol UV 2720/140TEA–23Combines physical drying and highest crosslinking density, especially for pigmented systems,thermoformable before UV. Suitable for plastic coating, including PVC.Bayhydrol UV XP 277540TEA32Excellent chemical and stain resistance, in white pigmented topcoats or matt clearcoats.Bayhydrol eco UV 287738TEA48Self-crosslinking UV-curable polyurethane dispersion. Fast water release, high chemical resistance andshadow curing. Bio-based content on supply form approx. 35%*.Bayhydrol UV 2317/1High chemical resistance, good grain wetting, physical drying, for all-around use (multicoat).* Calculated minimum content of carbon derived from bio-based raw material like fat and fatty acids.Confirmed by 14C-Measurements according to ASTM D 6866:2008.17

DispersionsBayhydrol UVContains reactivediluent for improvedresistanceUV-curing PU dispersions.Good adhesion, suitablefor various substratesPartly bio-basedGood stain resistance,universal option for coloredpigmented topcoatsSelf-crosslinkingUV curable PUD shadowcuring, high robustnesseco UV 2877UV 2280/1Physical drying18Suitable forplastic coatings,resilient flooringHigher wetfilm transparencyHighest stain- andscratch resistance;complies with kitchencabinet standardsUV XP 2775UV 2720/1UV 2317/1UV 2282Universal productfor wide applicationrange (clear coats)High gloss; highscratch resistanceand hardnessEmulsion; excellentwood grain accentuation;Suitable for paperimpregnationUV 2687/1Chemical resistanceUV 2689/2

Dispersions19Bayhytherm Bayhydur BLBaybond XLThe key to high coatings performance in 1K stoving applications.Self-crosslinkingurethane dispersionfor 1K stoving systemsBayhytherm 3246/1NE WThermally activatedwaterborne polyurethane crosslinkerfor 1K waterbornestoving systemsBayhydur BL XP 2706TYPEBLOCKING AGENTSUPPLY FORMAPPROX. [%]VISCOSITY AT 23 CAPPROX. [mPa s]HDIDMP44 in water/PnB/SN 100800BLOCKING AGENTSUPPLY FORMAPPROX. [%]TYPEVISCOSITYAT 23 C APPROX.[mPa s]Well balanced hardness-flexibility profile, low thermal yellowing,high gloss. Suitable for additional melamine crosslinking.For OEM primer surfacers, also for general industrial coatings.CALCULATEDEQUIVALENTBLOCKED NCOWEIGHT APPROX.CONTENT ONSUPPLY FORM/(RESIN) APPROX. [%]HDI/IPDIDMP40 in water 2,5003.3/(8.2)1,275Bayhydur BL 2867HDIDMP38 in water 1,5004.4/(11.5)960Bayhydur BL 2781HDIMEKOMEKO37 in water45 in water4,900 2003.5/(9.5)5.6/(12.5)1,200Baybond XL 1187HDIMEKO30 in water 2002.9/(9.8)1,450Baybond XL 825HDIƐ-CAP30 in water 2003.0/(10.0)1,400Baybond XL 7270HDIƐ-CAP30 in water 1003.9/(13.1)1,000Baybond XL 3674HDIƐ-CAP30 in water 2003.2/(10.7)1,310Baybond XL 6366HDICOMMENTS975COMMENTSHigh reactive, good chemical resistance, lowest thermal yellowing,neutralized with DMEA.High reactive, good chemical resistance, lowest thermal yellowing,high flexibility and outstanding adhesion.High flexibility, good adhesion. Neutralized with DMEA.High solid content, high flexibility. Deblocking temperature approx. 150 C.High particle size, flexible and non ionic character.Deblocking temperature approx. 150 C.Low thermal yellowing, improved impact strength,adhesion and flexibility. Deblocking temperature approx. 170 C.Low thermal yellowing, improved impact strength, adhesion andflexibility. Deblocking temperature approx. 170 C. Food contactacc. to EU 10/2011.*Improved impact strength, adhesion and flexibility. Deblockingtemperature 170 C. Food contact acc. to EU 10/2011.** See page 6

Dispersions20Bayhydur familyThe key to easy and reliable application of waterborne two-component polyurethane systems.Bayhydur ultra qualities perform with 0.1% monomer content.NCO CONTENT ONSUPPLY FORMAPPROX. [%]SUPPLY FORMAPPROX. IGHTAPPROX.VISCOSITY AT 23 CAPPROX. [mPa s]TYPEFUNCTIONALITYAPPROX.COMMENTSBayhydur ultra 3100HDI1002,80017.42403.1Polyether-modified, standard, versatile and economical.Bayhydur ultra 304HDI1004,00018.22303.8Polyether-modified, versatile use and improved mixing. Excellent water andweathering resistance.Bayhydur ultra 305HDI1006,50016.22604.0Polyether-modified, easiest mixing and high gloss.Bayhydur ultra 2700HDI65 in PGDME7510.64004.0Ready-to-use hardener based on Bayhydur ultra 305, easiest mixing and high gloss.Bayhydur ultra 2487/1HDI1005,40020.62053.4Ionically modified (sulfonic acid), highest chemical resistance and very fast curing.Bayhydur 2547HDI10065022.51853.0Ionically modified (sulfonic acid), highest chemical resistance, low viscosity,suitable for 100% solids formulations and for pure water-based formulations.Ionically modified (sulfonic acid), highest chemical resistance, easy mixing.Indoor-air-quality compliant and very fast curing.Bayhydur ultra 2655NE WHDI1003,50020.82053.2Bayhydur ultra 2858NE WHDI/IPDI70 in PGDA50013.33153.4Ionically modified (sulfonic acid) ready to use hardener, fast drying, easy mixing,high hardness, high chemical resistance and long pot life.70 in MPA1,5009.44402.9Product is without any intentionally added aromatic solvents(BTX benzene / toluene / xylene).70 in MPA/X6009.44402.9Polyether-modified. Higher hardness, longer pot life and improved blister freefilm thickness compared to HDI based types.Bayhydur ultra 401-70 MPANE W IPDIBayhydur ultra 401-70 MPA/X NE W IPDIBayhydur ultra 2759IPDI70 in MPA6,50011.03803.1Ionically modified (sulfonic acid), fast drying, easy mixing, high chemical resistance.Bayhydur eco 701-90PDI90 in PGDA5,00017.92303.6Ionically modified (sulfonic acid) crosslinker for 2K WB coatings containing approx.61%* (biobased content on supply form) renewable carbon. Highest chemicalresistance, easy mixing and high gloss.Bayhydur quix 306-70HDI/TDI70 in MPA25013.53113.3Ionically modified (sulfonic acid), fastest drying and high chemical resistance, speciallydesigned for wood coatings.* Based on results of 14C/total C according to ASTM D 6866.

Dispersions21Desmodur familyBest in class: lowest viscosity polyisocyanate crosslinkers recommendedfor waterborne two-component polyurethane systems.SUPPLY FORMAPPROX. [%]Low viscouspolyisocyanatesDesmodur 2873TYPENE WDesmodur N 31100Desmodur ultra N 3600Desmodur Z 4580 e modified 073023.51803.2HDI uretdione/Isocyanurate10050023.01853.0Desmodur ultra N 3900 NE WDesmodur N 31000NCO CONTENT ONSUPPLY FORMAPPROX. [%]VISCOSITY AT 23 CAPPROX. [mPa s]COMMENTSSilane-modified crosslinker with excellent scratch resistance,high outdoor weathering resistance in waterborne and solventborne2K PU coatings.Low-viscosity crosslinker for UV stable and good gloss retention2K PUR coatings (high solids/waterborne, e.g., in combinationwith Bayhydur types).Low-viscosity crosslinker for UV stable and good gloss retentionfor 2K PUR coatings (high solids/ waterborne, e.g., in combinationwith Bayhydur types). Previously known as Desmodur XP 2840.Flexible, low-viscosity crosslinker for weather-stable high solids and waterborne 2K PUR coatings (e.g., in combination with Bayhydur or Desmodur types), especially for industrial, automotive refinishing, transportation andplastic coatings. Recommendable for flexible aliphatic cast systems andconstruction coatings. Previously known as Desmodur XP 2860.HDI 23.01853.2IPDI allophanate80 in BA2,80012.03502.5Crosslinker for weatherstable, fast-drying high solids andwaterborne 2K PUR coatings, e.g., in combination with Bayhydur types. Previously known as Desmodur XP 2565.3.8For highly elastic coatings with excellent weather resistance; combinationwith suitable polyisocyanates allows adjustments of the elasticityusing the same polyol mill base. Especially suitable for plastic coatings,construction, corrosion protection and wind energy.Low-viscosity crosslinker for UV stable and good gloss retentionfor 2K PUR coatings (high solids/ waterborne, e.g., in combinationwith Bayhydur types).FlexibilizingpolyisocyanatesDesmodur N 3800HDI Isocyanurate1006,00011.0380

Dispersions22Impranil Waterborne, anionic/nonionic aliphatic and aromatic polyurethane dispersions for evironment-friendlytextile coatings. Suitable for all common textile coating processes in the fields of sports, clothing,fashion accessories, technical items and general protective equipment.HYDROLYTIC STABILITY*(DIN EN 12280-3)[WEEKS]NON-VOLATILECONTENT APPROX. [%]Aqueous PURdispersions fortextile coatingsLIGHT-FASTNESSDIN 75202TYPETENSILESTRENGTHDIN 53504 [MPa]100% MODULUSDIN 53504 [MPa]MELTINGRANGE [ C]ELONGATION ATBREAK DIN 53504 [%]COMMENTSPolyether35441.010750150–170Soft aromatic tie coat with very good adhesion tovarious substrates.Polyester377318.020400160–180No yellowing, very good wet film transparency, goodabrasion resistance, heat re-activable at 130–150 C.Impranil DL 1016Polyester50742.430750170–180Improved hydrolysis resistance, high flexibility,suitable for mechanical foaming.Impranil DL 1068Polyether507 101.6211,050210–230High elasticity, good abrasion resistance;good flex resistance.Polyester41731.8121,100215–230Heat activable @ 90–100 C suitable for drylamination, good bonding properties, soft handle.Impranil DAHImpranil DL 1007Impranil DL 1109NE WNE WImpranil DL 1116Impranil DL 1343NE WPolyester59721.4251,000210–220Improved hydrolysis resistance, very soft andcomfortable haptic feeling; excellent film buildingability; good adhesion on conv. fabric

As a fast-growing and highly promising segment for waterborne coatings technology, UV-curing polyurethane dispersions combine fast curing with excellent coating properties. Firmly established in wood coatings and growing in plastics coatings, we are continuously extending our range to include additional applications.