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What is the North American Fastpitch Association?NAFA is the North American Fastpitch Association. We are avery successful Fastpitch Organization that is the fastestgrowing Fastpitch Association in North America. Due to oursuccess many directors from multiple Fastpitch groups havejoined our group giving us an even greater presencethroughout North America. We are dedicated to our teams,directors and umpires, this contributes to our success.It is the goal of our Youth Group to put the teams andparents first. We are leading the way with Our Primary Goalthat in the coming years we will help control the costs of thesport through offering a National Tournament policy of 4 daytournaments to help reduce the costs of motels. Team gatefees to offer all members of the teams including parents,relatives and friends an opportunity to attend without perday fees, this will save hundreds for each team attending.Larry Parker President NAFA [email protected] Hedgecock Executive Director [email protected]

Index to RulesSec. Rule PageAge Qualifications12Altered BatDefined113Penalty for10 8a83Regulations governing10 8a83AppealsAppealable plays5 1a42Try to advance to 2nd11 21a 118Batting out of order10 11a84Dead-ball51c42Defined113Leaving base on caught fly 51c4211 24ab 121Lineup card5 1b42Live-ball5 1b42Missing a base51f4311 19ac 117Runner forced to advance 11 23e 120Runner is safe/out5 1a42Scoring of runs51f43Timing51c42Umpire responsibilities13 13 133Approved RulingDefined113Assistant CoachConduct121 124Misconduct122 124Adult Men’s & s2124BallCalled by umpire10 3b79Dead Ball4936Defined113Delayed dead ball4836Fair ball11710480For championships play3129For regular-season play3129Foreign substance on9 13a 75Foul ball11810581Live ball4736Rotation9 nceDoubleLayoutRelease-typeSpecificationsBase CoachesDefinedInterferenceBase HitCircumstances ofBase LineDistanceBase on BallsAbandons baseBase awardIntentionalBase PathDefinedRunner not outRunner outBase RunnerAbandons baseSec. Rule 11910b 1102951576111111322a 11822a 118111111Assisted by anyone8Base awards1111Bases touched in order11Coach draws throw at home 811Collision11Deliberate contact withfielder with ballDislodged baseEntitled to advancewith liabilityExempt from liability to beputoutFails to return to basewhen play resumesFake tagForce playsHit by batted ballIllegal glove/mitt 0711311962113114

Page Sec. RuleIntentionally kicking ballInterferenceLeading offLeaving base afterreturningLeaving base beforepitch releaseLeaving base toosoon on a tag-up8118116a6215e 11466217 171221091181201171111Look-back rule11Misses base or home plate 1111Not out111111Occupying bases11Offensive team collectingto confuse defense11Out111111Out on appeal11111111Overruns first base,attempts second111111Overrunning/over-sliding 11Passes another runner11Pitcher has possessionof ball in pitcher’s circle 1111Return to base1111Rounding a base117o 1077 10522a 11823ad 1208 10819ac 11721a 11824a 12118g21a23b217c11611812011810518bf 11521b 11819de 11725j 12321b 118Sec. Rule PageRunning bases inreverse order111111Running out of base line11Running start1111Suspension of play1111Tag plays11Tagging on a fly1111Touching bases11Two runners on same base 11Base UmpireDuties13BatAltered10Broken10Hitting ball second time810Illegal1019d 11724c 12125cd 12222 1187t 10824g 12120c 11825k 12423 11923d 12024 12225 12225i 123Specifications3Thrown10Warm-up specifications3Batted BallBlocked7Defined1Detached equip. of fielder 711Hits defensive equipment711Hits offensive equipment7Hits runner8811Hits 31542b953b552b953a542a1 596627hi 1069ab 662a95

Illegally battedOff batterBatterBecomes a batter-runnerChecked swingDefinedEnters batter’s box withaltered batHindering the catcherHit by pitchHitting a fair ball withthe bat a second timeSec. Rule Page10 938795810Hitting a ball on 2nd swing 8Hitting with an illegal bat 10Illegal glove/mitt use11Intentional base on balls9Interference8Not taking position in10 seconds10On-deck batter10Out1011Position in batter’s box10Stepping across home platewhile pitcher is inPitching position8Step out of batter’s box10When third out is madewhile at bat10Batter’s BoxDefined1Specifications2Stepping out10Violation10Batter-RunnerAbandons base11Base awards11Batter-runner is not out11Batter-runner is out11Defined1Force plays11Going directly to first base 11Illegal glove/mitt use11Interference8Moving back to home112a5914a 861c5920c 9116 7810 11029523f 1203981423 1193de 9816 11425925e 122Sec. Rule PageOut11398Overrunning first base11 21 118Position in runner’s lane11 22 118Rounding a base11 21b 118Tag plays11 23 119Batting OrderDefined114For designated player6246Out of order10 1184Regulations governing10 1084Batting out of orderDefined114Regulations governing10 1184Blocked BallCatch and carry7656Defined114Equipment7154Fair batted ball7354Foul batted ball7254Live thrown ball7455Pitched ball7556Blood SaturationUniform exception3 1032Boundaries8BuntDefine114Circumstances of10 7b82With two strikes10 7b82Bunt AttemptDefined114Called GameDefined114Procedures4 1439HeadgearPlayers3 10c 32Umpires131 128Casts/Prostheses/Braces/SplintsUse of3430CatchDefined114Catch and CarryBlocked ball7656Regulations governing11 11 met3 7b31

Catcher’s BoxDefinedSpecificationsCatcher’s ObstructionAbandons baseWith batterOfficialWith play at plateChecked SwingDefinedRegulations governingChin StrapsCleats (see Spikes)CoachAssists runnerBaseConductInterferes with throwMisconductRemoval from the gameUniformCoaches’ BoxDefineSpecificationsCollisionsDeliberate crash (runner)ConductCoachesFightingGeneralTobacco edOffensiveCrow HopDefinedProhibition againstDead BallBlocked ballCircumstances ofSec. Rule Page1251524118App.81110d 11011b 69A 13711c 27a3d61131 1243c612 12434710a 411b371638194c1672741-795436Dead-Ball TerritoryDefinedDefenseDefinedDefensive TeamConferencesDefensive playerdistracts batterDefensive playerdistracts runnerPositionDefinitionsDelayed Dead BallCatcher obstructionCircumstances ofDefinedDetached equipmenthitting ballIllegal pitchObstructionUmpire InterferenceDeliberate CrashBase runningDesignated Player r’s boxesCatcher’s boxCoaches boxesDugoutsFencesFoul poleHome plateInfieldLayout of fieldLines (markings)On-deck circlePitcher’s circlePitcher’s plateRunner’s laneSideline territorySec. Rule Page11 5a 2525262626262727272727

Sec. Rule PageDislodged BaseDefined117Following a base11 25h 123Not out if off base11 25h 123Runner attempts to cont. 11 13b 112Double First BaseUse of2 2.324Regulations governing1194Dropped Fly BallIntentional10 1889Dropped Third StrikeRegulations governing10 red bat10 8a83Coach6345Collision86f6411 7n 10711 12 111Defined117Deliberate crash86f6411 7n 10711 12 111Equipment abuse125 125Fighting124 125Illegal glove/mitt3631Personnel6347Pitching at batter126 126Player6347Re-entry6652Tobacco use128 126Unsportsmanlike conduct 123 124Use of video equipment127 126Violation of the rules6347Electronic EquipmentProhibition against127 126EquipmentAbuse of125 125Bats (game)3229Bats (warm-up)3330Blocked ball7155Casts/prostheses/bracessplints3430Sec. Rule PageCatcher’s3530Face Mask3731FieldBases2324Home plate2 1226Pitcher’s plate2 1927Gloves/Mitts3631Helmets3731Illegal gloves/mitts3631Jewelry3831Left on field7 1-454Obstruction8 11d 70Shoes3932Umpires131 128Uniforms3 1032Warming up a pitcher3528Extra InningDefined117Fair BallBlocked7354Circumstances of10480Defined117Fair TerritoryDefined117Fake TagBase award11 2e98Defined117Fielder obstruction8 11c 69Regulations governing11 14 113FenceSpecifications2825Field of PlayDimensions/specifications 2 1-23 28Layout2 1428Non-regulation2 1626FielderDefined117Obstruction8 11c 69FightingProcedure/penalty124 125Fitness of FieldCond. of weather or field2 1126Flagrant ObstructionDefined8 11a 68

Sec. Rule PageFLEXDefined118Regulations6246Fly BallCarried into dead ball area 11 11 111Coach interferes with catch 8 3a61Defined118Offensive team interfereswith catch85b 62On-deck batter interfereswith catch8562Spectator interfereswith catch8766Force OutDefined, rules118Regulations governing11 7a 10511 23 119Force PlayDefined118Foreign Substance on BallRegulations governing9 13a 75Forfeited GameDefined118Score of4 1640Foul BallBlocked7254Circumstances of10581Foul PoleSpecifications2 1025Foul TerritoryDefined118Foul TipCircumstances of10681Defined118Foul WeatherApparel3 10b 32Fitness of field2 1126GameCalledForfeitedSec. Rule PageHalted egulationWinnerGloves/MittsIllegal useLimitations for catcher,first baseman, pitcherSpecificationsGround BallDefinedGround RulesAdoption ofGround-Rule DoubleRegulations governingHeadgearLegal/IllegalHelmetAttachable face maskDefinedWorn by the defenseWorn by the offenseHitCircumstances ofHit BatterAbandons baseIntentionally pitching at112b97310c3231337c7b7a31183231107a82Regulations governingHome RunBase awardTouching batter whohits home run11910121010c 110147615876 1261587112d9788c661182 2.1126

Sec. Rule PageHome TeamDefined1Illegal BatPenalty for3Regulations governing10Illegal PitchDefined, rules1Illegal PlayerDefined1Regulations governing6Illegal Re-entryDefined1Penalty for6Illegally Batted BallDefined1Regulations governing10Illegally Caught BallDetached equipment11Illegal glove/mitt11In FlightDefined1In eld FlyRegulations governing10Defined1InfieldersDefined1Injured PlayerSubstitution for6InningDefined1Regulation games4Intentional Base on BallsDelivery of9Intentionally Dropped Fly BallRegulations governing1011Interference, OffensiveAiding a runner8Ball hitting umpire8By base coach811By batter8By batter-runner8By game personnel8By on-deck batter8By runner811By umpire8Sec. Rule 661107585966626210666Catcher with batter onattempted squeeze playDeliberate collision8811Deliberate crash by runner 8Offensive team8Personnel78Spectator8With a bat88JerseySpecifications3JewelryAllowable3Medical alert bracelets/necklaces3Knee/Shin PadsSpecifications3LayoutPlaying field2Leading Off BaseRegulations governing11LeapDefined1Line DriveDefined1Lines (Markings)Field of play2Line-up CardAppeal process5Defined1Live BallBlocked7Circumstances of4Look-Back RuleRegulations governing11Men’s Rules15MisconductGeneral12Mitts (see Gloves/Mitts)Multi-Colored Gloves/MittsSpecifications3No PitchDeclaration of9Non-regulation FieldRegulations governing2NumbersUniforms3Obstruction, DefensiveCatcher81111b 696f6412a 11b2a6995

EquipmentFake tagSec. Rule Page8 11d 708 11c 6911 14 1138 11c 698 11a 68FielderFlagrantOffenseDefined1Offensive TeamConferences4Interference8Positions4On-Deck BatterDefined1Interference by8Regulations governing10Warm-up bats3On-Deck CircleDimensions2OutDefined1Regulations slideDefine1Runner is out11OverthrowBlocked ball7Defined1From pitching rsonnelAuthorized to be in dugout 2Pinch HitterDefined1Pinch RunnerDefined1PitchAborting9Blocked7Defensive positioning for9Defined1Delivered with catcherout of catcher’s 18555215610g331032725212111515b7456712135Sec. Rule Page9697198Intentional base on balls9 15Intentionally pitchingat batter9 1410 15c126No pitch declared9 10Pitched out of play75Quick pitch99Returned by catcher9 16Start of pitch93Slips from pitcher’s hand97Time between pitches9 18Warm-up pitches allowed9 19Windup95PitcherBatting glove onpitching hand9 13bDefensive conference4 11aDefined1Deliberately droppedor rolled ball9 7bFails to pitch ball withinallotted time9 18Foreign substance on ball9 13aIllegal pitcher6 5bLegal delivery96Penalty for illegal pitch98Playing runners backto base11 1811 25gPosition of feet inpitcher’s circle9211 18aRemoval afterconference with coach6 5bSignals92Step during delivery94Substitution6 5bRe-enter6 6bTape on finger9 13bWarm-up pitches allowed9 19Pitcher’s CircleDimensions2 18Pitcher’s Drag FootDefined1DeliveryDropped or rolled 1673777548727311512371115487172485275772721

Pitcher’s Pivot FootDefinedStep/stridePitcher’s PlateContact at deliveryDimensionsLayoutPitcher throws whilein contact withPitcher’s Stride FootDefinedPitching at BatterPenalty forProhibition againstSec. Rule Page19421729224a191472272694a72122129106 126147615c 88Pitching PositionRegulations governing9Plate UmpireDuties13Play Ball (Play)Defined1Fail to resume playin 2 minutes9PlayersDesignated/FLEX6Ejected from game6Illegal6Defined1Minimum number to play6Officially entering the game 6On a team6Positions6Starter6Substitutions6Pre-game ProceduresGame balls3ProtestAllowable5Defined1Non-regulation field2Quick PitchDefined1No pitch9Regulation GameCircumstances of4ResinLegality of9Resumption of playCircumstances 2c1644222692274123913a751036Sec. Rule PageRostered PlayersChampionship play1RosterNational ChampionshipPrefaceRunDefined, rules1Game winner42Scoring of41RundownDefined1Runner (see Base Runner)Runner’s LaneSpecifications2 20Runs ScoredRegulations governing41SafeDefined1ScoreboardSpecifications2 21ShoesSpecifications39Sideline TerritoryDimensions2 22Slap HitCircumstances of107cDefined1Spectator interferenceCircumstances of87StarterDefined1Starting LineupNumber of players61Official64Positions61Re-entry6 4b66Starting PlayerSpecifications64StealingBase runner out117Interference by batter81Interference by umpire89cLeaving bases afterreturning117rWhen ball leavespitcher’s hand11 4aStepBy pitcher94Stepping Out of Batter’s BoxBatter interference8110 867108101725891

Sec. Rule PageStrikeBall hitting batteron 3rd strike10 15b 87Called by umpire103c79Defined123Dropped third strike10 1386Strike ZoneDefined123SubstituteDefined123Injured player, regulationsgoverning65c49Pitcher regulations6 5b48Player, regulations6 5a47Re-entry6652Unreported regulations6 5d49Substitute RunnerInjury to runner65c49Suspension of PlayCircumstances of4 1036Umpire13 10 133TagDefined, fake tag117Regulations governing11 23 119TapePitching hand9 13b 75Third Strike RuleTen and Under Rules14134Regulations governing10 1386Throat Protectors (Masks)Catchers3530Umpires13 1b 128Ten Under Rules14134TiebreakerProcedures4 1339Time (Timeout)By umpire132j 129Defined123Player, coach4 10a 36Tobacco UseProhibition against128 126UmpiresApparel131 128Appeals13 12 133Base umpire134 130Change of135 130Defined123Duties, game132 128Duties, post-game138 132EquipmentHit by batted ballHit by pitched orthrown ballInterferenceInterference(plate umpire)Judged basesJudgmentPlate umpireProtest responsibilityResponsibilities offorfeited gameReversal of decisionSuspension of playUniformsCoachesFoul weatherHeadgearJerseyKnee/shin padsNumbersPants/shortsUndershirts/Under shortsUnreported PlayerDefinedRegulations governingUnsportsmanlike ConductCircumstances ofFightingVideotapingWalk (see Base on Balls)Warm-Up BatsSpecificationsWarm-Up PitchesAllowableEquipmentrecommended forWild Pitch goes out of playWindupRegulations GoverningWomen's’ RulesWristbandsPitcher146Sec. Rule Page131 12811 15 737553056915572135913b75

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsAltered BatA legal bat that has been structurally changed to enhance bat performance.AppealA play on which the umpire does not make a ruling until requested by acoach or player.BackstopA barrier behind home plate to stop a ball from going too far outside theplaying area.BallThe sphere that is pitched, thrown, struck, etc. A ball also refers to a pitchthat does not enter the strike zone and is not struck at by the batter.BaseOne of four points which have to be touched by a runner in order to score arun.Base CoachesThe two representatives of the team at bat who are stationed in the first orthird base coaches’ boxes to direct the offense. No more than onerepresentative may be in each box.Base PathThe traditional path traveled by a runner who is attempting to advance tothe next base. It is defined by a direct line between the bases and 3 feet oneither side of that line; unless a fielder has the ball in her possession andshe is within 3 feet of the runner and prepared to apply a tag. A base runnerthat attempts to avoid a tag by running more than 3 feet to either side of afielder with the ball in her possession shall be declared out.Base RunnerA base runner is an offensive player that is advancing, touching or returningto a base.Batted BallAny pitch that comes in contact with the bat. Contact may result in a fair orfoul ball and need not be intentional.BatterThe offensive player whose turn it is to take a position in either batter’s boxto receive a pitch.13

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsBatter’s BoxThe area to which the batter is restricted when batting.Batter-RunnerThe offensive player who started in the batter’s box but has left it in anattempt to reach base safely.Batting OrderThe official list of starting offensive players presented in the order in whichthey are to bat and recorded on a lineup card.Batting Out of OrderFailing to bat in proper sequence as listed on the official lineup card.Blocked BallA live batted or thrown ball that: (1) contacts non-game personnel, gamepersonnel in unauthorized areas, loose equipment or an object that isneither official game equipment nor part of the official playing area; or (2)crosses into dead-ball territory.BuntA legally batted ball not swung at but intentionally tapped with the bat.Bunt AttemptAny non-swinging movement of the bat intended to tap the ball into play.Holding the bat in the strike zone is considered a bunt attempt. In order totake a pitch, the bat must be withdrawn -- pulled backward and away fromthe ball.Called GameA game that is ended by order of the umpire.CatchThe act of a fielder who, with their hand(s) and/or glove/mitt, securely gainspossession of a batted, pitched or thrown ball. In establishing the validity ofthe catch, the fielder must hold the ball long enough to prove that they havecontrol of the ball and that their release of the ball is (or could have been)voluntary and intentional. If the fielder has made the catch but drops theball either in transferring it to the throwing hand or in making a throw, theball shall be ruled caught. For a legal catch, a fielder must catch and havesecure possession of the ball before stepping, touching or falling into adead-ball area. A fielder who falls over or through the fence after making acatch shall be credited with the catch. A fielder who catches a ball whilecontacting or stepping on a collapsible fence while the fence is vertical is14

SECTION 1 — Definitionscredited with a catch. A catch shall not be credited if:A. A fielder catches a batted, pitched or thrown ball with anything otherthan her hand(s) or glove/mitt in its proper place.B. Immediately following a catch, the fielder collides with another player,umpire or fence or falls to the ground and fails to maintain possessionof the ball.C. The fielder uses any equipment or part of the uniform that is displacedfrom its proper position.D. An entire foot is touching dead-ball territory at the time of the catch.E. The ball strikes anything or anyone other than a defensive player while itis in flight.NOTE: In this case, the ball is ruled a ground ball.F. A collapsible fence is falling to or on the ground when the fielder contactsthe ball. NOTE: In the case, batter is awarded a home run.G. The fielder traps the ball. A batted fly ball or line drive is consideredtrapped if it hits the ground or a fence on a short hop before beingcaught. A thrown ball is considered trapped if it is caught but the ball ison the ground and the glove/mitt is over, rather than under, it. A pitchedball is considered trapped if it is a strike but touches the ground on ashort hop before being caught by the catcher. A ball prevented fromhitting the ground by a player’s equipment (providing it is in its properplace) of body shall not be ruled caught until the ball is securely held inthe player’s hand(s) or glove/mitt.CatcherThe defensive player to whom the pitcher throws when pitching to a batter.The catcher must be in the catcher’s box in order to receive a pitch and, assuch, is the only player who can and must be positioned in foul territory atthe time of the pitch.Catcher’s BoxThe area to which the catcher is restricted from the time the pitcher steps onthe pitcher’s plate until she releases the pitch.Checked SwingThe restraining action taken by a batter to stop an attempted hit/slap/bunt.Chin StrapA part of the helmet that must be worn (mandatory) when used on offensive,or defense. (exception — are not required as part of the catcher’s mask).15

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsCoaches’ BoxesThe area to which the two base coaches (one per box) are restricted prior torelease of the pitch.ConferencesA charged offensive conference is a meeting that takes place anytime anoffensive team representative delays the game or requests a suspension ofplay for any reason and delivers a message (by any means) to any offensiveplayer, coach and/or representative.A defensive conference is a meeting that takes place anytime a defensiveteam representative delays the game or requests a suspension of play forany reason and delivers a message (by any means) to any defensive player.Courtesy RunnerPlayer allowed to run for pitcher or catcher when the courtesy runner rule isbeing used. Runner is not considered a substitute.Crow HopAn illegal act in which the pitcher’s rear foot leaves the pitcher’s plate andre-contacts the ground before the release of the pitch.Dead BallA ball that is not in play and does not become live again until the pitcherholds it on the pitcher’s plate and the umpire calls/signals “Play/Play ball.”Dead-Ball TerritoryThat area beyond any real playing field boundary such as a fence, backstop,rope, chalk line, bleachers, dugouts or any imaginary boundary line asdetermined in the pre-game conference.DefenseA player or team in the field attempting to prevent the offensive team fromscoring runs.Delayed Dead BallA situation in which a violation of a rule occurs and is recognized by theumpire with a delayed dead ball signal but in which the ball remains liveuntil the conclusion of the play.Double First BaseA safety base used at first base. The Batter-runner proceeds to the orangeportion of the base, and the defense uses the white portion.16

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsDislodged BaseA base displaced from its proper position.Dugout (Bench)The area reserved for team personnel engaged in the game.EjectionThe exercise of an umpire’s authority to remove a player and/or other teampersonnel from further participation in a game.Extra InningThe continuation of play beyond the regulation seven innings in an attemptto break a tie score.Face MaskA part of the helmet that protects the face, mandatory for offensive batters,and on deck batters.Fair BallA legally batted ball that touches or bounds over a base, settles on or istouched on or over fair territory. A fair fly, line drive or grounder shall bejudged according to the relative position of the ball and the foul line,including the foul pole, and not with respect to the position of the fielder (onfair or foul ground) at the time the ball is contacted (See Rule 7.3).Fair TerritoryThat part of the playing field within and including the foul lines from homeplate to the bottom of the home run fence and perpendicularly upwards.Home plate, the foul lines and poles are considered part of fair territory.Fake TagWhen a fielder, who neither possesses the ball nor is about to receive theball, obstructs a runner by pretending to have the ball and simulating a tag,thereby causing the runner to slow down or stop.Field of PlayThe area within which the ball may be legally played and fielded.FielderOne of the nine players on the defensive team who takes a position on thefield and attempts to stop the offensive team from scoring. It may be thepitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop,left fielder, center fielder or right fielder.17

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsFly BallA batted ball, whether fair or foul, that rises into the air above the top of thebatter’s head.FLEXThe abbreviation for “flexible player”, which refers to the player who beginsthe game in the defensive lineup but is not in the batting order.Force PlayA play in which the base runner loses their right to occupy a base becausethe batter becomes a batter-runner who has not yet been put out.Forfeited GameA game declared ended and awarded to an offended team by the umpire.Foul BallA legally batted ball that settles on or is touched on or over foul territory. Afoul fly, line drive or grounder shall be judged according to the relativeposition of the ball and the foul line, including the foul pole, and not withrespect to the position of the fielder at the time the ball is contacted.Foul TerritoryThat part of the playing field outside the first and third base lines from homeplate to the bottom of the home run fence and perpendicularly upwards.Ground BallA batted ball, whether fair or foul, that bounces along the ground.Halted GameA game that is temporarily suspended by the umpire with the intent that itwill be continued at some later time or date. The game shall be resumedfrom the point of suspension.HelmetThe protective headwear most commonly worn by an offensive player.Helmets are required while batting, running the bases or in the on-deckcircle. Other defensive players may wear a helmet for safety reasons.Home TeamThe team that starts the game on defensive (in the field). The home teammay be determined in a variety of ways (i.e., coin flip, mutual agreement,conference or tournament assignment, and custom).18

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsIllegal BatA bat that does not meet acceptable specifications (i.e, particular weight,length, barrel diameter, material limits) as set forth in Rule 3-2 andAppendix A.Illegal PitchAny pitch by the pitcher that is in violation of the pitching rules.Illegal PlayerA player who competes in the game but is not entitled to participate.Illegal Re-entryA violation of the substitution rules that occurs when an illegal player (onewho is not entitled to play) is put back into the game or a legal playerreturns to the game, but not in their original position in the batting order.Illegally Batted BallA pitch contacted by the batter: (1) with an altered bat, (2) with a illegal bat,(3) when any part of either foot is in contact with the plate at the time ofbat-ball contact, or (4) when one or both feet are on the ground and entirelyoutside the lines of the batter’s box at the time of bat-ball contact.In FlightAny batted thrown or pitched ball that has not touched the ground, an objector a person other than a player.In JeopardyThe term indicating that the ball is live, and an offensive player may be putout.InfieldThat portion of the field in fair territory that is normally skinned and coveredby the pitcher and infielders.Infield Fly RuleA fair fly ball (not a line drive or an attempted bunt) that can be caught by aninfielder with ordinary effort when either all three bases are occupied orrunners are on first and second and before there are two outs in the inning.Any defensive player positioned in the infield at the time of the pitch shall beconsidered an infielder for the purpose of this rule. The ball is live, the batteris out and runners may advance at their own risk. If a declared infield flybecomes foul, it is treated as a foul ball, not an infield fly. The runner maytag up and advance as soon as a fielder touches the batted ball.InfieldersFielders (usually four) who defend the skinned portion of the field. They arethe first baseman, second baseman, third baseman and short stop.19

SECTION 1 — DefinitionsInningA. That portion of the g

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