DAMPER ACTUATOR MODEL CHARTMODELNACANACMNECANECMNASANASMNAFASAFASASANSVA 24 VAC2 ; 5 ; 10 ;20 ; 402 ; 5 ; 10 ;20 ; 405 ; 10 ; 205 ; 10 ; 2010 ; 2010 ; 203;5;8 ; 203;5;8 ; 2010 ; 1552/3 ptsModulating2 ptsModulating2/3 ptsModulating2 pts SR2 pts SR3 ptsModulating VOLTAGE230VAC 24VAC/DCTORQUE (NM)CONTROLSPECIAL TYPEELECTRONICRETURNFAST RUNNINGSPRING RETURN FIRE & SMOKESPRING RETURN SMOKE SAFETY NETWORKING TYPE ONTROL VOLTAGEM1DOT.INPUTHYPHENATEDSIGNAL1N Standard ActuatorS Fire & SmokeA Standard ActuatorE Electronic ReturnINPUT SIGNAL(NOT APPLICABLE FOR2/3 POINTS)S Fast Running ActuatorF Spring Back ActuatorCONTROLTORQUEA 2/3 PointsM Modulating2 230 VAC3 110/120 VAC4 48 VAC0S11 0(2).10 VDC and0(4).20 mA2 0(2).10 VDC only3 0.135 Ω only02 2 Nm03 3 Nm05 5 Nm08 8 Nm10 10 Nm15 15 Nm20 20 Nm40 40 NmNone No Auxiliary orFeedback Potentiometers1 24 VAC/VDCVOLTAGE1AUXILIARYSWITCH4 4.20 mA onlyC Standard ActuatorDESIGNATION-TOQUEAUXILIARY SWITCH/ FEEDBACKPOTENTIOMETERS1 1 x Auxiliary SwitchS 2 x Auxiliary SwitchesP1 1000ΩP2 10000ΩP3 140Ω

NAFA SERIESSPRING RETURN DAMPER ACTUATOR2 Point Spring Return Control20 NmNAFA.20S (T) SERIESNAFA series Spring Return actuators are developed for general air damper application, rotaryvalve and other devices which require a fail-safe function. During normal operation, the actuatormotorized the device. In the event of power outage, the actuator springs back to its original position.PRODUCT FEATURE Torque 20 Nm Damper size 4.0 m² Power supply AC/DC 24V and AC 230 V Shaft dimensions - Form fit 12 mm square Selectable direction of rotation Actuator with 1 m cable connection 2 Fixed auxiliary switches (SPDT) Manual Over-ride by crank handle when required Thermal sensor option availableMODEL SELECTION TABLEMODEL /TYPETORQUEPOWERSUPPLYNAFA 1-2020 NmAC/DC 24 V 10%NAFA 1-20S20 NmAC/DC 24 V 10%NAFA 2-2020 NmAC 230 V 10%NAFA 2-20S20 NmAC 230 V 10% NenutecRUNNING TIME110.140 sec(Spring Back 30 sec)110.140 sec(Spring Back 30 sec)110.140 sec(Spring Back 30 sec)110.140 sec(Spring Back 30 sec)AUXILIARY SWITCHES2 x SPDT(Fixed & Adjustable)2 x SPDT(Fixed & Adjustable)1

DIMENSION (mm)623263104.984 12215240TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONMODEL NUMBERNAFA 1-20S (T)NAFA 2-20S (T)TORQUE20 Nm20 NmDAMPER SIZE4.0 m²4.0 m²SHAFT DIMENSIONØ 10.20 mm / 7.14 mmØ 10.20 mm / 7.14 mmPOWER SUPPLYAC/DC 24 V 10%AC 230 V 10%FREQUENCY50.60 Hz50.60 HzCONTROL SIGNAL2 point control2 point control OPERATING7.0 W8.0 W END POSITION2.0 W5.5 WFOR WIRE SIZING8.0 VA8.0 VAELECTRICAL CONNECTION1 m Cable1 m CableAUXILIARY SWITCHES RATING3 (1.5) A, AC 250 V3 (1.5) A, AC 250 VPROTECTION CLASSClass IIIClass IIANGLE OF ROTATION90 (95 mechanical)90 (95 mechanical)THERMAL TEMPERATURE TRIP 72 C 72 CWEIGHTTBCTBCLIFE CYCLE60,000 Rotation60,000 RotationSOUND LEVEL40 dB40 dBIP PROTECTIONIP54IP54OPERATING TEMPERATURE-20 .50 as per IEC 721-3-3-20 .50 as per IEC 721-3-3NON-OPERATING TEMPERATURE-30 . 60 C / IEC 721-3-2-30 . 60 C / IEC 721-3-2AMBIENT HUMIDITY5%.95% rH non condensing / EN5%.95% rH non condensing / ENMAINTENANCEMaintenance FreeMaintenance FreeMODE OF OPERATIONType I / EN 60730-1Type I / EN 60730-1EMCCE / EECCE / EECPOWER CONSUMPTIONIIINAFA SERIES SPRING RETURN DAMPER ACTUATOR 2 POINT SPRING RETURN CONTROL 20Nm2

NAFA SERIESSPRING RETURN DAMPER ACTUATOR2 Point Spring Return Control20 NmWIRING DIAGRAM NAFA.20S (T)POWER SUPPLY AC/DC 24 V / AC 230VDIRECTION OF ROTATION NAFA.20S (T)24V230VBlueBrownAC 24 V 10%DC 24 V 10%NL1AC 230 V 10%WIRING DIAGRAM NAFA.20S (T)AUXILIARY SWITCHESaYellow GreenS1S2MBlueS3bPurpleS43 (1.5) A, AC 250 VActuator at 0 position NenutecGreyS5MAUXILIARY SWITCH NAFA.20S (T)Switch a factory-set at 5 .The auxiliary switch can be optimally adjusted between0 .90 .WhiteS6Switch a factory set at 5 Switch b adjustable 0 .90 3

THERMAL SENSOR NTS72Thermal Sensor NTS 72 consist of both Ambient (TS1) and Duct sensor (TS2). TS1 will trip open when the ambient temperature rise above 72 . TS2 will trip open when the duct temperature rise above 72 .9565Ø9522852INSTALLATION / MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONIMPORTANT REMARKFor special requirement, consult your local Nenutec’s representative.This actuator includes electrical and electronic components and may not be disposed as household garbage. Please consider the local valid legislation.AC / DC 24 V:AC 230 V:Connect via safety isolating transformer.To isolate from the main power supply, the system must incorporate a device which disconnects the phase conductor (with at least a 3mm contact gap.)The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards. NENUTEC shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.NAFA SERIES SPRING RETURN DAMPER ACTUATOR 2 POINT SPRING RETURN CONTROL 20Nm4

NAFA SERIES SPRING RETURN DAMPER ACTUATOR 2 Point Spring Return Control 20 Nm WIRING DIAGRAM NAFA.20S (T) DIRECTION OF ROTATION NAFA.20S (T) POWER SUPPLY AC/DC 24 V / AC 230V Blue Brown 24V 230V AC 24 V 10% DC 24 V 10% N L1 AC 230 V 10% WIRING DIAGRAM NAFA.20S (T) AUXILIARY SWITCHES Yellow S1 Green S2 Blue S3 M a Purple S4 Grey S5 .