EARLYBOOKINGDISCOUNTEXPIRES22 SEPTReflecting on the latestdevelopments across anexciting and dynamic market#GTREgyptRoyal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Cairo, EgyptOctober 20, 2022Lead

6 big topicsategytrade strs futuret’pygEnduitelations aroduct sport reguing the prcim,fosinegrenalleins –adeFiscal chpply chapact on tral and suitpacgnd the iminayrkomwo,ncoS M Esecuritygyptian en food sing the Ee crisis oinrakDigitalise flows?Uican tradct of thefrap-Aaimtreg thge inreAssessinypt leveraable futuw can Egoh–a sustainerstoudoacrowpt’sa ne27 – EgyChartingand COPslebaweE SG, renClick here to watchthe event videoReturning to Cairo for the first time since 2017,GTR Egypt 2022 will host the ideal networkingand discussion platform for leading trade andexport practitioners across the Egyptian market.Join a range of industries and sector as we reflecton the latest developments across this dynamicand exciting market.The programme for the day will consider a range ofthemes, from the ongoing process of market reformand the discourse around letters of credit and reducingthe country’s reliance on imports, supply chains anddigitisation, intra-regional trade flows, ESG prioritiesand food security concerns.The event provides the ideal opportunity for corporatesand financiers looking to gain the latest market insightsto debate and network with potential clients and peersalike – we hope to have the chance to welcome you there!October 20, 2022Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski,Cairo, EgyptWhat to expect in 2022350 Delegates200 CompaniesAttendees by sector expected in 202220 3 reasons to attend in 2022Unparalleled expertise from speakerswho are active in the marketExceptional content on topicsand regions coveredNetwork opportunities withkey stakeholders in the industry50%SpeakersClick here to find out more35Corporates& traders644235 Banks & financiers4Consultants & accountants6Govt orgs & public bodies2ECAs & multilaterals4Insurers & risk managers2MediaFind out moreQueenie Taylor-WongHead of Business Development 44 (0)7450 048 368Jeff AndoDirector, Content & Production 44 (0)20 8772 3015Deena AhmedMarketing Executive 44 (0)20 8772 3012SPONSORSHIPClick here to emailSPEAKINGClick here to emailMARKETING & MEDIAClick here to email

AgendaGTR Egypt 2022 CairoOctober 20, 2022Thursday 20 October 5Chair’s opening remarksFiscal challenges, import regulations andexport strategyHow can Egypt evolve its trade financeproduct suite?Digitalising the economy and the impacton tradeLike many markets, Egypt has struggled with disruptionto supply chains, inflationary pressures and currencyissues, with March 2022 seeing the Egyptian pounddevalued by 14% following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.February 2022 saw the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)seek to tackle Egypt’s dependence on imports and staveoff future foreign currency issues through the issuingof a directive requiring the use of letters of credit for thevast majority of imports, a decision that was subsequentlyrelaxed, much to the welcome of industry groups.Discussions around letters of credit and documentarycollection have raised further questions over the productsuite serving Egyptian trade finance and SMEs inparticular; with LCs requiring credit lines and collateralit is much harder to support smaller firms, whilst whenon open account factoring is often the only solution.The last couple of years in particular has seen hugestrides made in the development of the financialecosystem, highlighting the transformative impacton Egypt’s economy, digitising transactions andencouraging paperless processes across a rangeof stakeholders to accelerate trade facilitation, in linewith the country’s objective of achieving complete digitaltransformation by 2030.Farrukh Siddiqui, Founding Partner, Emerging CapitalManagement Partners09.15-09.40Keynote address: Egypt’s economic outlookThis opening keynote address will touch on a rangeof themes, from monetary policy and the reformprogrammes needed to confront inflation and growthe economy to the significance of geopolitical shockssuch as the Ukraine crisis in escalating commodity pricesand disrupting supply chains, whilst also focusing onthe role of local and international financial institutionsin demonstrating the necessary market resilience tomove forward.Set against this backdrop, this high-level discussionwill take the temperature of the current Egyptiantrade climate, with points for discussion includingthe importance of striking the balance between growingexports and bolstering and protecting domestic supply,incentivising producers, sourcing new internationalpartners and the need to look beyond short-term stopgap measures as the country looks to balance its books.Moderator: Soha Ali, Head of FI Group, Egypt &Africa, JP MorganMoustafa Amin, Chief Financial Officer, Al Ezz DekeilaSteel CompanyMohamed Hisham El-Shiaty, Senior Private SectorSpecialist, World Bank Group10.30-11.10#GTREgyptModerator: Alex Gray, Head of Trade & TransactionBanking, The London Institute of Banking & Finance(LIBF)Hisham Abouldahab, Group Corporate Treasurer,Al-Mansour AutomotiveNorhan Ezzat, Head of Global Transaction Banking,Arab African International Bank (AAIB)Raja Debnath, Co-Founder, Veefin SolutionsRafik Beshay, Supply Chain Director, Beshay SteelNetworking break“An excellent knowledge-sharing event for anyoneinvolved in cross-border trade in Egypt. It providedcrucial information on economic trends, marketconstraints and opportunities, the role of financialinstitutions, the potential of some sectors for growth andthe role of SMEs. A great event that I enjoyed very much!”T Senechal, Finance for ImpactThis session will highlight the ongoing efforts to extendprovisions and support SMEs, from greater uptake inthe use of supply chain finance and the role of digitalplatforms – saving both time and effort and optimisingsupplier working capital – to greater use of structuredtrade finance as a means of alleviating working capitalpressures in the sourcing and selling of goods.“In my view, the presentations made and thediscussions that took place paved the way forEgyptian exporters to gain a strategic view ofthe situationin different world zones, whichassists them to plan well for their future alliances,commitments and direction of their exports.”Reflecting on the progress made and the key role playedby all sectors, from government initiatives to the ongoingquest for innovation within financial institutions, thisconversation will assess the state of play across a rangeof themes, from the importance of building partnershipsbetween banks and fintechs, developing servicesfor consumers and networks, the growth of digitalcommerce and displacement of cash with innovativeand secure payment solutions, as well as recognisingthe transformative impact on small and micro businesses(SMBs) in particular.Moderator: Haytham El Maayergi, Group ChiefOperating & Transformation Officer, Arab AfricanInternational Bank (AAIB)Hicham El Khaoudy, Managing Director & Headof Global Transaction Banking MEA, First Abu DhabiBank (FAB)Udham Singh, Head of Finance & Accounts, Egypt,Redington GulfSyed Khurrum Zaeem, Managing Director,Head of Trade & Transaction Banking, Africa & MiddleEast, Standard Chartered BankAmr El Haddad, Head of Working Capital Solutions,CEEMEA, Kyriba12.45-14.00 LunchA Gouda, Export Credit Guarantee Company of EgyptReflecting on the latest developments across an exciting and dynamic

AgendaGTR Egypt 2022 CairoOctober 20, 2022Thursday 20 October Afternoon14.00-14.4014.40-15.2515.40-16.25Fireside chat: Assessing the impact of theUkraine crisis on food securityCharting a new course – how can Egyptleverage intra-African trade flows?ESG, renewables and COP27 – Egypt’s roadto a sustainable futureOne notable supply chain facing unprecedentedpressures is that of agricultural production, with theUN warning that the war in Ukraine has left the sectoron the verge of crisis, with Egypt particularly exposedto soaring prices across agricultural commodities,including wheat, barley, maize and sunflower oil, in partbecause of restricted supply from the Russian andUkrainian markets, a trend that has driven up the costof other goods such as fertiliser, with shipping and freightcosts also at historically high levels.Despite the undercurrent of global uncertainty, Egyptremains committed to leveraging its trade corridors,with its various mega-projects seeking to reinforcethe country’s role as a major hub for global commerceand trade, with various export development initiativesintroduced to facilitate trade and with intra-African flowsdeemed a key priority.Ahead of its role of host of COP27 in November2022, Egypt has committed to a range of ambitiousprogrammes as it seeks to meet energy transitiontargets, increasing its renewable energy output whilststill serving the growing needs of its domestic population.This session will seek to assess some of the measurestaken to offset this challenge, from the role ofinternational banks in helping to increase agriculturalproduction through greater focus on flexibility and speed,as well as the role of multilateral development banks(MDBs) in injecting crucial capital through the allocationof emergency spending resources. The conversationwill also focus on the role of governments, particularlyin terms of restrictive measures such as export bans onfood or fertiliser, as well as the ongoing impact of thesanctions landscape on trade finance lenders.Sherif Medhat, Commercial Director, Canal Sugar &Yasmina El Hosseiny, Strategic Planning Director, Ebankin conversation with Sunil George, Head of StructuredTrade Finance, LDCThis discussion will consider some of the keydevelopments in this quest, from expansion of financialinstitution and correspondent bank coverage in supportof Egyptian exporters targeting new markets, to effortsto cement its role in African value chains through thedevelopment of the country as a major manufacturinghub. The conversation will also consider key trendsimpacting on future trade patterns, from the significanceof the AfCFTA, Egypt’s relationship with China, culturalties with the GCC and opportunities found across the57 Islamic member states.Moderator: Yusuf Ali Khan, Managing Director,Head of Trade & Working Capital Solutions, MiddleEast, North Africa & Pakistan, CitiHossam Rageh, Chief Executive Officer, Mayfair-CIBBankRobert Besseling, Founder & Chief Executive,Pangea-RiskEric Monchu Intong, Regional COO, Head of Missionfor Anglophone West Africa, AfreximbankMichelle Chivunga, Founder & Chief Executive Officer,Global Policy HouseThis session will bring senior business leaderstogether to consider the key challenges as well as theopportunities for business resulting from this renewedfocus, addressing a range of themes, from converting‘ESG principles’ to practical implementation, financialinnovation and impact on the value chain, as well as thechallenges business leaders face in balancing strategicpriorities against operational day-to-day challenges suchas currency stability, inflation and rising import costs.Moderator: Ahmed Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer,PGESCoMohamed Saad, Head of Export Finance, Egypt,UK Export FinanceAmr El Bahey, CEO & Country Head, Egypt,Mashreq BankTameer Nasser, Managing Director & GeneralManager, North East Africa, Baker Hughes“First class content andcontributions from the audience,reflecting Egypt’s stronggrowth prospects and strategicimportance. This year’s eventwas excellent in every regard,and I look forward to next year.”E Nicholson, Marsh Specialty16.25-16.30Chair’s closing remarksfollowed by networking reception15.25-15.40 Networking break“GTR Egypt was well organised, with an interesting anddiverse programme it attracted many trade finance expertsand provided an excellent networking opportunity.”M Nindl, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)#GTREgypt“GTR Egypt was very relevant and interesting. It touched upon elements at playin Egypt today and it was good opportunity to hear different opinions on theseelements. Overall a very enjoyable event and I look forward to more of such!”B Saurav, OlamReflecting on the latest developments across an exciting and dynamic


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Arab African International Bank (AAIB) Raja Debnath, Co-Founder, Veefin Solutions Rafik Beshay, Supply Chain Director, Beshay Steel 11.55-12.45 Digitalising the economy and the impact on trade The last couple of years in particular has seen huge strides made in the development of the financial ecosystem, highlighting the transformative impact