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1995MY Legacy Outback Wheel Cover Specifications. 11/941995MY Legacy Service Manual. 12/941995MY Impreza Select Monitor Update. 12/94Parts Questions. 01/95Legacy Service Manual Supplement. 01/95Oil Leaks. 01/95Obtaining Service Bulletins.03/95Diagnosing Noises Over the Phone.03/95Helpline Diagnostic Information.05/95Physically Damaged Warranty Returned Parts.05/95Kats Wax Removal Tips.06/95Thinking, the Service Manual, and the use of Diagnostic Flow Charts.06/95Vehicle Model Year.09/951996MY Subaru Legacy Select Monitor Cartridge. 10/95Select Monitor Information Update. 11/95Cooler Weather and Drivability. 11/95Technical Assistance and the CDS 800 Phone Line. 12/95Part Numbers for Electrical Condition Reports and Quality Monitoring Reports. 12/95Training Test Answers. 01/96Monroney Label Mismatches. 01/96Technical Helpline Updates/Service Bulletins.02/96Impreza Key Code Location.02/961995MY & 1996MY Power Antenna Operation.02/96Service Bulletin Volume 17/Unlisted Bulletins.04/96Air Conditioning Reminder.05/96Technical Service Helpline Efficiency.05/961996MY Subaru Legacy VIN Change.06/96Location of Engine, Transmission and Production Date Information.06/96Interactive Helpline Updates. 07/961997MY Subaru Legacy-Retrieval of OBD-II Codes without ’97 Select Monitor Cartridge.08/96Additional 1996MY Subaru Legacy VIN Change Information.09/96“But, Its New.”.09/961997MY Legacy - Information for You.09/96Returning Your Calls. 10/96Cooler Weather and Driveability. 11/96Towing Vehicles behind Motor Home.02/97Frozen Wiper Blades.02/97Technical Helpline Updates/Service Bulletins.03/97State I/M 240 Emission Testing and Subaru AWD Vehicles.04/97New Quality Monitoring Report (QMR) Form.05/971998 Subaru Forester Facts. 07/97New Subaru Select Monitor. 07/971997MY Subaru Legacy Service Manual Supplement Volume 7.08/971998MY Subaru Forester.09/971998MY Subaru Key Codes.09/971998MY Forester Flat Towing. 10/97Customer Particulars. 10/97Subaru Forester PDI Connectors. 11/97Holiday Schedule For 1998. 01/98Marking Messages “Urgent” on the Helpline Answering Machine. 01/98Parts Collection Cancellation. 01/98Technical Helpline Update Changes.02/98TechTIPS Article Locator EditionPage 2

New Name.Same Dedicated Service.02/98Technical Support Line Changes.02/9830th Anniversary/WRC Emblems.03/981998MY Forester Key Blanks.03/98State Emission Testing. 07/98Subaru AWD Vehicles Are Exempt from Two Wheel Dynometer Emission Testing. 07/98Subaru Technical Support Line and Independent Repair Shops . 07/981999MY. What’s New.08/98We Need to Know.08/98The Support Line and Parts Questions.08/98Cooler Weather and Drivability. 10/98We Get Letters. 01/99Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Caution. 01/99Interior Trim Tool. 01/99Other Protection Ideas. 01/99Dash Noise. 01/99Technical Service Support Efficiency.02/99Location of Data Information for Engine, Trans., and Production Date.03/99Quality Monitoring Reports (QMRs) and You.03/99We Get Letters – Continued.04/99Parts Replacement.04/99Reference Materials.05/99Back to Basics – One More Time.05/99Support Line Case Numbers. 07/992000MY Key Blanks. 07/99Y2K Subaru Legacy.08/99Support Line Answering Machine. 10/99New Area Code. 11/99Vehicle Servicing.4/00Subaru Warranty Coverage Changes for 2001MY.05/002001MY Forester Owner’s Manual Correction. 07/00Suggested Measuring Device. 07/00Service Bulletin 12-68-00.08/00Quality Monitoring Reports.08/00Required Fluid Use for Warranty Repairs.08/00Cooler Weather and Drivability. 10/00Impreza 2.5RS Modifications. 11/00Quality Advice Forms for 2001 H6 Outback. 11/00Expanded Support Line Hours. 01/01Parts Collection Center – Additional Location. 01/01AYES Program Participation.02/01Towing Vehicles behind Motor Homes.02/01Service Publications New 1-800 Number.02/01Bulk Fluid Usage.02/01Ordering Technician Patches. 03/01Answering Machine Reminder. 03/01Key Codes – A Reminder. 05/012002MY Impreza Sedan Valet Key Function. 09/01Service Manual Applicability. 11/01Special Edition: 2003 Forester Accessory Installation. 07/02Contacting the Technical Support Line. 09-10/02Information Requests. 09-10/02TechTIPS Article Locator EditionPage 3

2003 Baja Owners Manual Supplement.03/ Reminder.03/03Faded or Ghosted Fluke Original 80 Series Display.04/03Modifications to Vehicles. 07/03Electronic QMR. 07/03SOA Publication MSA5B0403A.08/03Clamp-on Racks and Wind Noise. 01/04Calling the Technical Support Line.03/04Service Manual Correction Labels.05/042005MY Legacy/Outback: Updated PDI Check Items and Notes. 07/04Product Improvements.08/04Subarunet and Service Technicians. 10/04Updated Reprogramming Information. 11/04Cold Weather and Drivability. 11/04Enhanced EQMR. 11/04Premium Ownership Delivery. 12/04Technical Service Bulletins: A Recent List.03/05Technical Service Bulletins: A Recent List.04/05Tips from the Techs.04/05Technical Service Bulletins/Programs.05/05Technical Service Bulletins, TechTIPS, and Other Publications.06/052006MY Mechanism and Function Service Manual.06/05Recently Published Service Bulletins.06/05Latest Service Bulletins Released. 07/05STi – Towing Behind Motor Homes. 07/05Latest Service Bulletins Released.08/05Subaru Warranty Wizard Update.09/05TechLine Pre-Call Worksheets.09/05Latest Service Bulletins Released.09/05Latest Service Bulletins Released. 10/05In Case You Forgot. 10/05Contacting the Technical Support Line. 11/05Come On Guys. 11/05Latest Service Bulletins Released. 11/052006MY Impreza Indicator Lights. 11/05Technical HelpLine Efficiency. 11/05Latest Service Bulletins Released. 12/05Calling the TechLine .”Can You Hear Me Now?”. 12/05Latest Service Bulletins Released. 01/06Latest Service Bulletins Released.03/06FYI – Replacement of the Neutral Switch on a 6MT Vehicle.03/06Service Information Availability on STIS.06/06Techline Closing.06/06Techline Pre-Call Worksheets.06/06Immobilizer Codes & the Techline.06/06Vehicle Repair Escalation Process.06/06Calling the Techline . Can You Hear Me Now?. 07/062007 Subaru B9 Tribeca Introduction TRB.08/06Quickie “FYI” TIPS.08/06Latest SOA Service Documents Released.08/06Latest SOA Service Documents Released.09/06Subaru Chemical Information. 10/06TechTIPS Article Locator EditionPage 4

Cold Weather- Here We Go Again!. 10/06Latest SOA Service Documents Released. 10/06Rear Differential Oil. 11/06Quick Tip: “No Start” Complaint.

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