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Welcome.Thank you for going all digital with Cox andtaking your TV viewing experience to the next level.Just follow the 4 steps in this Easy Setup Guide.For future reference andfaster support, pleasewrite down the numbersfound on the bottom ofthe mini box.CCI140122 User Guide 28/6/14 3:29 PM

Kit includes:MINI BOXDigital adapterHDMI CableCOAX CablesPower CordRemote ControlProvides a high-defsignal to TVProvides a basic signal to TV (Qty. 2)Powers the mini boxControls the mini boxand can turn your TVOFF and ON3CCI140122 User Guide 38/6/14 3:29 PM

1Take a deep breath. You can do this! We’re with you every step of the way.Turn off the TVRemove the BLACK COAX Cable found in tray 1Connect the BLACK COAX Cable to the porton the back of the mini box labeled Cable from WallConnect the other end of the BLACK COAX Cableto the wall outlet4CCI140122 User Guide 48/6/14 3:29 PM

STEP 15CCI140122 User Guide 58/6/14 3:29 PM

HDMI2It’s time to play detective. Does your TV have an HDMI port?On the back of the TV, look for a port labeled HDMINOTE: Most high-definition TVs should have this port. TVs purchased before 2004 generally will not. If the TV does not have an HDMI port, please turn the page.If the TV has an HDMI port:Connect the BLUE HDMI Cable to the port on the back of the mini box labeled HD to TVConnect the other end of the BLUE HDMI Cable to the HDMI port on the back of the TV6CCI140122 User Guide 68/6/14 3:29 PM

STEP 27CCI140122 User Guide 78/6/14 3:29 PM

COAX2Skip this page if you have already plugged in your HDMI Cable. Really, you can skip it.If the TV does NOT have an HDMI port:Open the plastic bag found in tray 2Connect the BLUE COAX Cable to the porton the back of the mini box labeled To TVConnect the other end of the BLUE COAX Cableto the COAX port on the back of the TVNOTE: Choose either the BLUE HDMI Cable or theBLUE COAX Cable. Do not use both.8CCI140122 User Guide 88/6/14 3:29 PM

STEP 29CCI140122 User Guide 98/6/14 3:29 PM

3Way to go! You’re almost there.Connect the YELLOW POWER Cord into theyellow POWER port on the back of the mini boxPlug the other end into the wallNOTE: The green light should start flashing on the frontof the mini box.10CCI140122 User Guide 108/6/14 3:29 PM

STEP 311CCI140122 User Guide 118/6/14 3:29 PM

4It’s time to program your new mini box remote to work with your TV.Turn on your TVPress and holduntilblinks twice, then releasePress and releasePress and hold downthen releaseuntil device turns off,If the mini box will not power on/off your TVsee page 15 for more information12CCI140122 User Guide 128/6/14 3:29 PM

If you used the HDMI Cable in Step 2:Using the mini box remote, pressand select HDMI*STEP 4If you used the COAX Cable in Step 2:Using your existing TV remote, turn your TV tochannel 3Make sure the CH 3/4 switch on the back of themini box is set to 3NOTE: If you do not see video or the on-screen guide on your TV, useyour existing TV remote to turn the TV to channel 4 and change theswitch on the back of the mini box to channel 4.Once this step is complete, you will be able to usethe new remote to control your TV and mini box**You should now be able to see the on-screen guide. It may take a few minutes for the mini boxto register with our system. If you do not see video in 10 minutes, call us at 1-866-961-041613CCI140122 User Guide 138/6/14 3:29 PM

about the remote controlpowerTurn on or off the televisionguideOpen the guideselectSelect the highlighted itemhd zoomZoom and stretch videoccTurn on or off closed captioninglastReturn to the last channelor the previous screencox menuOne-touch access to the Main MenuinfoGet more information about programsarrow keysMove the highlightexitExit the current screenPG/CH up/dnIn the Guide, scroll up or down onepage. When viewing TV, move tonext or previous channelnumber PadEnter channel numbers and PINdirectly with the remote control14CCI140122 User Guide 148/6/14 3:29 PM

quick-start remote set-upSay goodbye to remote control clutterYour mini box remote not only controls your mini box, it can alsobe programmed to control your TV.2. Press and hold3. Press and release4. P ress and holdblinks twice, then release.until.until the TV turns off, then release.If your TV does not turn off, or if the mini box is not working withyour TV, follow these instructions: W hile aiming the remote at your TV, press and holddown the numbered button for your TV brand from thelist of common sung6Sanyo7Sharp8Sony9Toshiba0VizioPROGRAM GUIDE1. Turn on your TV. Let go of the button when your TV turns off. Setup is complete.See FAQs (page 23) for more information on your remote15CCI140122 User Guide 158/6/14 3:29 PM

getting startedTurning on Your TVChanging ChannelsAdjusting the Volume LevelPress If you know the channelnumber, enter it using thenumbered buttons Use theto increase ordecrease the volume Use theto go one channelup or down To see the previously tunedchannel, pressTo turn the volume offcompletely, pressTo restore the volumeand continue listening,pressagain16CCI140122 User Guide 168/6/14 3:29 PM

using the guideInformation About ShowsFinding Shows by ChannelPressto display the Channel BannerPressPressagain to display extended program informationUse thePressto closeUse theto display the Guideto browse by channel to browse by pageOR Enter a channel number usingjump directly to that channelPress–toto view selected programPROGRAM GUIDEBy pressing the right arrow button, you canview program listings up to 24 hoursin advance17CCI140122 User Guide 178/6/14 3:29 PM

Controlling What Your Kids Can WatchParental Controls let you control who watches certain TV programs. You can lock programs by ratingor block whole channels so they cannot be viewed without the Parental Control PIN.Setting a Parental Control PINPressUse to display the Menu to highlight “Settings.” Press“Parental Controls” will now be highlighted. Press to highlight “Set Parental Control PIN” and press Use the numbered keys–to set a four-digit PIN.You will need to re-enter your PIN to confirmUseThe Parental Control PIN is now setPressto clear the confirmation message18CCI140122 User Guide 188/6/14 3:29 PM

The Program Guide lets you restrict access to TV programs in several different ways.Setting Locking Status is the next step to turning on Parental Controls.Turning On Parental Control SettingsPressUse to display the Menu to highlight “Settings.” Press“Parental Controls” will now be highlighted. Press“Parental Locks” will now be highlighted. PressPROGRAM GUIDEThe “Locking Status” option will now be highlighted. PressThe “ON” option in the center column will now be highlighted.PressParental Controls are now turned ONPressto close “Settings” or press the left arrow button toreturn to “Locking Status”19CCI140122 User Guide 198/6/14 3:29 PM

Controlling What Your KidsCan Watch (continued)After turning on Parental Controls, you have a number of differentways to restrict access to TV programs, including by channel, byrating and by content advisories.Customizing Parental Control SettingsPressto display the MenuUse to highlight “Settings.” Press “Parental Controls” will now be highlighted. Press“Parental Locks” will now be highlighted. PressUsePress to highlight an optionto lock or unlockThe Parental Control setting is now customizedPressto close “Settings” or press theleft arrow button to return to the previouslyselected categoryUseto highlight a category, such as “LockChannels” or “Lock Ratings.” All of the categoryoptions are displayed in the center columnPressto highlight the first category option in thecenter column20CCI140122 User Guide 208/6/14 3:29 PM

Turning On Closed CaptioningThe Program Guide lets you adjust Closed Captioning settings. You can turn Closed Captioningon or off and you can customize how your Closed Captions look.You can turn Closed Captioning on or off by pressingon your remote control.Customizing Closed Captioning Control SettingsNOTE: Closed Captioning must be turned on to access CC Options.PressUseto display the Menu to highlight “Settings” and pressUse to highlight “Closed Captioning” and pressPress PROGRAM GUIDEUseto “Turn On CC” to highlight “CC Options” and press Use to highlight a Closed Captioning option, such as “Text Size” or “Background Color”Pressto select the option to customize21CCI140122 User Guide 218/6/14 3:29 PM

FAQsQ: D o I need to set my TV to a specific channel to use the Cox mini box?A: I f you used a coax cable to connect your TV to your mini box, you will need to set your TV to aspecific channel to receive a signal from the mini box; your TV will need to be set to channel 3 or4 depending on the area you live in. As a rule, set your TV to channel 3 first and be sure to set theswitch on the back of your mini box to channel 3 to match the channel set on your TV. If you do notsee video or the program guide, turn your TV to channel 4 instead and change the switch on theback of your mini box to channel 4.Note: You must use your existing TV remote to turn your TV to channel 3 or 4. Using the mini boxremote will only turn the channel on your mini box.Q: H ow do I receive an HD picture with my mini box?A: I f you have an HDTV set and are connected to the mini box via an HDMI cable, you will automaticallybe tuned to the HD signal of a chosen network if one is available. On your televisions connected to amini box, there is no need to tune to HD channels in the 1000s or 2000s.22CCI140122 User Guide 228/6/14 3:29 PM

Q: My remote isn’t working with my mini box.A: Make sure that you are pointing your remote directly at the mini box and not the TV screen. Tryto see if your mini box changes channels. If this does not work, check to seeif the red light ondisplays when you push any of the remote control buttons. If the red lightdoes not display, the batteries for your remote may need to be changed. If you have an IR Extender connected to your mini box, check to be sure that you are pointing yourFAQspressing theremote directly toward the IR Extender. This will ensure that you get the most direct signal and bestperformance from the IR Extender.NOTE: Be sure to always use the remote that came with your mini box. Universal remotes purchasedfrom a third party or included with one of your other Cox receivers may not be compatible with themini box.23CCI140122 User Guide 23FAQsIf you are not able to place your mini box where you can easily point your remote to control it,please visit a Cox Solutions Store to pick-up an IR Extender.8/6/14 3:29 PM

Q: W hy do I get the message “No Signal” (or “Source Not Found” or “Weak Signal”)?A: T he mini box can be connected using a Coax or RF cable or an HDMI cable. If you are using an HDMIcable to connect your mini box to your TV, this message may indicate that the TV is not tuned to theproper input or source. If you have programmed the mini box remote to work with your TV, presson the mini box remote to change the input selection.NOTE: While it is preferred that you use the remote that came with your mini box, you can also useyour TV remote to check your TV settings for the correct input: ress the INPUT button (may be labeled TV/VIDEO, SOURCE or Antenna) on the TV or the remotePcontrol that came with the TV. elect the option for TV on the menu displayed on the screen. It may be labeled Cable TV, CATV,SCAB, Input 1, Video 1, Antenna 1, AV1, HDMI, DVI or another name (check your TV user manual).Usually, the label describes the type of connection from the mini box to the TV (such as cable, AV,HDMI, DVI or component).Or select each option one at a time, returning to live TV to see if the option has restored the picture.Q: T he program guide has no data or descriptions. How can I restore the data?A: F irst, make sure the coax cable is secured tightly to the back of the mini box. Then unplug the powerfrom the mini box. Wait approximately 15–30 seconds before plugging the power back into the minibox to begin the program guide downloading process. This downloading process will take about fiveminutes to complete.NOTE: During the download process you can continue to watch live TV and change channels, butprogramming information in the guide may be unavailable for those five minutes.24CCI140122 User Guide 248/6/14 3:29 PM

Q: W hy do I get the message “Temporarily Off Air” on my TV, or have no sound or video onsome channels?A: C heck for loose connections from the wall to the mini box to make sure they are secure. The coax cablefrom the wall should be secured in the Cable from Wall port on the back of the mini box. Be sure tofinger-tighten all cables coming from the wall, mini box, splitter, TV and other devices. Verify the cableis not damaged. I f the connections are secure and the problem persists, please visit us at foradditional assistance.Q: Can I mount my mini box to the back of my TV?A: I f you want to keep your mini box out of sight and still use your mini box remote control to changechannels and volume, you’ll need to use an IR Extender. You may pick up an IR Extender for eachmini box at no charge at your local Cox Solutions Store.Q: How do I reset my mini box?A: D isconnect the power to the mini box by unplugging the power cord from either the outlet or fromthe back of the mini box, then wait 15–30 seconds. econnect the power to the mini box by plugging the power cord either back into the outlet or intoRthe back of the mini box.25CCI140122 User Guide 25FAQsWait about five minutes for the mini box to reset.8/6/14 3:29 PM

Thank you.At Cox, we care about the health of our planet as much as you do. That’s whywe created this environmentally friendly package to send to all of our customers.All packaging materials are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.Let’s all work together to protect our planet from unnecessary waste andpollution. Recycle as much, as often and as responsibly as you can.26CCI140122 User Guide 268/6/14 3:29 PM

27CCI140122 User Guide 278/6/14 3:29 PM

1-866-961-0416 User Guide 288/6/14 3:29 PM

Your mini box remote not only controls your mini box, it can also be programmed to control your TV. 1. Turn on your TV. 2. Press and hold until blinks twice, then release. 3. Press and release. 4. Press and hold until the TV turns off, then release. If your TV does not turn off, or if the mini box is not working with your TV, follow these .