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Delivering daylight.

About CoeLux CoeLux is not a skylight. Yet it lets you experience thesky anywhere inside the built environment.If you find it baffling that an artificial device canreproduce the physical phenomena and the effects ofblue skies on a sunny day, you can get a glimpse ofhow it achieves that in the next few pages.No one could have predicted that a spin-off from theUniversity of Insubria, in Italy, led by CoeLux founderand CEO, physics professor Paolo Di Trapani, wouldgenerate such keen interest in natural light andspawn over 180 patents worldwide in the process.Founded in 2009, CoeLux is indeed the culminationof some 15 years of scientific research developedby an inter-disciplinary team of experts in the fieldsof optical physics, numerical modelling, chemistry,material science, architecture and design.Now located in ComoNExT Technology Park, nearComo Lake, CoeLux sells its unique products aroundthe globe.Axis Lighting is proud to bring the CoeLux experienceto North America. This is the first time Axis offers aluminaire designed by others. But this is no ordinarylighting product.axislighting.com3

Reconnectwith nature.

Experience outside, insideCoeLux brings the outside in to connect people withtheir surroundings on a deeper level. And peoplerespond well because the CoeLux brand of daylight is aperfect replica of blue skies on a sunny day, with all therelated physical and health benefits.As creatures of nature, we are drawn to the wayCoeLux illuminates and enhances objects, giving themvolume and shape through light and shadow. But weare also attracted by the way CoeLux changes ourperception of reality, instilling positive feelings linkedto being outdoors.axislighting.com5

Like the real sky,you look through it,not at it.

Recreate natural lightCoeLux leverages science to bring the outside in. Theillusion is perfect, except it’s not an illusion. CoeLuxfeatures nanostructured materials to replicate theRayleigh scattering effect, responsible for our perceptionof a blue sky.CoeLux also uses the latest LED technology to createthe full spectrum of sunlight, as well as a sophisticatedoptical system to mimic the distance between sun andsky. With CoeLux, you feel the physical and biophiliceffects of daylight because your experience is real.axislighting.com7

It truly does makeyou feel better.

Improve occupant healthBy bringing the outside in, CoeLux elevateswellness. As it channels natural light, CoeLux not onlytransforms a space, it transforms occupant well-being.A randomized perception study* commissioned byCoeLux compared two identical windowless rooms,under similar lighting conditions.CoeLux consistently outperformed the standardLED solution in all the perceived ambient qualityattributes, including visual comfort, mood, anxiety andproductivity.* Available at slighting.com9

Integrating CoeLux Key Design ConsiderationsCoeLux products alter the ceiling plan to create anaperture. This aperture, in turn, becomes the focalpoint of the ceiling design, around which moretraditional light sources are arranged.Supplementary lighting helps frame CoeLux,accentuating the blue of the sky and creating a sharpcontrast with the direct light of an artificial sun.The successful integration of CoeLux and thepositioning of peripheral light sources is guidedby four important design principles.

Ceiling IntegrationCompositionThe ultimate goal is seamless insertionof CoeLux into the ceiling while meetinglighting objectives and maximizingarchitectural appeal. To successfullyimplement a CoeLux solution, capitalize onthe space you are working with.For assistance, consult the Axis InspirationTeam (see page 53).The ceiling plan mirrors the floor plan.Just as one considers walls and furniturelayout, the ceiling should be a consideredcomposition. The CoeLux luminaire has aprecise relationship to both its direct lightand to the ceiling structure above.Luminaire weights – From 66 lb to 660 lbMinimum plenum depths – From 9.8”(25 cm) to 47.6" (121 cm).Please refer to product spec sheets forfixture depths.Its location on the ceiling plane shouldmeet both functional and visual criteria,with supporting lighting organizeddiscretely around the CoeLux aperture,creating a comfortable hierarchy.BalanceDirectionalityNot all light sources are created equal,but each contributes to the overall spacecomposition and layering of light. CoeLuxproducts bring a directional, focused lightand an indirect, lit opening.Light travels in straight lines. Considerwhere to place the sun in a space. Whethera focal point or a reassuring backgroundconnection to the sky, CoeLux light needs asurface to fall upon.Supplementary lighting can provide balancewhile complementing the space: directionaldownlights offer contrasted accents; wallwashers create counterpoint with lit verticalplanes; and uplights soften the transitionbetween CoeLux and its surroundings.The relationship of the CoeLux product tothe receiving surface, vertical or horizontal,dictates where it should be located. Whereother factors are flexible, the geometry of thisrelationship is fixed: All other elements shouldbe built around it.axislighting.com11

Retail SpaceOffice LobbyConference Room

Recreation AreaArchitectural ApplicationsThe following pages show how the four key designprinciples impact on the selection and positioningof CoeLux luminaires and complementaryproducts for the different applications.Private OfficeBreakout Spaceaxislighting.com13

Retail Space

Add to the magic ofretail experiencesHow long people linger depends on the quality of theirin store experience. Providing a connection with theoutdoors, CoeLux transforms retail spaces, making bridalgowns and other specialty items pop in the natural light.CoeLux sets the tone, lightens the mood and colorsthe brand experience, creating a more vivid shoppingexperience geared to converting traffic into sales.axislighting.com15

Pixel DownlightAdjustableAccent LightsCoeLux LS - ARRAYAt least 19.76’’Ceiling integrationConsider using architectural coves to integrate lightingelements and avoid projecting below the ceiling line.A monolithic drywall solution such as Armstrong Drywall Grid creates an uninterrupted ceiling plane,allowing feature elements to stand out.16CoeLux Design GuideSee page 41 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux LS - ARRAY.

BalanceVisual hierarchy helps to script the narrative andcreate a layered play of contrasts with a story.Take advantage of pairings of different lightqualities with different materials to achieve acomplex spatial reading.CompositionCreate a strong organizing grid to order the ceilingplane and to avoid detracting from the CoeLux.DirectionalityHeighten the impact of luxury material finisheswith well placed direct CoeLux light contribution.axislighting.com17


Establish your ownindoor sanctuaryTap into the soothing, uplifting energy of daylight pouringinto a space earmarked for yoga or another leisureactivity. CoeLux brings a splash of blue skies that helpspeople connect with nature in the built environment.The feeling of proximity with the outdoors strengthensself-awareness and engages the senses.axislighting.com19

Pixel DownlightAt least17.1’’Ceiling integrationA hierarchy of heights will help to differentiate openworkspace from quieter, more intimate zones.Use Armstrong ACOUSTIBuilt seamless acousticalceiling for a simple and uninterrupted ceiling.20CoeLux Design GuideCoeLux LS - ICE Pixel DownlightAt least17.1’’See page 41 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux LS - ICE.

BalanceCreate a layered lighting composition withcomplementary light sources and multiple pointsof interest.CompositionFrame axially placed CoeLux with symmetricallydisposed electric fixtures to reinforce the centralityof the view to the sky. Promote captured viewswith transparency to adjacent spaces.DirectionalityConsider where the light from CoeLux will fall.Place CoeLux to script your highlights.axislighting.com21

Private Office

Create bold spacesfor bold leadershipA private office is a place of business and an oasis.Just as one can transcend space through art, CoeLux serves to transport clients beyond the confines of theoffice, connecting them with the outdoors.It is a transformative experience that is relaxing andinvigorating at the same time, setting the stage foreffective dialogue and decision making.axislighting.com23

CovePerfekt CoeLux LS - Matte Pixel DownlightSculpt At least18.3’’Ceiling integrationBy floating an Armstrong Cloud solution, find therequired depth in your plenum.An Armstrong Axiom Knife Edge trim heightens theimpact by creating a paper-thin plane between theroom and the sky.24CoeLux Design GuideSee page 41 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux LS - MATTE.

BalanceZone rooms for multiple activities, with fixturegroupings and light effects framing each interaction.CompositionAlign punctual ceiling elements for a quiet,regular composition.DirectionalityIdentify visual highlights and place CoeLux direct lightcomponent to create contrast and directionality.axislighting.com25


Energize your meetingsBoardrooms are the epicenter of strategicdevelopment. Much is at stake. Their design needs tofoster high-level participation and positive outcomes.CoeLux sets the agenda with the inspiring power ofdaylight less the distracting views.The connection with the outdoors contributes to liftspirits and keep everyone alert and focused.axislighting.com27

CovePerfekt CoeLux LS - MATTEClickCovePerfekt At least18.3’’Ceiling integrationA multifunctional conference room should be a spacethat is comfortable, that maintains a connection with theoutdoors, while avoiding distracting or unwanted views.A solution that cleanly incorporates a layered approach tolighting, reduces visual clutter and keeps options open. AnArmstrong Cloud solution seamlessly integrates lighting,while preserving flexible access to technical spaces andability to adapt.28CoeLux Design GuideSee page 41 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux LS - MATTE.

BalanceThe strong visual axis of a central boardroom tableand AV display help to structure the lighting. Higherlevels of lighting on participants and on work surfacemust be controlled to preserve contrast.CompositionAlign lighting elements with ceiling tiles andminimize size of apertures to allow space toappreciate CoeLux indirect sky component.DirectionalityDirect CoeLux light should be targeted to illuminatevisual focal points. Consider shared views fromcirculation areas, visually enlarging space andcreating vistas.axislighting.com29

Office Lobby

Pull people inYou only have one chance to make a first impression.So the main entrance needs to stand out and speakto the culture of the brand. CoeLux sets the stagefor wonder and awe as we step off the elevator.Making a statement with pools of light on the floor,CoeLux luminaires replicating the sun at its zenithinvite us in further.axislighting.com31

Pixel DownlightCoeLux HT 25 Stencil PendantAt least9.8’’Ceiling integrationSpatial brands are established at the reception. A uniqueexperience of the sky, placed at the center of an officeenvironment, allows peripheral spaces to be enriched andcreates shared vistas.Ceilings should be varied in height and texture, combiningsuspended and recessed elements.32CoeLux Design GuideSee page 45 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux HT 25.

BalanceConsider a play of light tonality, framing coolerlight elements with more intimate and warmerlight in gathering spaces.CompositionRepeating CoeLux elements in an array creates anextended surface and augments the illusion of awindow onto the sky.DirectionalityPlacing CoeLux in a cathedral ceiling furtheraccentuates the volume, creating a sense of awe.axislighting.com33


Get inspired whenyou get togetherLighting is at the center of workplace design,especially in casual, unstructured spaces where peoplecongregate. Adding CoeLux to the mix creates anatural vibe with daylight streaming down, boostingmorale and strengthening the link with the outdoors.The CoeLux area becomes the new water cooler,inviting relaxation and exchange, a hotspot for thenext breakthrough.axislighting.com35

Pixel DownlightCoeLux HE - 45 LCZen Square FormsSuspend from roof structureAt least36.3’’Ceiling integrationThe expansive breadth of the CoeLux High End (HE) is literallyan opening in the ceiling, an unavoidable focal point in anotherwise uninterrupted plane. Plan to give this large sizefixture space to breathe, both horizontally and vertically,working in additional accent fixtures in the periphery.Load management studies should be conducted to ensureoptimal placement and structural safety.36CoeLux Design GuideSee page 49 for moreinformation aboutCoeLux HE - 45 LC.

BalanceWhere other CoeLux fixtures work best inmultiples, the CoeLux HE is a singular visualstatement. With its astonishing depth of colorand atmosphere, finishes and ceiling modulationshould work to complement its presence.CompositionThe strong rectangular presence of the CoeLuxHE suggests that complementary fixtures eitherreinforce the orthogonal geometry or have adiscreet signature – consider minimal aperturesand trimless options.DirectionalityTwo light components, direct projected lightand a luminous sky, should be considered intandem. Align the long side of the CoeLuxHE with a target vertical surface, greenwall ormaterial accent.axislighting.com37

High TechLong SkyLong Sky

CoeLux Product FamiliesChoose from a range of upscale architectural lightingsolutions under three CoeLux product families.High Endaxislighting.com39

Long Sky Family (LS)CoeLux Long Sky (LS) systems come in three versions withskylight openings that measure approximately 4’ x 1’.They can be used individually or aligned in runs to form ahallway of light delivering more depth perception.40CoeLux Design Guide

Product detailsLS ICELS MATTELS ARRAY*Ice produces a 45-degree beam and a sliver oflight in the opposite direction. This feature makesthe sun visible from various angles, which is idealfor spaces requiring more lively light.Matte creates a single 45-degreesliver of light. The sun reflects on thematte white frame to ensure superiorvisual comfort.Array creates a single 45-degreesliver of light. The sun reflects onthe matte white frame to ensuresuperior visual comfortDimensionsDepth for install: 18.58"Build Size: 47.2” x 23.6” x H17.1”Depth for install: 19.76"Build Size: 47.2” x 23.6” x H18.3”Depth for install: 19.76”Build Size: 45.6” x 21.1” x H18.3”Weight66 lb66 lb66 lbCoeLux Infinite Sun and SkyCoeLux Infinite Sun and SkyCoeLux Infinite Sun and SkyTrim typesFlush MetalFlush MetalFlush MetalTrim finishWhite trim, specular interiorWhite trim, matte white interiorWhite trim, matte white interior10V or DALI integral10V or DALI integral10V or DALI integralDimming down to 0.1%Dimming down to 0.1%Dimming down to 0.1%Total lumens: 4300 lmTotal lumens: 3300 lmTotal lumens: 3300 lmLumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hLumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hLumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hCRI: 92CRI: 92CRI: 92CCT of the sky: 30000KCCT of the sky 30000KCCT of the sky mens andElectricaltableCertification* Please note that an inspection hatch is required for maintenance and to facilitate access to drivercompartment above the closed ceiling.axislighting.com41

Designing with LS FamilyComposition of several LS systemsYou can compose a matrix by installing one systemnext to the other and adapting it to the available area.Min. suggested area for one unit: 32.3 sq. ft. (3 m2)LS ARRAYLS MATTE / LS ICE23.6” (600 mm)19.6”(498 mm)42.8”(1086 mm)47.2”(1200 mm)11.6” (295 mm)11.6" (295mm)23.6” (600 mm) 11.6" (295mm)47.2”(1200 mm) 4246.4”(1179 mm)CoeLux Design Guide46.4” (1179 mm)

Sun PerceptionLS MATTE / LS ARRAYThe LS family of products boasts a sun peaking onthe horizon with an infinity edge. When standingin the light beam, you can see the sun “follow” youas you walk along the length of the skylight – justlike you do in real life. The infinite sun allows for aseamless linear arrangement of fixtures, immersingthe user in the full experience and maintaining theillusion of a real skylight.19.76”(502 mm)Light beamSuggested height f or one unitBeam angle: 45 degreesSun appearence: Visible slightly frostedSky appearence: ClearDimming: 0.1-100%LS ICE installation - Skylight View95”- 118.1”(2400-3000 mm)LS ICE18.58"(472 mm)Reflected light beamMain light beamPictorial representation of sun-to-sky appearance95”- 118.1” (2400-3000 mm)Suggested height f or one unitSunYou can see the sun if you go inside the light beam.Illuminance on the surfacesWe suggest to direct the light beam on the wall toexploit the vertical illuminance as well.Installation tipsIf you are in a static position, prevent the visual conefrom intercepting the light beam so as to avoid glare.axislighting.com43

High Tech Family (HT)The HT 25 system is the first of a family of low-profile luminaires byCoeLux . Its distinctive 9.8” (25 cm) depth is ideal for shallow plenums.44CoeLux Design Guide

Product detailsHT 25This model features an infinite sky and a sun perceivedat infinite distance; when moving in space, the observeris under the impression that the sun is always positionedabove. The 2’ x 4’ luminaire is suitable for recessedinstallation in modular and drop ceilings.ProductimageDimensionsDepth for install: 9.8”Bulid Size: 47.2" x 23.6" x H9.8"Weight110 lbCoeLux Infinite Sun and SkyOpticsTrim typesMetal - Flanged FrameTrim finishWhitePhotometryControlsDALI RemoteDimming down to 0.4%Total lumens: 5800 lmLumens andElectricaltableLumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hCRI: 92CTT sky 10000KCertificationULaxislighting.com45

Designing with HT 25Composition of several HT 25 systemsYou can compose a matrix by installing one system nextto the other and adapting it to the available area.Min. suggested area for one unit: 32.3 sq. ft. (3 m2)42.1” (1070 mm)23.6” (599 mm)20.4” (520 mm)47.2” (1199 mm)23.6” (600 mm)47.2”(1200 mm) 46CoeLux Design Guide

Sun PerceptionThe HT 25 features a zenithal sun peakingthrough a slightly frosted sky. The infinite sunoverhead allows for a seamless array of fixtures,as the sun appears to emanate from the samesource no matter the angle of the viewer. Thisimmerses the user in the full experience andreinforces the illusion of looking at the real sky.Beam angle: ZenithSun appearence: Visible slightly frostedSky appearence: FrostedDimming: 0.4-100%Pictorial representation of sun-to-sky appearanceSunYou can see the sun if you go inside the light beam.Illuminance on the surfacesYou can use this product in spaces where youneed a high level of lux on horizontal surfaces(e.g. desks in workspaces).Installation tipsThe size of the sun increases with installationheight. Choose the number of systems accordingto the height.157.5”(4000 mm)9.84"(250mm)98.4”(2500 mm)axislighting.com47

High End Family (HE)CoeLux High End (HE) systems recreate the ultimatedaylight experience with the sun and sky at an infinitedistance. They come in two versions designed for highceilings (HC) and low ceilings (LC).48CoeLux Design Guide

Product details45 HC45 LC45 HC produces a 45-degree sun beam supplying an equalbalance of light and shade. Ideal forhigh-ceiling spaces, it is the largest available CoeLux opticalsystem, measuring approximately 16 ft2 (1.5 m2). Also offered ina Moon version (45 HC Moon), providing a darker night sky andmoonlight with a bluish hue.45 LC emits a 45-degree sun beam supplying an equal balanceof light and shade. Ideal for spaces with lower ceilings, it is thesmallest High End system, measuring approximately5 ft2 (0.5 m2). Also offered in a Moon version (45 LC Moon),providing a darker night sky and moonlight with a bluish hue.DimensionsDepth for install: 47.6”Build Size: 148.0" x 89.5" x H38"Depth for install: 36.3”Build Size: 93.6" x 65.9" x H27.1"Weight660 lb660 lbCoeLux Sun and Sky Moon OptionCoeLux Sun and Sky Moon OptionProductimageOpticsReveal (Polyurethane)Flush (Wood)Reveal (Polyurethane)Flush (Wood)Slim 9cm trimTrim typesTrim finishWhiteWhitePhotometryFor information on horizontal illuminances,please consult page 51 and refer to product specification sheet.For information on horizontal illuminances,please consult page 51 and refer to product specification sheet.DALI integralDALI integralDimming down to 55%Dimming down to 55%Total lumens: 4700 lm (SUN) / 10 lm (MOON)Total lumens: 4700 lm (SUN) / 10 lm (MOON)Lumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hLumen Maintenance (L90B10): 50 000 hCRI: 92CRI: 92CCT SKY 15000kCCT SKY 15000KULULControlsLumens andElectricaltableCertificationPlease note that an inspection hatch is required for maintenance and to facilitate access todriver compartment above the closed ceiling.axislighting.com49

Designing with HE Family45 LC93.6” (2376 mm)65.9”(1675 mm)37.8”(960 mm)18.1” (460 mm)45 HC148” (3759 mm)67.3”(1710 mm)89.5”(2274 mm)33.5” (850 mm)50CoeLux Design Guide

Sun and MoonPerceptionThe HE family of products features an infinitesun and sky optic with a 45-degree sunbeamemerging from an expansive clear blue sky.Some HE configurations also includean alternative moon option to allow fortransitioning from day to night.Beam angle: 45 degreesSun appearence: Visible sharpSky appearence: ClearDimming: 55-100%Moon option: Available on 45 HC and 45 LCHorizontal illuminancesTypical values (lux) at various distances fromCoeLux system45 LCStructural slabAt least 36.3”(923 mm)27.1”(689 mm)Drop ceiling6.4”(165 mm)Sun2300 lux at 3.28' (1 m)1500 lux at 6.56' (2 m)1000 lux at 9.84' (3 m)45 HCStructural slabSunAt least 47.6”(1210 mm)38”(965 mm)Drop ceilingYou can see the sun if you go inside the lightbeam.6.5”(164 mm)Illuminance on the surfacesWe suggest to direct the light beam on thewall to exploit the vertical illuminance as well.Installation tipsIf you are in a static position, prevent thevisual cone from intercepting the light beamso as to avoid glare.Sun5000 lux at 3.28' (1 m)2900 lux at 6.56' (2 m)1800 lux at 9.84' (3 m)axislighting.com51

Supporting CoeLux The Axis AdvantageExceptional lighting deservesexceptional supportRely on the Axis Advantage to get more out of yourCoeLux experience.Axis Experience CentersSee CoeLux technology up close – Centers underdevelopment throughout North America in additionto existing location in Montreal, Canada.Axis Inspiration TeamHighly qualified lighting experts with CoeLuxexperience and daylighting know-how to help youintegrate CoeLux in your building.Axis Design ResourcesApplication specialists and specification documentsto help you design your CoeLux space.Axis Service CommitmentIn-stock CoeLux products for faster delivery,CoeLux installation guidelines and support,5-year Axis warranty and more.axislighting.com53

CoeLux changes your space.The difference is like.Night&


About Axis LightingFounded in 1991 and still family owned and managed, Axis is animportant source for architectural lighting across North America andaround the globe.Over the last decade, the company has exhibited remarkable growththanks to its commitment to Design Flexibility, Optimal EnergyEfficiency and Responsive Customer Care. That leadership effort nowextends to developing Innovative Lighting Technologies, such asSurroundLite , on an ongoing basis.On the strength of a broad and expanding product line, Axis hassuccessfully completed lighting projects for high-profile clientsincluding Apple, Chrysler, The Empire State Building, Google, Hyundai,Time Warner and McGill University, among many others.Axis has the drive and the expertise to meet your needs and providearchitectural lighting. your way.We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.Please consult our website for the most current technical informationand to locate your nearest Axis representative.1.800.263.AXIST 2020 Axis Lighting Inc.F 514.948.6271

lighting objectives and maximizing architectural appeal. To successfully implement a CoeLux solution, capitalize on the space you are working with. For assistance, consult the Axis Inspiration Team (see page 53). Luminaire weights - From 66 lb to 660 lb