Since our founding in 1991, Axis Lighting has always been a family-ownedcompany, with an emphasis on people. Our diversity translates intoarchitectural designs that transcend the ordinary and performance thatexceeds the norm. We’ve taken our balanced approach to lighting into thehealthcare market to provide solutions that not only function properly,but also provide beautiful, timeless design for all users of the space.Form meeting function – it’s in our DNA.2BalancedCare

BalancedCare NURSES' STATIONNurses’ stations hold prominence both as destination and hub oflife-giving information. They often work in coordination with adjacentcorridors, requiring similar solutions for safe navigation.Increased daytime ambient light levels, reduced nighttime levels andlow-illuminance steplights help staff safely circulate from zone to zone– nurses’ station to corridor to patient room. Lighting should alsosupport the visual and non-visual needs of nurses of all ages, whowork an inordinate number of hours and defy normal 24-hourschedules. BalancedCare by Axis brings it all together.www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com3

The BalancedCare ApproachWELLNESSVISUAL COMFORTARCHITECTURAL FORMLISTINGSFUNCTIONAL OPTICSINFECTION CONTROLINTELLIGENT CONTROLEASE OF MAINTENANCEBalancedCare Design for healthcare has been a tale of two extremes – offering either functional but institutional appearance, or extremelydecorative forms while ignoring cleanability and other critical standards. The BalancedCare family by Axis Lighting ties it all together.BalancedCare provides lighting for wellness without trade-offs, offering patent-pending BeWell performance optics for both visualcomfort and functionality, along with features that promote infection control and equipment compatibility. Finally – a product offeringthat addresses ALL the requirements of today’s complex healthcare environment.4BalancedCare

BalancedCare PillarsBeWellTMOPTICSWELLNESSThe built environment can have a positive effecton the overall state of a person’s physical andemotional wellbeing. With a focus on patientand staff wellness, thoughtfully configuredlighting that balances both visual andcircadian needs, as well as links to nature,promotes healing outcomes.BeWellARCHITECTURAL FORMBalancedCare luminaires provide timeless,stylized forms concealing sophisticatedtechnologies that complement and enhancetoday’s architecture. Sleek, low profile stylesreplace mundane, institutional looks of thepast and elevate healthcare lighting designto today's standards.FUNCTIONAL OPTICS & VISUAL COMFORTBeWell light guide technology providesmultiple precise distribution options todeliver the many layers of light required inhealthcare environments, as well as glare-freecomfortable lighting that supports the visualtasks of staff while enhancing the overallwellbeing of patients.TMTECHNOLOGIESINTELLIGENT CONTROLBalancedCare is an intuitive ‘controls-agnostic’collection with intelligent patient bed controlcompatibility, as well as wireless and POE; andspectral programmability provided by tunablewhite and BIOS SkyBlue technologies. Wepartner with industry-recognized controlssuppliers for integration into any buildingautomation system.TMCONSTRUCTIONINFECTION CONTROL & PERFORMANCEBalancedCare products are constructed ofmaterials and finishes that withstand hospitalcleaning protocols, standing up to the moststringent infection control requirements. Theymeet functional and application-specific industrylistings such as UL, ADA, Ingress Protection (IP)and National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) standards.EASE OF MAINTENANCESmooth, non-corrosive surfaces can withstandthe harsh cleaning protocols necessary tominimize risk of hospital-acquired infections(HAIs). Room-side access to drivers andcomponents facilitates maintenance efforts,reduces costs, and prolongs sustainability ofluminaire systems.www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com5


BalancedCare TECHNOLOGIESBalancedCare by Axis Lighting creates the requiredbalance between innovation and patient/healthcareworker wellness. This is achieved by combiningBeWell Optics , BeWell Controls and BeSealed luminaire construction in the next generation ofhealthcare solutions.BeWell light guide optics provides glare-free, comfortablelighting that supports the visual tasks of staff, andenhances the overall wellbeing of patients.BeWell Controls is an intuitive, “controls-agnostic”approach with intelligent patient bed controlcompatibility, as well as wireless and POE; and spectralprogrammability provided by tunable white and BIOSSkyBlue technologies.BeSealed ties it all together with product design featuresthat support easy maintenance and cleanability, that meetthe most rigorous independent listings in the ROLS7TM

BeWell OpticsProviding Multidimensional Distributionand Immersive IlluminationPrecisely coded and aligned molecules in the light guideshape LED output, from individual points of light, in allthree dimensions. The science is complicated. The result iseasy – controlled distribution that puts light only where youneed it. Direct, indirect, asymmetric or a combination with highefficacy performance, no matter the distribution.8BalancedCare BeWellTMOPTICSVisual comfort takes on a whole new meaning. Instead ofreflected glare, the unique light guide produces comfortablydiffuse illumination for a more natural appearance. It matters mostwhen placed in line of sight, like a bed light directly above thepatient. That’s where comfort is put to the test.

BeWell OpticsInnovative Optical System Directs LightWhere It's Needed — ComfortablyBeWell Optics delivers lighting that promotes a healing environment. BeWell is a patent pending, materials-based technology that usesmolecular optics to direct - not reflect - light. The result is amazingly uniform distribution, without glare, shadowing, or pixelation. BeWellprovides better visual acuity for tasks, and softer, healing visual comfort in the space.AMBIENTBeWell Optics replaces traditional segmented reflectors to dispersethe light uniformly across the entire lens.EXAMIn the same luminaire, BeWell optics balances concentrated higherintensity light for examination with softer ambient light.SEALED LIGHT GUIDEUnique patent pending sealed light guidedesign, optimized for optics, infection controland multi-function controllabilitywww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com9

BeSealed ConstructionAll BalancedCare luminaires feature BeSealed design attributes that enable easiermaintenance, less costly construction, updated lighting technology, and engineeredfeatures that support today's stringent infection control standards. BeSealed is theBalancedCare total mechanical solution.TMCONSTRUCTIONIP64Constructed of materials andfinishes that can withstand harshcleaning protocols, sealed to meetIngress Protection (IP) andNational Sanitation Foundation(NSF) requirementsOne-piece gasket seals housingto optical cartridgePlug-and-play drivers foreasy replacementPatent-pending sealedoptical cartridge housesBeWell LED OpticsModular cartridge is accessiblefrom room-side10BalancedCare

BeSealed ConstructionBalancedCare lightweight sealed housing technology eliminates complex and costlywelded housing constructionLENS TOOLThe lens tool seamlessly pulls thedoorframe away from the housingand provides easy access to theinternal electrical cartridgeTORSION SPRINGSExtruded aluminium housing maximizes LEDheat dissipation to ensure cool operation and long lifeTorsion springs secure the doorframeto the housing, and ensure a tight sealwithout the use of exposed fastenersfor aesthetics and cleanabilitywww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com11

BeWell ControlsWhen designing around BalancedCare luminaires, you getthe support of Axis Lighting's robust electrical team ofprofessional engineers who work towards proper integrationand performance of control systems. Axis is agnostic withrespect to controls and has partnered with industryrecognized controls suppliers to support integrated lightingwithin healthcare environments, ranging from the nurse callsystem to the entire facility.Successful lighting for healthcare includes the entiresystem — not only luminaires and controls — but also thephysical switches and digital interfaces for the wide varietyof building occupants. BeWell Controls supports the designteam’s controls intent, while advocating for maximumflexibility and friendly usability for patients and medical staff.Long active on many of the healthcare and controls industrycommittees, our recognized domain experts are veryfamiliar with research and best practices, which enablesus to work with specialized healthcare design teams andadds value that consistently improves project outcomes forour customers.Our in-house innovation specialists will help delivereverything from standard 0-10V dimming and codecompliance to cutting edge Power Over Ethernet (POE)systems. Whether it's advanced IOT sensing for people andasset tracking, color technology for health and wellbeing, orother new use cases, the BalancedCare team understands andsupports the complex healthcare environment.BeWellCONTROLSWIRELESS12BalancedCare TM

BeWell ControlsHealthcare facilities are heavily regulated and undergo continuous maintenance, inspection and recertification to ensure 24/7 operation.BalancedCare luminaires can be integrated into the overall building automation network, allowing facilities managers to schedule lighting andother systems according to usage requirements, which is one way to simultaneously reduce costs and reduce a facility's carbon footprint.www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com13

BeWell TechnologiesMany of the BalancedCare products are available with Axis' Axitune color tunable technology, which providesspectral tuning and integration into an intelligent connected lighting system. The Axitune tunable color is a4-channel system using DMX controls that delivers full spectrum light using five colors (royal blue, cyan, limegreen, amber and red). Users can tailor brightness, CCT, saturation and hue to their desired preferences whilemaintaining great color consistency ( 2 Standard Deviation Color Matching (SDCM). Please consult the factory forproduct compatibility with Axitune Color Tuning technology.Photoshop Blue CeilingAxis Cove Perfekt ceiling luminaires shown with Axitune color tuning.14BalancedCare BeWellTMTECHNOLOGIES

BeWell TechnologiesDynamic white lighting allows for tailored color mixing resulting in a wide range of CCTs to meet user’s changing needs and preferences.These systems offer visual comfort for all occupants, enable critical task performance for staff, and support both staff and patients’ circadianentrainment. The 2-channel systems allow users to independently adjust CCT and brightness to their desired effect, and dim along aconstant linear dimming curve to 1%. Internal color mixing and proprietary BeWell Optics ensures the best in color uniformity andconsistency. Please consult the factory for product compatibility with Axitune Tunable White technology.TUNABLE WHITECCT RangeOrdering CodeAvailable CRI2700K to 5000KTW275080 or 902700K to 6500KTW276580 or 90www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com15

Nurses' StationWELLNESSNurses' schedules are erratic – day shift, permanentnight shift, rotating night shift – causing circadiandisruption and dips in alertness. Spectrally tunabletask lighting, views to nature, sufficient contrast onmonitors – a lighting system tailored to personalschedules and visual needs can provide balance totheir days, nights and overall health and wellbeing.Private spaces dedicated to personal light therapy,or perhaps just meditation, offer refuge and anoutlet to release the emotions of difficult days.BeWellTMLayers of light may never be more important thanin nurses' stations. When eyes need to adapt toscreen brightness then jump to tedious visual taskssuch as reading scribbled prescriptions or noteson paper, eye fatigue sets in. Luminaire opticsthat spread light uniformly and without glare helpbalance a space as busy and complex as a nurses'station; they mitigate discomfort, prevent washouton monitors, and enliven a hub of information andcaregiving. They are BeWell Optics.OPTICSBeWellCONTROLS16FUNCTIONAL OPTICS & VISUAL COMFORTTMINTELLIGENT CONTROLPatient controlled pillow speakers that relay to thenurses' station, or automatic 24-hour programs withmanual overrides for ambient lighting, give nursesthe control they need for their station, as well asfor patient rooms and corridors within their zone.Sensors that provide asset tracking to easily locateequipment save time and energy, and improvehospital efficiency.BalancedCare

Nurses' Station PillarsARCHITECTURAL FORMLinear forms that disappear into walls and ceilings,including task lighting that blends into partitions,provide lighting with purpose, not distraction.A departure from the traditional, these luminairesexude a positive energy and clean aestheticparticularly suited to today's hospital environments.INFECTION CONTROL & PERFORMANCEDuring these times of meticulous precautionarymeasures, BalancedCare's smooth, noncorrosiveluminaire surfaces can withstand the harshcleaning protocols necessary to minimize risk ofhealthcare associated infections (HAIs). BalancedCareluminaires have been tested and certified with theappropriate listings for these applications. Look forthe performance icons associated with each product.TMCONSTRUCTIONEASE OF MAINTENANCEAreas as active and populated as nurses' stationsdo not allow time for maintenance interruptions,Easy-to-clean surfaces and room-side access todrivers and components facilitate maintenanceefforts, reduce costs, and prolong life ofluminaire systems.www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com17

Nurses' StationLighting RequirementsThe nurses’ station is an opportunity for the lighting to shine and guide – a beacon at a potentially confusing crossroad of corridorsleading to different destinations. Distinct functional modes deliver high quality lighting for this complex environment: These functionswork independently or together to deliver light levels and distributions that align with recommended practice, designed to suit bothpatient and staff needs.GENERAL AMBIENTCOVEUNDERCABINETVolumetric distribution via BeWell Opticsprovides a comfortable backdrop for visualtasks and prevents washout or veilingreflections on monitors. Minimum of 300lux day, 100 lux night, at floor, 3:1 avg:minuniformity.Visually comfortable, shadow-free lightingwith architectural distinction accentuateslinear runs such as corridors and facilitateseasy passage from zone to zone.Task lighting that does not diminish screencontrast, provides adjustable illuminancelevels for day or night, offers selectablecorrelated color temperature (CCT) - andtouch-free controls for ease of operationand infection prevention. Recommended500 lux, 3:1 avg:min uniformity onworkplane.18BalancedCare

Nurses' StationSupplementary RequirementsVisible from corridors and patient rooms, nurses' station lighting should complement the corridor lighting yet elevate its prominence both asdestination and hub of life-giving information. Its lighting should also support the visual and non-visual needs of nurses spanning all ages,who work an inordinate number of hours and defy normal 24-hour schedules.PERIMETERSCONCESSTEPLIGHTSleek, linear architectural forms enhanceand delineate its perimeter, making it visiblefrom any direction. This layer of visuallycomfortable, shadow-free lighting,contributes to recommended light levelsof 400 lux day, 300 lux night, at floor.Slim, soft-glow decorative sconces provide asoothing aesthetic, project less than 3" fromthe wall for ADA compliance and include anintegral amber nightlight. They contribute torecommended light levels of 100 lux day, 50lux night, at floor.With choices in color of light and faceplatestyle, these slim steplights provide avisible rhythm of light for navigation.Mounted at 18" Above Finished Floor (AFF),with 90 cutoff to minimize glare, theyprovide recommended low level illuminationof 4 lux.www.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com19

BalancedCare 20BalancedCare FLEXIBLE AMBIENT BCFA22 SHOWN

Product FamiliesFlexible AmbientEmploying BeWell light guide technology, this series delivers multiple light distributions with glare-free visual comfort. The centerstrip can be illuminated or left blank, or customized with accents, Mikrolite downlights or decorative louvers. Available in 1' 1', 1' 4', 2' 2'and 2' 4' dimensions. BeWell light guide directs light from each point source, eliminating transition lines, pixelation, and shadows General diffuse and wide distributions available Modular optical chamber with room-side access Controls and sensor ready Optional integration of MikroLite recessed downlightsor Stencil surface accents (1' 4', 2' 2', 2' 4') Low profile design, housing only 4" deep Available CCTs: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K Tunable white and BIOS also availableBCFA11(1' 1')BCFA14(1' 4')BCFA22(2' 2')BCFA24(2' IONPatent ting.com21

BalancedCare Flexible Ambient OptionsThe Flexible Ambient Series is available with multiple options to enhance design. The center strip can be left blank or illuminated, to addan extra boost of ambient light. Mikrolite downlights are also available in various configurable lengths and multiple beam spread offerings,while stylish accents can field rotate 359 to add a spot of light where desired. The louver allows higher lumen outputs in a visuallycomfortable package.Flexible Ambient provides general ambient lighting with adjustable accents to highlight signage and add extra dimension in an elevator lobby.ILLUMINATEDCENTER STRIP22BalancedCare BLANK CENTER STRIPMIKROLITELOUVEREDACCENTS

Product FamiliesFlexible Ambient DistributionsThe Flexible Ambient family takes ambient lighting to a whole new level. Its two distinct distributions — general diffuse and wide — allowspacing flexibility between luminaires, depending on ceiling height and application. The general diffuse distribution is suitable for lower orstandard height ceilings, such as waiting areas, offices or nurses' stations; the wide distribution can be spaced farther apart for higher ceilingsin areas such as lobbies, dining areas or atria.105 105 105 105 105 90 90 90 90 90 75 75 75 75 75 60 60 60 45 45 45 60 45 7001050140030 17000 30 30 30 7007001050105014001400170017000 0 GENERAL DIFFUSE60 45 30 For105 standard105 105 105 105 105 105 105 105 90 90 ceilings at 8' to 9' 105 height, suchasthis nurses' station90 90 with floating ceiling,integrating75 75 75 with general diffuse 75 luminairesdistribution, at a closer spacing,60 60 60 600 and 700providesuniformityvisual 60 comfort for ambient lighting9001050nights.throughout busydays and45 45 90 90 90 90 90 90 75 75 75 75 75 75 60 60 60 60 60 60 45 45 45 45 45 45 12' to 15' ceilings,105 the wider105 distributionluminairescan be 90 90 90 placed farther apart, acting as a75 activity75 75 quiet backdrop to guestorarchitectural details. They provide60 60 60 1400 shadow-free900uniform,lighting forareas such as waiting rooms,21001350lobbiesor atria.45 45 45 30 30 30 45 30 30 45 30 12001400150017000 0 30 30 30 30 900600135090018001200225015000 0 30 For105 28001800350022500 0 30 30 105 105 90 90 75 75 60 1400210045 2800350030 0 WIDEwww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com2360 45 30


Product FamiliesSconcesArchitectural sconces complement ambient lighting in the corridor, and often provide low-level lighting when daytime transitions toevening. BalancedCare Lighting offers three decorative designs in multiple sizes for scalability, with integral nightlight option to aidnavigation. Additionally, each luminaire is low profile to meet ADA requirements, and features BeSealed Construction for cleanability. Designed with comfortable BeWell Optics providing ambient lighting and wall glow Amber nightlight option to aid navigation Detachable backplate for quick-disconnect and room-side access to driver Horizontal or vertical orientation, surface mountingin multiple lengths and widths Shallow depth (Open Book - 1 ⁷/₈", Box - 2", Closed Book - 2 ⁵/₈") BIOS and tunable white available in select sizesBOXBCSBCLOSED BOOKBCSCLow profile (less than 3")ADA IONPatent PendingIP64OPEN are.AxisLighting.com2925

BalancedCare 26BalancedCare BOX SCONCE BCSB SHOWN

Product FamiliesAll BalancedCare sconces are available in 4 lengths - 12", 18', 24" and 36" in both vertical and horizontal orientations.Nightlight available in vertical orientation only.BOX VERTICAL12"BOX HORIZONTAL EXAMPLE18"24"36"CLOSED BOOK VERTICAL12"18"CLOSED BOOK HORIZONTAL EXAMPLE24"36"OPEN BOOK VERTICAL12"Patent Pending18"OPEN BOOK HORIZONTAL ncedCare.AxisLighting.com27


Product FamiliesSteplightsBalancedCare Steplights provide safe navigation through the patient room, bathroom, corridors and other common areas.Durable in design, they are available in multiple styles and optional white (2700-4000K), amber or blue LED. Rectangular and oval faceplates, horizontal and vertical mounting Steplights mount to a standard junction box 90 cutoff obstructs light trespass Multiple LED choices: White 2700 - 4000K, Amber or Blue Activation by photocell sensor Pre-set light level can be adjusted up or down during installation Semi-recessed; faceplates extend only ⁵/₈" off wall Soft contoured design prevents dust collection and is easy to cleanOVALBCSOH / BCSOVThru wall optionWhite LED:2700-4000KBeWellTMBeWellAmber LEDTMTMOPTICSCONTROLSBlue LEDCONSTRUCTIONPatent PendingIP64ADAICRECTANGULARBCSRH / BCSRVwww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com29


Product FamiliesElleThe elegant Elle series is ideal for high traffic areas such as corridors, cafeterias, elevator lobbies and other common areas. Withversatile mounting options, this patent-pending curved light guide can be positioned horizontally along ceiling lines, tucked verticallyat the junction of two walls, or mounted as a wall or ceiling unit in a linear configuration. Elle evokes organic flow and incorporatesBeWell CLS Optics to service a multitude of applications. Its curved design facilitates cleaning and is designed for durability, especiallywhen mounted vertically in high traffic areas. Curved illuminated surface enabled by patent-pending BeWell CLS light guide technology InstaHinge wall-to-ceiling corner mounting mechanism for easy installation and access Hairline joiner for continuously illuminated runs Integral Axis mini constant current driver, 0-10V dimming standard Individual lengths up to 8'Ceiling Line (ELSC)Corner (ELSCV)InstaHinge securesfixture in both ceilingline and cornerinstallationsPatent-pending concaveluminaire design results inan unobtrusive clean linedown the corridorBeWellTMBeWellCONTROLS45 Wall (EL45)ELLE CEILING LINEELSCTMTMOPTICS45 Ceiling (EL45)DAMPCONSTRUCTIONPatent Pendingwww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com31

BalancedCare Flexible AmbientFLEXIBLE AMBIENTBCFA1' 1', 1' 4', 2' 2', 2' 4'Flexible Ambient is available with Stencil surface accessories.BeWellTMBeWellTMTMOPTICS32BalancedCare CONTROLSCONSTRUCTIONIP64CCEAAPPROVEDIC


BalancedCare Elle Ceiling LineUndercabinetELLE CEILING LINE, HORIZONTAL WALL alancedCare UNDERCABINETBCUCSix lengths: 10", 16", 23", 30", 36", and 42"CONSTRUCTIONTMBeWellDAMPOPTICSCONTROLSTMDAMP

Nurses' Station LuminairesPosePOSE TASKPSBCSurface - FlatSurface - Right AngleWall - FlatWall - StepTWO OPTICS TWO SIDESOne illuminated sideBeWellOPTICSTMBeWellTwo illuminated sidesTMCONTROLSwww.BalancedCare.AxisLighting.com35

Listing and Technology DefinitionsListings and TechnologiesADACCEAAPPROVEDDAMPADA Compliant — objects projecting from walls (e.g., sconces) shallprotrude no more than 4" into walks, halls, corridors,passageways or aislesCCEA Approved — The City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) ratingensures that the luminaire is inherently airtight. Wiring and /or branchcircuit terminations are sealed off and gasketed from the plenum airspace. This listing ensures that the luminaire is sealed to limit air flowfrom the room side to the plenum.Damp — Denotes that the luminaire is UL Listed for Damp Locations.A damp location is normally or periodically subject to condensation ofmoisture in, on, or adjacent to the electrical components of a luminaire.IK10 – an IK rating indicates the capacity of an enclosure to protect itscontents from external impacts in accordance with IEC 62262:2002 andIEC 60068-2-75:1997. The IK10 rating is the maximum on the scale fromIK00 (no protection) and proves protection against 20 joules of impact(the equivalent to the impact of a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm abovethe impacted surface)ICIC — Insulated Ceiling (IC) recessed lights are rated for direct contactwith insulated ceilings or, that is, they can be installed in contact withcombustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation.IP64IP64 — UL Certified IP64 per IEC 60598 ensures that theenclosure is dust-tight and protected against splashing water withoutany harmful effects.NSF2 — denotes that the luminaire has been evaluated forcorrosion resistance, cleanability and the ability of exposed material towithstand normal wear. This supports the infection control standardsestablished by healthcare.UL/CUL Listed — All BalancedCare luminaires have been tested to be incompliance with Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) performance standards.UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification.36BalancedCare BeWell Optics — BeWell is a patent-pending, materials-basedlightguide technology that uses molecular optics to direct light. Thesehighly efficient optics are multi-functional, available in direct, indirect,asymmetric or a combination to deliver high performance, ONBeWellTMTECHNOLOGIESBeWellCONTROLSTMBeSealed Construction — Design attributes that enable easiermaintenance, less costly construction, updated lighting technology,and engineered features that support today's stringent infectioncontrol standards.BeWell Technologies — BeWell Technologies encompassesBalancedCare controls (which includes patient controls, wireless andPOE), Axitune tunable white and color tuning systems, and BIOS SkyBlue.BeWell Controls — BeWell Controls takes a systems approach toensure seamless integration between the luminaires, sensors, controldevices and users. It includes all elements of a facility's controlssystem, supporting Axis' agnostic approach to provide comprehensivesystems support.POE — Power over Ethernet (POE) delivers both lighting power anddata transfer on one low-voltage wire, and enables communicationwith multiple building systems using Ethernet protocol, along withmany types of sensors. All BalancedCare luminaires are UL Listed2108 for POE compatibility.Axitune Tunable White — Tunable white technology enables the userto independently control both color temperature and intensity of lightwithin a given application. This provides the ability to change thecolor of light from warm to neutral to cool in appearance, over time,based on the needs of the occupant or the space. See page 16 foradditional information.BIOS — Axis Lighting is a proud partner with BIOS Lighting.Its SkyBlue technology creates environments that improve alertnessand promote better sleep, health and well-being. BIOS is availablein BalancedCare overbed luminaires.

Listing and Technology DefinitionsRatings ExplainedEXAMPLEIP64DEGREES OF PROTECTION INDICATED BY THE FIRST CHARACTERISTIC NUMERALNumeral0123456EXAMPLEIP64Short DescriptionBrief details of objects which will be “excluded”from the enclosureProtected against solidobjects greater than 50 mmA large surface of the body, such as a hand (but no protection against deliberate access).Solid objects exceeding 50 mm in diameter.Non-protectedProtected against solid objectsgreater than 12 mmNo special protectionFingers or similar objects not exceeding 80 mm in diameter. Solid objects exceeding 12 mm in diameter.Protected against solid objectsgreater than 2.5 mmTools, wires, etc., of diameter or thickness greater than 2.5 mmSolid objects exceeding 2.5 mm in diameter.Dust-protectedIngress of dust is not totally prevented but dust does not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere withsatisfactory operation of the equipment.Dust-tightNo ingress of dustProtected against solid objectsgreater than 1.0 mmWires or strips of thickness greater than 1.0 mm. Solid objects exceeding 1.0 mm in diameter.DEGREES OF PROTECTION INDICATED BY THE SECOND CHARACTERISTIC NUMERALNumeralShort DescriptionBrief details of objects which will be “excluded” from the enclosure1Protected against dripping waterDripping water (vertically falling drops) shall have no harmful effect.3Protected against spraying waterWater falling as a spray at an angle up to 60 from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.0245678Non-protectedProtected against dripping waterProtected against splashing waterProtected against water jetsProtected against heavy seasProtected against the effects ofimmersionProtected against submersionNo special protectionVertically drippi

the support of Axis Lighting's robust electrical team of professional engineers who work towards proper integration and performance of control systems. Axis is agnostic with respect to controls and has partnered with industry recognized controls suppliers to support integrated lighting within healthcare environments, ranging from the nurse call