CITY OF SEWARD, NEBRASKAPERSONNEL MANUALTable of ContentsDESCRIPTIONPAGE NO.Welcome to the City of Seward.1Purpose.2Personnel Files.2Affirmative Action.3Americans with Disabilities.3Coverage of Policies.3Adoption of Policies.3Organization for Personnel Administration.3DefinitionsAnniversary Date.3Compensatory Time Off.4Continuous Employment.4Department.4Department Head.4Dismissal.4Employee.4Employee me.5Evaluation Period.5Reprimand.5Separation.5Work Period.5Suspension.5Termination.5Worker's Compensation.5General Personnel PoliciesAppearance & Conduct.6Attendance.6Hours of Work.6Complaint Policy.6Personal Business.7Cell Phone Policy.7Outside Employment.8Political Activity.8Suggestions.8Social Media Policy . .8Care & Use of City Property.10Smoke Free Policy.10Acceptable Use Guidelines for Computers & Internet.10Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy.14Use of City-Owned Vehicles.22Safety.22Violation of Safety Rules.23

General Personnel Policies (Cont’d)DESCRIPTIONPAGE NO.Reporting of Accidents and Injuries.23Changes in Names & Addresses.24Records.24Peddling and/or Solicitation.24Conflict of Interest.24Gratuities.24Sexual Harassment Policy.25National Origin Policy.26Workplace Violence.27Employment - AppointmentProcedure.28Physical Examinations.29Residential Requirements.29Evaluation Period.30Promotion.30Transfer.30Equal Opportunity.30Employment of Relatives.30Rehiring of Retired Employees.30Pay PlanPurpose of Pay Plan.31Pay Plan Structure.31Comparability Study.31Performance Pay.31Longevity Pay.32Part-time & Seasonal Wages.32Authorized Deduction.32Incomplete Pay Period.33Overtime Pay.33Salary Basis Policy.33Compensatory Time.35On-Call.35Termination Pay.36Uniform Allowance.36Pay in Lieu of Vacation.37Payment of Leave Upon Death.37Wages In Advance.37Re-Employment.37Emergency Situations Warranting Meals.38Emergency Closing Policy.38Holidays.39Sick Leave.40Worker's Compensation.41Sick Leave Without Pay.41Notification of Departments.41Appointments.41Accident-Injury Leave.42Military Leave.42Active Service & Induction.42Vacation Leave.44Scheduling of Vacations.45

DESCRIPTIONPAGE NO.Employee Benefits for Regular Full-Time EmployeesVacation Leave Cap.45Vacation Rights at Termination.45Maternity Leave.46Juror Leave.46Family Member Death.46To Attend a Funeral.46Voluntary Leave of Absence.46Termination Leave.47Family and Medical Leave Policy.47Family & Medical Leave Policy (Military).50Worker's Compensation Act.53Hospital and Medical Insurance.53Retirement.53Social Security Benefits.54Rest Periods.54Awards Program.54Employee DevelopmentOrientation.55Travel, Training, Education & Expense.55Disciplinary ActionPolicy.57Disciplinary Procedures.57Grounds.58Class A Offense.58Class B Offense.59Class C Offense.60Class D Offense.61Department Heads Failing to Report an “A” or “B” Offense.62Employees Failing to Report an “A” or “B” Offense.62Types of Disciplinary Action.62Disciplinary Authority.62Protective Suspension.62Employee Grievance - Appeal Procedure for Disciplinary Action.62TerminationReduction in Force.63Resignation.64Retirement.64Dismissal.65

SECTION 1 – WELCOME TO THE CITY OF SEWARDIntroductionThe personnel system of the City of Seward, Nebraska, provides a means to recruit, select,develop and maintain an effective and responsive work force and includes policies andprocedures for employee hiring, advancement, training, job classification, salarycompensation, benefits, discipline, dismissal and other related activities. The purpose of thisguide is to serve as a written statement of the employment practices of the City of Seward,Nebraska, for all employees.As an employee of the City, your job is to serve all of the people of the City with efficiencyand courtesy. It is your obligation to treat all citizens fairly, ethically, and with specialprivileges to none.Every job with the City is important in that it provides a service to your employers--theresidents of Seward. The manner in which you serve the public strongly influences thepublic relations of the residents of the City. Their opinions of their City government arebased, to a large extent, upon their contact with City employees such as yourself.This Employee Handbook is an outline of the basic personnel policies, practices, andprocedures in the City of Seward, Nebraska as it pertains to hourly employees. TheEmployee Handbook supersedes all previous personnel policies and procedures adopted bythe City of Seward, Nebraska.NO HANDBOOK CAN ANTICIPATE EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE OR QUESTION ABOUTPOLICIES. AS WE CONTINUE TO GROW, THE NEED MAY ARISE TO CHANGEPOLICIES DESCRIBED IN THIS HANDBOOK. THEREFORE, WE RESERVE THE RIGHTTO REVISE, SUPPLEMENT OR RESCIND ANY POLICIES OR PORTION OF THEHANDBOOK FROM TIME TO TIME, AS IT DEEMS APPROPRIATE, IN ITS SOLE ANDABSOLUTE DISCRETION. IF CHANGES ARE MADE, YOU WILL BE PROMPTLYNOTIFIED.THIS HANDBOOK IS NOT A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT. NOTHING CONTAINED INTHIS HANDBOOK OR IN ANY OTHER STATEMENT OF THE CITY’S PHILOSOPHY,INCLUDING STATEMENTS MADE IN THE COURSE OF PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONSAND WAGE REVIEWS, SHOULD BE TAKEN AS AN EXPRESS OR IMPLIED PROMISEOF CONTINUING EMPLOYMENT. THE CITY, LIKE THE EMPLOYEE, IS FREE TOTERMINATE THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP AT ANY TIME FOR ANY OR NOREASON. IF AND WHEN YOUR EMPLOYMENT ENDS, YOU ARE REQUIRED TORETURN THIS HANDBOOK TO THE CITY AT THE TIME YOU COLLECT YOUR LASTPAYCHECK.The Mayor and City Council of the City of Seward, Nebraska shall be the ultimatepolicy-making authority for the City in all matters pertaining to personnel administration.Employee Initials1

PURPOSEThe personnel policies of the City of Seward are designed to achieve the followingobjectives: Promote economy and efficiency in the City service; Maintain a compensation plan based upon the relative duties and responsibilities ofpositions in the City service; Provide fair and equal opportunity to all persons who enter City employment throughfair and impartial methods of selection; Promote high morale among City employees by providing good working conditions,opportunity for advancement, consideration for employee welfare and a basis forunderstanding the conditions of City employment; and, Develop a program of recruitment, advancement and tenure that will make the Cityservice attractive as a career and encourage each employee to give his best serviceto the City.The purpose of this Personnel Manual, then, is to explain to you, the employee of the City ofSeward, the personnel policies which affect your employment. This manual containsinformation on how your City government is organized, your responsibilities as an employeeof the City and your job benefits. It is designed to answer questions which may ariseconcerning your job. However, if you have a question which is not answered in this manualor do not understand a stated policy, ask your Department Head to explain it. If theDepartment Head doesn't have the answer, the Department Head will get the informationfor you. It is hoped that your employment with the City of Seward will be both challengingand rewarding.The Personnel Manual does not represent an employee contract or any aspect of anemployment contract and should not be construed as such. Personnel policies may bemodified by the City Council at any time and employees will be given notice of any suchmodifications. (Updated 11-15-16)PERSONNEL FILESEmployee personnel files are the property of the City, and do not belong to the employee.Employees wanting to inspect their personnel file must file a request to review personnel fileform with the Assistant Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer. Within five (5) day of receiving theemployee’s request form, the Assistant Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer will schedule anappointment during which the employee can review his or her personnel file. Allappointments are scheduled during regular business hours. All personnel file inspectionstake place in city offices in the presence of a representative designated by the AssistantAdministrator/Clerk-Treasurer. The employee cannot remove any personnel files from theCity offices.Employees can make handwritten notes to record information included in their personnelfiles. Copies of the documents are provided to the employee within a reasonable period oftime after a request has been made. The City reserves the right to charge the employee areasonable fee to cover the copying costs. (Added 12/2012)Employee Initials2

AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONIt is the policy of the City not to discriminate against any employee or applicant foremployment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or status as a qualifiedindividual with a disability or a protected veteran (i.e., disabled veteran, Armed Forcesservice medal veteran, recently separated veteran, or other veteran who served during awar, or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized). It isalso the policy of the City to take affirmative action to employ and to advance inemployment, all persons regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, orstatus as a qualified individual with a disability, or protected veteran, and to base allemployment decisions only on valid job requirements. This policy shall apply to allemployment actions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, upgrading, promotion,transfer, demotion , layoff, recall, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensationand selection for training, at all levels of employment.In furtherance of the City policy regarding Affirmative Action and Equal EmploymentOpportunity, the City has developed a written Affirmative Action Program which sets forththe policies, practices and procedures that the City is committed to in order to ensure thatits policy of nondiscrimination and affirmative action is accomplished. (Added 12/2012)AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA)The City of Seward abides by the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, theADA Amendment Act, and state laws governing employment of individuals with disabilities.Qualified individuals with disabilities may be entitled to an accommodation in the applicationprocess and/or in the workplace. Any qualified individual with a disability who requiresreasonable accommodation in the employment process and/or in the workplace shall notifythe City Administrator. It shall be the responsibility of a qualified individual with a disabilityto request reasonable accommodation in the hiring process or in the workplace. (Added12/2012)COVERAGE OF POLICIES: (New 11/01)These policies shall apply to all departments, divisions and employees of the City except incases of conflict with applicable City ordinances, state or federal laws or regulations or withthe rules of the City of Seward Civil Service Commission as statutorily applicable.ADOPTION OF POLICIES: (New 11/01)These policies shall become effective when adopted by the Mayor and City Council,whereupon any conflicting rules, regulations, policies, or procedures previously adopted bythe Mayor and City Council or by administrative directive shall be superseded to the extentof the conflict.ORGANIZATION FOR PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATIONMayor - City Council: The Mayor and City Council shall be the ultimate policy-makingauthority for the City of Seward in matters pertaining to personnel administration.DEFINITIONSANNIVERSARY DATE: The calendar date upon which employment started with the City ofSeward by a specific employee. An anniversary date will be adjusted to exclude calendardays of suspension and leave of absence without pay.Employee Initials3

COMPENSATORY TIME-OFF: Full-time employees who are eligible for overtime may receivecompensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay for hours worked in excess of the maximumset for their work period, if it is authorized in advance by the Department Head, with theapproval of the appropriate authority. (Updated 2/07)CONTINUOUS EMPLOYMENT: The time from original employment to the current date ofemployment excluding the calendar days when an employee is absent without leave, orwhen an employee is absent with leave without pay, and periods while an employee isunder suspension. (Updated 11-15-16)DEPARTMENT: A major functional unit of the City of Seward governmental structure.DEPARTMENT HEAD: A person directly responsible for the administration of a Citydepartment.DISMISSAL: The separation of an employee.DEFINITIONS (Updated 12/17/96)EMPLOYEE: An employee may be defined as:1)2)3)Regular, full-time. This employee works at least forty (40) hours per week for a fullyear in his/her assigned classification and is eligible for full fringe benefits.Regular, part-time. There are two (2) classifications for this position:A. Regular part-time employee works a minimum of 1,040 hours over a 12 monthperiod in his/her assigned classification and is therefore eligible for fringe benefitson a prorate basis; orB. Regular part-time employee works at his/her assigned classification less thantwenty (20) hours per week for a full year who is therefore not eligible for fringebenefits.Temporary. This employee may be employed for any number of hours per week inpositions declared to be seasonal or temporary in nature. This person may beassigned to a classification temporarily vacated by a regular employee while onmilitary duty or other authorized absence, and is excluded from the fringe benefits.EXEMPT EMPLOYEES: Employees paid on a salaried basis and whose primary duties andresponsibilities meet the Fair Labor Standards Act criteria for executive, administrative orprofessional exemption from eligibility for overtime compensation.NONEXEMPT EMPLOYEES: Employees paid on an hourly basis and whose primary duties andresponsibilities meet the Fair Labor Standards Act criterial for mandatory eligibility forovertime compensation and minimum wages.EMERGENCY EMPLOYEE: An employee whose primary duties and responsibilities includeresponse to an emergency event during regular or non-regular hours. Emergencyemployees generally include Utility, Police and Public Works Department personnel.NON-EMERGENCY EMPLOYEE: An employee whose primary duties and responsibilities do notinclude response to an emergency event (severe weather, utility disruption, etc.) duringregular or non-regular hours. Non-Emergency employees generally include Administrative,Office, Library & Recreation personnel.Employee Initials4

EMPLOYEE TARGET SYSTEM (Updated 1/98): A target system designed to measure theperformance of an employee in achieving his/her performance standards/targets mutuallyestablished by the employee and Department Head. Employee targets shall be evaluatedafter an employee's initial six month evaluation period and then semiannually (October 1stand April 1st).GRIEVANCE: Any complaint, view or opinion relating to employment conditions orrelationships.HOLIDAY: The twenty-four (24) hour period starting at midnight and ending at midnight ofthe day observed.LAYOFF: The involuntary non disciplinary separation of an employee due to no fault of theemployee.LEAVE: An authorized absence from regularly scheduled work hours which has beenapproved by proper authority.OVERTIME: Authorized time worked by an employee in excess of his total normal workinghours per week, or for hours worked when an employee is called to return to duty due to anemergency as defined in Section 3.9. (Updated 2-07)EVALUATION PERIOD: A six (6) month working test period during which an employee isrequired to demonstrate his fitness for the position to which he is appointed by actualperformance of the duties of the position.REPRIMAND: A form of disciplinary action designed to not only admonish or warn anemployee but also to lead, guide, direct and instruct the employee in how to correct andavoid repeating the mistake, infraction, deficiency or problem.SEPARATION: The termination of employment by reason of disqualification, end oftemporary assignment, layoff, resignation, retirement or dismissal.WORK PERIOD: For all regular, full-time employees other than law enforcement officers,the work period shall be 40 hours per week and shall begin at the end of the shift on Fridayand conclude at the end of the shift on the following Friday.For law enforcement officers, the work period shall be 80 hours over a 14 day time periodand shall begin at the end of the shift on Friday and conclude after the 14 day time periodat the end of the shift on Friday.Non-exempt employees may only work during their scheduled work shift. All off-shift workis strictly prohibited without pre-authorization by the Department Head or appropriateauthority. Working unauthorized overtime is grounds for disciplinary action, up to andincluding termination of employment.SUSPENSION: A form of discipline consisting of relieving an employee from work withoutpay for a specific period of time depending upon the seriousness bringing about thedisciplinary action.TERMINATION: The permanent separation of an employee from the service of the City ofSeward (see "Separation" above).WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Benefits received by an employee who is injured whilecarrying out his assignment, as determined by the applicable state laws.Employee Initials5

1. GENERAL PERSONNEL POLICIES1.1 Appearance and Conduct:The City of Seward expects all City employees to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearanceat all times. Employees should use good judgement and avoid extremes in dress andpersonal appearance.The orderly and efficient operations of the City of Seward require that employees maintainproper standards of conduct at all times to succeed and promote efficiency, productivity andcooperation throughout their operations. All Departments shall strictly adhere to allInsurance underwriting criteria and recommendations on proper safety clothing andequipment requirements. Police Department and Pool employees may be regulated byseparate policies based upon the conditions and risks associated with their positions.Employees who fail to maintain proper standards of appearance and conduct toward theirwork environment, co-workers or customers, or who violate any of the City’s policies will besubject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.In enforcing this dress and personal appearance policy, supervisors must make reasonableaccommodations for dress or grooming directly related to the employees’ religion, ethnicity,or disability; and specify any additional or alternate requirem

Seward, the personnel policies which affect your employment. This manual contains information on how your City government is organized, your responsibilities as an employee of the City and your job benefits. It is designed to answer questions which may arise concerning your job. However, if you have a question which is not answered in this manual