ARCHIVES RECORDRG201Seward County, Nebraska& filmRecords: 1866-1984Cubic ft.: 78Approx. # of Items: 189 vols., 25 boxes;844 volumes on 77 reels of 35mm microfilmand a card index on 4 reels of 16mmmicrofilm.HISTORICAL NOTEOn January 3, 1862, Seward County, Nebraska, was formed from the remains of Greene County by theTerritorial Legislature. The original name honored Senator Greene of Missouri who became a ConfederateGeneral during the Civil War. The County's present name was given to honor William H. Seward.The first permanent settlement was made by Daniel Morgan in 1858. The first county elections wereheld in October of 1865. Prior to that date Seward County was linked to Lancaster County for judicial purposesdue to scant population. Seward, Nebraska was made the county seat by special election in 1867.SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTEThe records of Seward County are arranged into ten subgroups: 1) Assessor, 1871-1912; 2) Treasurer,1872-1900; 3) County Board of Commissioners; 4) County Clerk, 1869-1964; 5) County Surveyor, 1867-1954;6) Register of Deeds (no records); 7) County Court, 1869-1976; 8) District Court, 1869-1971; 9) Superintendentof Schools (no record); and 10) School District Records, Misc. records from Beaver Crossing and HighlandSchool, School District #52.Subgroup One, Assessor, contains personal and real estate precinct assessment volumes, 1872-1912, onmicrofilm.Subgroup Two, Treasurer, includes individual Township Assessor's Tax Lists for each township, 18721900, on microfilm. Volumes for 1879-1887 were not transferred to the Archives with the original accession in

November of 1967. Additional Records include miscellaneous fiscal volumes, 1874-1926.


RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 2& filmThe County Board Proceedings, 1867-1971, of Subgroup Three were copied from security microfilmproduced for the county in 1971. The State Archives cannot be responsible for the quality of microfilm notproduced by our agency. Some pages may be of poor quality on microfilm and copies cannot be made. TheBoard minutes begin after the records of the County Surveyor on roll #1 of this subgroup.Subgroup Five, County Surveyor, includes survey volumes of irregular tracts in the county, 1867-n.d.and four plat books for the county dating, c.1867-1954. These records exist on Roll #1 and are immediatelyfollowed by the records of Subgroup Three, County Board of Commissioners.Subgroup Six, Register of Deeds, contains numerical indexes for Township 9 which existed on microfilmwith records of Subgroup Three, County Board of Commissioners.Probate Records, 1872-1976, of Subgroup Seven, County Court, include Estate Books, 1873-1901 andProbate Dockets, 1870-1895, which are restricted to staff use only due to the presence of confidential records inthe dockets. Also included in this subgroup are Probate Dockets, 1919-1976; Administrative & GuardianshipDockets, 1872-1949; Justice of the Peace Dockets, 1877-1930; Civil Dockets, 1875-1881 with an index, 18871895; and Judge's Dockets, 1869-1913.Subgroup Eight, District Court, is divided into seven series: 1) Naturalization Records, 1869-1906; 2)General Index (no records); 3) Appearance Dockets (no records); 4) Daily Journal (no records); 5) CompleteRecord (no records); 6) Case Files (no records); and 7) Bills of Exception . The bulk of this subgroup exists inthe Naturalization Records on microfilm in the John C. Olson Reference Room.Subgroup Nine, County Sheriff, contains one box of coroner reports, 1969-1986.

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 3& filmDESCRIPTIONSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR, 1872-1912filmSERIES ONEPRECINCT ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES, 1872-1912Vols. 1-71872Personal & Real EstateVols. 8-221873-1874Personal & Real EstateVols. 23-371875Personal & Real EstateVols. 38-531876Personal & Real EstateVols. 54-691877Personal & Real EstateVols. 70-851878Personal & Real EstateVols. 86-1031879Personal & Real EstateVols. 104-1231880Personal & Real EstateVols. 124-1421881Personal & Real EstateVols. 143-1601882Personal & Real EstateVols. 161-1801883Personal & Real EstateVols. 181-2001884Personal & Real EstateVols. 201-2211885Personal & Real EstateVols. 222-2411886Personal & Real EstateVols. 242-2621887Personal & Real EstateVols. 263-2811888Personal & Real EstateVols. 282-3001889Personal & Real EstateVols. 301-3211890Personal & Real EstateVols. 322-3421891Personal & Real EstateVols. 343-3641892Personal & Real EstateVols. 365-3881893Personal & Real EstateVols. 389-4101894Personal & Real EstateVols. 411-4341895Personal & Real Estate

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 4& filmVols. 435-4561896Personal & Real EstateVols. 457-4791897Personal & Real EstateVols. 480-5031898Personal & Real EstateVols. 504-5261899Personal & Real EstateVols. 527-5491900Personal & Real EstateVols. 550-5741901Personal & Real EstateVols. 575-5961902Personal & Real EstateVols. 597-6201903Personal & Real EstateVols. 621-6451904Personal & Real Estate

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 5& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEPRECINCT ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES (cont)Vols. 646-6681905Personal & Real EstateVols. 669-6951906Personal & Real EstateVol. 6961909-1911Agricultural StatisticsVol. 6971909-1912Recaps - Real EstatefilmSERIES ONEReel #1ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #1 - Beaver Creek Precinct967 shotsPersonal, 18721934 pp.thru#21,208Assessments, Vol. #47 - "J" PrecinctReal Estate, 1876Reel #2Assessments, Vol. #48 - "K" Precinct933 shotsPersonal, 18761866 pp.thru#21,209Assessments, Vol. #85 - "P" PrecinctReal Estate, 1878Reel #3Assessments, Vol.#86 - "A" Precinct868 shotsPersonal, 18791736 pp.thru#21,210Assessments, Vol.#112 - "J" PrecinctReal Estate, 1880Reel #4866 shotsAssessments, Vol. #113 - "K" PrecinctPersonal, 1880MP3845

RG201Seward County, Nebraska& film1732 pp.#21,211thruAssessments, Vol. #130 - "I" PrecinctReal Estate, 1881Reel #5Assessments, Vol. #131 - "J" Precinct865 shotsPersonal, 18811730 pp.thru#21,212Assessments, Vol. #147 - "H" PrecinctReal Estate, 1882Sheet 6

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 7& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #6ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORD MP3845Assessments, Vol. #148 - "I" Precinct869 shotsPersonal, 18821738 pp.thru#21,213Assessments, Vol. #164 - "G" PrecinctReal Estate, 1883Reel #7Assessments, Vol. #165 - "H" Precinct852 shotsPersonal, 18831704 pp.thru#21,214Assessments, Vol. #182 - "E" PrecinctReal Estate, 1884Reel #8Assessments, Vol. #183 - "F" Precinct852 shotsPersonal, 18841704 pp.thru#21,216Assessments, Vol. #200 - "C" PrecinctReal Estate, 1885Reel #9Assessments, Vol. #201 - "D" Precinct874 shotsPersonal, 18851748 pp.thru#21,217Assessments, Vol. #218 - "E" PrecinctUtica, Personal, 1885Reel #10Assessments, Vol. #218 cont. - "E" Precinct865 shotsUtica, Real Estate, 18851730 pp.thru#21,219Assessments, Vol. #235 - "P" Precinct

RG201Seward County, Nebraska& filmReal Estate, 1886Reel #11Assessments, Vol. #236 - "G" Precinct869 shotsCity of Seward, Personal, 18861738 pp.thru#21,226Assessments, Vol. #252 - City of MilfordPersonal, 1887Sheet 8

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 9& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #12ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #253 - "N" Precinct877 shotsPersonal, 18871754 pp.thru#21,237Assessments, Vol. #268 - "J" PrecinctReal Estate, 1888Reel #13Assessments, Vol. #269 - "K" Precinct864 shotsPersonal, 18881728 pp.thru#21,238Assessments, Vol. #281 - "C" PrecinctPersonal, 1889Reel #14Assessments, Vol. #281 cont. - "C" Precinct877 shotsReal Estate, 18891754 pp.thru#21,239Assessments, Vol. #296 - City of SewardPersonal, 1889Reel #15Assessments, Vol. #296 cont. - City of Seward807 shotsReal Estate, 18891714 pp.thru#21,240Assessments, Vol. #310 - "L" PrecinctReal Estate, 1890Reel #16Assessments, Vol. #311 - "M" Precinct802 shotsPersonal, 18901604 pp.thru#01,892Assessments, Vol. #323 - "E" PrecinctMP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 10& filmReal Estate, 1891Reel #17Assessments, Vol. #324 - "F" Precinct1764 pp.Real Estate, 1891 cont.842 shotsthru#01,891Assessments, Vol. #337 - Seward, p.61 (1891)#0Personal, 1891NOTE: Fr. #419, Item Target, vol. should be #332

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 11& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #18ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #337 cont. - City of Seward856 shotsp.62 (1892)1712 pp.thru#01,893Assessments, Vol. #353 - "M" PrecinctReal Estate, 1892Reel #19Assessments, Vol. #354 - "O" Precinct862 shotsCity of Milford, 18921724 pp.thru#01,894Assessments, Vol. #368 - "F" PrecinctPersonal, 1893Reel #20Assessments, Vol. #368 cont. - "F" Precinct789 shotsReal Estate, 18931578 pp.thru#01,895Assessments, Vol. #381 - City of SewardPersonal, 1893Reel #21Assessments, Vol. #381 cont. - City of Seward833 shotsReal Estate, 18931666 pp.thru#01,896Assessments, Vol. #398 - "J" PrecinctReal Estate, 1894MP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 12& filmReel #22Assessments, Vol. #399 - "K" Precinct845 shotsPersonal, 18941690 pp.thru#01,897Assessments, Vol. #412 - "M" PrecinctBeaver Crossing & Cordova, 1895

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 13& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #23ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #413 - "C" Precinct832 shotsPersonal, 18951664 pp.thru#01,898Assessments, Vol. #428 - "P" PrecinctCamden, Real Estate Recap, 1895NOTE: Vol. #428, reel ends with pagedescription of Crete, Milford andWestern Railroad Right-of-way through"P" Township.Reel #24Assessments, Vol. #429 - City of Seward826 shotsPersonal, 18951652 pp.thru#01,899Assessments, Vol. #443 - "H" PrecinctReal Estate, S23-T11-R4Reel #25Assessments, Vol.#443 cont. - "H" Precinct793 shotsReal Estate, S24-T11-R41586 pp.thru#01,900Assessments, Vol. #456 - City of UticaReal Estate, 3rd Add., Lot 20, S29-11-1Vol. ends, tax footings, 1896Reel #26Assessments, Vol. #457 - "A" Precinct820 shotsPersonal, 18971640 pp.thru#01,902Assessments, Vol. #472 - City of MilfordMP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 14& filmReal Estate, Doles Add., Lot 16, Blk H, 1897Reel #27Assessments, Vol. #472 cont. - City of Milford880 shotsReal Estate, Doles Add., Lot 1, Blk I, 18971760 pp.thru#01,903Assessments, Vol. #487 - "G" PrecinctPersonal Property Statistics, 1898

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 15& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDReel #28Assessments, Vol. #487 cont. - "G" Precinct798 shotsReal Estate, S1-T11-R3, 18981596thru#01,904Assessments, Vol. #500 - City of StaplehurstMP3845Real Estate, Jorgemen's Addition,Lot 6, Blk 28, 1898Reel #29Assessments, Vol. #501 - City of Tamora848 shotsPersonal, 18981726 pp.thru#01,905Assessments, Vol. #517 - "L" PrecinctReal Estate, 1899RETAKE: Vol. #513 (H Precinct), 1899 missed inoriginal filming. Retake spliced toEnd of ReelReel #30Assessments, Vol. #518 - "M" Precinct839 shotsPersonal, 18991678 pp.thru#01,906Assessments, Vol. #531 - "D" PrecinctReal Estate, 1900Reel #31Assessments, Vol. #532 - "E" Precinct876 shotsPersonal, 19001752 pp.thru#01,907Assessments, Vol. #546 - City of SewardReal Estate, 1900

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 16& filmReel #32Assessments, Vol. #547 - Village of Staplehurst877 shotsPersonal, 19001754 pp.thru#01,908Assessments, Vol. #563 - "L" PrecinctReal Estate, 1901

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 17& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #33ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #564 - "M" Precinct859 shotsPersonal, 19011718 pp.thru#01,909Assessments, Vol. #578 - "D" PrecinctReal Estate, 1902Reel #34Assessments, Vol. #579 - "E" Precinct748 shotsPersonal, 19021496 pp.thru#01,910Assessments, Vol. #592 - "P" PrecinctReal Estate, 1902Reel #35Assessments, Vol. #593 - City of Seward802 shots1604 pp.#01,911Personal, 1902thruAssessments, Vol. #606 - "G" PrecinctReal Estate, 1903Reel #36Assessments, Vol. #607 - "H" Precinct803 shotsVillage of Germantown, Personal, 19031606 pp.thru#01,912Assessments, Vol. #619 - City of StaplehurstReal Estate, 1903Reel #37Assessments, Vol.#620 - City of Tamora692 shotsPersonal, 19031384 pp.thru#01,913Assessments, Vol. #625 - City of BeeMP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 18& filmReal Estate, 1904Reel #38Assessments, Vol. #626 cont. - "C" Precinct665 shotsPersonal, 19041330 pp.thru#01,914Assessments, Vol. #630 - "G" PrecinctPersonal (Dunbaugh, S. W.), 1904

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 19& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #39ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #630 cont. - "G" Precinct660 shotsPersonal (Ebben, Alvine), 19041320 pp.thru#01,915Assessments, Vol. #634 - "J" PrecinctPersonal (Mundhenke, S. A.), 1904Reel #40Assessments, Vol. #634 cont. - "J" Precinct665 shotsPersonal (Nebr. Telephone Co.), 19041330 pp.thru#01,916Assessments, Vol.#638 - City of MilfordReal Estate Recapitulation, 1904Reel #41Assessments, Vol. #639 - "N" Precinct693 shotsPersonal, 19041386 pp.thru#01,950Assessments, Vol. #643 - City of SewardPersonal "N", 1904Reel #42Assessments, Vol. #643 cont. - City of Seward678 shotsPersonal "O", 19041356 pp.thru#01,951Assessments, Vol. #648 - "B" PrecinctPersonal "E", 1905Reel #43Assessments, Vol. #648 cont. - "B" Precinct680 shotsPersonal "F", 19051360 pp.thru#21,245Assessments, Vol. #653 - "E" PrecinctMP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 20& filmPersonal "D", 1905NOTE: End of Reel, Operator's Certificateshould say ending in "D" Personal

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 21& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #44ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDMP3845Assessments, Vol. #653 cont. - "E" Precinct682 shotsPersonal "E", 19051364 pp.thru#21,246Assessments, Vol. #657 - "H" PrecinctPersonal "P", 1905NOTE: End of Reel, Operator's Certificateshould say ending in "P" PersonalReel #45Assessments, Vol. #657 cont. - "H" Precinct682 shotsPersonal "R", 19051364 pp.thru#21,247Assessments, Vol. #662 - "M" PrecinctPersonal "B", 1905NOTE: End of Reel, Operator's Certificateshould say ending in "B" PersonalReel #46Assessments, Vol. #662 cont. - "M" Precinct685 shotsPersonal "C", 19051368 pp.thru#21,248Assessments, Vol. #666 - "P" PrecinctPersonal "L", 1905NOTE: Target, frame #148 in error. Shoulddesignate Vol. #663RETAKE: Vol. #666, 1905 "P" Precinct, personal"L", fogged in filming. Retake spliced

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 22& filmto End of Reel.Reel #47Assessments, Vol. #666 cont. - "P" Precinct669 shotsPersonal "M", 19051338 pp.thru#21,249Assessments, Vol. #671 - City of UticaPersonal "I", 1905

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 23& filmSUBGROUP ONEASSESSOR (cont)filmSERIES ONEReel #48ASSESSMENT SCHEDULES - MICROFILM RECORDAssessments, Vol. #671 cont. - City of Utica650 shotsPersonal "J", 19051300 pp.thru#21,250Assessments, Vol. #675 - City of BeePersonal "U", 1906Reel #49Assessments, Vol. #675 cont. - City of Bee650 shotsPersonal "U", 19061300 pp.thru#21,251Assessments, Vol. #680 - "G" PrecinctPersonal "F", 1906Reel #50Assessments, Vol. #680 cont. - "G" Precinct656 shotsPersonal "G", 19061312 pp.thru#21,252Assessments, Vol. #684 - "J" PrecinctPersonal "T", 1906Reel #51Assessments, Vol. #684 cont. - "J" Precinct636 shotsPersonal "U", 19061272 pp.thru#21,253Assessments, Vol. #688 - City of MilfordReal Estate, 1906Reel #52Assessments, Vol. #689 - "N" Precinct666 shotsPersonal, 19061332 pp.thru#21,254Assessments, Vol. #693 - City of StaplehurstMP3845

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 24& filmPersonal "S", 1906Reel #53Assessments, Vol. #693 cont. - City of Staplehurst488 shots937 pp.#21,255Personal "T", 1906thruAssessments, Vol. #697Recapitulations, Real Estate, 1909-1912

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 25& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURERfilmSERIES ONEVol. 1TOWNSHIP TAX LISTS, 1872-1900School District Taxes, 1872Personal & Real Estate, 1872Beaver Creek - Walnut Creek pctsRecapitulations, 1872-1874Vol. 2School District Taxes, 1873Personal & Real Estate, 1873"A" Precinct - "P" PrecinctPersonal & Real Estate, 1874"A" Precinct - Deductions, 1873Vol. 3School District Sinking Fund, 1875Personal & Real Estate, 1875"A" Precinct - "L" PrecinctAdditions, 1875Vol. 4Personal & Real Estate, 1875"M" Precinct - "P" PrecinctReal Estate, S34-T9-R4, 1872-1877Recapitulations, 1872-1880Vol. 5School District Taxes, 1876Personal & Real Estate"A" Precinct - "P" PrecinctRecapitulations, 1876Vol. 6School District Taxes, 1878Personal & Real Estate, 1878

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 26& film"A" Precinct thru"G" Precinct Real Estate, Seward CityH.M. & R's Add., Lot 12, Blk 63

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 27& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONEVol. 7TOWNSHIP TAX LISTS (cont)Real Estate, Precinct "G" cont., 1878H.M. & R's Add., Lot 1, Blk 64thruPersonal & Real Estate, 1878"H" Precinct - "P" PrecinctRailroad & Utilities, pp. 244-245Recapitulations, pp.246-259NOTE: The following volumes contain Personal & Real Estatevaluations & taxes for all townships & towns.Vol. 8ACity of Seward, 1888Vol. 8B"A" Township, 1888Vol. 9"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1888-1889Vol. 10"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1888-1889Vol. 11"D" Township, 1888-1889Vol. 12"E" Township & Utica Village, 1888-1889Vol. 13"F" Township & Tamora, 1888-1889Vol. 14"G" Township, 1888-1889Vol. 15"H" Township & Germantown, 1888-1889Vol. 16"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1888-1889Vol. 17"J" Township & Ruby, 1888-1889Vol. 18"K" Township & Goehner, 1888-1889Vol. 19"L" Township, 1888-1889Vol. 20"M" Twnshp, Beaver Crossing & Hunkins, 188-1889Vol. 21"N" Township, 1888-1889Vol. 22"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1888-1889

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 28& filmVol. 23Vol. 24"P" Township, 1888-1889City of Seward, 1889Vol. 25"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1890Vol. 26"D" Township, 1890Vol. 27"G" Township, 1890Vol. 28"H" Township & Germantown, 1890Vol. 29"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1890Vol. 30"N" Township, 1890Vol. 31"M" Twnshp, Beaver Crossing & Hunkins, 1890

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 29& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS (cont)Vol. 32"P" Township & Camden, 1890Vol. 33"A" Township, 1891Vol. 34"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1891Vol. 35"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1891Vol. 36"F" Township & Tamora, 1891Vol. 37"G" Township, 1891Vol. 38"H" Township & Germantown, 1891Vol. 39"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1891Vol. 40"J" Township & Ruby, 1891Vol. 41"K" Township & Goehner, 1891Vol. 42"M" Township, Beaver Crossing, & Hunkins, 1891Vol. 43"N" Township, 1891Vol. 44"O" Township, Milford & Grover, 1891Vol. 45"P" Township & Camden, 1891Vol. 46City of Seward, 1891Vol. 47"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1892"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1892, see v.70Vol. 48"G" Township, 1892Vol. 49"H" Township & Germantown, 1892Vol. 50"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1892"M" Township, Beaver Crossing, & Hunkins, 1892(see vol. #74)Vol. 51"O" Township, Milford & Grover, 1892Vol. 52"P" Township & Camden, 1892"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1893

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 30& film(see vol. #57)Vol. 53"F" Township & Tamora, 1893Vol. 54"H" Township & Germantown, 1893"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1893(see vol. #73)"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Cordova, 1893(see Vol. #67)"O" Township, Milford & Grover, 1893(see Vol. #68)

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 31& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS (cont)NOTE: The following volumes contain both personal andreal estate valuations for each township.Vol. 55"P" Township & Camden, 1893Vol. 56"A" Township, 1894Vol. 57"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1893-1894Vol. 58"E" Township & Utica, 1894"F" Township & Tamora, 1894 (see vol. #71)"H" Township & Germantown, 1894 (see vol. #72)"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1894(see Vol. #66)"N" Township, 1894 (see vol. #68)Vol. 59"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1894"P" Township & Camden, 1894 (see vol. #76)Vol. 60"B" Township & Village of Bee, 1895Vol. 61"F" Township & Tamora, 1895Vol. 62"H" Township & Germantown, 1895Vol. 63"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1895Vol. 64"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1895Vol. 65"P" Township & Camden, 1895"F" Township & Tamora, 1896 (see vol. #71)"H" Township & Germantown, 1896 (see vol. #72)Vol. 66"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1894, 1896Vol. 67"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Cordova,1893 & 1896Vol. 68"N" Township, 1894 & 1896

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 32& filmVol. 69"O" Township, Milford & Grover, 1893 & 1896"P" Township & Camden, 1896 (see Vol. #76)(Delinquent Taxes, 1896, see Vol. #23)Vol. 70"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1892 & 1897Vol. 71"F" Township & Tamora, 1894, 1896-1897Vol. 72"H" Township & Germantown, 1894, 1896-1897(ends Delinquent Taxes, 1897)

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 33& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS (cont)NOTE: The following volumes contain both personal andreal estate valuations for each township.Vol. 73"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1893 & 1897(ends Delinquent Taxes, 1897Vol. 74"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Hunkins, 1892"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Cordova, 1897Vol. 75"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1897(ends Delinquent Taxes, 1897)Vol. 76"P" Township & Camden, 1894, 1896-1897Vol. 77"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1898Vol. 78"F" Township & Tamora, 1898"H" Township & Germantown, 1898 (see Vol. #83)"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1898 (see v.84)Vol. 79"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Cordova, 1898Vol. 80"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1898(ends, correspondence, 1888 & 1899)Vol. 81"P" Township & Camden, 1898Vol. 82"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1899Vol. 83"H" Township & Germantown, 1898-1899(ends Delinquent Taxes, 1899)Vol. 84"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1898-1899(ends Delinquent Taxes, 1899)Vol. 85"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1899(ends Railroads & Utilities, 1899)

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 34& filmVol. 86"P" Township & Camden, 1899Vol. 87"C" Township & Staplehurst, 1900Vol. 88"F" Township & Tamora, 1900Vol. 89"H" Township & Germantown, 1900Vol. 90"I" Township & Pleasant Dale, 1900Vol. 91"M" Township, Beaver Crossing & Cordova, 1900Vol. 92"O" Township, Grover & Milford, 1900Vol. 93"P" Township & Camden, 1900Vol. 94Railroads & Utilities, n.d.

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 35& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS - MICROFILM RECORD MP3845NOTE: Ignore Series Number on microfilm targetsNOTE: All Tax Lists contain Personal & Real Estate valuations.Reel #53Tax List, Vol. #1, p. 0fr. #489169 shotsSchool District Taxes, 1872thru342 pp. Tax List, Vol. #2, p.18"C" Precinct Personal "P", 1873Reel #54Tax List, Vol. #2 cont., p.19668 shots"C" Precinct Personal "P" cont., 18731336 pp.thru#21,256Tax List, Vol. #5, p.155Recapitulations, 1876Reel #55Tax List, Vol. #6, p. 0631 shotsSchool District Taxes, 18781262 pp.thru#21,257Tax List, Vol. #15 - "H" TownshipPersonal "M", 1888NOTE:1877 Township Tax Lists were notavailable at time of filming.NOTE: 1879-1887 Township Tax Lists werenot available at time of filming.Reel #56660 shotsTax List, Vol. #15 cont. - "H" TownshipPersonal "N", 1888

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 36& film1320 pp.thru#21,258Tax List, Vol. #35 - "C" TownshipStaplehurst, Real Estate, L14, B6, 1891NOTE: Frame #370, Delinquent Tax StatementsTownship "P", 1896 follow Vol. #23NOTE: Vol. #35 is repeated in its entiretyon Reel #57.

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 37& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS - MICROFILM RECORD MP3845NOTE: Ignore series number on microfilm targets.Reel #57Tax List, Vol. #35 - "C" Township & Staplehurst626 shotsp.1, Township Personal "A", 18911252 pp.thru#21,259Tax List, Vol. #56 - "A" TownshipReal Estate, S8-T12-R4, 1894NOTE: Vols. 57-76 contain several yearsvaluations, 1892-1897. See inventory forguide.Reel #58Tax List, Vol. #57 - "B" Township649 shotsand Village of Bee, 1893-18941298 pp.thru#21,260Tax List, Vol. #71 - "F" Township & TamoraReal Estate, 1897Reel #59Tax List, Vol. #72 - "H" Township & Germantown647 shotsTownship Personal, 18941294 pp.thru#21,261Tax List, Vol. #85 - "O" TownshipRailroads & Utilities, 1899NOTE: Vol. #79, "M" Township - Target inerror. Vol. targeted, M Township & BeaverCrossing only.NOTE: Vol. #82, "C" Township, Damaged

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 38& filmoriginal volume. Personal A-G partiallymissing.NOTE: Vol. #85, "O" Township - Targetin error. Target reads O Township andGermantown. Target should be "O" townshipGrover & Milford.

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 39& filmSUBGROUP TWOTREASURER (cont)filmSERIES ONETOWNSHIP TAX LISTS - MICROFILM RECORD MP3845NOTE: Ignore Series number on microfilm targets.Roll #60Tax List, Vol. #86 - "P" Township270 shotsPersonal "A", 1899540 pp. thru#21,262Tax List, Vol. #94 - n.d.Railroad & Utilities Tax ListSERIES TWOCOUNTY TAX LISTSThe State Archives has not accessioned the regularTax Lists for Seward County.SERIES THREEDELINQUENT TAX LISTSThe Archives does not hold this recordSERIES FOURTAX SALE AND REDEMPTION RECORDSThe Archives does not hold this recordSERIES FIVESPECIAL ASSESSMENTSThe Archives does not hold this recordSERIES SIXMOTOR VEHICLE TAX LISTSThe Archives does not hold this record


RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 41& filmSUBGROUP THREECOUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERSfilmSERIES ONEVol. #1COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS, 1867-1971Proceedings, Vol. #1p.0 - Index to Treas. Settlements, 1870-1877pp.1-4 (poor quality), 1867thrup.47 (October 5, 1869)Vol. #2Proceedings, Vol. #2Tax Statements, 1865-1880Index & p.1 (October 10, 1876) thrup.479 (November 11, 1881)Vol. #3Proceedings, Vol. #3Index & p.1 (November 21, 1881) thrup.476 (February 17, 1886)Vol. #4Proceedings, Vol.#4Index & p.1 (March 15, 1886) thrup.480 (June 11, 1890)Vol. #5Proceedings, Vol.#5Index & p.1 (June 11, 1890) thrup.642 (March 19, 1895)Vol. #6Proceedings, Vol. #6Index & p.1 (June 11, 1895) thrup.631 (July 26, 1902)Vol. #7Proceedings, Vol.#7

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 42& filmIndex & p.1 (September 16, 1902) thrup.566 (January 3, 1911)Vol. #8Proceedings, Vol. #8Index & p.1 (January 10, 1911) thrup.607 (March 14, 1922)

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 43& filmSUBGROUP THREECOUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERSfilmSERIES ONEVol. #9COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS (cont)Proceedings, Vol.#9p.1 (April 4, 1922) thrup.649 (January 13, 1931)Vol. #10Proceedings, Vol. #10p.1 (February 3, 1931) thrup.696 (January 9, 1940)Vol. #11Proceedings, Vol. #11p.1 (February 6, 1940) thrup.700 (July 31, 1951)Vol. #12Proceedings, Vol. #12p.1 (August 7, 1951) thrup.707 (December 28, 1965)Vol. #13Proceedings, Vol. #13p.1 (January 6, 1966) thrup.398 (September 14, 1971)filmSERIES ONECOUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS - MICROFILM RECORDNOTE: County Board Proceedings follow on roll #1, Vol. #4of plats described in Subgroup Five, County Surveyor.NOTE: Microfilm was copied from security microfilmproduced by Kwik Chek Co. of Red Cloud in 1971 forthe county. The State Archives cannot be responsiblefor microfilm not produced by this agency.Roll #1RMA0615

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 44& filmcont.Proceedings, Vol. #1316 pp.p.0 - Index to Treasurer's Settlements,SF CopyDecember 1870 - July 1877AR #69thruSF00069Proceedings, Vol. #2Diazo Neg.p.269 (September 3, 1879)NOTE: Vol.#1, 1867 is nearly illegible:

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 45& filmSUBGROUP THREECOUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERSfilmSERIES ONEBOARD PROCEEDINGS - MICROFILM RECORDRMA0615Roll #2Proceedings, Vol. #2 cont.1857 pp.p.270 (September 3, 1879 cont.)SF CopythruAR #70Proceedings, Vol. #6SF00070p.49 (September 17, 1895)Diazo Neg.Roll #3Proceedings, Vol.#6 cont.1820 pp.p.50 (September 17, 1895)SF CopythruAR #71Proceedings, Vol. #9SF00071p.65 (March 6, 1923)Diazo Neg.Roll #4Proceedings, Vol. #9 cont.1980 pp.p.66 (April 3, 1923)SF CopythruAR #72Proceedings, Vol. #11SF00072Roll #5p.700 (July 31, 1951)Proceedings, Vol. #121105 pp.p.1 (August 7, 1951)SF CopythruAR #73Proceedings, Vol. #13SF00073p.398 (September 14, 1971)Diazo Neg.Resolution #176NOTE: These volumes are partially

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 46& filmblurred and out of focus eitherdue to poor original print orfilming error.

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 47& filmSUBGROUP FOURSERIES ONEB.1COUNTY CLERK, 1869-1964MARRIAGE RECORDS (not on microfilm)Marriage Licenses & Certificates, 1866-1875NOTE: See Appendix "A" for 1874f.81875filmSERIES ONEVol. 1MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1869-1964Marriage Docket, Vol. #1 (Indexed)p.1 (Neihardt-Morgan), January 5, 1869thrup.452 (Hohenadel-Lawrence), June 7, 1878Vol. 2Marriage Docket, Vol. #2 (Indexed)p.1 (#1), Foster-Perdue (June 15, 1878)thrup.612 (#251), Rutterbush-Grimes (Oct. 14, 1884)Vol. 3Marriage Docket, Vol. #3 (Indexed)p.1 (Murphy-Allmon), October 13, 1884thru

RG201Seward County, NebraskaSheet 48& filmp.580 (Wait-Haney), March 14, 1889Vol. 4Marriage Docket, Vol. #4 (Indexed)p.1 (Rumsay-Davis), March 14, 1889thrup.556 (Hayford-Terrell), June 18, 1893


RG201 Seward County, Nebraska & film Records: 1866-1984 Cubic ft.: 78 Approx. # of Items: 189 vols., 25 boxes; 844 volumes on 77 reels of 35mm microfilm and a card index on 4 reels of 16mm microfilm. HISTORICAL NOTE On January 3, 1862, Seward County, Nebraska, was formed from the remains of Greene County by the Territorial Legislature. .