Open ClassDomestic ProductsPremium BookAugust 5 - 8, 2021Seward County Fairgrounds1 P a g e

Welcome to the 151st Annual Seward County Fair. On behalf of theSeward County Agricultural Society, I would like to welcome you to oneof the premier county fairs in Nebraska. Each year the Seward CountyFair showcases the talents and hard work of the county’s youth asdemonstrated through their participation in 4-H and FFA programs. Weinvite you to catch one of the many shows, tour the countless exhibitsand show your support for these fine young people.The purpose of the county fair is to showcase agriculture andthroughout the fair you will find both exhibits and activities thatdemonstrate the important role that agriculture plays in Seward Countyand Nebraska. What fair would be complete without food andentertainment? The Seward County Fair offers a wide selection of yourfair food favorites and a variety of entertainment events to suiteveryone’s tastes.This fair is made possible by the taxpayers of Seward County, manygenerous sponsors, commercial exhibitors, and countless volunteers. TheSeward County Ag Society would like to thank each of them for makingthe Seward County Fair a huge success.See you at the fair!Ron WallmanPresident, Seward County Ag SocietyFor information about fair events contact the following:Open Class Superintendent:Ginny KorandaSmall Animal Barn:Matt KorandaDevin KorandaFigure 8 & Demolition Derby:Ron HerleyCommercial Exhibits & Outdoor Displays:Doug BrandAntique Machinery Barn:Mark GreckelMarlin LuebbeByron 042 P a g e

2021 FAIR PROGRAM SCHEDULESaturday, July 3110:00 a.m.Archery; Reunion Center7:00 p.m.Bull Riding; GrandstandsPublic Fashion Show; Harvest HallSunday, August 12:00 p.m.Air Pistol, BB Gun & Air Rifle Contests: 4-H CenterMonday, August 28:00 a.m.4-H Horse Show; GrandstandsTuesday, August 39:00 a.m.4-H Horse Show; Grandstands6-8:00 p.m.Enter all Open Class exhibits except poultry & rabbits;Ag Pavilion (Quilts in Harvest Hall)Wednesday, August 48-8:30 a.m.Open Class entries continue for Flowers & Produceonly; Ag Pavilion9:00 a.m.Open Class judging begins; Ag Pavilion & Harvest Hall4-H Dog Show; Reunion Center10:00 a.m.Team Roping; Rodeo Arena4-8:00 p.m.Enter Open Class Poultry, Water Fowl & Rabbits;Small Animal BarnThursday, August 58:00 a.m.4-H Rabbit Show, Small Animal Barn;followed by Open Class Rabbit Judging3:00 p.m.4-H & FFA Sheep Show; Livestock Center5:00 p.m.Exhibit buildings open (close at 9:00 p.m.)4-H & FFA Meat Goat Show: Livestock Center5:30 p.m.Wine & Cheese; Harvest Hall6:00 p.m.Muttin’ Bustin’; Rodeo ArenaBaby Olympics; Ag Pavilion7:30 p.m.“Giddy Up” Pony Races; Ag PavilionThe Humdingers Band; Beer Garden3 P a g e

Friday, August 68:00 a.m.4-H & FFA Poultry Show, followed by Open Class;Small Animal Barn9:00 a.m.4-H & FFA Dairy Cattle Show, Livestock Center11:00 a.m.Exhibit buildings open (closes at 9:00 p.m.)11-4:00 p.m. Lincoln Wool Hand Weavers Demo; Ag Pavilion11-9:00 p.m. FFA Petting Zoo1-4:00Kids Stories, Face Painting, Tractor Rides; Ag Pavilion4-H & FFA Dairy Goat Show; Livestock Center4:00 p.m.4-H & FFA Beef Production Show, Livestock Center4:30 p.m.4-H & FFA Beef Show, Livestock Center5:00 p.m.4-H Foundation Hamburger Feed; east of 4-H Center6:00 p.m.Grandstand Concerts begin featuring Parker McCullum6:30 p.m.Horseshoe Pitching Contest (call 402-643-5719 to enter)Saturday, August 78:00 a.m.4-H & FFA Hog Show, Livestock Center9:30 a.m.Kids Fishing Contest; Pond11:00 a.m.Exhibit building open (closes at 9:00 p.m.)11-4:00 p.m. Kipp Davis - Artist at Work; Ag Pavilion1-4:00 p.m.Ace Hardware “Build a Birdhouse”; Harvest Hall1:30 p.m.4-H Cat Show; Ag Pavilion2:15 p.m.4-H Small Animal Show; Ag Pavilion4:00 p.m.Overall Showman Contest; Livestock Center5-6:00 p.m.Accordion Jamboree, Ag Pavilion6:00 p.m.Demo Derby; Grandstands7:00 p.m.Stan Mitchell; Ag PavilionThe Links; Harvest Hall9:00 p.m.Brian Milson Concert; Beer GardenSunday, August 89-11:00 a.m. Exhibitor & Family Breakfast, 4-H Center11:00 a.m.Exhibit building open (closes at 3:00 p.m.)Clover Kid Pet Show, Ag Pavilion12:30 p.m.Livestock Subsidy Auction; Livestock Center1:00 p.m.Weiner Dog Race, Reunion CenterPedal Tractor Pull; Harvest Hall (registration @ noon)3:30-4:30 p.m. Release of all Open Class Exhibits6:00 p.m.Figure 8 Race; Grandstands4 P a g e

All Four Days of the Fair:Carnival; Antique Tractor Displays; 4-H, FFA and Open Class Exhibits;Indoor Commercial Booths; Outdoor Farm Machinery Displays; FoodAlley; Quilt Show and Lego DisplaysSEWARD COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETYOfficers:President: Ron WallmanVice President: Ron HerleyTreasurer: Van SpringerSecretary: Mike 08Board of Directors:District 1: Allen HainDistrict 2: Larry NaberDistrict 3: Ken OdvodyDistrict 4: Tim WinkelmanDistrict 5: Colton WehrsDistrict 6: Russ StutzmanDistrict 7: Austin SchweitzerAt Large: Doug 4Fairgrounds Manager: Ginny KorandaAssistant Treasurer: Lori TiemannBuildings & Grounds: Gary WolterSuperintendents:General Superintendents: Doug Brand & Mike FlyrGrounds & Buildings: Ron Herley, Van Springer & Ron WallmanCommercial & Outdoor Exhibits: Doug Brand4-H Liaison: Larry NaberConcerts and Ticket Sales: Austin Schweitzer, Ron Herley & VanSpringerLivestock Buildings: Allen Hain, Ken Odvody, Russ Stutzman &Larry NaberDemo Derby & Figure 8 Race: Ron Herley5 P a g e

Open Class Superintendents:Overall:Small Animal Barn:Horticulture & Farm Products:Foods:Needlework:Quilts:Flowers:Arts & Crafts:Photography:Data Entry:Antique Tractors:Ginny KorandaMatt Koranda andDevin KorandaGinelle DuerMarla RitterBonnie SmithBecky WallroffMarty NissenGinny KorandaDawn NavisNancy DolezalMark Greckel, Marlin Luebbeand Byron LuebbeGENERAL RULES & REGULATIONSReceipts of the fair will be applied to expenses of the fair.While the greatest possible care will be executed by the management toprotect patrons of the Seward County Fair, each individual will be heldpersonally responsible for his/her actions and the management will notbe accountable or responsible for any injury.Seward County Ag Society assumes no liability for loss or damage toany property of the concessionaire, exhibitor or patron, due to theft, fire,tornado, weather conditions or other causes.The Seward County Ag Society reserves to its board the final andabsolute right to interpret these Rules and Regulations, and arbitrarilysettle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regardthereto, otherwise arising out of, connected with, or incident to the fair.All rules and regulations apply to all exhibitors. Anything not covered byrules, State Fair rules cover.Unless otherwise stated, exhibits may not be removed until release time.Release of Open Class exhibits (except poultry & rabbits) is from 3:30p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the fair. Exhibitors must have their6 P a g e

pink entry tag receipt to claim their exhibit.Open Class premium money can be picked up in the Ag Pavilion duringthe exhibit release time or at the Ag Pavilion within ten working daysafter the final day of the fair. No premium money will be mailed. In casethere are insufficient funds to pay premiums in full, they will be proratedand paid accordingly. Unclaimed premiums will be forfeited.ExhibitsThe management will use diligence to insure the safety of stock orarticles after their arrival and placement but in no case will they beresponsible for any loss or damage that may occur. The managementreserves the right to reject unworthy objects of any kind by refusingspace or admission to the grounds. Under no circumstances willexhibitors be permitted access to display cases or space where exhibitsare shown.General Rules Pertinent to All Concessionaires & ExhibitorsThe Fair Board will assume no liability by reason of injury to property orperson by death of any person or persons on or about the premises of anyexhibitor or concessionaire, and also the Fair Board shall not be liable forany injury to any property or persons on the premises of any exhibitor orconcessionaire.The Fair Board reserves the right to move an exhibitor or concessionaireto a different location should it prove necessary because of previouscommitments or for the best interest of the Fair.The Fair Board reserves the right to remove exhibitors, vendors, or fairparticipants whose actions cause disruptions to normal fair operations.The illegal use of alcohol or drugs for humans or livestock during the fairis prohibited.Public SafetyThe superintendent of this department shall have general policesupervision of the grounds. They shall have full charge of the policeforce other than plain clothes men. They shall be subject to orders fromthe Fair Board. Any person who shall fail to perform the duties assigned7 P a g e

them or who shall leave their post of duty without permission to do so,shall be immediately discharged and forfeit such part of their salary asthe Superintendent may direct.All officers and policemen shall be sworn in as conservators of thepeace, and it shall be their duty to arrest any person creating adisturbance or violating any of the rules and regulations of the Fair, orthe laws of the State.The Seward County Ag Society reserves the right to conduct the fair,exhibition, entertainment, livestock shows, etc. in the best interest of thefamily fair and the fair goers. Should protesting groups endanger theproduction of the fair, the Seward County Ag Society reserves the rightto use law enforcement agencies to allow the fair to run properly and onschedule.ProtestsOpen Class protests must be made in writing and accompanied by adeposit of 10 in the livestock departments and 5 in other departments,which will be forfeited if protest is not sustained. Such protest must stateplainly the cause of complaint or appeal, and must be filed with theSecretary within 12 hours after cause of protest. No complaint or appealbased upon the statement that the judge or judges are incompetent will beconsidered by the Board.SuperintendentsNo superintendent or assistant will begin work on the books and recordsof any department until entirely familiar with established system.A superintendent has full charge of their department, subject to theorders of the Fair Board. The superintendent will have direction of allarticles in their respective department, see that all animals will havesuitable stalls and pens, and that articles are conveniently arranged forjudging. They will make recommendations to the Fair Board for theappointment of assistants in their departments.In case of disagreement the superintendent is directed to refer the party tofollow the protest process outlined above.8 P a g e

DEPARTMENT OOPEN CLASSENTRY TIMESTuesday, August 3, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.Enter all items except rabbits & poultryWednesday, August 4, 8:00-8:30 a.m.Entry continues for produce and cut flowers onlyWednesday, August 4, 4:00-8:00 p.m.Enter all rabbit & poultry exhibits in the Small Animal BarnSunday, August 8, 3:30–4:30 p.m.Check-out of exhibitsRules & EntriesIn the event of conflict of general and special rules, the latter will govern.Please observe the rules. Superintendents have the right to reject lateentries.All entries must be filed with the superintendents no later than the datesand times specified in these rules. Exhibitor must sign in at registrationtables during entry times. Entry tags may be obtained free from the AgPavilion, Jones Bank, Cattle Bank or the Seward County ExtensionOffice and must be filled out completely. Please note that the exhibitor’sname must be included on all tags for proper premium payment.“Professional” is defined as someone who earns money from their skillsuch as teaching or selling their skills or products.Judging in the Ag Pavilion begins at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday,August 4.Competition limited to exhibitors from Seward County and thesurrounding counties. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor in thelast five years. After taking first premium, an article cannot compete9 P a g e

again. In case there is a single entry in a class number, the judge shalldecide whether or not the article is worthy of a prize. Only SewardCounty residents may be eligible to receive large rosettes or any otherspecial award.The management will not be responsible for any loss or damage that mayoccur to exhibits, but the usual precautions for safety of the exhibits willbe taken.All exhibitors, except rabbit, poultry and fowl, will retrieve their entrieson, Sunday, August 8, 3:30-4:30 p.m., or make arrangements with theOpen Class Superintendent. Exhibitors must have their pink entry tagreceipt to claim their exhibit. If entries are not picked up, prize moneywill be forfeited. Not responsible for entries left at fair. Rabbit,poultry and waterfowl exhibits are released from 2:00-4:00 on Sunday,August 8.Information on entering exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair may beobtained from the Open Class Superintendent.stPAY 503.503.00 2.50Pay Category 1103.00112.501510.00164.00175.00Large Rosette 5.00Small Rosette ribbons will be given for Best of Category. No extra prizemoney will be awarded besides the premium. Best of Division willreceive a large Rosette Ribbon plus 5. This will be a decision of thejudge.10 P a g e

DIVISION 43 - DOMESTIC PRODUCTSMarla Ritter, SuperintendentPlease observe open class rules as stated at the beginning of the OpenClass section.No person is allowed to enter more than one article under each classnumber except in canning.There will be five age groups in this Division: A - Child: age 12 andunder; B - Youth: age 13-18; C - Adult: age 19 and up; D - Professional;E - Golden Age: age 62 and older. Best of Lot will receive Rosette plus 5.NEW!!! Special CompetitionSurprise Ingredient Baked ProductPay Category #11Judged on best use of a surprise ingredient(s) in a baked product.Class 66Any Baked Product with Surprise Ingredient(s)(recipe attached)Bread - One loaf, baked in single bread pan.Class 1French BreadClass 2Coffee CakeClass 3Nut BreadClass 4Other Quick bread (not listed)Class 5Bread MachineClass 6Whole WheatClass 7RyeClass 8WhiteClass 9Sour DoughClass 10Any other yeast bread not listedPay Category #1111 P a g e

Rolls - Four rolls on a paper plate.Class 11CinnamonClass 12WhiteClass 13Whole WheatClass 14Parker HouseClass 15KolachesClass 16MuffinsClass 17BiscuitsClass 18Any other rolls not listedCakes and Pies – Cakes must be whole and frosted, unless recipe statesotherwise.Class 19CakeClass 20Decorated - Judged on decoration onlya. Cakeb. CupcakeClass 21PieCookies - Four cookies on a paper plate.Class 22Dropa. Snickerdoodleb. Oatmeal or Oatmeal Raisinc. Chocolate Chipd. Peanut Buttere. Macaroonf. Sugarg. Chocolateh. Butterscotchi. OtherClass 23BarClass 24RolledClass 25No BakeDoughnuts - Four doughnuts on a paper plate.Class 27Any kind of cakeClass 28Raised12 P a g e

Homemade Candy - One half dozen on a paper plate.Class 29Chocolate FudgeClass 30CoconutClass 31DivinityClass 32FondantClass 33MintsClass 34Peanut BrittleClass 35OtherMicrowave BakingClass 36CookiesClass 37CakesClass 38CandyClass 39MuffinsCanning - Canned products will be opened. Each exhibitor will beallowed to enter more than one article in each class number, but only onevariety. Example: In Class 45 Fruits, an exhibitor can enter one jar ofapples, apricots, pears, etc. Please clearly label jars with kind of cannedproduct. Only the same kind of canned product will be judged together.Jars must be regulation canning jars in either pint or quart size with ringson. Jams and jellies may be in ½ pint jars.Class 45FruitsClass 46VegetablesClass 47JuicesClass 48PicklesClass 49RelishesClass 50Canned MeatsClass 51Preserved Fruits - Made by cooking good sized pieces offruit in a thick syrup. Should not be cooked to pulp.Class 52Butters - Made by cooking, putting through a sieve, addingsugar and cooking until thick.Class 53Jams - Made of pulp and juice of fruit combined with sugarand cooked until thick.a. Regularb. Diabetic13 P a g e

Class 54Class 55Class 56Class 57Class 58Jellies - Must be made with fruit juices.a. Regularb. DiabeticSaucea. Spaghettib. Pizzac. OtherSalsaHoneyOtherDried Food - Please clearly label bags with kind of product.Class 60Dried Fruit or Fruit Leather - Exhibit three differentexamples of dried fruit or three different fruit leather. Placeeach dried fruit (6-10 pieces of fruit, minimum of 1/4 cup)in a self-sealing bag. Place a 3”- 4” sample of each fruitleather in self-sealing bag.Class 61Dried Vegetables - Exhibit three samples of driedvegetables. Place each food (1/4 cup of each vegetable) in aseparate self-sealing bag.Class 62Dried Herbs - Exhibit three samples of dried herbs. Placeeach food (1/4 cup of each herb) in a separate self-sealingbag.Special Competition - Fair Theme ExhibitPay Category #11Judged on best depiction of 2021 Seward County Fair Theme“So Much More Outside Your Door” at the Seward County Fair!Class 65Any Baked Product with Generationally Handed DownRecipe (recipe attached)14 P a g e

Seward County Agricultural Society, I would like to welcome you to one . 8-8:30 a.m. Open Class entries continue for Flowers & Produce only; Ag Pavilion 9:00 a.m. Open Class judging begins; Ag Pavilion & Harvest Hall 4-H Dog Show; Reunion Center 10:00 a.m. Team Roping; Rodeo Arena