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Table of ContentsSafety Warning Instructions . 3Product Description . . 3Receiving & Unpacking Instructions . 4OCA500/1200 Specs . . 4Accessories & Filters . . 4Display & Monitoring Panel . 5First Time Set UpTurn On the Machine . 5Room Size Selection . 5Assigning Location ID . 6Lock/Unlock Settings . 6Settings Review . . 6Normal OperationsMachine Information Check . 7HEPA Filtration . 7UVGI Lights . 7PreFilter . 7Machine Status Check . 7Maintenance & TroubleshootingStatus Monitoring .Error & Status Table HEPA Filter Replacement UVGI Bulb Replacement .PreFilter Replacement Resetting the Machine Status .System Self-Test .Additional Troubleshooting .8899991010WarrantyOmni CleanAir Limited Warranty . 11To Submit a Warranty Claim . 12Technical Support Contact . m4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982752

Safety Warning InstructionsREAD AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSThis equipment to be operated only after reading the instructions.Do not use near combustible or explosive material. Fire may occur.Do not expose to water or rain. Electrical shock may occur.Connect only to grounded outlet.Disconnect power for cleaning and servicing.Disconnect power cord before moving.Be careful not to tip the unit when moving, as this may cause injury.Do not operate if cord or plug is damaged. Contact an authorizedservice facility for examination and/or repair. Arrange cord away from traffic areas and where it is not a trippinghazard. Do not cover with rug or carpet. High-intensity Ultraviolet light inside. Avoid eye and skin exposure. Product DescriptionThe Omni CleanAir OCA500 and OCA1200 Professional Series air sanitizingmachines are equipped with medical grade 99.99% HEPA filters and optionalUV-C germicidal lights, which work together to eliminate sub-micron particulatesand microbial contamination for healthcare services, dentist offices, personal carefacilities, and other work environments.The OCA500 and OCA1200 are designed to purify air in public and professionalenvironments and are not suitable for abatement or restoration projects. They allfeature variable air flow, quiet operation, upright housings for a small footprint,and locking medical grade casters for easy nair.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982753

Receiving & Unpacking InstructionsCarefully remove unit from packaging. Remove Quick-Start Guide for assistance in setting upthe machine for operations. Visually inspect the unit for damage.If there is any visible damage or missing parts, please contact Omni CleanAir immediately.OCA 500/1200 Dimension14x14.5x36 in.16.25x20.5x50 in.MIN CFM250900MAX CFM5001200Sound Level50-65dB50-65dBUVC Bulb Spec2x16W (OCA510 Only)4x16W* (OCA1210 Only)Electrical Input120V / 2220V120V / 220VPower Requirement5A / 2.5A15A / 8AWeight80lbs. (37kg)100lbs. (46kg)HEPA Dimension12x12x12 in.16x16x12 in.PreFilter Dimension12x12x12 in.16x16x12 in.Warranty2 years2 yearsGold Care Membership*GCM-1GCM-1UVC Bulbs, Pack of 2 or 4SureUVC-2pk (OCA510)SureUVC-4pk (OCA1210)HEPA FIlterHEPA-500HHEPA-1200HPreFilter, Pack of ionalAccessories & Filters* Gold Care Membership renewed annually; per machine, delivering over 1000 in value eachyear. Benefits include once per year FREE shipment of replacement filters and UV-C lightbulbs for that machine, extended warranty for as long as Gold Care Membership ismaintained, free loaner units whenever a machine needs to be returned to us for in-warrantyrepair, discounts on future product purchases and more. For more information, [email protected] Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982754

Display & Monitoring PanelUser Interfacewith UVGI(OCA510 &OCA1210)User Interfacewithout UVGI(OCA500 andOCA1200)First Time SetupTurn Plug OCA unit into appropriate power source. The power button will flash white. Presspower button. The unit will perform an internal safety/maintenance check. If there are anysafety or maintenance issues, one or more of the HEPA, UVGI or PREFILTER indicators will turnred and the housing light for that area will flash blue. If this occurs, consult the Troubleshootingsection of this manual.You will then access the Enter Guided Setup screen.Press OK to enter room size and room ID information, orselect Do this later to bypass setup. (Note: if the GuidedSetup is not completed, machine cannot display AirChanges per Hour).Enter Units prompts to select either US Standard (ft., in.)or Metric (M,cm ). You can also enter “Go Back” to returnto the previous menu.Enter Room Size lets you either enter the dimensions ofthe room the unit will be in, the volume of the room (ifknown), or select I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know sets theunit at its highest output.If DIMENSIONS or VOLUME is chosen, use the UP/DOWNarrows to increase or decrease the highlighteddimension or room size. Press OK to enter and cleanair.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982755

Enter Room ID allows you to assign a 3 digitalpha-numeric code to the space the unit is located in.This is helpful if you plan to move it frequently. Use theUP/DOWN arrows to change; OK to select.The unit will then go into operational mode. The displaywill show Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) or Cubic Metersper Minute (CMM). This can be adjusted using theUP/DOWN arrows.Press OK to return to the Main Menu. Select ActivateSafety Lock, then press OK again to lock the currentsettings. This will prevent tampering. Press OK twiceagain to unlock and adjust settings.In addition to the above, from the Main Menu there isalso an option for Passcode Setup. This feature isreserved for administrators or authorized users toprovide additional security. Contact your administratorfor more information.In addition to the CFM/CMM reading, this menu also shows you the current number of AirChanges per Hour (ACH), based on your fan settings and the room size you have entered. Forinstance, if you had a 2500 cubic foot room and your fan was set at 500cfm, your ACH would be12 (60 minutes divided by 2500/500). The example above shows an ACH of ?; this would bethe reading if you skipped the Guided Setup or entered “I Don’t Know” in the Enter Room Sizemenu.Normal OperationsNow that Guided Setup has been completed, your unit will return to those settings each time itis turned on. To change these settings, press OK and toggle to Enter Setup Mode. Make desiredchanges and select Go Back to return to normal operating status. The machine must beoperated with a HEPA and pleated PreFilter in r.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982756

Machine Information CheckInformation about your OCA machine can be reachedfrom the Main Menu by pressing OK; then using theUP/DOWN arrows and selecting Show Machine Info. Thedisplay will show Model Number, Serial Number,Software Revision and Date of Manufacture. Press OK toreturn, then UP/DOWN to Go Back to Main Menu.HEPA FiltrationThe HEPA filter purifies the air and will gradually become loaded with sub-micron particulates.Even when the HEPA filter is fully loaded, the filter is still removing particulates from the air atthe rated efficiency, yet at a reduced airflow. This will affect the ability of the machine toprovide positive or negative pressure within the containment. We recommend changing theHEPA filter after no more than 365 days of operation.UV Germicidal LightsUVGI lights are installed in the compartment below the HEPA filter. The air passing by the UVGIlights is sterilized and the bio-contaminants captured on the HEPA are killed or deactivated. Tomaintain the full effectiveness of the UV Germicidal we recommend replacing the lights after365 days of operation.PreFilterNear the bottom of the machine and right above the air intake grate is an access door for thepleated PreFilter. The PreFilter is rated Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 11, and isdesigned to remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other small particles from the air before itpasses through the HEPA filter. This will significantly extend the usable lifetime of the HEPAfilter, which is much more costly to replace. We recommend changing the PreFilter after nomore than 90 days of operation.Machine StatusYou can check the status of the unit at any time from theMain Menu by pressing OK; then using the UP/DOWNarrows and selecting Machine Status. This will show thenumber of days the unit has been in operation, as well asthe number of days of use for the HEPA filter, UV lampsand PreFilter. The HEPA filter and UV bulbs each have ausage life span of 365 days before replacement isrequired; the PreFilter has a 90 day life span. Theexample shows that the HEPA filter has been in use for372 days, and therefore should be nair.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982757

Maintenance & TroubleshootingStatus MonitoringThe OCA Series machines continuously monitor theUVGI, HEPA and PreFilter systems for failures, errors andscheduled replacement times. If any of these systemsrequire attention, the Display screen will show a “CheckStatus” advisory and “Warning” triangle symbol. At thesame time, the panel status indicator LEDs and thelights in the corresponding areas on the front casing willalert the user and describe the issue. The table belowlists the errors in order of their priority. If more than oneerror occurs simultaneously, the display will show thehigher priority error first; then move on to the next whenthe first one is resolved.Troubleshooting Error & Status TableDisplayPanel Status Indicator LEDsPriorityFront Casing LIghtsHEPAUVPreFilterHEPAUVPreFilter1. Error: HEPA Install ErrorRedOnOnFlashOffOff2. Error: HEPA Filter ChangeRedOnOnFlashOnOn3. Error: UV Door OpenOnRedOnOffFlashOff4. Error: UV Bulb Burned OutOnRedOnOnFlashOn5. Error: UV Bulb ChangeOnRedOnOnFlashOn6. Error: PreFilter Install ErrorOnOnRedOnOnFlash7. Error: PreFilter [email protected] Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982758

HEPA Filter Installation/ReplacementTo replace the HEPA filter, unplug the machine and remove the top grill. You will see 4 filtertabs holding the HEPA filter in place. These tabs are secured with 1/4-20 Nylock nuts, whichrequire a 7/16” wrench or socket. Remove all 4 filter tab retaining nuts and remove the filtertabs and set aside. Lift HEPA filter out. Replace with new HEPA filter and replace the filter tabs.Be sure to tighten the locknuts securely to ensure a tight seal with the filter gasket. ALWAYSTREAT THE USED HEPA FILTER AS HAZMAT AND PROCESS IT ACCORDING TO YOURESTABLISHED HAZMAT PROCEDURES.Replacing UV Germicidal lightsIf the UVGI indicator light turns red, you will need to access the lights to replace the bulbs. Werecommend changing all bulbs simultaneously. WARNING: Unplug the unit before openingUVGI light compartment. Remove the 2 screws on each side of the UVGI compartment andgently slide the drawer forward to access the bulbs. The lights are each held in with (2) clips;gently pull the light out of the two U-clips, then disconnect the 4-pin connector. Replace the 4bulbs and return the drawer to its original position. Reinstall the light compartment door. Plugin and turn the unit back on; if the UVGI indicator is still red, the problem could be one or moreof the ballasts. Call Omni CleanAir Technical Support for additional assistancePreFilter ReplacementThe pleated filter should be changed when it becomes loaded with dust. To change the filter,turn off the machine, remove the 2 screws on each side of the PreFilter compartment andremove the compartment cover. Remove the dirty filter and replace; then reinstall the cover.Resetting the Machine StatusAfter completing the above required maintenance, youwill need to reset the Machine Status for the affecteditem. From the Main Menu press OK; then use theUP/DOWN arrows to select the Maintenance Menu.Scroll to the desired reset and press OK. This will turn thestatus back to day 0 for that item. The sample screenshows resetting the UV Bulb age. DO NOT reset otherfields; only the one you have performed maintenance/replacement om4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 982759

System Self-TestYou can confirm that all of your indicator lights areperforming correctly by performing a system self-test. Toaccess the self-test, press OK to enter the main menu.The self-test alternates illuminating the Status IndicatorLEDS in green and red, while simultaneously flashing theFront Casing Lights.Additional Troubleshooting1. The machine does not starta. Check that the unit is plugged in and there is sufficient power available.b. Check the power button, which should glow white.c. Check all error indicators and confirm that all functions are operating correctly.d. Contact Omni CleanAir Technical Support to troubleshoot further.2. The machine just hums when turned ona. Unplug the unit.b. Contact Omni CleanAir Technical Support for further information.3. The machine vibrates excessively when runninga. Unplug the unitb. Contact Omni CleanAir Technical Support for further leanair.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 9827510

Omni CleanAir Limited Warranty PolicyThis warranty policy covers Air Purification Systems sold by Omni CleanAir.Omni CleanAir warrants that our products are free from defects in workmanship andmaterials under normal use during the warranty period.All Omni CleanAir Air Sanitizing machines, excluding the consumables including theMERV prefilter, HEPA filter and UV light bulbs, come with a standard two (2) yearwarranty.The warranty extends to the following parties: Customers (individuals or companies) to whom Omni CleanAir directly sellscovered products. Customers (both individuals and companies) who purchase Omni CleanAirproducts from an authorized distributor or reseller.This limited warranty is not transferrable or assignable to any subsequent purchaser, andonly applicable in the country where the product was originally purchased.The following circumstances are not covered by this warranty policy: Damage caused by an act of nature such as flood, fire, wind, earthquake orlightning. Damage caused during shipping or an impact event with other objects. Damage caused by improper care or negligence. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, mishandling or misapplication. Damage caused by alteration or adjustments by unauthorized personnel.Under no circumstances shall Omni CleanAir or any supplier of Omni CleanAir be liablefor any loss, damage or expense, including, but not limited to, loss or damage arising outof the failure of the products to operate for any period of time, inconvenience, the use ofrental or replacement equipment, loss of profits or other economic loss, or general,direct, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or property damages.Omni CleanAir offers extended warranty through the Gold Care Membership Program,for as long as membership status is maintained. For more information, please [email protected] Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 9827511

To Submit a Warranty ClaimContact our Technical Support department by telephone at 425-512-0379 or [email protected] Hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm,Pacific Time.For ease of service, please have the product model name and serial number available,along with the purchase date and invoice number, if applicable.Our service technicians will work with you to diagnose your technical issue andrecommend a suitable course of action to solve your problems swiftly and to yoursatisfaction.If it is determined that your product is defective and under warranty, Omni CleanAir willrepair or replace, at our discretion, any faulty parts or equipment.A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) will be issued for the defective product.Upon receipt of the RMA, securely package the item being returned, in its originalpacking material if possible, and write the RMA number on the outside of the box.Include a copy of the RMA with the return.Contact Omni CleanAir for pickup of the defective product. Failure to return defectiveproducts in a timely manner may result in additional shipping charges.Technical Support Contact InformationTelephone(425) [email protected] E air.com4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 9827512 425-512-0379 [email protected] 4640 Campus Place, Ste 100, Mukilteo, WA 98275 In addition to the CFM/CMM re